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  • 2018-01-04 Press Release

    Kimjinkyung, 'JUNGLE' joins Chile ...

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    Kimjinkyung joins the SBS entertainment program 'JUNGLE' Chile.

    On the 4th, esteem ENTERTAINMENT side of agency "Kimjinkyung joins 'JUNGLE' Chile and will go to jungle survival period together with patriarch Kim Byung-man. I would like you to give her a lot of attention and support for her new appearance. "

    Kimjinkyung recently showed KBS1 drama '' andante '' Kim Bom as the main character, but it was lively and cheerful as well. In particular, he struggled to conceal bogeys in the play, but eventually he was drawn to the world, exploding viewers' lacrimal glands.

    In addition, the show 'We Got Married' shows the essence of romance and a variety of attractive charm. The news of the SBS 'JUNGLE' joining is announced and what is going to be done is attracting attention.

    Especially, Kimjinkyung, who showed the usual activity, has raised expectations of many people who have shared SBS "JUNGLE" with a program that wants to appear through many interviews in the past.

    'JUNGLE', which challenges the survival of Chile in the 'end of the world' Chile at the southernmost end of the world, is also known as Kimjinkyung, KIM SUNG RYOUNG, Kim Seung Soo, JoJaeYun, Kim Jong Min, HongJinYoung, Cho yoon woo, Dong Jun Kim, MONSTA X MinHyuk, NU'EST JONGHYUN, SF9 RO WOON and DIA Jung Chae Yeon.

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    With honest but witty duties
    Add vitality of torque!

    Actor Song jae lim will appear in the SBS entertainment program '동상이몽 시즌2-너는 내 운명'.

    '동상이몽2' is a program to look at couples living in various fields from the standpoint of men and women and to see the half of fate and the value of living together. Recently, Choo Ja-hyun-Yu Xiao Guang couple, Jang Shin Young-kang Kyung-joon couple, Te Se Chong-Myung Seo hyeon

    In the meantime, Song jae lim, who has been attracted in various fields such as drama, film, and entertainment, will appear as a special guest and add vitality to the talk.

    In particular, Song jae lim expressed his admiration with Kim Gu Ra, who had a relationship with tvN 'zipbob' and recently appeared JTBC 'universal'. Thanks to his relaxed atmosphere and relaxed atmosphere, The back door that made the fun of double.

    On the other hand, Song Jae lim will be appearing as a guest on SBS '동상이몽 시즌2-너는 내 운명' will be broadcasted at 11:10 pm on the 8th.

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    Asia, North America and South America! Seoul starts on January 21st!

    SM Entertainment to unearth the best stars such as KANGTA, BoA, TVXQ !, SUPER JUNIOR, Girls' Generation, SHINee, f (x), EXO, Red Velvet and NCT. Global Audition '.

    '2018 S.M. Global Audition 'is held in 45 cities from 10 countries all over the world including Korea, China, USA, Canada, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Chile and Argentina from January to December. This is the first such event, and it is likely to attract the attention of global fans including Asia, North America and South America.

    The audition will be held in Seoul, Jeonju, Busan, Gwangju, Daejeon, and Jeju. The audition will be held on January 21 and February 2 at COEX, Seoul, It will be implemented twice in 9 days.

    In addition, '2018 S.M. Global Audition 's support is divided into five categories: singing, dancing, acting, modeling (fashion / CF), lyric / composition. Anyone can participate regardless of nationality, gender and age. There is a chance to get exclusive contracts, so it is anticipated that preliminary star athletes who have a variety of talents and talents will get involved.

    In addition, those who want to participate in the audition can take the online application through SMTOWN's official homepage, receive e-mail or accept the 'everysing' application, and detailed details such as country's detailed schedule and place can be found on SMTOWN official homepage .

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  • 2018-01-04 Press Release

    EXO's Winter song is always right!

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    Winter 2017 Winter Special Album 'Universe' First week of the weekly album chart!

    EXO (SM) 's 2017 winter special album' Universe 'is on top of all charts and is getting hot response.

    The EXO 2017 winter special album "Universe" released on the 26th is the first on the album chart of the 4th of December (24th December ~ 30th December) and it confirms the power of the EXO .

    In addition, this album also won the first week of the weekly album charts in Hantar chart, Shinnara record, YES24, Kyobo Book magazine, and Hottracks, and it realized the power of EXO table Well made winter song.

    EXO 2017 winter special album filled with music of various genres that can meet EXO's warm winter feeling including the title song 'Universe' of the rock ballad genre was not only the first place in various record charts as soon as it was released, , No. 1 on the iTunes Compilation album charts in 27 areas, and No. 1 on the Chinese music charts in China.

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  • 2018-01-04 Press Release

    More upgraded Red Velvet reality comes!

