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    Guest specially customized dishes, KEY chef's three-course course first released!
    '청담Key친' SHINee KEY's sole talk show 'popular'

    SHINee KEY and Girls' Generation Taeyeon (SM) met at '청담Key친'.

    '청담Key친' is a sole talk show where KEY invites guests from diverse fields to their home, treats customized dishes made with their own recipes, shares honest stories with them, and gives time for empathy and healing. To collect the topics.

    In episode 3, which will be broadcast on September 20, Taeyeon, the leader of legendary girl group Girls' Generation and actor of unit and solo, will appear as a guest and expect a good response because he will show host KEY and intimate chemistry.

    In particular, KEY is the first of the "청담Key친" broadcasts, challenging the three course dishes, Taeyeon that does not eat spicy food well, and making it less than usual recipe. I am curious to see if Taeyeon's appetite can be captured.

    In addition, KEY and Taeyeon have recently talked about topics ranging from recent episodes to companion dogs and resting thoughts. They also talked deeply about music and selected KEY's favorite song "Taeyeon" It is likely that he will reveal his affection for.

    The '청담Key친' 3-episode, full of key and Taeyeon's rich stories, will be available on Thursday, September 20 at 7:00 pm on KAKAO TV and on TV on Thursday, September 27 at 6 pm JTBC4.

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    - 'the guest' Kim Dong Wook, a stunning car chase! Heart rate UP!
    - 'the guest' Kim Dong Wook, acting on creepy scissors ... Viewers "Night without sleep"

    'The guest' Kim Dong Wook does not buy the body and spreads the attention of the audience.

    Kim Dong Wook acted in a selfless manner as he dared to pursue a ghost of his own family, tragically diverting himself into a "Yoon Hwa Pyung", a psychic communicating with the spirit in the OCN drama 'the guest' Digested and gained favorable reception.

    In 'the guest' broadcast on the 19th, Hwa Pyung responded to the sentence and noticed that there was a kidnapping yet to be reported, and he called for help from detective Gil Young (Jung Eun Chae) lost.

    Hwa Pyung, who reacted to the evil spirits while driving a taxi, saw a woman in danger. Hwa Pyung, following the trail of the perpetrator, finally found his car and walked away pretending to be sleepy. However, the perpetrator who flew away fled, and Hwa Pyung immediately pursued the perpetrator, spreading a fierce chase, making the heart of those watching chewy.

    Kim Dong Wook is a posthumous man who revealed his passion for acting by directing most of the dangerous car racing scenes for realistic expression. I was impressed by the dynamic hot feeling that I did not buy the body, and I gave a strong and impressive scene.

    In addition, Kim Dong Wook delicately depicted the situation of Yoon Hwa Pyung in the play with various eyes and heightened the immersion of viewers. Yoon Hwa Pyung 's psychology was expressed with eyes and facial expressions such as the desperation to find Park Il Do and the horror of Yoon Hwa Pyung who faced Park Il Do with his scissors.

    Especially, the figure of the criminal with his fingertips on the criminal while driving was overlapped with the real criminal and led tension and fear to the extreme.

    As such, Kim Dong Wook reveals the power of the actor who believes in him every time, and the support and interest for Kim Dong Wook is pouring out.

    On the other hand, 4th OCN drama "the guest" starring Kim Dong Wook, Kim Jae Wook, Jung Eun Chae, Lee Won Jong, Park Ho San and An Nae Sang will be broadcast at 11 pm on the 20th.

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    'PUSH BUTTON' Park Seung Gun Designed by Korean musicians of designer!


    ESteem models KIM DA YOUNG and CHA SU MIN have been featured on the PUSH BUTTON Park Seung Gun designer's first London collection as a model.


    On August 25, an MBC entertainment program 'I Live Alone' was screened for Park Seung Gun designer's first London collection. Among them, Park Seung Gun, ESteem's models KIM DA YOUNG and CHA SU MIN, which captivated the mind of the designer, were selected in the audition and made their debut in the overseas collection runway.


    KIM DA YOUNG and CHA SU MIN were the only Korean model among the overseas models on the show, and they showed a unique charm and took over the PUSH BUTTON runway.


