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    Realistic acting, an actor who is expected to come forward

    Actor Park Jung Bok plays the role of Kim Joo Cheol, a former boyfriend of 'Gye Suk Ja (Jun Hye Bin)' in the Oksusu web drama 'Number Woman, Gye Suk Ja' Proved to be an actor.

    The number drama 'Number Woman, Gye Suk Ja' is a romantic comedy drama featuring the bold reality confessions and fantasy of women in their thirties. It draws sympathy and love to the audience by drawing the romance of 'Number Woman' I have received.

    Park Jung Bok captured the attention of viewers by playing 'Joo Cheol', which appeared in five years after he broke up with Suk Ja and constantly courts Suk Ja. Suk Ja circumnavigated around the world from a flimsy to a sincere look, Joo Cheol's unrequited love was shown in smoke, and it was completed with a character that could not be hated, but it brought smiles and sympathy at the same time.

    Park Jung Bok, who has created his own colors by playing various works and roles through his plays "JUDO BOY", "Дорогая Елена Сергеевна" and "Kiss of the SPIDERWOMAN" The drama proved a wide spectrum of acting, perfectly portraying the comic and truthful role of 'Kim Joo Cheol'.

    In the future, Park Jung Bok is expected to play a role in the future.

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    Ha JungWan's role as a hot detective Song Jae Lim's expected acting change

    Actress Song Jae Lim will once again be captivated as 'Secret Mother'.

    SBS 's new weekend drama' Secret Mother 'is a womance thriller that comes into the home of a gangster'

    Song Jae Lim seems to be a blunt personality, but once you start, you are the only one who believes in SongYoona (KimYoonJin), who has a persistent straightness and a burning passion, questioning the death of her daughter. She will play the role of "HaJungWan," helping her to break through the intertwined threads of characters and lead the important flow of drama.

    After his debut, Song Jae Lim, who emerged as a young star with his name through MBC 'THE MOON EMBRACES THE SUN', showed charismatic and heavy characters such as MBC '2weeks' and KBS 'Inspiring Generation' and caught the attention of viewers. Through KBS 'Unkind Ladies' and 'Our Gab Soon', he has developed into a leading actor who can express various characters with his presence by expressing various charms with comfortable and realistic performances.

    Song Jae Lim, who has proven her strength as a man in the spotlight, is looking forward to what kind of acting spectrum she will show through this SBS 'Secret Mother'.

    On the other hand, SBS 's new weekend drama' Secret Mother 'with Song Jae Lim will be broadcasted at 8:55 pm on December 12.

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    KIM JUNMYEON, brain + power + visual man Lee Lee Yoo Chan comes to the house theater
    What about the Korean version of "Richman" by KIM JUNMYEON?

    KIM JUNMYEON (EXO SUHO, SM) visits new audiences with this new character.

    KIM JUNMYEON plays the role of Lee Yoo Chan, who plays for everyone in the drama 'Richman', which will be broadcasted on the night of May 9th.

    Lee Yoo Chan is a character with a fatal disadvantage that he has a genius brain, an abundance of power, and visuality but can not recognize the faces of people around him. In this work, the only person to remember his face is his first love, which is only a story that can only be encountered in the Korean version of 'Richman', so he is interested in how KIM JUNMYEON will express it.

    KIM JUNMYEON is a member of the EXO group of the K-POP final board. He is also a member of the EXO group. He is also a member of EXO. He is a member of EXO. He has a variety of films, dramas and musicals such as 'One Way Trip', 'Student A', 'Three Color Fantasy' The character has been digested, received a favorable impression, and has been recognized as an actor.

    KIM JUNMYEON said, "Through the 'Richman' production presentation held on May 3," The first part of the feature drama is the first time, but I am trying to communicate and act sincerely. They are thinking about common things of geniuses and making characters. I would like to ask a lot of attention and love. "

    KIM JUNMYEON's drama 'Richman' is a remake of Japan's popular drama 'Richman poorwoman' that was aired on Fuji TV in 2012. Lee Yoo Chan and BORA HaYeonSoo).

    'Richman' will be broadcasted simultaneously on Wednesdays, Thursdays at 11:00 pm on Dramax and MBN, and the first and second episodes will also be available on KakaoTV concurrent live.

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    YOONA X LeeSangSoon 'To You' Boosting Expectations!

    YOONA (SM) is a topic of new teaser images that show off the innocent charm.

    Prior to the announcement of the digital single 'To You', YOONA is releasing the teaser image of the beautiful and harmonious atmosphere through the official website of YOONA and various SNS Girls' Generation accounts such as Facebook and Twitter, raising the expectation for the new song.

    'To You', which will be released on various music sites such as Melon, Genie and Naver Music on May 13th, is a collaboration song of YOONA and LeeSangSoon created through JTBC 'HyoRi's House 2' YOONA is in charge of lyricism and will attract music fans as much as acoustic ballads reminiscent of peaceful Jeju Island scenery.