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    'LEVER UP PROJECT Season 2' January 8th 10:00 am First broadcast via oksusu! South Korea and Thailand simultaneously!
    Red Velvet Member + New form of commentary format! Expectation UP!

    The bigger girl group Red Velvet (SM) starts the reality reality 'LEVER UP PROJECT Season 2'.

    Red Velvet 'LEVER UP PROJECT Season 2' will be available at 10:00 am every Monday through Saturday at 10:00 am through mobile video application oxusu and Thai mobile TV application 'TrueID' As the teaser video is scheduled to open, expectations are rising.

    In particular, 'LEVER UP PROJECT Season 2' is a commentary format in which Red Velvet watches the reality after going on a trip and talks freely about the shooting behind story and travel episodes. In addition, it is composed of 'LEVER UP PROJECT Season 1 ', it is expected to fascinate viewers with the upgraded content as it is spread out in the background of beautiful domestic attractions.

    In addition, Joe who is not participating in Season 1 due to the drama shooting joins and all of the Red Velvet members with various charms are appearing.

    The next week's episodes will be broadcast on the 1st to 6th episodes of the Red Velvet members who pack up their packs to travel, episodes of anticipation to leave their veiled sites, and episodes to arrive at the first hostel It seems that it will capture the attention afterwards.

    Meanwhile, 'LEVER UP PROJECT Season 2' will be released on October 8th at 10:00 am through oxusu.

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    The main chef and leader of the members
    Kang Ho-dong's true Kangskitchen was revealed!
    Whatever you do anywhere
    Lee Soo-geun who made his share!
    Ending business with 'surplus'

    "Happy," Kangskitchen closed on the last day. I feel sorry for the end, and the expectation for the follow-up is great.

    Na Young-sukPD was confident that 'Kangskitchen' would show a different appeal than 'Younskitchen' during the initial planning stage. New Journey to the West The attraction of the members will show a new story. In fact, it is Kangskitchen where all the performers shone, from Kang Ho-dong, Lee Soo-geun, Eunjiwon, Ahn Jae Hyeon, MINO and Na Young-suk.

    Kang Ho-dong, the main chef of Kangskitchen and the members' leader Kang Ho-dong, is enjoying his charisma once again. Sometimes I feel sorry for myself, even though I repeat positive words such as "Do not be angry" and "Happy Kangskitchen." His new appearance is why viewers are more passionate than ever.

    Lee Soo-geun also acted as a mood maker for the restaurant with his humorous attitude. In the last episode, a guest asking for a rest paper, "Would you like a red rest? Would you like a blue tissue? " In addition, 'Rice pork Kimbab' was released as a new menu, showing the best way to the end of his position. Many viewers responded that they should "make the transplanting party a season 2," "Kangskitchen2, a strong car, and go back to anything."

    Ahn Jae Hyeon's visual, faithful youngest, Ahn Jae Hyeon, also called 'Chemistry' by Lee Soo-geun and Eunjiwon, It is Kangskitchen which is filled with stories of New Journey to the West members, so viewers expect this combination again.

    Meanwhile, the members had a story about the follow-up such as "Stone-plate Grilled Dried Squid 2" and "Go to the highway" after the sales shutdown. In particular, Lee Soo-geun caught his attention because he admitted to a "strong car," saying, "I have to make a strong car in the summer." The members emphasized the 'word care' again, saying that they could.

    Kangskitchen, who has surpassed expectations and surplus, has no reason not to play Season 2. Return to Kangskitchen2, or to a transplant or whatever.

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    XtvN 'SUPER TV' Launching, first broadcast at 11:00 pm on January 26th!

    'Genius of entertainment' SUPER JUNIOR returns.

    SUPER JUNIOR is planning to launch 'SUPERTV' through XtvN, an entertainment channel that is scheduled to open this month.

    The new program 'SUPER'TV is a new concept variety show that revives various entertainments formats into SUPER JUNIOR's entertainment formulas. It seems to get a good response by utilizing the personality of SUPER JUNIOR members who say,' There is no crazy person even if there is a less crazy person. '

    The SUPERTV production team said, "I finished my first film at the end of last December. "The ad-lib linking the tails throughout the recording has never stopped laughing." This program is a new entertainer of the super junior members' sense of empathy. "

    Previously, SUPER JUNIOR launched SJ returns, a reality web art featuring 120 days of comeback preparations ahead of the release of their regular 8th album 'PLAY' in October of last year. In addition to winning the monthly 'V LIVE' With over 25 million views on Naver TV and V apps, it has become so popular that expectations for new entertainment programs are on the rise.

    Meanwhile, 'SUPERTV' will be broadcasted at CJ E & M at XtvN, an entertainment channel launched at 11:00 pm on January 26th.

