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  • 2018-04-17 Press Release

    18 members total dispatch

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    18 members total dispatch
    Chopping choreography notice

    NCT (SM) will unveil its sixth music video to celebrate the huge project 'NCT 2018'.

    NCT 2018's 'Black on Black' music video will be released on April 19th at 0:00 on YouTube and Naver TV SMTOWN channels.

    In particular, 'Black on Black' is a trap hip-hop genre song on the album 'NCT 2018 EMPATHY'. All 18 members of this album are expected to catch up with all of them.

    In addition, NCT released 'NCTmentary', the fifth episode 'Back to the Reality', which shows the world view of NCT in documentary form on April 17 at 0:00 on YouTube and Naver TV SMTOWN channel, NCT 's unique storytelling, as well as a variety of hints about the world of NCT images, and the new look and colorful content to be introduced in the future.

    In addition, 'NCT 2018' is an extraordinary project that can meet the various composition and appeal of NCT in one album. It is a project of 'BOSS' of NCT U, 'Baby Do not Stop' of NCT U, 'GO' of NCT DREAM, 'TOUCH' of NCT 127 and 'YESTODAY' of NCT U in sequence, the first in the domestic music charts, the first in the 22 countries in the world, The charts were the best in 30 places in the world, and SBS MTV 'THE SHOW' ranked # 1.

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    TVXQ!, the first real variety 'TVXQ!'s The 72-Hour' teaser video topic!
    U-Know, MAX capture the scene!
    TVXQ!'s unique job experience, April 11, 11:00 am first public!

    The first real variety 'TVXQ!'s The 72-Hour' teaser video of 'K-POP King' TVXQ! (SM) is open to the public.

    TVXQ! Will release 'TVXQ!'s The 72-Hour' teaser video on April 17 at 11 am V LIVE and Naver TV 'TVXQ!'s The 72-Hour - my SMTelevision' The two members who have lived for 72 hours have been able to meet for a new job that they have dreamed of in ordinary life.

    In particular, U-Know, who transformed into a kindergarten teacher, is popular with children as they are called "U-Know World." They get explosive popularity, but the energy of the children crying out for infinite repetition is eventually discharged. He gave a big smile by wearing "Pororo" name tag "Vitamin YunHo" and "The Chance Of Love".

    Also, MAX, who imagined a chef of a great restaurant, turned his chef into a chef, and then he made a mistake. "How many people do you run away?" Then, "I was happy when I ate and bought food."

    In addition, the teaser video includes the interviews of the two members with the tension and expectation of "I will not have an accident in my life, I will not have an accident," and 'TVXQ!'s The 72-Hour' I have raised my questions and expectations.

    On the other hand, TVXQ! S real-life 'TVXQ!'s The 72-Hour' will be available every Monday through Wednesday from 11 am V LIVE and Naver TV 'TVXQ!'s The 72-Hour - my SMTelevision 'channel and it will be televised on TV on the first broadcast on May 7th and every Monday at 8 pm XtvN.

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  • 2018-04-17 Press Release

    DJ HYO's hot EDM showtime!

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    DJ HYO's first DJing performance will be released on April 21! Expectation UP!

    HYOYEON (SM), who releases a new song 'Sober' and turns into DJ, will perform his first DJing performance on April 21.

    DJ HYO will perform a DJing performance at the Gangnam Maid Club in Seoul at 2:00 am on April 21 and is expected to show "Sober," so DJ HYO is expected to have an explosive response to the hot EDM performance offered by DJ HYO.

    In addition, DJ HYO will release its first digital single "Sober" on various music sites such as Melon, Genie and Naver Music at 6 pm on April 18, and three pop versions including Korean and English versions and contemporary R & B genres It is enough to feel the colorful charm of the song because it can meet with version.

    Meanwhile, DJ HYO will continue to be active as a new DJ through domestic club tours and EDM festivals.

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    With the mysterious ability involved in the human world,
    'The Miracle We Met' KAI is ATO, it's a god number!

    KAI (EXO, SM) leads the fantasy of the drama, and has a 'presence'.

    KAI is playing the role of ATO of Cheon Sang-myeon Messenger who has made a mistake in reversing his fate by confusing SongHyunChulA (KimMyungmin) and SongHyunChulB (KoChangSeok) whose name and date of birth are the same in KBS2 drama 'The Miracle We Met'.

