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    SUPER JUNIOR-D&E's new album is shimmering at home and abroad.

    ‘’Bout you’, a new song released on August 16th, has been ranked # 1 on KKBOX's K-Pop single chart, a popular Taiwanese music site, on August 17, the day after its release, and the Chinese big music site 'Xiami Music's Korean sound charts and the comprehensive music charts for three days, maintaining the No. 1 Chinese music fans proved the explosive response.

    In addition, SUPER JUNIOR-D&E's second mini album, ‘’Bout you,' is on the 3rd, 3rd, and 4th weekly album charts of 'Synnara Record' Even after 3 years and 5 months of comeback, it was still hot.

    The new album, ‘’Bout you’, will be released at the same time as the release of the iTunes album album charts, including Hong Kong, Indonesia, Macao, Malaysia, Mexico, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, UAE, Vietnam, Argentina, Guatemala and Brunei It is ranked # 1 in the world 's 15 regions and is loved globally.

    On the other hand, the title song ‘’Bout you’, which shows the cool charm of SUPER JUNIOR-D&E, will be on MBS MUSIC 'Show! Champion 'on August 24,' Music Bank 'on KBS 2TV and SBS' Inkigayo 'on August 26.

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    'Power Up' Weekly music chart for two consecutive weeks!

    Red Velvet (SM) appears in Japan's biggest summer music festival 'a-nation 2018'.

    Red Velvet will appear on August 26th at the a-nation 2018 in Tokyo's Ajinomoto Stadium. It will feature a variety of hit songs including the title song 'Power Up', and will showcase a variety of colorful music and performances unique to Red Velvet. It is scheduled to gather expectations.

    In addition, Red Velvet's new song "Power Up" won first place on Mnet Music, Bugs Music, Monkey3 and other music charts in the second week of August (August 13th ~ 19th) And the Red Velvet's powerful power.

    On the other hand, Red Velvet will be featured on KBS Cool FM 'Suzy Gayo' and MBC FM4U 'Yang Yo-seop's Dream radio' on Aug. 21, and will tell stories about 'Power Up', a new song that hit the music industry this summer, MTV 'The show' will show off the exciting stage of 'Power Up'.

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    'STATION X 0' Expansion of Expectations for Express Collaboration

    EXO BAEKHYUN (SM) and 'Cello hip hop musician' Loco show an intense encounter with an electro pop song 'YOUNG'.

    BAEKHYUN and Loco, the second characters of 'STATION X 0', will release their YOUNG collaboration song on various music sites such as Melon, Genie, iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music and Xiami Music on August 31, It is expected to get a high interest from music fans.

    In particular, the new song 'YOUNG' is an intense electro pop song featuring a heavy beat and an addictive melody. In the lyrics, there is a young generation 's aspiration to refuse to live in the same way as others. Loco' To boost expectations.

    In addition, BAEKHYUN received a hot response from duet songs such as 'Dream', 'The Day' and 'Rain' as well as EXO activities, and Loco performed 'Hold Me Tight (Feat. Crush)', 'You do not know' And more, it is more interested in the collaboration of two people, as it comes to the sound source person in the various sound source charts for each song which is released in various music style including.

    Meanwhile, 'STATION X 0' is a spin-off version of SM's digital sound channel 'STATION' and SKT's cultural brand '0'. As a part of the cultural project, 6 music sources, It will be released.

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    - Jo Woo Ri, cool ID coffee for ‘My ID Is Gangnam Beauty’ team!
    - Jo Woo Ri, coffee is here! "My ID Is Gangnam Beauty" show affection for love!

    Jo Woo Ri presented coffee at the 'My ID Is Gangnam Beauty' show.

    Jo Woo Ri, who plays Hyun Soo Ah in the JTBC drama 'My ID Is Gangnam Beauty', is in 'self support' for actors and staff. Jo Woo Ri encouraged the courage to treat a cool cup of coffee to the 'My ID Is Gangnam Beauty' team, which was in the midst of an unusual heat wave.

    Jo Woo Ri in the photo is smiling with a V posing. The Hyun Soo Ah titled 'Chemistry and Goddess' in the drama, featuring Jo Woo Ri's pure and refreshing charm, is bounded by ponytail.

    Jo Woo Ri is showing off his nasty color in "My ID Is Gangnam Beauty" by playing Hyun Soo Ah who wants to be loved by everyone in his innocent appearance. Jo Woo Ri's drama 'Descendants of the Sun', 'Witch at Court' and 'Queen of Mystery 2' are so memorable and totally unbelievable. have. Especially, the secret of Hyun Soo Ah, which was thought to be pretty, nice, and good at 'My ID Is Gangnam Beauty', is gradually being revealed, raising the curiosity about Hyun Soo Ah's story.

