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    Jakarta - Palembang Asian Games 'at the closing ceremony of Super Junior' s 2018 major media in Indonesia.

    Jawa Pos, one of the biggest newspapers in Indonesia for nearly 70 years after its establishment, KORAN JAKARTA and SURYA, famous daily newspapers, including Super Junior, and Tribun Jambi, which belongs to the large mass media group Kompas Gramedia in Indonesia, , Which is based on the capital city of Jakarta, WARTA KOTA commented, "Super Junior has performed three stages of the show, The member Donghae, in the solo stage of the Malaysian Joko Widodo latitude, showed a popular "rowing dance" after the President showed him at the opening ceremony.

    In addition to the local media in Indonesia, the International Olympic Committee (IOC), through the official SNS, said, "IOC Thomas Bach has become a fan of Super Junior after Super Junior's stage at the closing ceremony of '2018 Jakarta-Palembang Asian Games' Delivered, the ', an unforgettable show, proved again the global popularity and influence.

    Super Junior was the only Korean artist to finish the '2018 Jakarta-Palembang Asian Games' held at the Gelora Vung Karno Stadium in Jakarta, Indonesia at 7 pm (local time) yesterday (Feb. 2) Mega-hits' Sorry, Sorry ',' Mr. Simple ',' Bonamana ', and about 60,000 audiences.

    On the other hand, Super Junior announced 'SUPER JUNIOR CALENDAR, 2018', which will announce new activities every month, starting with Super Junior - D & E's second mini album 'Bout You'  Be expected.​
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    The scene of the new Bae Dabin was revealed.​


    The official Instagram of SM C&C, the agency of Bae Da-bin, said, "This is the confession of this style. An honest (confession) letter delivery ceremony. Two photos were uploaded with the phrase "With a warm assistant".

    In the picture, Bae Dabin faces Kwak Dong-yeon and faces a letter. The two people show a bright smile or playfully stopping pose and convey the pleasant atmosphere of the scene.

    These two figures are the behind-the-scenes footage of JTBC's "My Name is Gangnam Beauty", which was delivered to the assistant professor Kwak Dong-yeon, who has a crushing love for  Bae Dabin was completely melted into the charming Tomboy Girl 'Kwon Yun Beol' and made a confession scene with his own colors, capturing the attention of viewers.

    In particular, Kwon Yun Beol, who visited Kwangwoo Young, said, "I wrote a word I want to give to you because I do not have a lot of nonsense." He handed it a letter with a hard look and disappeared, It was enough to show the character 's freshness and honesty.

    This is not to say, but I have completed the realistic and realistic confession scene of Bae Da-bin's own style perfectly with the character of' 'Kwon Yun Beol 'in love, and in the future' My ID is Gangnam Beauty ' It is noticed that it can be done, whether it can convey one's mind once more.

    On the other hand, JTBC 'My ID is Gangnam Beauty' is broadcast every Friday and Saturday at 11:00 pm.
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    60,000 people are reminiscent of a solo concert! Local media, every thing of the shuju We deliver a lot of details!

    SUPER JUNIOR has proved to be a superb by decorating the finale of the closing ceremony of 'Asian Games in Jakarta - Palembang 2018' which is the biggest sports festival in Asia.

    the world 's biggest hit song, was released on September 2 at 7 pm (local time) on the main stage of the closing ceremony of' 2018 Jakarta - Palembang Asian Games' held at the Gelorabongkarno Stadium in Jakarta, Indonesia. , 'Sorry, Sorry', 'Mr. Simple 'and' Bonamana ', and more than 60,000 spectators gathered on the scene sing Korean songs without clogging. They are enthusiastic and hot enough to reminiscent of a solo concert by Super Junior. It has grabbed the attention of people all over the world.

    Particularly before the full-scale performance, famous media in Indonesia 'Kapanlagi, Detik Sport, Kompas' etc, said, "Super Junior '2018 Asian Games' closing ceremony. "Jae-won and Jae-wook went shopping." Everyone's members made a detailed look at their every move, and once again confirmed the explosive interest in Super Junior.

    In addition, during the closing ceremony of the '2018 Jakarta-Palembang Asian Games' in Korea, Super Junior ranked first in the Naver real-time rising search query, followed by 'Asian Games with SJ' and 'Sorry Sorry' at the top of the Twitter trend search. I got eyes.

    On the other hand, Super Junior reaffirming the position of at home and abroad through this show, will announce the 'SUPER JUNIOR CALENDAR, 2018' which will announce new activities every month and will fill the second half of the coming year.​
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    # Sound source # music # Naver V live broadcast until the gorgeous decoration!

    The new mini-album 'We Go Up' from  NCT DREAM (SM) will be released on September 3.

    NCT DREAM's second mini-album 'We Go Up' will be released at 6:00 pm on various music sites such as Melon, Ginny, iTunes, Sportive, Apple Music,Xiao mi Music.

