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  • 2018-05-30 Press Release

    KI DO HUN's photo exhibition!

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    KI DO HUN "I want to grow up as a smelly actor"
    The moments of KI DO HUN you want to keep!

    KI DO HUN (SM) 's picture captures the attention.

    Actress KI DO HUN, who starred in the drama 'Should We Kiss First', a young barista youngster, YeoHaMin, in the recently released SBS drama, has gained appeal through the filming of the magazine "GRAZIA"

    KI DO HUN, at the shooting site, was able to perfect the 'Boyfriend Look' perfectly with his big and warm appearance in accordance with the concept of 'moments that he would like to keep as his boyfriend's picture'

    KI DO HUN said, "Passion and driving force are my big advantages. I can not express it because I am still troubled, but I hope that my potential and possibilities are endless. "

    Asked whether he wanted to grow up as an actor, he said, "I want to be a person-smelling actor. As an actor, there are many other compliments, but I want to be an actress who can hear the praise of 'good people' anytime and anywhere. "

    More photos and interviews of the up-and-coming KI DO HUN can be found in the June issue of GRAZIA.

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    - 'Roller Coaster' JoeWonSun released his first solo album 'Swallow' in 2009
    - Take a slow 'Take it slow', a lovely song with a lover who just started ... JoeWonSun Lyrics - Composition
    - JoeWonSun "Thanks to John Park for breathing warmth"

    Singer Songwriter JoeWonSun announces a new song in nine years.

    JoeWonSun's agency MYSTIC Entertainment announced on June 30, "JoeWonSun is releasing a single" Take it slow "on June 6th.

    'Take it slow' is a lovely duet song that has just begun to emerge from the loveliness of the lover, JoeWonSun has written and composed, and John Park, a sweet duo partner, has joined.

    JoeWonSun said, "I was a bit worried about who to duet with, and as John Park's voice added, I felt a pleasant wind and a wave in the calm sea," said John Park, who gave a warm breath "He said.

    JoeWonSun is' bye-bye ',' Last Scene ',' Cheer up, Mr. Kim 'and many other hit songs such as Roller Coaster vocalist and has received a lot of love with his unique cool tone.

    In 2009, JoeWonSun released his first solo album [Swallow] and showed his own music world. JoeWonSun, who has continued to perform music such as feature recording, project sound source and OST release, signed exclusive contract with MYSTIC this year And foreshadows more active activities.

    'Take it slow', the first signal to overcome the long wait for music fans, is especially as exciting as the collaboration of two musicians.

    JoeWonSun and John Park together with 'Take it slow' will be released on June 6 at 6 pm on each music source site.

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    Triple title relay activity Start of delight!

    SHINee (SM), who made his comeback with his first album, 'The Story of Light' EP.1, proved his power.

    The first album, "The Story of Light" EP.1, released on May 28, SHINee's regular 6th album, is available on the iTunes Compilation album charts in Finland, Greece, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Spain, Russia, Hungary, Mexico, Peru, Chile, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Thailand, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, El Salvador, Estonia, Kazakhstan and Slovakia. The global popularity of the.

    In addition, this album has been ranked number one in the domestic music charts such as Synnararecords, Hottracks, Kyobobook, and the title song 'Good Evening' has ranked high in various sound source sites, confirming the high interest of music fans on SHINee.

    In addition, this EP.1 title song 'Good Evening' music video shows SHINee in a variety of spaces such as artificial gardens, circular meeting table, underwater space, and dense forest, as well as SHINee's unique performance using a chair. And the EP 2 title song 'I Want You', a series of music videos and a link to the two music videos, the fox characters appear to amplify the curiosity about the music video to be released later.

    In addition, SHINee will be available on KBS2TV 'Music Bank' on June 1 and MBC 'Show' on June 2, starting with Mnet 'M COUNTDOWN' Music Core 'on June 3, and' Inkigayo 'on SBS. It is expected to focus attention on the Triple Title Relay activities by presenting the first title song of' Good Evening '

    Meanwhile, SHINee's 6th album 'The Story of Light' consists of 3 albums, followed by EP.1 on June 11 and EP.3 on June 25.

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    "I hope everyone has experienced a happy miracle"
    KAI, 'unable to substitute' character until the last presence intense!

