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    `` Time_Slip, '' the 9th full-length album, releases and ranks first in the iTunes Top Album Chart worldwide in 32 regions

    SUPER JUNIOR will present their regular 9th album 'Time_Slip' new song through music broadcast today.

    SUPER JUNIOR is expected to show a new album title song 'SUPER Clap' and the pre-release song 'I Think I' on KBS2TV 'Music Bank', which will be aired at 5 pm on the 18th.

    The title song `` SUPER Clap '' is a pop dance song with bright and exciting uptempo rhythms, with the applause of clapping and brass on the fast beat. In the lyrics, you can feel the unique atmosphere of SUPER JUNIOR with a pleasant message to blow away all your worries and anxieties with applause.

    Most of all, SUPER JUNIOR's 9th album 'Time_Slip' will be released on October 14th, at the same time as New Zealand, Poland, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Argentina, Guatemala, Mexico, Peru, Dominican Republic, Brunei, Nicaragua, Spain and Costa Rica. Ranked # 1 on iTunes Top Album Charts in 32 locations worldwide, UAE, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Qatar, Bahrain, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, Malaysia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Indonesia, Oman and Vietnam. And are greatly loved.

    In addition to the iTunes chart, 'Time_Slip' ranked first in China's largest music site QQ music album sales chart immediately after its release, confirming SUPER JUNIOR's unchanging status.

    On the other hand, SUPER JUNIOR's "SUPER Clap" stage, which is full of excitement, can be seen on KBS2TV's Music Bank on the 18th and SBS's 'Ingigiyo' on the 20th.

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    -Band SORAN, first recording of 음악당, attracts audience Exciting stage that made all 3MC dance!
    -What is the identity of "Nordic dance"? VOICE Ko Young Bae teaches her how to dance.
    -SORAN VS 10cm, humiliation to be friends!
    -'스튜디오 음악당' SORAN unveils B tv and YouTube CAKE POP next week

    The band SORAN appears at the 스튜디오 음악당, revealing how to become a protagonist at the festival.

    On the 5th B tv 스튜디오 음악당, which will be released next week, SORAN will be a guest and raise the atmosphere of the recording studio as a live stage that attracts audiences as if performing at a festival.

    In particular, vocal Ko Young Bae took part in the “Nordic Dance” course, which teaches the actual audience how to be the main character in the festival. Thanks to this, Kim Hee Chul, Kim Eana, and Bae Soon Tak 3MC were the first to be able to get up and dance.

    He also talks about 10CM, which is familiar with SORAN. “You don't know 10cm these days. I'm going to keep going down since the Americano, and you won't remember it, ”he said.

    On the other hand, SORAN is a four-member band featuring vocal Ko Young Bae, Lee Tae Wook, drum Pyun Yoo Il, and bass Seo, who played the guitar part of the BTS song. Based on his solid performance and modern sound, he is controlling various festivals with live music.

    Earlier this week, '스튜디오 음악당', where EXO CHEN, Yoon Jong Shin, and Daybreak joined together with the best guests, was a high-quality music talk show created by MYSTIC STORY and SK Telecom's FLO. I can meet you.

    '스튜디오 음악당' is broadcasted daily on channels B tv 800 (13:00, 21:00) and 50 (14:00, 22:00), and then uploaded to YouTube 'CAKE POP' and official FLO SNS channels.

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    -'Super Band' Ji Sang signs a contract with MYSTIC
    -Cast the role of the musical 'The Man In The Iron Mask' Raul ...

    Ji Sang, who appeared in `` Super Band '' and collected a topic, signed an exclusive contract with MYSTIC STORY.

    MYSTIC STORY announced on the 18th that "Ji Sang has potential as an artist. He will support him in various fields such as music and acting."
    The activity is a musical. Ji Sang will play the role of Raul in the musical 'The Man In The Iron Mask', which opens in November.

    Ji Sang appeared in JTBC's `` Super Band, '' which aired this year.

    Judges Yoon Jong Shin, Yoon Sang, NELL Kim Jong-Wan, and Linkin Park Joe Hahn, who were judges at the time, received critical acclaim such as "The fastest pace of development" and "It seems to be a vocalist with more inspiration." He advanced to the fourth round and was recognized as a musician. Since then, she has been attracting attention through her acting appearances, giving off her strange charm as opposed to the serious appearance of singing.

    MYSTIC STORY is a comprehensive entertainment company that creates contents in various fields, including Yoon Jong Shin, Kim Eana, Kim Young Chul, Seo Jang Hoon, Gian84, Hareem, Jung In, Brown Eyed Girls, Parc Jae Jung, Min Seo, Park Hyuk Many singers, actors and entertainers belong to Kwon, Tae Hang Ho, Han Chae A, Go Min Si and Kim Si A.

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    Han Hye Jin, the top model and broadcaster, joins MC as the first Korean dancing romance, Mnet 'Some Body', Season 2, which became a hot topic with the love of the public.