    In particular, the title song 'We Go Up' expresses the enthusiasm for the new stage of NCT DREAM which continues to grow in the lyrics, which is an attractive urban hip-hop song with a combination of lapping with old school sensibility and reversed vocal hook. And the Chinese version together and adds richness.

    The album also features R & B songs "1, 2, 3"with a funky atmosphere, a medium pop song "Beautiful Times" with a sense of separation from old friends, And Deer Dream, featuring intense charm traps 'Drippin', Mark, Geno, Jae Min, It is enough to meet the colorful music color of.

    In addition, NCT DREAM is going to broadcast NCT DREAM "Dream Camp" on NCT and NCT DREAM channel of Naver V LIVE from 8:25 pm on September 3, Album worker, behind-the-scenes episode, comeback stage, and so on.

    On the other hand, NCT DREAM will show SBS MTV 'The Show' on September 4 and MBC MUSIC 'show on Champion !' to feature a new song' We Go Up 'September 5.​

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    꿈 같은 휴양지 남프랑스에서 펼쳐지는 ‘쉼표’ 여행을 기대해! ​





    I look forward to a trip that will take place in a dreamy resort in South France!

    Girls 'Generation-Oh! GG (SM), the healing trip reality program 'Girl Forest' will be broadcast on September 3 first.

    'Girl Forest', which is a travel comic of 'Oh! GG' released in South France, will be available at Naver on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays starting from September 3rd. And every Saturday night at 11 o'clock JTBC2 aired through the viewers are expected to get a hot response..

    Especially, the theme song of 'Girl Forest' is inserted 'Comma' in 'Lil' Touch 'of Girl' s Generation - Oh! GG and 'Comma' is a combination of acoustic guitar and electric bass, It is a pop song of the song, 'It's a world where you have to watch and run before you can breathe, but let's take a tempo rest and take a look at my true self'.

    In addition, the 'Girl Forrest', which is open at 11 am on September 3, is an interview where members talk about things they want to experience before traveling to South France, as well as an interview with Taeyeon And a dinner time for enjoying a French home cooked by Yoon-a. This will heighten the expectation for a future healing trip.

    In addition, on September 5 and September 7, two or three times, Sunny 's pleasant self - camera which takes out the pebble and suitcase at home before the trip, Hyoyeon and Yuri which arrived in South France opens wine party and tells the truth story It seems that the talk of splitting drunk will lead and catch the attention of the viewers.

    On the other hand, Lil 'Touch, which is a single of Girls' Generation -Oh! GG, will be released on various music sites on September 5th. Prior to this, on September 3 at 12:00 pm on the official website, YouTube, Naver TV SMTOWN Channel The title track 'Lil' Touch ', a music video teaser, is expected to be released, further boosting interest in the new song.​

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    Who is the queen of Red Velvet Car Racing?

    The reality program "Level Up Project season 3", which includes a trip to Slovenia by Red Velvet (SM), will continue this week.

    'Level Up Project Season 3' is getting a good response from 10:00 AM every week from 10:00 AM on the premium video service corps (oxusu) and Thai mobile TV application TrueID.

    In the 16th exhibition on September 3, Red Velvet visited 'Lake Bohin' in Slovenia, the curious biblical tide that constantly rides from Irene to enjoy panoramic pictures, From the Wendy X Joy, the lawn to the jingling singing, the members are enjoying their free time as well as the individuality of the members.

    In addition, in the 17th ~ 20th, which will be broadcast sequentially from September 4th to September 7th, 'Racing' race will be held in order to select the key of the room from the first place. In this way, Irenin barefoot The racing scene of the flame-raising members of Joy and Wendy, who have been thrown away, is unfolding, and the natural appearance of the red velvet that finishes the day and the start of the morning with extraordinary weather can also be seen.

    Meanwhile, Red Velvet will hold a solo concert 'Red Velvet 2nd Concert [REDMARE] in BANGKOK' at Thunder Dome Muang Thong Thani, Bangkok, Thailand on September 8.​


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    The role of 'the great escape'

    Kang Ho-dong was able to escape by cooperating with the members based on his skill.

    On TVN 'Big Escape' broadcasted on the 2nd Sunday, there is a struggle for the members who escaped from the underground bunker, while Kang Ho-dong, who made a big ball in the evil spirit prison, I enjoyed the pleasure.

    First, Shindong and Pio interpret the braille and say, 'Long live long' when I found the number of '5543' based on this, but it was not the password needed to escape. But Gang Ho-dong, who continues to make numbers in letters without giving up, gave the character "Old Man", which attracted the audience with a keen smile point.

    The members also focused on matching the jigsaw puzzle, which is expected to be a hint for the password, but the table collapsed and was in danger of being broken. However, Kang Ho-dong did not despair, and the table was broken so that the crew's intentions would be hidden.

    Kang Ho-dong suggested to the members to change the idea by using the appropriate analogy to "Do not look at the fingers and look at the sun." He conveyed his idea that the hint would come out when you poured the puzzle. And the members could move to the next gate.

    In addition, Kang Ho-dong in the recreation room was expected to perform as a former captain, and showed his strength as 'Hodor', but when his strength was lacking, Kim Dong-hyun was immediately given a seat and his members were able to exercise their abilities in the right place.

