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    "'ONE SHOT, TWO SHOT' BoA table dance stands out"

    US famous media billboard focused on BoA (SM) 's first mini album' ONE SHOT, TWO SHOT '.

    BoA's new album 'BoA Lets Loose In Electro-Swing Single' will be featured on the website of BoA, 'Electro Swing Single', on February 20 (local time) Musician 'BoA once again confirmed the global interest.

    Especially, about this title song, "BoA returned to 'ONE SHOT, TWO SHOT' of new electro swing genre which added deep house and R & B feeling. Following the 'Nega Dola' released last month, the second song 'ONE SHOT, TWO SHOT' in 2018 is a gorgeous song that alternates between various beats and melodies, and the soft lyrics lead to a dynamic and sincere chorus. The chore filled with spin and catches brings out the BoA dance, a combination of passionate and bright sexy. "

    In addition, BoA will not only be on Mnet 'M Countdown' on 22nd, but also on 'KBS2TV' Music Bank 'and' MBC 'show on the 23rd. Music center ", and SBS" popular song "on the 25th, this week's music show will present a new song 'ONE SHOT, TWO SHOT', and this performance will show the moment when men and women give each other a drink, Choreography, and other choreography that will attract BoA's other attractions.

    In addition, the reality 'keyword #BoA' that contains the comeback story of BoA is getting good response from 11:00 AM V LIVE and Naver TV 'Keyword #BoA - mySMTelevision' every Monday ~ Friday. 'ONE SHOT, TWO SHOT' I visited Japan for a music video shoot, and with the actor LEEYONGWOO who is a special actor, the episode that dances breathing seems to be focused and attention.

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    - "내가 모든 걸 그만두는 날 이 노래를 틀어줘"...일부 가사 공개  

    - 윤종신 작사∙작곡...조정치 편곡∙기타, 하림 하모니카 맡아

    - 윤종신 “가장 왕성하게 활동하는 지금 쓸 수 있는 노래...죽을 때까지 은퇴하고 싶지 않다는 마음 담아”


    가수 윤종신의 월간 음악 프로젝트 <월간 윤종신> 2월호 '은퇴식'이 오는 27일 공개된다. 


    윤종신은 자신의 SNS를 통해 앨범 재킷 이미지와 일부 가사를 공개하며 2월호 발매 소식을 전했다. 


    윤종신이 공개한 가사는 '이렇게 미리 이 노래를 만드는 건 / 언제 어떻게 떠나게 될지 모르기 때문이야 / 알고 만들면 못 만들 것만 같아서', '내가 모든 걸 그만두는 날 이 노래를 틀거나 불러줘 / 아마도 내가 부른긴 힘들거야 아마도 아마도 / 정치가 기타를 쳐 줬으면 해 / 하림이는 하모니카를'로 가사만 봤을 때 뭉클한 감정이 든다. 


    2월호 '은퇴식'은 올해 50살이 된 윤종신이 자신의 장례식을 상상하며 만든 노래다. 하지만 제목을 장례식이 아닌 '은퇴식'으로 지었다. 


    자신의 장례식이 곧 은퇴식이었으면 좋겠다는 뜻으로, 죽을 때까지 노래를 만들고 싶고, 가기 전날까지도 노래를 만들었으면 좋겠다는 바람을 제목을 통해 표현한 것이다. 


    윤종신은 "아마도 진짜 아프거나 죽음의 목전에 있다면 이런 노래는 쓰지 못했을 것"이라며 "'은퇴식'은 가장 활발하고 건강하고 왕성하게 활동하는 지금이라서, 주위에 응원해주고 지켜봐 주는 사람이 많은 지금이라서 쓸 수 있는 노래라고 생각한다"고 말했다. 


    이어 "그동안 제 노래를 관심 있게 들어주신 분들은 이 노래가 제가 쓴 어떤 곡보다 삶의 의지로 가득 차 있다는 걸 눈치채실 것"이라며 "죽을 때까지 은퇴하고 싶지 않다는 제 진실한 마음을 꼭 읽어주시길 바란다"고 강조했다.  


    <월간 윤종신> 2월호 ‘은퇴식’은 윤종신이 작사, 작곡했으며, 가사 속에도 등장하는 조정치가 편곡과 기타를, 하림이 하모니카를 맡았다.​ 

  • 2018-02-21 Press Release

    Transformed into TRAX and EDM!

