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    What is the choice of Park Soo Yeong who knows the temptation game story?
    Park Soo Yeong's confused eyes! Tension ahead of closing UP!

    'Tempted' Park Soo Yeong (SM) 's intense ending attracts attention.

    Park Soo Yeong is playing the role of EunTaeHee, a heroine in a dangerous temptation romance at MBC 'Tempted'.

    On April 24th, EunTaeHee and Kwon Shi Hyun (Woo Do Hwan) struggled to hide their hearts toward each other after the separation, and finally to give each other a chance to present beautiful memories. It was drawn.

    But they did not even give them a chance to break up beautifully, and another triumph came. Lee Se Ju (Kim Min Jae), who failed to cope with the difficulties of Choi Su Ji (Mun Ka Young), took EunTaeHee as an azit and shocked him by saying that Kwon Shi Hyun intentionally approached it by 'tempting game'.

    With all the giggles starting to turn out to be Myung Mi Ri (Kim Seo-hyung) and Kwon Shi Hyun and EunTaeHee gathering anticipation for the romance to be relaunched, the whole of the temptation game is full of tension did.

    In the process, EunTaeHee's uncomfortable and hurtful appearance made viewers feel sick, and Park Soo Yeong, who played this role, received a favorable reception with his delicate eyes and stable acting skills.

    In 'Tempted', which leaves only four times to the end, attention is drawn to whether the romance of two people will be happy ending. Monday, Tuesday night at 10 pm MBC.

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    Oricon album and digital album chart for the first time in the history of foreign men's group The first place at the same time!
    SHINee (SM) has set a new record in Japan Oricon.
    SHINee is the first Oricon Weekly album album chart released on April 18th as Japan's first best album 'SHINee THE BEST FROM NOW ON' Come up and proven to be hot.
    In particular, SHINee is the first overseas male group to record first place on both the Oricon album chart and the digital album chart. In September of 2014, the third album 'I'm Your Boy' in Japan,'D × D × D', followed by the 3rd Oricon Weekly album chart of the year.
    Oricon is the first in SHINee's homepage on the morning of April 24, saying, "This is the first time that a foreign male group recorded CD and digital albums at the same time since the announcement of digital album ranking in November 2016." Dragged.
    This album also ranked # 1 in the world's 16 charts for the iTunes Compilation album chart, followed by # 1 on the Top Album Sales chart for Billboard Japan on April 3rd (April 16-22) I realized the popularity.
    This album includes the song titles 'From Now On', 'Replay -君は僕のeverything-', 'LUCIFER', 'Fire', 'Get The Treasure' And the music of Japan which is full of various activities is getting good response.

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    April 26 at 8 pm NAVER V LIVE 'LUNA's Night Reminiscin' through LUNA's LUNIGHT
    The title song 'Night Reminiscin' 'live for the first time!

    f (x) LUNA (SM) is finally released.

    LUNA will release the digital single 'Night Reminiscin' through various music sites such as Melon, Genie and NAVER MUSIC at 6 pm on April 24, and the music video of the title song 'Night Reminiscin' will also be released on the official website, YouTube and NAVERTV SMTOWN Channel, and so on, so global music fans are expected to show great interest.

    Especially, this song includes 2 songs including 'Night Reminiscin', a song that can meet LUNA and duet harmony of singer-songwriter YangDail, and 'Falling Out', a ballad song with LUNA's appealing vocals. As LUNA co-wrote and composed, it is enough to meet the deepened music sensibility.

    In addition, since April 8, LUNA will be hosting SM real-time multi-live broadcast channels broadcast live from '!t Live' official accounts of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other SMTOWN channels including YouTube, '!t Live'representative program' Music Gift Box ', and will communicate with viewers through various music stories related to new songs.

    Also, on April 26th at 8 pm, 'Night Reminiscin' of LUNA, LUNA's LUNIGHT 'and' Night Reminiscin 'live with' LUNA 'and YangDail with LUNA were released for the first time through NAVER V LIVE's SMTOWN channel. We are planning to share colorful stories, of course, and we are expecting a good response from our fans.

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    Music + movie + talk Touched concert impressive audience!
    Starting with JungJaeHwan, the expectation of super luxurious guest appearance boosted!

    Lee Dong Woo (SM), an actor and jazz vocalist, successfully opened the drama "Bright Road," a drama concert with 20 performances.

    Lee Dong Woo held the first performance of the drama concert 'Bright Road' at the Seoul Junggu Dadong CKL stage run by Korea Creative Content Agency at 7:30 pm on April 23, Under the theme of music, movies and talk to showcase the colorful stage was attracted to the audience.