    In addition, YOONA will be holding a "YOONA FANMEETING TOUR, So Wonderful Day # Story_1" on May 20th, with viewers attracted by friendly charm at JTBC 'HyoRi's House 2' which is broadcasted at 9:00 pm every Sunday.

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    Kim Kyunwoo, Jo A Young on the stage and Park Jung Wook in check! Triangle relationship finally ignited!
    Kim Kyunwoo, an ambition for love, no matter how much you love it! Existence of storm presence

    Kim Kyunwoo (TraxX JAY, SM) is playing the role of Cha Sang Pill, the representative of entertainment company 'Lucky' in KBS2 TV Waves Waves.

    In the 60th broadcast on the morning of May 8th, Oh Bok Sil (Jo A Young) ran to the chef on stage to protect her and buy her medicine separately. Sang Pill was portrayed.

    Cha Sang Pill then invited Oh Bok Sil and her beloved Han Kyung Ho (Park Jung Wook) to the office and told them to refrain from meeting Oh Bok Sil in the name of protecting their singer, I bothered to ask again.

    As such, 'Waves Waves' is attracting viewers because Cha Sang Pill takes the Oh Bok Sil and sanctions between Han Kyung Ho and the triangle between the main characters, and DaeKook construction competitor, Cha Sang Pill, who shows uncompromising behavior as an ambitious person, sends out mail containing important contents of Xi'an.

    Kim Kyunwoo, who plays Cha Sang Pill, who is also working on love affair, also expresses his character in a three-dimensional way with a straight suit, a polite but aggressive tone, and draws a strong sense of presence.

    Kim Kyunwoo's eye-catching KBS2 TV novel 'Waves Waves' is a family of war separated by Oh Bok Sil, who lost all her property, and her family, It is the human growth family drama that regains the family affairs. Mondays to Fridays at 9:00 am.

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    30's the best + the worker's figure It expresses witty and adds the humorous code of the drama!

    Actor KimJaeBum plays Park Shi Won, a physical therapist and thirties in the TVN drama 'A Poem A Day', to raise the empathy index of an avant-garde theater with realistic life performance.

    Park Shi Won (Kim JaeBum) told Kim Yoon Ju (Lee Chae Young) that his wife would buy an English DVD set for 500,000 won in the 13th episode of "A Poem A Day" I was drawn to reveal. At that time, Park Shi Won came to see the son of Yang Myung Chul (Seo hyun Cheol) who met by chance in the hospital lobby and speaks well with a foreigner, and immediately called his wife and said, 24 month installment! Right Now! "He said," I feel sympathy and laughter at the same time.

    At the end of the broadcast, Yang Myung Chul and Park Shi Won, who went to the cherry blossom festival, witnessed the son of Yang Myung Chul arguing with a foreigner. At that time, Yang Myung Chul said, "I did not teach you to write English early. "Park Shi Won calls his wife again and says," I canceled the English DVD right now. I do not think it is necessary for early education. I saw the evils of early education in front of my eyes, "he said, making the audience fumble.

    In addition, KimJaeBum is a 5-year physical therapist, Park Shi Won. Woo Bo Young (Lee Yu Bi) and Ye Jae Wook (Lee Jun Hyeok), and the relationship with the younger sisters, and even the appearance of the dinner party, the life of acting in the same way, .

    As such, KimJaeBum is a realistic drama that captures the emotions of the 30's and the worker's emotions, and empathizes with the viewer's emotions. Therefore, in 'A Poem A Day', which leaves only one week to the end, KimJaeBum is looking forward to what kind of activity will energize the pole.

    On the other hand, the TVN drama 'A Poem A Day' is broadcast every Monday and Tuesday at 9:30 pm.

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    U-Know, infinite repetition 'again again the world' Discharge of fitness!
    MAX, fall into the swamp of endless salmon grooming!

    The first day of 'K-POP King' TVXQ! (SM) turned into a teacher and chef from singer.

    On TVXQ! S The 72-Hour, which was aired on April 30 ~ May 1, U-Know and MAX were interviewed after a tense interview, This week, the two people who are at work for the first time are starting to work in earnest.

    'TVXQ! S The 72-Hour' In the 4th ~ 6th sessions, U-Know, who transformed into 'Vitamin U-Know Teacher', focuses on the children throughout the lesson, It reminds me of how to play with children, but I'm curious to see what kind of appearance the 'again again the world' is, which is discharged from the children's repeated "again again" .

    In addition, MAX, who entered the kitchen, started to learn the chef's job in the youngest, and he took care of the giant salmon as the first task to fall into the swamp of endless care such as peeling of the vinyl, drawing of the thorns and Choi Hyun Seok chef in the uncertain atmosphere The situation where all the staffs gather is unfolded, and attention is paid to what kind of story is drawn.

    U-Know's dream of communicating with pure children is also a busy teacher without a bird, a strange and uncomfortable chef who learns one by one. It is possible to meet the figure and gather the topic.

    On the other hand, TVXQ! S real variety TVXQ! S The 72-Hour, which includes TVXQ! 'S unusual work experience, is held every Monday - Wednesday at 11 am VLIVE and NAVER TV' TVXQ! S The 72 - Hour - my SMTelevision ' It is broadcast on TV every Monday at 8 pm XtvN.