    With the romance of Kang Mi Rae (Lim Soo Hyang) and Do Kyung Suk (Cha Eun Woo), Hyun Soo Ah's duality leads to the development of 'My ID Is Gangnam Beauty'.

    JTBC drama "My ID Is Gangnam Beauty" starring Lim Soo Hyang, Cha Eun Woo, and Kwak Dong Yeon will be broadcasted every Friday and Saturday night at 11 pm.

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    'From alcohol control to urgent dispatch'
    Properly convey maritime police challenge!
    'Actor KimSooRo' is transformed into 'New Police' perfectly!

    KimSooRo is being reborn as a true sea policeman.

    The members of KimSooRo, Cho Jae Yoon, Kwak Si Yang, and Yura have been working on maritime police in MBC every1 'Sea police' broadcasted last 20 days. On this day, KimSooRo was transformed into a newborn cop, faced with unfamiliar tasks and attracted the attention of those who tried their best but sincere and sincere.

    KimSooRo did his best to deal with complaints, and with the help of a mentor, he completed the complaint perfectly. He also greeted the civil servants with a louder voice than anyone else in the police box and gave them an unexpected smile.

    KimSooRo, who was in charge of drinking, paired her with Yura. In the public emergency broadcast, she was calm as quickly as she had been trained. She quickly removed the line and kept her seat. Even in a tense situation, I caught my eye.

    KimSooRo, armed with a special attitude and a sense of responsibility for the actual situation, has been reborn as a 'real cop'. As an actor, he has been showcasing the pleasantness of going to the screen and the picture tube as a broadcaster. He is showing his efforts to become a marine police through 'Sea Police', so he is looking forward to his sincere performance.

    Meanwhile, MBC every1 'Sea police' star KimSooRo is broadcast every Monday at 8:30 pm.

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    Speaking radio station fixed guest!
    <Cultwo Show - Han Hye Yeon>
    There are a lot of broadcasters who boast excellent speech skills as well as a great sense of entertainment. Among them, Han Hye Yeon, a hot topic, and Lee Haeun Yi and Song Hae Na, who are emerging as a blue chip of the arts industry, are loved by many fans with their excellent speech skills and fervor. They are loyal to their main business, but they are steadily attracting to radio stationary guests and enjoying the listeners' ears.
    Stylist Han Hye Yeon introduces interesting stories about fashion through the 'Cultwo costume room' corner every Friday at SBS Power FM 'Cultwo Show'. Han Hye Yeon introduces an unconventional style guide with honest and irreverent speech, giving listeners a smile every week. Especially on the day of the show Cultwo Show Official Instagram, radio show up to fashion, revealing popularity as idol and proved once again the name of 'super stylist'.
    <Suzy Gayo - Lee Hyun Yi / Jung Hyuk>
    Model and broadcaster Lee Hyun Yi tells the story of listeners who are trivial and troubled by annoying me through 'Why Not?' On Tuesday corner of KBS Cool FM 'Suzy Gayo'. In the meantime, as it has revealed a smart side through broadcasting, it has been showing a good sense of skill and ability to solve the troubles of listeners skillfully, and has kept the fixed guest place firmly for over a year.
    The model Jung Hyuk also appeared as a fixed guest on 'Suzy Gayo' Friday corner 'Love Man and Woman', delighting audiences with a unique ambience and pleasant atmosphere. In the process of introducing a recommended place to kiss, "I recommend a kiss place in front of the house, or under a pole, I talked like an experience. In the "Night Night" section of NCT, he appeared in the official talk vending machine even though he appeared only once as a special guest.
    <Increase the volume of Lee Soo-hyun - Song Hae Na>
    If it is entertainer, it is performance, smoke smoke. Song Hae Na, who is proud of her charm, has been active in the corner of 'Increase the volume of Lee Soo-hyun' for 3 months, Song Hae Na is known for his talent as a guest on many radio shows in the past. "I like radio so much. If a radio guest proposal comes in, it will be unconditional. "It's also a dream to go on radio," he said.
    On the other hand, ESteem established ESteem Entertainment, which is an entertainer who is active in various fields such as Jang Yoon Joo, Han Hye-jin, Kim Jae Young, Kim Jin Kyung and Park Jae Min and specializes in entertainment activities such as movies, .