    KIM DA YOUNG mixed touch with tailored suits and feminine items that are PUSH BUTTON 2019 S / S collection theme, and made it into a genderless look. CHA SU MIN also has a crush appeal that you have in the 80s Street Mood glam look. And overwhelmed all the crowd. Especially, KIM DA YOUNG made a drastic change with a short stroke to come to this collection.


    In MixtureJi Collaboration teaser video, which was released on the morning of the show day, it showed a charm of reversal with a joyful figure in addition to the runway appearance.


    On the other hand, Park Seung Gun designer PUSH BUTTON London Fashion Show was selected as the first designer of women's collection as an exchange program between Seoul, Seoul Design Foundation and British Fashion Association in May, deep.


    PUSH BUTTON 2019 S / S collection with models KIM DA YOUNG and CHA SU MIN will be released through PUSH BUTTON and ESTEem Instagram official channel.


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    TAEYONG, YUTA teaser image UP expectation UP!

    NCT 127 (SM), which will return to its first full-length album, "NCT #127 Regular-Irregular", will enter the global mall with its title song 'Regular'.

    The title song 'Regular' is a song of the 'Latin Trap' genre, which features unique vocals and rap by NCT ​​127 members. It contains light and light about the dream of being rich enough to be imagined by anyone. And the English version together, it is expected to attract as much interest as possible to meet various charms.

    In addition, this song is working together with famous producer Mike Daley, Mitchell Owens and Coogie of 'Show Me The Money777', and TAEYONG and MARK are also participating in rap making.

    In addition, September 19 NCT 127 official accounts of various social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Wei Boo are showing off teaser images of TAEYONG and YUTA members who are showing a dreamy and intense charisma.

    NCT 127's regular album 'NCT #127 Regular-Irregular' is released on October 12th through various music sites such as Melon, Genie, iTunes, Sporty Pie, Apple Music and Xiami Music. It is composed of 11 tracks of various genres, and it is expected to attract the listeners of global music fans.

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    Personal teaser image released from September 19! Special Mini Album 'One More Time' Book Sales Open!

    SUPER JUNIOR's special mini album 'One More Time' is a personal teaser image.

    SUPER JUNIOR started teaser image of leader LeeTeuk and the youngest RyeoWook at 10:00 am on September 19, and from now on, it is possible to open personal teaser photos of members through SNS account such as official homepage, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter It is raising expectations for global fans.

    Especially, the personal teaser image taken at MGM Cotai, the largest luxury hotel in Macau, is a trendy concept where work and relaxation coexist. It brings out the contradictory charm of SUPER JUNIOR members by showing fashionable and colorful suits fashion and comfortable and sophisticated casual facilities at the same time.

    In addition, 'One More Time' is composed of only Latin genre songs, including the title song 'One More Time (Otra Vez)' in all five tracks, and the 14th year of debut, SUPER JUNIOR, The album is expected to respond better.

    Meanwhile, the new album 'One More Time', which is due to be released on October 8th, is available in two versions and can be purchased at various music sites.

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    2 songs of your own recorded! Healing message conveyed by 'singer-songwriter' AMBER!

    f(x) AMBER (SM) 's new own song is surprised to be revealed.

    AMBER released a new single 'WHITE NOISE + LOST AT SEA' through various music sites such as Melon, Genie, iTunes, Sporty Pie, Apple Music and Xiami Music on September 21, And 'Lost At Sea' are two new songs written and composed by AMBER. Both songs are made up of English lyrics, so global music fans are expected to react more hotly.

    This title song 'White Noise' is an electronic pop song with a melodious sound and a soft melody. It contains lyrics to find the true meaning of 'home', and it is a hopeful atmosphere that comforts people in difficult situations , It is enough to meet AMBER's healing sensibility.

    In addition, 'Lost At Sea' is an addictive dip house-based pop song with a drop of flamboyant flush synth sound, which expresses the complicated and confused feelings of a lover in love while expressing 'Baby, we're so lost at sea' Point lyrics are attractive.

    On the other hand, AMBER proved its new status as a solo singer through his first mini album 'Beautiful' in 2015 as well as f(x), 'Need To Feel Needed' and many others.

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    "Remind me of the memories I have made of you" DOH KYUNG SOO's Melodrama
    Expressive power across genres! Comics to romance!

    ‘백일의 낭군님’ DOH KYUNG SOO (EXO D.O., SM) 's charm is endless.

