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    Sensitive vocals delicately number digest! Musical debut successful!

    KANGTA (SM) made his musical debut successfully.
    On August 11th, KANGTA enthusiastically fired photographer Robert Kincade, the first performance of the musical "The Bridges Of Madison County", which contains Francesca and Robert's untold love story.
    Especially, KANGTA expressed the subtleties of the 'Bridges Of Madison County', which goes beyond pop and jazz, as his delicate emotional vocals, expressing his sad love for Francesca and complicated subtle emotions, .
    KANGTA has been active in various fields such as singer, radio DJ and MC as a legend Korean wave star. Since then, KANGTA has been attracting much attention for his musical debut since his debut. More.
    Meanwhile, the musical 'The Bridges Of Madison County' starring KANGTA is gathering hot topics based on a solid story based on the novel of the same name, sweet and lyrical music, emotional directing and beautiful stage aesthetics. Will be performed at Charlotte Theater.

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    - 11th fan meeting 'Christmas gift, second' ... 'August Christmas' healing ship
    - New song 'Words' Direct live piano ... I kept my promise with the fans!
    - Various cover songs, idol dance, etc.

    "It's all thanks to you guys that I can be a better person. I'll show you a good album of good music and good lyrics."

    Singer ParcJaejung told a fan at the end of the fan meeting that the word was concise but heavy. He expressed his deep gratitude to the fans for coming to the fan meeting and he firmly stated that he would do better in the future.

    ParcJaejung held a fan meeting 'Christmas present, second' at Shinsegae Mesa Hall on June 11th and spent a meaningful time with the fans.
    ParcJaejung, who had a fan meeting with a passport called 'Passport', prepared colorful cover songs for fans only, including 2AM 'This Song', HanYeSeul 'You're Different', Crush 'Sometimes' and Sung Si-kyung 'Winter Wonderland' .

    Particularly ParcJaejung brought his own piano song "Words" released earlier this month to the audience.

    ParcJaejung, who promised to play the piano by posting directly in the fan café, said, "I practiced so much as I showed it to my fans for the first time."

    ParcJaejung, singing and squeezing heart to heart, became a memorable gift to his fans.

    On this day, the fan meeting was held for over two hours without being bored with various events such as the live stage, parcJaejung's resume to learn about ParcJaejung, the corner with fans, and saying 'body.'

    ParcJaejung choreographed choreography such as EXO 'Growl', BLACKPINK 'DDU-DU DDU-DU', TWICE 'Dance The Night Away', BTS 'FIRE' and NCT 127 'Cherry Bomb' .

    ParcJaejung said, "If you think about why I work so hard and practice, I think that only fans can come up with it." "Thank you very much for being with me today, I will show you a good album, please do not give up.

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    Boyish style character perfect digestion
    In the twilight of college students
    The character is finished with chic addition smoke!

    Bae Da Bin showed a glamorous crush attraction through JTBC 'My ID Is Gangnam Beauty'.
    Bae Da Bin, who first appeared through 'My ID Is Gangnam Beauty', which was broadcast last week, captured the viewers' attention by fully digesting his role 'Kwon Yoon Byul'.
    On this day, when chemistry students were ready for the festival, Bae Da Bin, who appeared in a short hairstyle and a loose shirt, announced the birth of 'Tomboy' style character 'Kwon Yoon Byul'.

    Yoon Byul replied, "I do not like it" when I say that women should wear skirts at the festival, and when they talk about the appearance of the girls, they say, "If you keep saying it, you're done. And showed his presence.
    In addition, Yoon Byul did not hide the unpleasant expression when it came to the remark that a woman should do the service among the boys who run the festival bar. In particular, Yoon Byul, who had not complained about the male student's attitude, continued to evaluate the appearance of the girls. He asked where he was going and asked, "Why should I do this while listening to this sound? There is a limit to listening to stupid sounds. Do you think we can not do it? I felt like it would be the same human being, and the ugly ones are real. "
    As such, Bae Da Bin finished his character in the style of 'Kwon Yoon Byul' from visual to one tone low voice and cool ambassador processing, and showed his unique presence in many characters, and he took a picture of the snowboard in the house.
    In addition, Bae Da Bin 's acting, which adds natural chic to the freshness of the twenties' college students, is a more charming character. In the future, Bae Da Bin will be introducing 'My ID Is Gangnam Beauty'.
    On the other hand, JTBC 'My ID Is Gangnam Beauty' starring Bae Da Bin is broadcast every Saturday at 11:00 pm on Friday.