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    Music Gift Box 'hot topic talk + talk with a lot of cool and attractive' Music Gift Box 'topic!
    Red Velvet (SM) appeared in 'Music Gift Box', a representative program of '!t Live'
    Red Velvet attracted attention with its colorful story and splashing appearance on "!t Live" which was held at 'MCN STUDIO' in 'SMTOWN MUSEUM' in SM exhibition / entertainment experience space on May 6th.
    Red Velvet will show various live episodes of the pictures of the first single concert 'Red Room' held in August 2017, as well as live episodes of various performances, as well as a regular 2-volume repackage title song 'Bad Boy' It has attracted the fans with the exciting and lively appeal to the up-and-coming story of the music video.
    In addition, the broadcast will be broadcast live through SMTOWN channel of Naver V LIVE and SMTOWN External Media installed outside of SMTOWN COEX Artium, including official account of '! T Live' of various SNS such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, In response to the request of the crowded fans on the spot, the first mini album "Candy" was played live on the spot, and WENDY was fluent in English, so he got close to overseas fans and got a hot response.
    Meanwhile, 'SMTOWN MUSEUM', SM's new exhibition / entertainment experience space, opened on May 4th, is a virtual meeting with artists by utilizing exhibition, augmented reality such as artist history, album, activity costume, And experience, it will become a representative spot for global fans.

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    From NCT 2018's behind-the-scenes activities, it focuses on real-time communication with K-POP fans around the world.

    NCT U (SM) appeared in "Music Gift Box", a representative program of SM real-time multi live broadcasting '!t Live'.

    NCTU members TAEYONG, JAEHYUN, WINWIN, MARK, DOYOUNG, JUNGWOO and LUCAS will present 'Music Gift Box' at MCN STUDIO in 'SMTOWN MUSEUM' And attracted the attention of K-pop fans around the world.

    Especially, NCT U collected the topic of 'NCT 2018 EMPATHY' which was released in March 2018 and 'BOSS' which opened the episode of 'NCT 2018' which is a very large project. The album jacket concept and related episodes as well as 'BOSS' music Video-behind-the-scenes story, the music video scene that became an issue, and an explanation of the NCT world view.

    In addition, TAEYONG presented a powerful 'BOSS' choreography, JUNGWOO presented sexy eyes and dancing at the 'NCT U PR Time' corner for 30 seconds, MARK, which portrayed initial M with sensible movements, WINWIN , JAEHYUN expressing love to fans around the world in 7 languages, LUCAS who gave a laugh with delightful comments, and DOYOUNG who showed a charming name.

    In addition, NCT U also talked with fans who enjoy live broadcasting through 'SMTOWN External Media' in K-POP Plaza in front of 'MCN STUDIO' in 'SMTOWN MUSEUM' where '!t Live' I communicated in English and Chinese for global fans watching on SNS of YouTube and Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and SMTOWN channel of NAVER V LIVE.

    Meanwhile, 'SMTOWN MUSEUM', SM's exhibition / entertainment experience space opened on May 4th, will be able to meet a variety of contents such as experience to meet with artists through exhibition and augmented reality of SM's archive, It is expected to grow as a famous spot for POP.

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    - The first permanent exhibition space for entertainment companies worldwide for K-Pop fans!
    - Show the history of SM artists + Create a new experience program using augmented reality and new technology!

    SM ENTERTAINMENT finally opened 'SMTOWN MUSEUM', a new exhibition / entertainment experience space, on May 4th.

    'SMTOWN MUSEUM', which is opened on the 3rd floor of SM SM Entertainment's SM Entertainment Complex, is the first entertainment company to showcase its artists' dazzling history on a regular basis. It also displays SM contents, It is expected to grow as a representative spot in the hot response of K-Pop fans around the world, consisting of special spaces such as a virtual encounter experience with SM artists.

    'SMTOWN MUSEUM' is an exhibition of 'SM ARCHIVE' where you can listen to music, album, photo album together with album production, 'SPECIAL EXHIBITION' which is a special project exhibition featuring the charm of SM artists, costumes, props, SM artists 'SMTOWN LIVE Beyond Story', SMTOWN LIVE 's SMTOWN LIVE, SMTOWN LIVE Beyond Story, SMTOWN LIVE, SMTOWN LIVE, SMTOWN LIVE, COME TRUE with NCT '.

    AR PHOTO with ARTIST and SM real-time multi live broadcasting channel '! T Live', where you can shoot photos and videos with SM artists. And 'RECORDING STUDIO' which can experience 'smart' karaoke application 'everysing' in the studio where SM artists can record and 'SMOKE STUDIO'.

    On the other hand, 'SMTOWN MUSEUM' tickets are on sale from the internet booking site YES24 and SMTOWN homepage (www.smtownland.com) from April 30, Red Velvet will appear on MCN STUDIO on 6th of March and will be closely connected with visitors to SMTOWN MUSEUM.

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