    In particular, Lee Dong Woo first unveiled two new songs such as 'Bright Road' and 'Great You', which were specially prepared for this concert, as well as Yang Hee Eun, 'You are there', HanYoungAe 'Who is not there?' And a jazz piece 'What A Wonderful World', pianist and songwriter SongKwangSik played in a unique warm tone and singing ability.

    In addition to screening the documentary film 'SEE-SAW' starring Lee Dong Woo, which is related to the theme of the show, Lee has also caught the eye by showing the mime acting in the motif of the movie.

    In addition, JungJaeHwan, a broadcaster, appeared on the first day of the performance and talked with Lee Dong Woo about various aspects such as the value of life and friendship. He said, "Although it carries the weight of life that is unbelievable, Gaza 'conveyed a meaningful message and deeply resonated with the audience.

    In addition, the concert will feature a guest who has a special relationship with Lee Dong Woo every time. Yoo Hae Jin, Ahn Jae Wook, Yang Hee Eun, Lee Seung Chul, Jung Sung Hwa, Lee Hwi-hyang, Moon So Ri, The guests are very loyal to the guests, such as Yoon Jong Shin, So Yu Jin, Heo Ji Woong, Seo Myung Suk, Alberto Mondi, Koo Kyung Sun, Han Ji Min, Shin Hyun Joon, Choi Soo Young and SHINee TAEMIN. It is planned to share the story, and the performance will be enriched.

    On the other hand, Lee Dong Woo's "Bright Road" concert will be held in Seoul Junggu Dadong CKL stage for a total of 20 performances until May 7th, sponsored by the Korea Creative Content Agency. All proceeds will be donated .

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    Park Soo Yeong, lead the storm!
    Deep emotion line ... The smoke growth was outstanding!

    Park Soo Yeong of 'Tempted' remembered all the truth of the hit-and-run accident.

    Park Soo Yeong (SM) plays the role of actress EunTaeHee in MBC drama 'Tempted' in dangerous temptation romance.

    On the April 23 broadcast, EunTaeHee, who had to divorce Kwon Shi hyun (WooDoHwan) with his parents' villains, reminded me of the hit-and-run accident and asked MyungMiRi (Kim Seo-hyung) to apologize and apologize I caught my eye.

    Kwon Shi hyun was worried that EunTaeHee's hit-and-run assailant was his mother (Choi Ji Na) and EunTaeHee was guilty because he thought his mother (Jeon Mi-seon) killed Kwon Shi hyun's mother The two people who found out that all the gigas originated from MyungMiRi gather their hopes on what to make in the future.

    In this process, EunTaeHee's stormy action, which remembers all the facts, and immediately went to MyungMiRi and pressed her to the point, cooled the hearts of viewers, and Park Soo Yeong, who plays it, also expressed her character's deep emotions I was evaluated.

    On the other hand, 'Tempted' leaves only two weeks to the end with a dangerous loving game that the young man and the woman devote to the whole life, and the dangerous and beautiful twenty-year-old tempting romance that begins with it.

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    KI DO HUN, pay attention to 2018 as a rising rookie!
    'Should We Kiss First' 'KI DO HUN' "I really learned a lot of works"

    KI DO HUN (SM) reported the closing remarks of 'Should We Kiss First'.

    KI DO HUN performed with YeoHaMin, a barista working at EunKyungSoo (OhJiHo) cafe in SBS drama 'Should We Kiss First', which is about to be broadcasted on April 24th.

    In particular, YeoHaMin has helped her inner growth by offering sincere sympathy and counsel to the resilient rebel SonEDen (JungDaBin), and has been drawing attention with her playful role as a playful melodrama.

    KI DO HUN from YeoHaMin said, "I met YeoHaMin last winter, which was exceptionally cold, but I can not believe that it has already reached the end. I have not been able to express it as much as I wanted. "

    "I am grateful to Gentle bishop, the actors and staff who have carefully packed me, and I will try to grow into an actor who can express his characters well and think about it in the future.

    KI DO HUN is a new actor from a model that draws attention with a bigger height and a perfect ratio. He made his debut last year and has a stable performance in successive works such as 'The King in Love', 'SLOW', 'Should We Kiss First' And has received much attention.

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    - 'YOONJONGSHIN Like it?' It is a national tour concert and I look for music fans again with high quality stage!
    - Shape Of Water, a new set list and more packed sound,
    - June 2 at YONSEI UNIVERSITY'S OUTDOOR Theater ... INTERPARK Ticket is open from 24th to 12th.

    Singer YOONJONGSHIN will be holding a concert in June this summer.

    YOONJONGSHIN will open the summer concert "Shape Of Water" at YONSEI UNIVERSITY's OUTDOOR Theater on June 2nd and meet with the audience.

    This concert will show you a new and exciting set of YOONJONGSHIN performances with a sensual ballad of YOONJONGSHIN that will give you a fresh and refreshing music to cope with the coming heat and a summer night.