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    STATION Season 2, TRAX and DJ LIP2SHOT collaborated on 'Notorious' on 23rd!

    The rock band TRAX (SM) will show off the transformation with EDM song.

    The song "Notorious (Feat. Sophiya)" will be released on various music sites such as Melon, Ginny and Naver Music at 6 pm on the 23rd of this month with TRAX and model and DJ LIP2SHOT (ESteem) We are expecting high interest because we are going to release music source.

    This new song 'Notorious (Feat. Sophiya)' is a Futur Bass-based EDM song expressing the attitude of enterprising life to the love between man and woman. It is a combination of lyrical melody line, flexible lapping and featured Sophiya vocals. And Korean version and English version will be released together to attract global fans.

    In particular, TRAX is a member of JUNGMO's guitar playing and production, JAY's singing and rapping, new appearance, and EDM genre.

    In addition, LIP2SHOT is a versatile artist who plays both models and DJs as well as writing and composing. He has added charm to the production of this new song. Sophiya who participated in the featuring was featured in MBC 'Star Audition - The Great Birth 2' As a singer-songwriter, he recently released the single 'For The Record' with the recent label 'Feeline Music', which is expected to focus attention on this collaboration.

    On the other hand, 'STATION' Season 2 is loved every week by introducing high quality music and contents that were born through collaboration with various artists, producers and composers every week.

    - Google translation.​
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    'Waves Waves' Kim Kyunwoo, first appeared on the 21st 6th!
    KBS 'Waves Waves' Kim Kyunwoo, transformed into an ambitious piece of cashmere!
    "Try to express a three-dimensional character, look forward to it"

    Actor Kim Kyunwoo (TRAX JAY, SM) meets viewers with KBS2 TV novel 'Waves Waves'.

    Kim Kyunwoo will be the first to appear in the 6th broadcast on the 21st, after the story of the children who have been played for the past five days is completed, taking on the role of the director of the entertainment agency 'Waves Waves' on the KBS2 TV novel first broadcasted on the 12th.

    Kim Kyunwoo is going to play 'Cha Sang Pil' at first glance, but at first glance, a person who has suffered an unhappy life history than anyone else, such as giving a song teacher for a good singer dreams of a singer to give a generous support, I know there is a bulldozer going straight ahead without hesitation.

    Especially, 'Cha Sang-pil' is a three-dimensional character filled with ambition that is different from the soft and good figure that Kim Kyunwoo has shown so far through drama.

    Kim Kyunwoo debuted in 2004 as a rock band TRAX vocalist JAY and is active as a singer and a musical actor. He has recently been working on 'Andante', 'The Way to the Airport', ' Waves', and he is expected to play an active role in the future.

    Kim Kyunwoo said in a production presentation held on June 6, "Cha Sang-pil is acting differently from the outside figure and inner desire, and is focusing on solving both sides of it. I am doing a lot of energy, and I will do my best to make a good work with my good colleagues. "

    On the other hand, KBS2 TV novel 'Waves Waves', which is expected to transform Kim Kyunwoo, is a family that is separated from war, lost all property, and lives with her family. It is the human growth family drama that regains the family affairs. It is broadcast from 9:00 am Monday to Friday.

    - Google translation.​
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    - 'Ring Ring' followed by 'WHY NOT' Explosive response ... Addictive 'WHY NOT'
    - 'Can not We' Realslow and 'WHY NOT' KimYoungchul meet, synergy UP!
    - KimYoungchul's tone X Electrot compatibility ... Feeling Realslow's fervor '

    KimYoungchul's "WHY NOT" comic songwriter and music video are gaining explosive appeal.

    'WHY NOT' announced on the 17th was the first in the morning tune chart of the domestic sound source sites such as Melon, Mnet, Naver music on the morning of the 21st.

    In addition, 'WHY NOT' music video posted on the MYSTIC Entertainment channel on the YouTube site keeps the top spot in the rising popularity video rankings.

    'WHY NOT' is an 'Electrot' that combines EDM sound and trot, and is an unforgettable song with an addictive melody and lyrics.

    The music video is recently planned by the songgoer, Song Eun I, who is a new creator of the content, and it has been evaluated as having made the song more exciting by the funny story and eye-catching directing to the song.