    KAI (EXO KAI, SM) announced the end of 'The Miracle We Met'.
    KAI, who played the role of ATO in KBS2TV drama 'The Miracle We Met' which is about to close on May 29th, said, "I was happy and happy while shooting a good artist, boss, staff, good seniors, .

    "I was able to feel various emotions through the role of 'ATO', and it seemed like making a miracle with all the people who try hard for this drama like the title. I would like to thank the viewers, and I hope that everyone who has seen this drama will experience a happy miracle. "

    In this drama, KAI was a big love for the fantasy element of the drama, playing the role of ATO of the heavenly messenger that makes God's mistake as the number of Gods in this drama.

    On the other hand, 'The Miracle We Met' is an episode in which the ATO, who left the human world hoping for happiness in the last broadcast that left only one episode to the end, was recalled to the accident of JoYeonHwa (RaMiRan) done. Tonight at 10:00 KBS 2TV last broadcast.

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    Triple title relay activity start with 'Good Evening'!
    Fan meeting 10th anniversary debut!

    The first album of SHINee (SM) which is comeback with regular 6th album 'The Story of Light' is finally released.

    SHINee will release a song titled 'Good Evening', 'All Day All Night', 'Undercover', 'JUMP', 'You & I', etc., on various music sites such as Melon, Genie and NaverMusic on May 28, The Story of Light EP.1, the first album of the regular 6th album featuring songs, will be unveiled and the attention of global music fans will be concentrated.

    In particular, this album has contributed to the completion of the album, including the world famous producer The Fliptones, hit composer Kenzie, DEEZ, and Choi jin seok, as well as members KEY and MINHO. SHINee has a new song 'Good Evening 'Is expected to start a triple title relay activity.

    In addition, SHINee will hold a fan meeting 'SHINee Debut 10th Anniversary ☆ SHINee DAY' on May 27th to debut 10th anniversary before comeback, and it will be the first time to release new songs 'Good Evening' and 'All Day All Night' The fans were thrilled by the colorful performances of the great live and overwhelming performances such as 'Everybody', 'View', 'JoJo', 'Hitchhiking', 'Runaway', 'An Encore'

    In addition to the members' favorite songs, performances and music videos, 'Replay', 'Love like Oxygen', 'Ring Ding Dong', 'Dream Girl', 'Selene 6.23', 'Everybody', 'View' 'Evening' music video, 'Sherlock', '1 of 1', and the reason and episode of the selection. I was enthusiastic to listen to a variety of stories about 10 years of activities and new album comeback until the release of the shooting behind the scenes.

    In addition, I was impressed by the image of Jonghyun through the video, and SHINee said, "I am grateful that you have been together from now on," and "I can say that I am happier than anyone else in 10 years. I want to be a force that can be a force for you in the future. "As a heartfelt testimony, I finished the fan meeting and received a warm applause.

    On the other hand, SHINee will be appearing on 'Music Gift Box', a representative program of SM Live multi live broadcasting channel '!t Live' which will be held from 8pm on May 28th.

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    Vitamin Teacher U-Know, What is the story of Aiulin?
    Who was the surprise guest to see the youngest chef MAX?

    The first real variety TVXQ!'s The 72-Hour of 'K-POP King' TVXQ! (SM) will be released this week with two members' episodes on the second day of the show.
    'TVXQ!'s The 72-Hour' from 13 ~ 15 times Vitamin teacher U-Know is on the 2nd day of work. It is more relaxed than the first day. I am curious about the mistake of U-Know, but I am wondering what the mistake of U-Know who was really beating the child was because I had a child who burst into cry with an unexpected mistake.

    In addition, MAX is appointed to Head Chef as a sincere employee before commencement of work. He starts his second day work with pleasure, he recovers the memory of the previous day to prepare for lunch time, and also learns new business quickly with extraordinary ideas. With a 180-degree change, MAX's hands-on cuisine is focused on visiting surprise guests who want to eat, hoping to find out who owns the storm charm.

    Choi hyun seok, a cheerful chef and head chef, was able to see the story of MAX, who was confused by the spicy tastes he had prepared with his chef and head chef. It is expected to gather.

    On the other hand, TVXQ!'s real variety TVXQ!'s The 72-Hour, which includes TVXQ!'s unusual work experience, is held every Monday - Wednesday at 11 am VLIVE and NAVER TV' TVXQ!'s The 72-Hour - my SMTelevision ' And it is broadcast on TV every Monday at 8 pm XtvN.