    At the 5th broadcast on April 16, the ATO who watched around SongHyunChulA watched SongKangHo (SeoDongHyun) at risk, blocked his truck, jumped his finger in a crisis situation where GeumNye (YoonSukHwa) and YeonHwa (RaMiRan) I was drawn to make a dance.

    This was the scene where ATO intervened for the first time in the world of humans, and it was enough to amplify the curiosity of viewers about how the actions that showed extraordinary ability to make up for their mistakes would have an effect on the future development of the theater.

    Especially, in this process, KAI has been evaluated as contributing to enriching the drama by naturally digesting the ATO which leads the fantasy of the drama with mysterious visual, heavenly hand gesture, and dreamy expression.

    The Miracle We Met is a fantasy human melodrama featuring the process of warming up a man's life in his own way instead of the life of a man who lived in the opposite direction, I have been loved by many people.

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    In the eyes of KI DO HUN,

    KI DO HUN (SM) of "Should We Kiss First" made viewers flourish.

    KI DO HUN is doing her best in the drama 'Should We Kiss First' with YeoHaMin, a barista working at EunKyungsoo (OhJiHo) 's cafe.

    On April 16, YeoHaMin heard the fact that the son SonMuHan (Kam Woo-sung), son of JungDaBin, was a dead person and felt compassion for her and actively helped her draw attention.

    In particular, the affectionate admonition of KangSukYoung (HanGoEun) to help bring SonEDen to the United States, "advise him when he can hear it, when he can see it," advises both SonEDen and the audience.

    In the process, KI DO HUN, who plays the feelings of sadness and compassion, was very impressive. KI DO HUN has been growing as a 'next generation actor' with a stable acting performance unlike any other and a warm-hearted appearance.

    On the other hand, "Should We Kiss First", which is only two weeks away from the end, is broadcasted on Monday, Tuesday at 10:00 pm, with a melodrama,

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    New song 'Coincidence' April 18th Day 12: Sound source release!

    Singer JungIn participated in SBS drama 'Should We Kiss First?' OST.

    JungIn's 'Coincidence' will be released on April 18th at 12 pm Melon, Genie, Naver Music and other music sites, so music fans are expected to respond well. do.

    The song 'Coincidence' is a ballad with a warm melody and rhythmical string. The talented producer ZigZag Note, who participated in numerous drama OSTs such as 'The Legend Of The Blue Sea', 'Return' and 'Money Flower' , Composing and arranging, as well as an acclaimed singer-songwriter LeeShinSung participated in the lyrics and filled with emotional and happy feelings with her lover, and JungIn's soulful vocals add to her ear.

    In addition, this song is the theme song of the last song of 'Should We Kiss First?' OST which is loved by colorful music and the female main character AnSunJin (Kim Sun A). It is inserted into the drama from the broadcast on April 16 (34) And it is doubling the charm of.

    On the other hand, "Should We Kiss First?", Which is broadcasted on SBS every Tuesday and Tuesday at 10:00 pm, is a real melodrama with a mysterious love of "mysterious adults".

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    - MINSEO debut album 'The Diary of Youth' in two parts of 4 trilogy released!
    - MINSEO's growing story .. 'Growing Up', which began to realize itself after 'The Grand Dreams'
    - 'Growing Up', a warm guitar melody + MINSEO's clean tone = The spring song is the birth of an acoustic song.

    MINSEO's debut album, 'Growing Up', was released in March with 'The Grand Dreams'.

    MYSTIC Entertainment released 'Growing Up' Music Video Preview of MINSEO through official SNS on the 15th.

    In the preview, some melodies of 'Growing Up', a warm guitar melody and MINSEO's clean tone, came out and captured the listeners' ears.

    MINSEO, who is singing coolly, showed a girl who is suffering from growing up in a cherry blossom, chasing the lyrics of 'I do not know if I open my eyes and I am lost in my longing.'

    'Growing Up' is the second song of MINSEO's debut album 'The Diary of Youth' which consists of four parts, ParkKeunTae and ChoiJinSeok, and is an acoustic style song written by KimEaNa.

    In March, MINSEO turned bright and cheerful with 'The Grand Dreams', a story about a love that is not well known yet.