    In the music video, KimYoungchul transforms into various heroes in films such as Thor, Wolverine, Doctor Strange, and Kingsman, but he is laughing as a "hero" who does not perform well.

    Music videos also featured new guests such as UhmJunghwa, SeoJanghoon, MOMOLAND (Hyebin, Yeonwoo, Jooe) and K Tigers.

    In particular, Realslow is attracting attention as a first-class performer of this "WHY NOT", showing a charm of reversal with a serious enthusiasm in the music video following feature.

    The netizens who watched the music video responded enthusiastically, saying, "Nobody has ever seen anyone, I have not seen anyone once", "A new forbidden bible", "Realslow is too sincere and funny", and "Songs and mobies are both addictions".

    KimYoungchul, who made all the boys and girls alive with 'Ring Ring' last year, showed good performance in 'WHY NOT' again, so his expectation for the singer is getting better.

    'WHY NOT' is a song that was featured as part of JTBC's '아는형님'. It includes KimYoungchul's WHY NOT, Min Kyung Hoon and Hee Chul's 'Falling Blossoms', Kang Ho-dong and Hong Jinyoung's 'I kicked my luck off' It was released.

    - Google translation.​
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    'Should we kiss first?' OST Part.1 2 songs are released on the 20th night at 11 o'clock!

    Female vocalist Kwon Jinwon and f (x) LUNA (SM) participated in SBS drama 'Should we kiss first?' OST.

    Kwon Jinwon's 'Ordinary Goodbye', LUNA's 'Is it Love' and two songs 'Should we kiss first?' Part 1 of OST on the 20th night at 11 pm Melon, Genie, It is expected to get a good response from music fans.

    'Ordinary Goodbye' by Kwon Jinwon is a big band concept song that starts with a common greeting and expresses the heart of loving love and a light rhythm. It is a vocalist who is famous for 'Live in Life' and 'Happy Birthday To You' Composer and composer Kwon Jinwon participated in OST for the first time.

    In addition, LUNA's solo song 'Is it Love' is an acoustic ballad song featuring the love of precious love and the love that does not come back. It maximizes the lonely atmosphere.

    In addition, the two songs included in this OST Part.1 are expected to double the charm of the drama by mixing with the drama of the drama 'Should we kiss first?'

    On the other hand, the SBS drama 'Should we kiss first?' Is a melodrama of mature adults' realistic love.

    - Google translation.​
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    "Show the world what 'BOSS' is"

    NCT U (SM) 's new song' BOSS 'got attention of American famous media billboard.

    Billboard will feature NCT U's' BOSS 'music video on its website titled' NCT U Shows the World Who Is Boss' in Charismatic New Video ' did.

    In particular, this "BOSS" about the "three-dimensional, order-like chorus, sweet vocals, charismatic lap balancing well-balanced dance-based dance song that suggests a new characteristic of the SM's unique performance, SMP . The music video focuses on the dynamic and bold performance of the seven members, and is the culmination of the song in the scene showing the confrontation between the members. "

    In addition, Billboard commented, "As soon as the music video was released, fans were actively announcing the NCT U, which became the first runner of NCT 2018, and having various hash tags," BOSS "became a global trend in Twitter. And proved the reaction.

    NCT U's 'BOSS', premiere on the 19th at 0:00 on the 19th, is a song of Urban Hip Hop genre that shows the beginning of 'NCT 2018' album to be released in March. TAEYONG, JAEHYUN, WINWIN, MARK, DOYOUNG, JUNGWOO , LUCAS and seven members are participating in, have attracted a good response to get to meet a different charm.

    On the other hand, NCT U will unveil its debut stage of 'BOSS' which can meet intense hip-hop performance through Mnet 'M countdown'

    - Google translation.​
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    The first mini album 'ONE SHOT, TWO SHOT' will be released at 6 pm on 20th of all songs and title songs M / V!

    The first mini album 'ONE SHOT, TWO SHOT' of 'Asian representative musician' BoA (SM) takes off the veil on the 20th.

    BoA will release the first full-length album of seven mini-albums, including melon, genie, and Naver music at 6 pm today. The title song 'ONE SHOT, TWO SHOT' will be released on the official website and YouTube SMTOWN channel. The video will also be released at the same time, so music fans' expectation is amplifying.