    Han Hye Jin is an MC and a love mentor who communicates directly with the dancers as the program progresses.

    Recently, Han Hye Jin has shown a unique entertainment through various entertainment programs. She is now involved in beauty programs, love talk shows, and now the dancing romance 'Some Body', adding to the expectations of viewers in various activities.

    Meanwhile, the dancing romance program `` Some Body2 '', which observes a man and a woman who is led by a dance, is broadcast at 8:00 pm every Friday on Mnet.

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    -Park Sang Don debuts 'The Man In The Iron Mask' Musical! 'Aramis' Calls for Peace
    -Concert and performance after JTBC 'Phantom Singer' appearance ... Looking forward to becoming a musical actor!
    -Based on the novel by Alexandre Dumas, author of The Three Musketeers, a musical created by the best Eastern European creators
    -Opening November 23rd ... Opening ticket on 18th

    Singer and singer Park Sang Don was cast in the musical 'The Man In The Iron Mask', which opens in November.

    The musical 'The Man In The Iron Mask' is a successful film based on a novel by Alexandre Dumas, the author of The Three Musketeers and Le Comte de Monte-Cristo. 'The Man In The Iron Mask', based on a movie of the same name, was created by the best creative teams in Eastern Europe and debuted last year in Korea.

    Park Sang Don is on stage to play the role of 'Aramis' in his voice praying for world peace.

    Park Sang Don challenges his musical for the first time. Park Sang Don, who has both abundant baritone and fascinating tones, tries to transform into a musical actress, and it is anticipating what immersion and presence he will show on stage.

    Park Sang Don is a member of the 'Popular Phenomenon' team that runner-up in JTBC 'Phantom Singer' Season 1, and later released a single 'Hill of Greene' and 'I Love You'. I'm constantly communicating with my fans.

    The Man In The Iron Mask will open on November 23rd and will perform until January 26th, 2020.

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    -Son Dam Bi, captivated viewers by acting air! ‘Exclusive presence’
    -Son Dam Bi, Hyang Mi roles in life characters born! First-class Contribution to Enriching the '동백꽃 필 무렵'

    Son Dam Bi is performing a climax in '동백꽃 필 무렵'

    In the KBS 2TV drama '동백꽃 필 무렵' there is a lot of interest in Son Dam Bi, who played the role of Camellia Alba Saint Hyang Mi.

    Hyang Mi attracted attention as a unique character, drinking secretly in the early stages and showing habitual stealing symptoms. However, with an intuitive feeling and extraordinary observation ability, he quickly penetrated people's inner minds and secrets, and now he has used these secrets in his favor and became the most tense character.

    Son Dam Bi captivated viewers by depicting Hyang Mi characters with a high synchro rate with a dazed expression and bold tone. And gradually revealing the true color, the mystery full of expression acting is exploding curiosity. In addition, it is raising the reality by making use of minor details like hair style urgently dyed and rustic manicure.

    Son Dam Bi, who has been making a sincere performance in the '동백꽃 필 무렵', has been transforming from a singer to an actor for 10 years.

    Son Dam Bi has continued to act in dramas, plays, and movies. Regardless of the role and weight of the character, she has accumulated various filmography by acting various characters, so she was able to meet Hyang Mi characters in the '동백꽃 필 무렵'.

    Viewers are receiving good reviews and cheering. Son Dam Bi's acting steadily progressing as an actor raises expectations and curiosity for the camellia that has just returned.

    On the other hand, Son Dam Bi, Gong Hyo Jin, Gang Ha Neul, Kim Ji Suk, and other actors, '동백꽃 필 무렵' recorded an audience rating of 14.5% in four weeks of airing. It is broadcasted at 10 pm KBS 2TV.

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    -Daybreak, why did you get a festival? Proven talent band on the hit stage!
    -“Daybreak is Korea's Maroon 5”… Great record-recording band recognized by music critic Soon Tak Bae
    -'들었다 놨다' → '꽃길만 걷게 해줄게' → 'ROMANTIC'… Playlist with members' dating experiences revealed!
    -Daybreak fan Kim Eana admires Lee Wonseok song… “I can't pick the best song ever.”

    The band Daybreak performed the hit song live and was recognized as 'Maroon 5 of Korea'.

    This week's guest of the '스튜디오 음악당', which aired on B tv on the 15th, is Daybreak.

    Well-received by the public and critics as "Maroon 5 in Korea," Daybreak has a sweet live stage under the theme of "Date of Love."

    The first song, ‘들었다 놨다’, is a song based on the real love story of Kim Jang Won (keyboard). Lee Wonseok (vocal) said, "If you have a loved one among members, it's Kim Jang Won," and "I practiced playing the keyboard when I had the right reason."

    Then she sang shy and cute confession song '꽃길만 걷게 해줄게' and 'ROMANTIC'. In particular, the daybreak members proved themselves to be talented bands by playing all the songs themselves instead of the house band of the music hall.