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    All-around entertainer who appeared in more than 10 programs over a year
    From 'comedian' to 'dad', we show various images!
    He will be active in 2018.

    It's never easy to run an entertainment program. Before starting a new program, it is necessary to receive the love of viewers in the existing program, so that various images can be displayed continuously.

    In 2017, Lee Soo-geun appeared in more than ten programs over the course of a year and showed his unique charm in various programs. Among them, Lee Soo-geun's greatest charm is 'Chemie,' which is more evident when you are with other performers.

    Kang Ho-dong is a must when Lee Soo-geun's "Chemie" is mentioned. Lee Soo-geun was the place where Kang Ho-dong was going, as he started to sew a needle five years ago starting with MBC 'goldfish_dosa'. Five years later, with 'Kang Ho-dong', 'Lee Soo-geun' was born.

    Lee Soo-geun from tvN 'kangskitchen' showed Kang Ho-dong's character as a strong right-hand man and fantasy pair and played the role of kangskitchen's first prize. In particular, Kim Hee Chul, in the recently broadcasted Lunar New Year feature, "Lee Soo-geun would have received JTBC if he was entertained" "

    This year Lee Soo-geun's "Chemie" shone. In SBS 'Law of Jungle in KOMODO', I showed the compatibility with Kim Byung-man, the best friend, and JTBC 'goblin' showed a strong sense of being a senior to take leehongki and NU'EST JR. In addition, SBS 'masterkey' is a central axis of the program, which connects the situation and situation naturally so that various performances of many performers can be revealed well.

    In addition, in the case of JTBC 'foreignfriend', Lee Soo-geun, the father of two boys and two children, rather than the entertainer, showed a different charm. While showing his love story with his wife, ParkJiyeon, he conveyed his experience of struggling with "addiction to pregnancy" in the past, and gave the audience warmth and emotion. In particular, Lee Soo-geun and his two sons had a trip to Bhutan to give viewers a "healing" and when they showed him his comradeship as a comedian husband and father,

    Thus, Lee Soo-geun in 2017 presented a variety of 'chemies' as a partner of Kang Ho-dong and Kim Byung-man in various programs, as a senior of junior entertainers, and as a husband and wife of two wives. The reason why all of these things can be loved was that Lee Soo-geun was not only a concept and a story but always challenging new aspects.

    Lee Soo-geun is expected to play a big role in 2018. On January 15th, we will join OLIVE • tvN entertainment program's special talk show, and TVN new entertainment program, which will be a daily driver for those who need it. He is expecting his actions.

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    The guardian guarding the middle gate
    '김이경' will take on the role of reversed appearance!
    After his debut, he built up through various works
    Stable smoke power and open air.

    Actor Jangyoosang joins KBS new drama 'Queen of Mystery season2'.

    KBS 'Queen of Mystery season 2' is a life-affectionate mystery drama that reveals hidden facts by solving big and small incidents. Kwon Sang-woo, Choi Kang-hee, Park Byung-eun and Kim Hyun-sook joined again in 'Queen of Mystery season 1' I gathered topics.

    Jangyoosang is the guardian guarding the middle gate of the middle, and it will add vitality to the drama by playing the role of '김이경' which is a genius, although it is lacking in sophistication and lack of sociability.

    Jangyoosang, who made his debut in the film license examination in 2014, has debuted in the web drama '도전에 반하다' and '우리 옆집에 엑소가 있다', followed by films '거인', '조선마술사' and recently 'OCN drama' He has appeared in more than 10 works across various genres for three years and has emerged as a new artist, leaving a strong impression on those concerned. Jangyoosang, who will show a new look through KBS 'Queen of Mystery season 2', is attracting much attention.

    On the other hand, KBS new drama "Queen of Mystery season 2" will be broadcasted at 10:00 pm on February 21st.

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    f (x) AMBER and LUNA (SM) again give a fantastic breath through SM 'STATION' season 2.

    AMBER and LUNA will be releasing their new song 'Lower' through various music sites such as Melon, Genie and Naver Music at 6 pm on the 5th of this year as the 39th person of 'STATION' We are expecting high interest from them.

    This new song 'Lower' is a progressive house genre song in a dreamy atmosphere with a combination of AMBER and LUNA's fascinating vocals and catchy synth sound, and the lyrics reveal the story of finding a free space beyond the door.

    This is the third time that AMBER and LUNA participated in 'STATION'. This is the third time that 'Wave' and DJ Fahren Corsten worked together with famous DJ R3hab and 'Heartbeat', which was collaborated with Kago Pengchi, As we have gotten a good response with perfect breathing, the new look we are going to show through this new song brings more expectation.

    On the other hand, 'STATION' Season 2 is loved every week by showing works of various artists, producers and composers with high quality sound and contents.

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