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    - Cho Hyung-Woo, a sound based on a new album based on acoustic ... 7 tracks
    - Cheetah and duet 'Scar', <Waikiki> Drama OST

    Singer Songwriter Cho Hyung-Woo will release his new mini album 'Where' on 28th.

    Cho Hyung-Woo's new song has only been released for about a year since 'Afternoon Dream', which was released through MIST Entertainment 'LISTEN' last September.

    The new album, 'Where', is based on the acoustic sensibility of Cho Hyung-Woo's warm and sweet tone, and contains seven tracks that contain special experiences or emotions originating from the space.

    Cho Hyung-Woo, who has participated in writing, composing and producing from his debut album, showed his talent as a singer-songwriter and plans to show his Cho Hyung-Woo list by listening to his own subtleties.

    Cho Hyung-Woo made his public debut with GAIN's duet album 'Romantic Spring' in 2013. The title track 'Brunch', 'Dating At 2 O'clock' and so on are still being reported as a delightful love song.

    He made his debut with his first solo album 'HIM' in 2014, and he was transformed into a cool, cool man and showed a new charm. In 2015, the single 'Scar' featuring rapper Cheetah was loved by popular melodies and remarks .

    Cho Hyung-Woo has been steadily voicing her drama OST, including MBC 'Pride and Prejudice' and 'Louis the King of Shopping'. JTBC 'Waikiki' OST 'Wild Dream 'Was a drama, and singing also collected topics.

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    The title song 'Go Up' emanates a hip-hop swag! MARK Participation!

    NCT's NCT DREAM (SM) showcases the powerful energy of an extended teenager with a new song 'Go Up'.

    NCT DREAM will release its second mini album, 'We Go Up'', which consists of 6 tracks, including title track 'Go Up' through various music sites such as Melon, Genie, iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music, 'Will be released to the global music fans are expected to capture.

    Especially, the title song 'Go Up' is an urban hip-hop song that is a combination of old school sensibility rapping and reversed vocals. It is a mixture of groovy bells, bubble reel bass and popcorn synths. Together, NCT DREAM cooler and more stylishly transformed to meet the charm of a good response is expected.

    In addition, this song is nominated for 'Best New Artist' at the '2018 MTV Video Music Awards', and the world-renowned singer-songwriter Bazzi, talented composer Rice n' Peas, US production team MZMC and hit maker Kenzie Not only did he improve his level of perfection, member MARK also amplified his expectation for new songs as he participated in the lyrics.

    Meanwhile, NCT DREAM's second mini-album 'We Go Up' will also be available on the September 3rd album.

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  • 2018-08-20 Press Release

    There is no top end of Red Velvet!

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    'Power Up', 'Inkigayo' 1st place! Music Broadcast 4 Crowns!

    Red Velvet (SM) won the first place in various music broadcasts with 'Power Up'.

    Red Velvet is a mini album titled 'Power Up' in summer. It will be released on August 15, MBC MUSIC 'Show Champion', August 17 KBS2TV 'Music bank', and August 18 MBC 'Show! Music Core '1, followed by SBS' Inkigayo 'on August 19 and won 4 music shows.

    In addition, Red Velvet appeared in 'Music Gift Box', a representative program of '!t Live', which was broadcasted on August 19th, SM real-time multi-live broadcasting channel, new stories, and 'Power Up' I had time to communicate with my fans in real time.

    In addition, Red Velvet released 'Power Up' on August 6th, as well as the first place on various music charts, as well as the first week of the music week charts, Gaon charts 3 Crowns, iTunes album charts, , Apple Music Korea's No. 1 on the popular album charts, and China's Xiami Music Composer's Charts.

    On the other hand, Red Velvet will participate in the recording of MBC entertainment programs on August 20, and will offer a 'Power Up' stage on August 22, MBS MUSIC 'Show Champion' and August 24 KBS2TV 'Music bank' to be.

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    The 'master key' KEY! Infinite attraction notice!

    The world 's only homecoming talk show '청담 Key친' opens in September.

    '청담 Key친', which will be able to meet the versatile charm of SHINee KEY (SM), turned into a host, will be open on kakaoTV every Thursday at 7 pm on September 6, It will be airing at 6 pm JTBC4, and it is expected to get high attention.

    In particular, '청담 Key친' invites guests from various fields to Key's home, and Key serves 'customized dishes' made with his own recipes, sharing true stories together, giving sympathy and healing time Of course, it is possible to meet the charm that transforms according to the taste of the guest, and it is expected to catch the eye.

    In addition, Key has been very active in various fields such as SHINee activities, Amazing Saturday, and film screening, and has been loved for its versatility and charm. The appearance further amplifies the expectation.

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