    Strings and wind instruments have been added to make the sound even richer, and the stage is ready to capture the audience.

    YOONJONGSHIN has performed <YOONJONGSHIN Like it?> Nationwide tour concert in 19 cities since last October and boasted a high ticket sales rate with word-of-mouth communication by giving sympathy and comfort to all the weary of everyday life.

    YOONJONGSHIN, a proven performer, is expecting a new summer concert to tell.

    YOONJONGSHIN's 'Shape Of Water' performance will be held on June 2, and tickets can be booked through the INTERPARK Ticket from 12 pm on the 24th.

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    Argentina + Peru Broadcasting, newspapers, magazines, etc.
    The crowded crowd of fans at the scene of entry '
    'K-POP Performance King' SUPER JUNIOR launched a successful Latin American tour.
    SUPER JUNIOR held SUPER JUNIOR WORLD TOUR SUPER SHOW 7 "in BUENOS AIRES" at Luna Park, Buenos Aires, Argentina on the 20th, and SUPER JUNIOR WORLD TOUR "SUPER SHOW 7" in LIMA 'And opened up close contact with the local fans and got an explosive response.
    In this Buenos Aires and Lima concert, SUPER JUNIOR will feature the song titled 'Lo Siento (Feat. Leslie Grace)' along with the title track 'Scene Stealer', 'One More Chance', 'Girlfriend Sorry, Sorry, Bonamana, and Mr. Runaway. Simple 'mega hit songs and performances that overwhelmed the crowd with a spectacular stage manners and led to the standing ovation of the audience.
    In addition, Leslie Grace, a female soloist who played the song 'Lo Siento (Feat. Leslie Grace)', and 'Play N Skillz', a producer of 'Genius DJ Duo', were surprised and added to the fun, 'Díyanle', 'Duro y Suave', 'Sl una vez' and so on.
    Moreover, from the time of the full-scale performance, there were a thousand fans of SUPER JUNIOR's Latin America tour in Argentina and Peru international airports, and there was a frenzy of SUPER JUNIOR. On the day of the concert, the major broadcasting companies of Argentina, CM TV, En Sintesis TV , Magazines Editorial Perfil, Revista Caras, as well as Peru's famous newspapers La Republica, El Comercio, online media Conciertos Peru, Mundo Kpop and other media have joined forces to confirm the global status of SUPER JUNIOR .
    Meanwhile, 'SUPER JUNIOR WORLD TOUR SUPER SHOW7', which has been receiving great attention with its visit to Latin America for about 4 years and 6 months, will continue to open its doors in Santiago, Chile and Mexico City on March 27.

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    Major cities in Asia including Bangkok and Hong Kong will be held in May, beginning with Seoul!
    April 26 Ticket open at 8 pm!

    YOONA (SM) holds an Asian fan meeting tour and has a special meeting with fans.
    YOONA will host 'YOONA FANMEETING TOUR, So Wonderful Day # Story_1' at Sejong University Daeyang Hall, Gwangjin-Gu, Seoul, Korea on May 20, And other major Asian cities, and will be conducting a fan meeting tour.

    In particular, YOONA is loved not only for Girls' Generation, but also for the 'Deoksugung Stonewall Walkway' and 'When The Wind Blows'. , 'The King in Love', and the Chinese drama '武神赵子龙', and it has proved to be an extremely popular Korean actress. It is forecast.

    In addition, the tickets for the Seoul Fan Meeting will be held at the internet reservation site Yes 24 from 8 pm on April 26, and the wheelchair ticket reservation for the disabled will be available from 10 am on the same day.

    On the other hand, YOONA is loved by viewers with bright and lovely charm at JTBC entertainment program 'House of Hyolee 2' which is broadcasted at 9:00 pm every Sunday night.

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    "Night Reminiscin" 'own MV' s teaser!

    f(x) LUNA (SM) will be appearing in 'Music Gift Box', a representative program of SM real-time multi live broadcasting channel '!t Live'.

    LUNA announced the digital single 'Night Reminiscin' on April 24th at 8 pm on the same day from 8 pm on the same day 'YouTube Live' official account of various SNS including YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Naver V LIVE 's SMTOWN channel will be broadcast live in the' Music Gift Box 'is expected to attract high interest.

    In particular, LUNA will communicate closely with fans through colorful stories such as recent news, introduction to new songs, and announcements of their own songs on this day. see.

    Also on April 23 at 0:00 on the official homepage, YouTube and NAVER TV SMTOWN channel, LUNA's 'Night Reminiscin' music video teaser video is unveiled and the sensation of the acoustic song is mixed with the sensitivity of the acoustic song. Is further amplified.

    On the other hand, the digital single 'Night Reminiscin' with two songs of LUNA will be released on various music sites at 6 pm on April 24.

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