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    Hit Song Parade + Powerful Performance + Dynamic Energy, 'Performance King' proved!
    'K-POP King' EXO (SM) successfully completed the Macau performance.
    EXO PLANET # 4 - The EℓyXiOn [dot] - in MACAO, the fourth single EXO concert held at the Venetian Cotai Arena in Macau from August 10 to 11, has been held for about two years after the second solo concert in November 2015 EXO's unique concert was held in just a few months, and it was able to enjoy the colorful music, the ultra-high performance and the dynamic energy of the EXO, and the explosion response of approximately 20,000 audiences was gained.
    The concert will feature a variety of hits including 'Growl', 'CALL ME BABY', 'Ko Ko Bop' and 'Power' as well as intense performances such as 'The Eve', 'Forever', 'Touch It' The EDM section feels powerful energy such as 'Sweet Lies', 'Walk On Memories', 'Sing For You', 'Universe' and other sweet ballads, 'Coming Over', 'Run This' During the time, we had a total of 33 songs, and the audiences were enthusiastic with fantastic performances to meet EXO's spectacular epic poem.
    In addition, SEHUN 'JMT', KAI 'I See You', D.O. 'For Life', SUHO 'Playboy', BAEKHYUN 'PSYCHO', XIUMIN 'Beyond', CHEN 'Years', CHANYEOL X SEHUN 'We Young', CHEN X BAEKHYUN X D.O. X SUHO 'Moonlight', and a solo and unit stage with a variety of charms, attracted local fans' eyes and ears.
    On the other hand, EXO 's fourth concert tour' EXO PLANET # 4 - The EℓyXiOn - 'was held 25 times in 11 major cities around the world, attracting global fans.

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    - Jo Woo Ri, perfect angelic character, just like an angel!
    - Jo Woo Ri, very popular with dramatic extreme temperature difference smoke! Full-scale development 'Expected UP'

    'My ID Is Gangnam Beauty' Jo Woo Ri is attracting attention as a character with two faces.

    Jo Woo Ri, who plays the role of Hyun Soo Ah in JTBC drama 'My ID Is Gangnam Beauty', is attracting attention with the dramatic temperature difference acting.

    In "My ID Is Gangnam Beauty" broadcasted on the 10th and 11th, Hyun Soo Ah's close-ups were revealed. Soo Ah intentionally approached Mi Rae (Lim Soo Hyang) middle school alumni, Yong Chul through SNS. He then invited Yong Chul to the school festivals and encouraged people to reveal Mi Rae's past. However, Soo Ah showed a hypocritical attitude of sorry to Mi Rae to plant Yong Chul.

    Soo Ah also tried to get the favor of Kyung Suk (Cha Eun Woo). Kyung Suk, who does not even give an eye to himself, favors the poison Mi Rae. In particular, Kyung Suk hurt his pride by choosing Mi Rae without hesitation at the festive meeting. And when the two of them left the room, they made the viewers look shocked.

    Contrasting with the pure looks of Jo Woo Ri, the gross eyeballs maximized the character's hypocrisy and heightened the interest of the drama. Hyun Soo Ah's delicate smoke reveals the moment of the moment even though he laughs and pretends not to know anything.

    Jo Woo Ri 's nauseous performance is followed by popularity, and as the play spreads, the double appearances will become more visible. Jo Woo Ri, who is a character who hated the original artists of WebToon, hates his anger to drama viewers.

    On the other hand, JTBC drama 'My ID Is Gangnam Beauty' starring Jo Woo Ri, Lim Soo Hyang, Cha Eun Woo and Kwak Dong Yeon will be broadcast every Friday and Saturday night at 11 pm.

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    Appearing as an idol group member in the past,
    'HappySisters' → 'Lovely Horribly'
    It goes on in the cathode ray tube
    "well-rounded person"

    Actor Sung Doo Sub was cast on KBS 'Lovely Horribly'.

    'Lovely Horribly' is a horror romantic comedy about a marvelous thing that happens when a man and a woman share a fate with a top star and a writer. Park Si Hoo, Song Ji-hyo, Lee Gi-kwang, Ham Eun Jung, Choi Yeo Jin and other works that attract attention.

    Sung Doo Sub debuted as an idol group 'Jump Five' with Yoo Pil-rip (Park Si Hoo) in the past, and now plays the role of 'Seo Min Joon' who is currently acting as top actor. In particular, Seo Min Joon will receive all of the scripts that Yoo Pil-rip declined, and he will add to his playfulness as a character who will overcome him.
    Sung Doo Sub made his musical debut with Guys and Dolls in 2005. He has performed many musicals and plays such as 'Bungee Jumping', 'Finding Mr.Destiny', 'Goddess is watching you' and 'Pride' It has been recognized as a talented actor.

    Based on these insights, I received a favorable response to the drama 's first performance on SBS' HappySisters' and I am looking forward to seeing Sung Doo Sub who will once again find an ambulance theater through 'Lovely Horribly' .

    Meanwhile, KBS 'Lovely Horribly' will be broadcasted at 10 pm on the 13th.

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    I confessed to the love of the man who was against the first eye! On the 13th, the second teaser video notice!