    Meanwhile, MC Kim Eana admired all of Daybreak's performances as fans of upbeat Lee Wonseok songs and sang along with all the lyrics.

    And when Daybreak listened to the remake of MONO's ‘넌 언제나’, “I felt like every sense of my body was open. "I haven't had this crush badly since YoonSang."

    Following a question from MC Kim Hee Chul asking for the best daybreak song, Kim Eana said, “The question itself is unpleasant. I can't count just one and it's different by season. ”

    '스튜디오 음악당' is a high-quality music talk show created by MYSTIC STORY and SK Telecom's music platform FLO, where the best musicians show pleasant talk and legend live every week.

    It is broadcasted daily on channel B tv and uploaded to YouTube's “CAKE POP” and FLO official SNS channels.

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    Charismatic behind-the-scenes cut!
    ‘Detect & Guile’ Unable to Replace

    Behind the scenes of actor Kim Soo Ro's tvN ‘날 녹여주오’ special appearance was released.

    Kim Soo Ro's agency, SM C & C, said on Tuesday that he thought, “I thought you were the football owner. In fact, he is an all-around actor. Actress Soo Ro is transformed into a charismatic humanist Yoo Ji Min. ”

    Kim Soo Ro in the released photo is taking a serious look as if she is in the role of Yoo Ji Min, the debater of the 99-minute discussion. His serious return to the mainstream actor for a long time attracts the viewers' attention.

    This is a behind-the-scenes cut of Kim Soo Ro's discussion with Kang Ok-bong (Ra Mi ran) in the TVN ‘날 녹여주오’ broadcast on the 13th.

    In the broadcast, Yoo Ji Min expressed his position that he should recognize the frozen time as his age, and earnestly argued with Kang Ok-bong, who had a serious discussion on heavy topics, but also opposed to the contrary. It caused a laugh.

    Despite his special appearance, Kim Soo Ro has enriched the drama with his high-quality acting skills, including sincerity and laughter.

    Meanwhile, Kim Soo Ro is currently appearing in KBS '으라차차 만수로'.

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    Companies such as Kang Ho-dong, Shin Dong-yup, Lee Soo Geun, Jeon Hyun Moo, etc.
    A wide range of express artists

    Singer Defconn signed an exclusive contract with SM C & C.

    Defconn debuted as a rapper with the release of ``Kapital G'' in 1998, and was loved by many hits such as ``힙합 유치원'' and ``래퍼들이 헤어지는 방법''. In the hip-hop world, he rarely screams pacifism and gains a unique nickname of “힙합비둘기”.

    Since then, it is a friendly image to viewers through the entertainment program KBS '1박2일', and is being loved by viewers of various ages by capturing young viewers through MBC every1 '주간아이돌'. Recently, JTBC's '아이돌룸' and EBS '뭐든지 뮤직박스' proved the ability of the host.

    In addition, KBS drama specials '바람은 소망하는 곳으로 분다' and tvN '시를 잊은 그대에게' showcase characters with stable acting skills and expand their activities into new fields, proving that they are artists capable of various activities. did.

    SM C & C said, “We will support systematic management activities so that Mr. Defconn, who can be active in various fields, can unleash talents.” Looking forward to the upcoming activities that artist Defconn will present.

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    Title Song Choreography Practice
    KyuHyun's surprise solo part appeared ?!
    SUPER JUNIOR's “SUPER Clap” M / V Camera Released

    This week, SJ returns3, the final story of SUPER JUNIOR's 9th album maker will be broadcast.

    On last week's broadcast, it was released from the title song meeting of SUPER JUNIOR, which started production of the 9th album, and recording and jacket shooting site. Following this week's broadcast, the title song will be practiced as well as M / V shooting site.

    First, the choreography practice of 'SUPER Clap', the title song of the 9th regular album, will be released. On the day, the members faced the first choreography and were very satisfied with it, and when the unexpected KyuHyun dance solo part appeared, they responded with an explosive reaction.

    After the practice of choreography, the members will master choreography with quick learning ability and will show the strength of their 15th year of debut. In particular, EunHyuk and ShinDong gave choreography to the choreographer and helped choreographers. SUPER JUNIOR's choreography practice site can be confirmed through the broadcast.

    In addition, at the M / V shooting site of SUPER Clap, you can look into groups and individual parts in detail. LeeTeuk had an accident during group shootings that caused everyone to go out of business, urgently working on it, and he wondered what might have happened.

    This week's `` SJ returns3 '', featuring SUPER JUNIOR's 9th album producer, will be unveiled for the first solo concert `` SUPER SHOW 8 '' where the title song will be released for the first time. It is expected to convey.

    On the other hand, the final story of SJ returns3 will be released on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 12 noon on 'V LIVE' and 'NAVERTV' from the 14th.

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