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    US Billboard "Results proving ONEW's excellent vocal ability"

    SHINee ONEW (SM)'s first solo album 'VOICE' is getting a good response.

    ONEW's first mini-album 'VOICE', released on December 5, was ranked first on the music charts such as Hanteo Chart and Synnara Record released on December 7 and added iTunes, Qatar and Guatemala It ranked # 1 in 25 locations around the globe, making global music fans more interested.

    In addition, Billboard of the United States famous media on the 5th (local time) on the homepage to illuminate this album, "ONEW is a result of proving the outstanding vocal ability," attracted attention.

    Billboard introduced the title track "Blue" as "a track like a musical monologue that stimulates loneliness." As for the music video, "ONEW starts with a deep thought about the feelings of loneliness. While singing, I will communicate with the audience. "

    ONEW's first mini-album 'VOICE' contains seven songs that show off their lyrical appeal, including 'Blue', 'Illusion' and 'Shine On You', which ONEW has participated in lyrics.

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    TraxX (SM), a rock band that has turned into an EDM group, will release its first new song.

    TraxX will release a new single 'ESCAPE' through various music sites such as Melon, Genie, iTunes, Apple Music, Sporty Pie, and Xiami Music on December 12th at 6 pm.

    The new song 'ESCAPE' is a fusion EDM song featuring members JUNGMO and GINJO in composing and arranging, intense EDM and rock sound, and can meet the lyrical harmony of lyrical piano melody, heavy guitar leaf and explosive drop. It is enough to feel the catharsis by expressing the content of the escape from the reality of losing oneself trapped in a complex city such as a labyrinth in English lyrics.

    In particular, this single is the first EDM release by TraxX, a vocalist JAY, a guitarist JUNGMO, DJ and producer GINJO, transformed into a three-member EDM group, and will attract even more attention as it can meet new music and other charms of TraxX. to be.

    In addition, the music video teaser video of 'ESCAPE' will be released on December 7th at 6 pm TraxX official homepage, YouTube, and Naver TV SMTOWN channel before the release of the music.

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    December 12 at 10 pm NAVER V LIVE Come back to the hot air on the comeback!
    Member KAI, SEHUN teaser image released!

    EXO (SM) will perform special live broadcast commemorating the release of 5th full album repackage album 'LOVE SHOT'.

    EXO is expected to get a hot response from the fans around the world because the album will be released on September 12th at 10:00 pm on Naver V Live's EXO channel.

    On the day of the show, EXO plans to communicate closely with fans by telling colorful stories such as 'Love Shot', a new song spoiler, and behind-the-wall stories, which will boost expectations for the new album.

    EXO 5th full album repackage 'LOVE SHOT' will be released on various music sites such as Melon, Genie, iTunes, Apple Music and Sporty Pie on the 13 th of the 13th, and Korean and Chinese version of the title song 'Love Shot' , 'Wait' and 4 tracks are added to the EXO's rich music is enough to enjoy the color.

    In addition, through the EXO official website and various SNS EXO accounts on December 7 at 0:00, the members of KAI and SEHUN's teaser images have been released and the teaser contents will be released in order to meet the attractive transformation of the members. It seems to gather topics.

    Meanwhile, EXO 5th full album repackage 'LOVE SHOT' will be released on the 13th of December.

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    'Hair in the Air' + 'Best Day Ever' 2 songs recorded!

    Red Velvet YERI, NCT RENJUN, JENO, JAEMIN, HAECHAN, CHENLE and JISUNG will participate in DreamWorks Animation 'Trolls' OST.

    The animation 'Trolls' OST will be released on December 13th at 7pm Melon, Genie, iTunes, Apple Music, Sporty Pie and other music sites. The title song 'Yelhi, RENJUN, JENO and JAEMIN' 'And' Best Day Ever ', a song by HAECHAN, CHENLE and JISUNG.

    The title song "Hair in the Air" is an exciting dance pop genre song. It is a song that finds true happiness in a beautiful and delightful world that has been confined to worry and anxiety. YERI, RENJUN, JENO and JAEMIN The music video will also be released together and it is expected to gather topics.