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    Stretch your pocket money and stretch it from stamping mission to extracting mold!
    Who will be lucky this week?

    The first real variety of EXO-CBX (SM) in Tottori prefecture, Japan, unveiled the trip to the first tourist destination, "Phantom village" .

    EXO-CBX in Japan is open every week from 10 am to 10 pm at the premium video service oxusu, and EXO-CBX will meet exciting stories traveling together with the lamb ladder game. There are gathering topics.

    In the 6th broadcast on May 28, the three members who visited the "Phantom ​​Memorial Hall", a must-see tourist course in Phantom village, publicly showed XIUMIN, a character who takes pictures of his younger sisters enthusiastically I was able to meet the funny and cheerful appearance of CHEN and BAEKHYUN, which is the detail of the same age, and it added to the fun, and the Stamp mission with pocket money was started in the background of the entire village of the Phantom.

    In addition, from May 29 to June 1, in the 7th to 10th times, the three members are running around in the village of Phantom, and the scene of the stamp mission is broadcast, and the question of who is the main character will be gathered. EXO-CBX is full of laughs, such as shooting game that spreads pride in the full "Phantom Paradise"

    On the other hand, EXO-CBX will finish the first arena tour "EXO-CBX" MAGICAL CIRCUS "TOUR 2018" in Osaka, Japan on June 7-8.

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    After a persistent pursuit, meet KimEunYoung so tense up tension!
    I am curious about the development of the future!

    Actor Song Jae Lim captivated the audience by revealing the persistence and unflinching character of 'HaJungWan' character in SBS drama 'Secret Mother'.

    In 'Secret Mother' 9-12 episodes broadcast on the last 26 days, HaJungWan (Song Jae Lim), which tracks KimEunYoung (Kim So Yeon), was portrayed.

    Park, who watched HaJungWan, was angry to quit before coming to the jurisdiction, but HaJungWan said, "I will take responsibility for KimEunYoung's residential area and take responsibility for our area."

    After that, HaJungWan came across Kim Yun Jin, who came to school to pick up his son while following CCTV with KimEunYoung, and told Kim Yun Jin that he did not have to search for KimEunYoung. I do not think there is anything yet, but I am planning to put in a request for re-enactment. "He showed his thoughts to the attention of the detective who persistently pursues the case.

    In particular, HaJungWan, who faced KimEunYoung at the end of the broadcast on this day, asked "Is KimEunYoung your identity?"

    As such, Song Jae Lim is fully immersed in 'HaJungWan' characters, expressing his stamina and commitment as a criminal, not only immersing himself in the drama but also increasing tension and raising his curiosity about the future development.

    On the other hand, SBS drama 'Secret Mother' is broadcast 4 times every Saturday at 8:55 pm.

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    - A chic aura in black and white teas
    - Jangjane, Seoul 'Growing up' in Seoul
    Singer Jangjane 's new song' Seoul Noir 'was unveiled.

    MYSTIC Entertainment announced its Jangjane 'Seoul Noir' music video preview on the official SNS on the 26th.

    In the preview, Jangjane appeared alone in a dark space reminiscent of a Noir movie, singing calmly with restrained movements and facial expressions.

    In the preview, some of the public lyrics showed the general atmosphere of the lonely and gloomy song, and raised the expectation of a new song that was approaching the day ahead.

    'Seoul Noir' is a story based on the growing tale of Jangjane who came to Seoul alone at the age of 18, expressing the life of Seoul against 'Noir', a dark and depressing movie genre.

    It is a folk genre composed by Jangjane who showed his distinctive color in the songs he has published, and was composed by 015B JungSukWon, and finished in a minimalistic sound to focus on Jangjane's emotions and voices.

    Jangjane explained about this song, "It was the most difficult social life that I had in Seoul. I took a shot when I got out of the fence and went to the society.

    'Seoul Noir', which contains the autobiographical story of Jangjane, which has become more solid and stronger as it has been broken and wounded, is expected to gain sympathy for many people in Seoul.

    On the other hand, Jangjane released the drama <Return> OST 'Again', EXO SUHO and 'Do you have a moment' and 'Dinner', 015B project song 'Sangsu Station Exit 2' , And has been actively performing music such as meeting audiences through performances.

    Jangjane's new song 'Seoul Noir' will be released at 6 pm on the 29th.

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