    MINSEO, which received a big public attention with its ballad 'YES' in November last year, won the Best Vocal Performance Award at 'HKAMF' at the '2018 Hong Kong Asian Pop Music Festival' It is considered to be one of the best performers of the year.

    MINSEO's new song 'Growing Up' will be released on each music source site at 6 pm on the 19th, and related news can be confirmed through the official SNS of MYSTIC and MINSEO.

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    - YOONJONGSHIN "Young friends who have met recently, do not make mistakes"
    - "A reckless attempt is not a failure but another possibility ... If you do not reckon and run now"

    <MONTHLY YOONJONGSHIN> April's 'Do It Now' will be released on the 20th of the monthly music project of singer YOONJONGSHIN.

    'Do It Now' is a song made by YOONJONGSHIN thinking about its 2 nd and 30 's around in the past few years.

    YOONJONGSHIN said, "Most young people I've met recently seem to be trying hard not to make mistakes, but I have never been so reckless," he said. "He said.

    He naturally asked the question of why the generation is nowadays. Then, I think the answer is whether the generation is now more prudent and calm because it is a generation that is difficult to work and difficult to marry because the generation is familiar with failure rather than success.

    YOONJONGSHIN said, "I wanted to tell you that I should be a little more reckless, I am trying to get in touch with you, but trying to do it is not a bad choice." "I wanted to tell you that it is not the right answer .

    "It's really important that I am not the future of the future, but I am the moment." "We are still missing many things that we are not planning to fail, and I hope we will not forget that failure is not a failure but another possibility. "He said.

    <MONTHLY YOONJONGSHIN> April 'Do It Now', composed by YOONJONGSHIN and composed by YOONJONGSHIN and SongSungKyung, will be released on each sound recording site at 6 pm on the 20th.

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    As well as the sense of entertainment, the ability to bowling thoroughly reveals the presence

    Park Sung-kwang is proud of his presence in the TV CHOSUN entertainment 'Bowling of Legend' as well as his artistic sense, as well as his excellent bowling ability.

    In the 'Bowling of Legend' broadcast on the 13th, Lee ByeongJin and LeeHongKi showed a professional bowling match. LeeHongKi, who became a regular pro bowling athlete, Lee ByeongJin and 'Bowling of Legend', showed a serious and confident confrontation. At that time, Park Sung-kwang took on the commentary of the two players and added fun and fun. In particular, during the game commentary, Song Eun I and KwunHyukSoo praised viewers by taping him with Park Sung-kwang interrupting the game.

    Park Sung-kwang, who had a bowling match with a girl group 'OH MY GIRL' at the end of the broadcast, caught the eye again with his bowling ability. In a confrontation with OH MY GIRL, Park Sung-kwang teamed up with Song Eun I and Lee HONGKi for the 'SongSungHong' team, and he showed his first bowling skills as well as his second strike in the second pitch. Park Sung-kwang, who is in better condition than his hard-hitting Song Eun I, Lee HongKi, has also admired other performers as "Today is Park Sung-kwang's day."

    Through the 'Bowling of Legend', Park Sung-kwang presents a pleasant sensation, plays a role of licorice, and unleashes a sense of presence with unexpected bowling ability. Park Sung-kwang, who entered the 'Bowling of Legend' as a novice baller, is looking forward to seeing how the viewers will develop in the future.

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    EXO-CBX (SM), the supercharged unit, took second place on the weekly record chart with the second mini album 'Blooming Days'.

    EXO-CBX's second mini-album 'Blooming Days' was released on April 10th and became the weekly number one on various chart charts including Hantar chart, Shinnara record, Hottax, Kyobo Bookstore, and felt the hot reaction of music fans.

    In addition, this album contains seven songs of various genres that express the week's title song "Blooming Day", and it is a high interest in overseas such as the iTunes total album chart first place in 36 regions in the world, I get an eye-catching.

    In addition, EXO-CBX captured the attention of viewers by introducing a new song 'Blooming Day', which appeared in various music programs last week and blend well with spring music and performance.

    On the other hand, EXO-CBX will be held on KBS2TV 'Music Bank' on April 20 and MBC 'Show! Music Core 'on April 22, and' Inkigayo 'on SBS on April 22.

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