    In addition, the song 'Best Day Ever' is a song of a school rock genre with a blend of a light band sound and a soft brass sound. The lyrics of the song show the message of letting you enjoy the happy days that will spread like dreams.
    On the other hand, the season 3 of SM digital sound source channel 'STATION' starts with the announcement of 'Coffee Break (Feat. Richard Bona)' of Jonah Nilsson and NCT LUCAS on November 29th, and every other Thursday every Thursday, various artists, producers, It is introducing a new sound source which was born with the rapality.

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    Atmosphere maker active
    New entertainment trend with new concept walking life
    'Health & laughter' I got two rabbits

    Lee Su Geun once again said he was a pleasant MC responsible for the studio.

    SBS plus '두발라이프', the first broadcast on June 6, is a concept of load sensibility that 'falls into the fun of walking'. The stars realize their dream of walking with their close friends, their loved ones and their colleagues, It is a program that can be seen.

    Lee Su Geun first appeared as a MC in the studio of '두발라이프' and attracted the attention of those who added a delightful process of 'Lee Su Geun' to a program of calm and fun.

    Especially, Lee Su Geun was very happy to praise me as soon as I met EuGene, who was in charge of the project. After that, I went to the studios and walking videos and got my attention as an atmosphere maker.

    Lee Su Geun shared a witty ad-lib for Hwang Bo-ra, who is so excited to walk, and he filled up the program with energetic energy, adding appropriate reactions, such as showing a sense of correct answer.

    In addition, Lee Su Geun unveiled his unique feelings after watching all the prepared images and made him more expectant of '두발라이프', which contains the life of the stars in the future.

    It is hoped that interest in '두발라이프' will lead to new entertainment trend in the future.

    On the other hand, Lee Su Geun's SBS plus '두발라이프' is broadcast every Thursday at 8:30 pm.

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    From intense psychological challenge to action challenge!
    Fun and lots of things to see.
    'Kang Ho Dong', 'winner of the game'

    Kang Ho Dong is a hard-working creator and takes a lot of snowballs to viewers.

    Kang Ho Dong and Lee Si Young were shown at the action school for the confrontation in SBS '가로채널' Kang Ho Dong 's trivial showdown on the 6th. Particularly, on this day, Kang Ho Dong performed various festivals with Lee Si Young and challenged direct action.

    Kang Ho Dong was surprised to see Lee Si Young's card drift, but was surprised to hear some unidentified words. When Lee Si Young tried to promote the movie, 'Kang Ho Dong's trivial showdown' I admit that I adhere to the regulations of the advertisement review.

    In addition, Kang Ho Dong has laid out a laugh with the realistic action drama presented by Lee Si Young, and he is fully absorbed by the reaction that is more difficult than the action. I also received praise.

    In addition, Kang Ho Dong, who transformed into a creator through 'Trivial Showdown of Kang Ho Dong' in '가로채널', did not lay down his camera in his hands all the time and found his instinctive composition, He is constantly developing himself as a creator and constantly trying to make his own channel.

    Kang Ho Dong, who has been in control of the baseball team every time, has met Lee Si Young, a confrontation opponent, Expectations and interests are rising.

    On the other hand, SBS '가로채널' starring Kang Ho Dong is broadcast every Thursday at 11:10 pm.

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    Member CHEN, CHANYEOL Participation! A teaser video topic in a mysterious atmosphere!

    EXO (SM) hit the year-end music industry with a new song 'Love Shot'.

    EXO 5th full album repackage 'LOVE SHOT' will be released on December 13th at 6pm Melon, Genie, iTunes, Apple Music, Sporty Pie and other music sites. The title track 'Love Shot' Trauma 'and' Wait ', and 15 songs from 11 tracks of 5th full album. It is expected to have explosive reaction because you can meet EXO's rich music world.

    In particular, the title song 'Love Shot' is a pop dance song featuring 808 bass and addictive refrain that feels heavy. In lyrics, it is hoped that you will regain the meaning of true love, CHANYEOL participates in the lyrics and adds to the expectation.