    In particular, this album is composed of the hit songmaker The Stereotypes, which won the 60th Grammy Awards, the Underdogs, the world-renowned producer, and Young-jin Yoo, SM's executive producer, as well as writing, composing and producing all 8 regular songs BoA, who has been recognized as a singer-songwriter, will be able to meet with his own songs and compositions, and featured rapper Junoflo and talented R & B musician Chancellor will be featured.

    This title song 'ONE SHOT, TWO SHOT' is a dance song of a deep house genre in which the catchy melody is highlighted by a captivating yet intriguing song. The lyrics of BoA's lyrics are compared to the scene in which a man and a woman fall in love. , And 'EVERYBODY KNOWS', a retro pop genre where BoA's sweet and dreamy vocals stand out, and 'RECOLLECTION', a song by BoA.

    Also included are New Age R & B pop song 'YOUR SONG (feat. Junoflo)' featuring rapper Junoflo and R & B pop song 'ALWAYS, ALL WAYS (Feat. Chancellor)' featuring R & B musician Chancellor. NEGA DOLA ', an R & B hip-hop dance song, and' CAMO ', a collection of brilliant performances and new transformations. It is enough to meet BoA's wide musical world.

    In addition, the reality keyword 'BooA', which includes the comeback story of BoA, is being broadcasted every Monday through Friday at 11 am V LIVE and Naver TV 'Keyword # BoA - mySMTelevision' 'ONE SHOT, TWO SHOT' music video shooting episode of the broadcast, choreographically checking and seriously monitoring the BoA's professional appearance from the shooting environment to lead to a smooth atmosphere that leads to cheerful leadership can catch a glimpse It is forecast.

    On the other hand, BoA will debut a new song 'ONE SHOT, TWO SHOT' on Mnet 'M countdown' on the 22nd.

    - Google translation.​
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    20th First broadcast 'Should we kiss first' Notice KI DO HUN which is expected!
    'Should we kiss first' KI DO HUN, transformed into a barista! Charming charm!
    "I will try to penetrate my work with good acting!"

    The new KI DO HUN (SM) meets viewers with the SBS new drama 'Should we kiss first'.

    KI DO HUN is a barista working in the cafe of KBS (Oh Ji-ho) at the SBS new drama 'Should we kiss first' which is broadcasted on the night of the 20th. He will act as a possible young man.

    In particular, Yeh Minh is attracting attention by drawing a special love line with the hand and the hand (Jungdabin minute) who is rebellious with the wound that it is bright and the transparent charm shows up, and the wound that it is abandoned by the Sonumu Han (Gam Woo Sung).

    KI DO HUN, who plays the role of Hahmin, became popular with MBC drama 'King in love', first appearance as a member of the Musa Shogun in the last year, and was popular with KBS drama special 'SLOW' There is a bar.

    It is a new generation that comes up with attractive elements such as a big key, a warm appearance, and a stable voice, and it is a question of what kind of acting will be introduced in this work.

    KI DO HUN said, "I am glad to be able to work with my boss, my master, and my seniors. I will try hard to penetrate 'Should we kiss first' with good acting, "said the new aspirant.

    KI DO HUN is expected to play an active role in the SBS new drama 'Should we kiss first', a mysterious love of 'mysterious' real melodrama. It will be broadcast continuously from 1 to 4 times at 10:00 pm on the 20th.

    - Google translation.​
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    - 'Forte di Quattro' SonTeejin 's first solo concert ... held at COEX atum on March 24 ~ 25
    - 20:00 pm 8:00 pm YES24 Ticket open!

    The bass SonTeejin of the crossover vocal group 'Forte di Quattro' will hold his first solo concert.

    SonTeejin will meet audiences on March 24th and 25th at Seoul's COEX Artium in Seoul, opening his first single concert 'Fw: I am'. Ticket booking is on YES24 from 8 pm on the 20th.

    The performance name 'Fw: I am' meant to convey the music and story of the past SonTeejin and the future SonTeejin to the fans.

    SonTeejin gives deep tremendous sound to the bass and plans to bring unforgettable memories to the audience by singing a straightforward story that has never been told before.

    SonTeejin has won the four-player "Forte di Quattro" in JTBC <Phantom Singer> in 2016.

    'Forte di Quattro' has been active in the past two years, releasing two albums and performing a national tour concert, and SonTeejin will perform various solo activities starting with this concert.

    - Google translation.​