    DOH KYUNG SOO has been playing the role of 'Lee Yul' who lost his memory in the TVN drama ‘백일의 낭군님’ and became 'Won Deuk' from the Crown Prince.

    Won Deuk, who lived in Song Joo Hyun Village after having married Hong Shim (Nam Ji Hyun) on September 18, broadcasted on September 18, bought the goods at the market, I was not able to do so, and I was told that I was succumbing to salt.

    In particular, Won Deuk, who lost memories of broadcasting, questioned Hong Shim about his identity and said, "Please remember me. I remember the memory I remembered, "with the ending of the collapsing reversal, saying that it is a bitter, I raised the question of how the relationship will develop in the future.

    In this process, DOH KYUNG SOO captivates viewers with delicate performances such as frustration, anger, confusion, and irritability as 'Won Deuk', and captivates viewers with their eyes, and freely crosses genres from comic to melodic It is very popular because of the dramatic fun.

    On the other hand, Won Deuk and Hong Shim's 100-day romance, which has become the prince of junior, became the highest audience rating with an average of 7.3% and a maximum of 8.4% It is a work collecting many topics.

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    "A lot of thought and preparation, I am really happily and happily on stage"
    Ticket power + musical divinity with all skills

    EXO SUHO (SM) continues musical popularity.

    SUHO played the role of Gwynplaine in the tragic fate of a marvelous torn mouth wound in the musical 'The Man Who Laughs', and it was a hot response, complete with his first performance on Blue Square on September 18th.

    Especially, SUHO has a unique atmosphere and rich sensibility with character in the musical 'The Man Who Laughs' which was premiered at the Opera Theater of Seoul Arts Center in July and August. As we have proved, we are expecting good responses in this Blue Square performance.

    SUHO said, "I am really happily and happily on the stage. I really wanted to do it when I heard that the Joker character was a person derived from 'The Man Who Laughs', and it is an honor to be able to appear. I made a lot of worries and made my best efforts to make the character more sympathetic. I would like your interest and love. "

    The musical "The Man Who Laughs" by SUHO is a blockbuster work that has been mixed up with the music of the stage and Frank Wildheart's horns and actors, You can meet at Interpark Hall.

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    COLLABORATION New song 'Wow Thing' released on 28th! 'Girl Power' notice!

    The girls' idol Red Velvet SEULGI, GFRIEND SINB, CHUNGHA, and (G) I-DLE SOYEON united into SM 'STATION X0'.

    SEULGI X SINB X CHUNGHA X SOYEON is the fourth runner of 'STATION X 0' and will perform concert at various music sites such as Melon, Genie, iTunes, Sporty Pie, Apple Music, The song 'Wow Thing' will be released, so music fans are expected to pay high attention.

    Particularly, SEULGI X SINB X CHUNGHA X SOYEON is a member who is loved by various talents and talents. As a result of this collaboration, Expectations are expected to rise further.

    Meanwhile, 'STATION X 0' will be held in conjunction with 'STATION', SM digital sound source channel 'STATION' and SKT culture brand '0'. TAEYEON X MeloMance 'Page 0', BAEKHYUN X LOCO 'YOUNG', CHANYEOL X SEHUN 'We Young' And has been successfully responded to the success of the concert by a limited number of artists.

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    Member JAEHYUN, JUNGWOO, HAECHAN teaser image open topic! Focus attention!

    NCT 127 (SM) will hit the music industry in the second half of 2018 with a new song 'Regular'.

    NCT 127 will be releasing the first full-length album 'NCT # 127 Regular-Irregular' on October 12 through various music sites such as Melon, Genie, iTunes, Sporty Pie, Apple Music and Xiami Music. do.

    In particular, this album consists of a total of 11 tracks, including Korean and English versions of the title song 'Regular'. It has an organic texture that reflects NCT's world view that 'dreams' It is expected to concentrate the attention of global music fans as it improves the completeness with telling.

    In addition, NCT 127 attracted the attention with the teaser image of members JAEHYUN, JUNGWOO, and HAECHAN, who showed a sophisticated atmosphere through the official account of SNS such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Will be opened in a sequential order to attract more topics.

    On the other hand, NCT 127's first regular album 'NCT # 127 Regular-Irregular' will be released on October 12th.

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