    In addition, on June 6 at 0:00, the title song "Love Shot" music video teaser video is released through EXO official homepage and YouTube, Naver TV SMTOWN channel, various SNS EXO account, and the mysterious atmosphere image It is raising the curiosity about the new song capturing the eye.

    Also EXO is the 5th full album 'DON’T MESS UP MY TEMPO' released on November 2nd. It is the first album in November of the month with Gaon Chart, Hanteo Chart and Synnara Record. did.

    Meanwhile, EXO 5th full album repackage 'LOVE SHOT' will be released on the 13th of December.

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    SHINee ONEW (SM) proved its global popularity as the first solo album 'VOICE'.

    ONEW's first mini album, VOICE, released on December 5th, is the most comprehensive album on the iTunes Comprehensive album charts. It is available in Mexico, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile, Peru, Finland, Russia, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Taiwan, Brunei, Vietnam, Thailand, the Philippines, Hong Kong, El Salvador, Sri Lanka, Macao and Nicaragua.

    This album contains seven songs of lyrical charm such as 'Blue' which is the title song, 'Illusion' and 'Shine On You' which ONEW participated in the lyrics.

    In addition, this album is a gift-like album that ONEW worked with gratitude to fans, and it is receiving a good response because it can meet ONEW's sweet tone and warm music sensitivity.

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    December 6, Day 12 ‘I’m not over you’+’Drunk in the morning’ MV teaser video release! "Sensitivity explosion"

    RYEOWOOK, who returned to his new album 'Drunk on love' in three years, will show off his emotional ballad in two music videos.

    RYEOWOOK is a music video teaser video that compiles the second mini-album title song "I'm not over you" and "Drunk in the morning" on the YouTube SMTOWN channel and Naver TV SMTOWN channel on December 6th, Is expected to release a hot response from music fans.

    The title song 'I'm not over you', which is full of emotional piano melodies and RYEOWOOK's clever voice, reminds me of a movie about lyrics written after a lot of thoughts coming in after separation, including 'Drunk in the morning The song 'Drunk on love' was completed by combining the lyrics of the two songs with the music video content.

    In addition, the new album features the authentic R & B POP 'One and Only', which features a delicate acoustic guitar line, including the title song 'I'm not over you' and the accompanying 'Drunk in the morning' , 'Something Good', 'Sugar', 'The 2nd Story' created by fans in the army, and 'RYEOWOOK' It is enough to meet.

    On the other hand, the second mini-album title song 'I'm not over you' and the music video 'Drunk in the morning' are unveiled on December 11 and 13 respectively.

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    All six performances sold out! Powerful energy and delightful charm to the audience Holik!
    NCT DREAM (SM) 's music variety show' NCT DREAM SHOW 'has just ended.
    'NCT DREAM SHOW # 2' was held at SMTOWN THEATER from December 1st to the 5th, December.
    NCT DREAM will show sophisticated music and powerful performances including 'My First and Last', 'Dunk Shot', 'GO', 'We Go Up', 'Dear DREAM', 'Trigger the Fever', 'JOY' The audience was enthusiastic because they presented various concert scenes.
    In addition, Justin Bieber's 'Purpose', MARK and JENO's newly created rap performances 'Baton Touch', JENO, JAEMIN, CHENLE, RENJUN and JISUNG's powerful dance skills shine with the sweet piano performance of CHENLE and HAECAN's clean vocals. Justin Bieber X Nicki Minaj's 'Beauty and a Beat' and 'NCT DREAM SHOW'.
    In addition, this performance was a concept of the year-end party held at NCT DREAM's azit, so I shared my memories before my debut, I went back to this year's events and talked about various activities, such as a large Zenga game, roulette, I have enjoyed the fun with various corners including members' missions.
    In addition, fans cheered enthusiastic cheers for each performance, singing together, and impressed members with placard events.
    Meanwhile, NCT DREAM's DreamWorks Animation 'Trolls' OST will be released on music sites such as Melon, Genie, iTunes, Apple Music and Sporty Pie at 7 pm on the 13th of SM 'STATION' season 3.
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