    In this way, Kang Ho-dong will show his charisma as he shouts "Time" at the moment when his reasoning is right, and he also cares for members to work together and escape, He showed impressive performances. It is hoped that Kang Ho-dong, who is playing a pillar of 'Great Escape,' will help to unify the strength of all, and what kind of escape he will deliver in the future.

    On the other hand, tvN 'Big Escape' is broadcast every Sunday at 10:40 pm.


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    - Jo Woo-ri, we proved 'the right icon'! As a childhood joy ... "Is this an illusion?"
    - Jo Woo-ri, 'lanterns lanterns eyes + clever nose' constant flower beauty

    (September 1, 2018) "My ID is Gangnam Beauty" Jo Woo-ri is certified as "Mother of Beauty".

    On the morning of September 1, Jo Woo-ri, Keyeast, released a picture of his childhood with Joah Woo Jinta's JTBC drama 'My Name is Gangnam Beauty' shooting behind the scenes.

    In the photo, Jo Woo-ri attention with his elaborate nose, lantern eyes, and lovely smile. When I look at the pictures of my childhood, I admire it just like now.

    Especially, Jo Woo-ri is in charge of Hyunsoo, who is titled 'Mother Nature Beauty' and 'Chemistry and 18th Gender Goddess' in 'My ID is Gangnam Beauty'. This time, it is proven once again that 'Jo Woo-ri' was a beautiful icon of 'Jeonbyeon' which grew beautiful as a child when he was a child and 'Mother Nature' as a character in the play.

    Jo Woo-ri is attracting attention not only in appearance but also in acting as a high sync rate with the original webtoon character. As the drama unfolds, the reality of Hyun-sua is revealed, and many viewers are responding that they are 'outraged' by Jo Woo-ri realistic acting. "The feeling of yelling and irritation is that the act is good enough," and "the more the evil runs, the better the character is in the play."

    My name is Gangnam Beauties, and I have been enjoying a lot of love as I have repeated the highest rating of my own with ratings of 5.0% (Nielsen Korea standard, nationwide) last time. Among them, Joe Woong is doing his part as a leading actor and we are interested in Jo Woo-ri next move.

    On the other hand, JTBC drama 'My ID is Gangnam Beauties' is broadcasted at 11:12 pm on the day (1 day), including Jo Woo-ri, Lim Soo Hyang, Cha Eun Woo and Kwang Dong Yeon.​
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    Taiwanese film actor Gabriel Rens and the Hualien food Tour!
    Model Irene turned into a food goddess.

    Irene will appear on tvN 'One Night Food Trip: International Edition 2', which will be broadcasted this evening (3rd), and enjoy Taiwanese food with singer Seven and Taiwanese film actor Gabriel Len and Christina.

    Irene teamed up with Gabriel to enjoy the famous street food in the Hualien region for 48 hours. Egg fried pancakes stimulated Irene's appetite. The crunchy and chewy texture of the pancake is a half-cooked yolk and a rich cream that captures the taste. Fried food is a king! "Irene is making an exciting episode, and I'm looking forward to.

    In addition to this, Gabriel and the fantastic chemi show, wherever you go to eat anywhere in the wild, eating and eating will be a different kind of fun. Also, the Seven and Krista Thorne teams add anticipation to what food they will play with the Irene team.

    tvN 'One Night Food Trip: Inter Nationwide Edition 2' will be broadcast every Monday at 6:30 pm and will be broadcast throughout Asia including Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia and Thailand.​
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    - Yoon Jong Shin's fall ballad song 'Lean on You...'  in a long time ...

    - 3 days sound recording announcement, 9th Melody Forest Camp will show the first live stage

    Singer Yoon Jong Shin's monthly music project <Monthly Yoon Jong Shin> will be released at 6 pm on September 3.


    'Lean on You...' is the autumn ballad that Yoon Jong Shin has released for a long time and expressed my gratitude to the 'chair' that I will support my strong person who is always in the place.


    Yoon Jong Shin said, "I thought of a person as a person sitting in a chair leaning back and naturally thought of people like a chair who had leaned back and leaned over. , Friends, colleagues and others in a way that comforts each other, and with a heartfelt gratitude towards them, "he said.


    "The important thing is to give each other something to watch each other, to be close to each other, and to be able to support each other so that I can always lean on." " "It's a testament that anyone, no matter what, anybody, should watch over me."


    'Lean on You...' It is said that Yoo Jong Shin was motivated by the 'chair' that Yoon Jong Shin has spent a lot of time in daily life.


    He stayed for a long time in the expression of "leaning" out of various meanings coming out of his chair, and finally he finished the story about a comfortable and precious person who can rely on the idea of leaning on a chair.


    Yoon Jong Shin said, "Through the object of 'chair', it seemed to remind people who were always there even if we were not conscious," he said. "When I was a child, when I asked someone to sit down, I feel like I have a bigger sense of being a place to look forward to my body a little more slowly.