    SUPER JUNIOR-D&E releases the first teaser video of ‘‘Bout you’.

    SUPER JUNIOR-D&E uploaded the second mini-album ‘‘Bout you’ teaser video on 12th official website, official SNS, YouTube SMTOWN channel, and Naver TV SMTOWN channel. Focused.

    The teaser video from the beginning captures your ear with a fluttering flute sound signature from the start, as well as various attractions in New York, USA, with the SUPER JUNIOR-D&E staring at the camera in the back of the crowd. .

    In addition, the new song ‘‘Bout you’ is the DONGHAE's own song of the Trap and Hip-hop genre that is refreshing and the member EUNHYUK participates in the rap making and solves the confession of a man against the first eye by the sweet lyrics, You can feel the appearance of SUPER JUNIOR-D&E and another fresh charm.

    On the other hand, SUPER JUNIOR-D&E will release the second teaser video of ‘‘Bout you’ at 12 pm on the 13th, and the second mini album 'Bout You' will be officially released on August 16th.

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     'Power Up' + 'With You' 2 stage performers! Expectation Up!


    Red Velvet (SM), which is raising the super power summer song 'Power Up', will show its first comeback on August 10th.


    Red Velvet will appear on the KBS2TV 'Music Bank' on August 10 for the first time and will be able to show explosive response as it will release two mini-album titles including 'Power Up' and 'With You' .


    In particular, the title song 'Power Up' is an up-tempo pop dance song that features addictive hooks, 'Wave dance' with the motto of the blue waves of the summer sea, 'Baby shark dance' And Red Velvet. It is likely to catch the attention of viewers.


    The song 'With You' which is accompanied by 'Cool You' is a R & B pop song that gives a cool sound and rhythm to the atmosphere. It is a choreography choreography featuring two arms, a song that borrows famous carols such as 'Jingle Bell' And witty movements expressing the character of the game.


    In addition, Red Velvet is ranked # 1 in various music charts such as Melon, Genie, Mnet Music, Bugs Music, and Olleh Music as well as 1st place in China Xiami Music Chart at 10:00 am on August 10th with the title song 'Power Up' "It is the first time that I've been marching for five consecutive days.


    Meanwhile, Red Velvet will be on MBC 'Show! Music Core' and SBS 'Inkigayo' on August 12th.


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    Harmonies of the strongest vocalists!

    A special meeting between TAEYEON and MeloMance is finally unveiled on August 10th.

    TAEYEON X MeloMance's 'Page 0', which opens the 'STATION X 0', will be available at various music sites such as Melon, Genie, iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music and Xiami Music on August 10 at 6 pm YouTube SMTOWN, Station Channel, Naver TV SMTOWN channel will be concurrently opened through the music fans are expected to be hot response.

    Page 0 is an acoustic pop song in which Jae Dong Hwan's piano arrangements blend harmoniously with the charming tone of TAEYEON and Kim Min-seok. In lyrics written by Kim Min-seok, Your message seems to be as empathic as the message.

    In addition, the music video expresses various emotions experienced by youth such as irritability, enthusiasm, emptiness, friendship, anger, reconciliation, and deviance, and it is expected to catch the eye with TAEYEON and MeloMance.

    Meanwhile, 'STATION X 0' is a spin-off version of SM digital sound source channel 'STATION' and SKT's cultural brand '0'. As a part of the cultural project, there are six music sources Expectations are rising.

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    Lee Su Geun, billiard player Cho Myung Woo and Oh Tae Joon
    Lee Su Geun's partner is actor Kim Kang Hyun!
    Lee Su Geun X Kim Kang Hyun, 'Billiard Union' is expected

    Lee Su Geun plays against the best professional billiard players.

    Lee Su Geun recently launched a 'Lee Su Geun Channel' on YouTube, and he will be competing for a stiff competition with top domestic professional billiard players in the domestic market, receiving netizens' attention.

    Oh Tae Joon and Cho Myung Woo were the first to play Lee Su Geun, and Oh Tae Joon won first place in the Carom 3 cushion season in March and Cho Myung Woo was informal And the billiards were surprised.

    In addition, Lee Su Geun teamed up with actor Kim Kang Hyun in this big match where the billiards can not help but focus on their skills with Oh Tae Joon and Cho Myung Woo.

    Kim Kang Hyun has been impressed by his performance as a manager of Jun Ji-hyun in the drama 'My Love From the Star'. Billiards are expected to announce what kind of "billiard union" they will be in a team with Lee Su Geun, a well - known entertainer of billiards who is already known.

    Lee Su Geun Channel's big event, 'Oh Tae Joon x Joo Myung Woo vs Lee Su Geun x Kim Kang Hyun', which surpassed 50,000 subscribers recently, will be released on YouTube 'Lee Su Geun Channel' do.

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