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    - Eddy Kim's confession song, 'Whoa Whoa', who believes and listens ... Written by KimEaNa, ChoJungChi's arrangement!
    - Eddy Kim Sweet voice X lyrics 'Whoa Whoa' released on 16th!

    Singer Songwriter Eddy Kim's new song 'Whoa Whoa' will be released on the 16th.

    The new song 'Whoa Whoa' is a confessional song that shows Eddy Kim's sweet tone and lyric lyrics. It's a R & B with a cute 'Whoa Whoa' to calm oneself in the face of a man who loves love and can not hide his feelings. It's a song.

    Eddie Kim's unique humor in 'Paldangdam' and 'Heart pound', and the lyricism of KimEaNa added to the wit and sense of the lyrics.

    Since his debut, Eddy Kim has been enjoying listening and trying to make a musical change. In this song, he arranges the electric guitar and gives another fun to his original composition, and he completes the completion with the arrangement of guitarist ChoJungChi.

    While the 'Whoa Whoa' live video was released on the 15th, music fans' expectations for Eddy Kim's honey voice and guitarist 'Whoa Whoa' are getting even better.

    My company MYSTIC Entertainment said, "'Whoa Whoa' will show the charm of a song that does not get tired at any time with an obvious song like" The Manual "and" 2 Years Apart "that Eddy Kim has released so far.

    The music and video of Eddy Kim's new song 'Whoa Whoa', which he believes and listens to, will be released on each music source site on the 16th.

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  • 2018-04-14 Press Release

    DJ HYO teaser image released!

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    Twitter Blue Room Live '#Welcome_HYORoom' Proceed at 9:22 pm on April 18th!

    DJ HYO (SM) 's natural charm teaser image is open to the public.

    HYOYEON, who takes the first step as a DJ through a new song 'Sober', showed off the teaser image which can feel the natural atmosphere through the official homepage on April 14th.

    DJ HYO's first digital single 'Sober' will be released on April 18th at 6 pm Melon, Genie and Naver Music, and the famous DJ Ummet Ozcan from Holland will be participating in the feature, The English version and the pop version are available in three versions.

    In addition, DJ HYO will commemorate the debut song 'Sober' on April 18th at 9:22 pm on HYOYEON official Twitter account from the Twitter Blue Room Live '#Welcome_HYORoom' is going on, every Twitter user hashtag '#TwitterBlueroom 'And' #Ask_HYO ', which will be able to ask questions directly.

    Meanwhile, DJ HYO's first digital single 'Sober' will be released on various music sites at 6 pm on April 18th.

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    USA famous media billboard highlighted SUPER JUNIOR's new song 'Lo Siento'.

    The new album 'REPLAY' is an extension of the regular 8th album 'PLAY', released last year, on the official website of Billboard on the 12th (local time) on the official homepage of the SUPER JUNIOR. Version, and includes four new songs, including 'Super Duper'. "

    In addition, the new album title track 'Lo Siento' is a three-language dance genre with alternating Korean and Spanish lyrics and a few English phrases. Latin pop is growing in the K-POP market, but SUPER JUNIOR's 'Lo Siento' praises it as a Latin song that has been created with the collaboration of Grammy Awards award-winning brother duo Play N Skillz and Leslie Grace I did not spare.

    Especially in regards to the music video, "It is the sexiest of all the music videos of SUPER JUNIOR", and "SUPER JUNIOR, who has a lot of fans in the Spanish-speaking countries, is coming soon to SUPERSHOW 7 concert in South America. 'Lo Siento' in Spanish means "Sorry, reminds me of the hit song" Sorry, Sorry, "and it has led to deep sympathy for global music fans.

    In addition, SUPER JUNIOR's regular 8th Repackage album 'REPLAY' will be released at the same time as Finland, Sweden, Hungary, Argentina, Peru, Brunei, Mexico, Belarus, Ecuador, Chile, Saudi Arabia, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Colombia, Brazil, Guatemala, It has gained explosive appeal by continuing its top spot on the iTunes total album charts in 29 countries around the world, including the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Qatar, Taiwan, the Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia.

    On the other hand, SUPER JUNIOR shows MBC 'Show! Music Core ', JeonSoMin, JeonJiWoo and the addictive title track' Lo Siento (Feat. KARD) 'will be fascinated by viewers.

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    It reveals unlimited possibilities and potentials and gives viewers a chance to see!
    Twenty promising actresses
    Owner of fresh masks and colorful charms

    BeaDaBin is appearing on SBS drama 'Should We Kiss First' and KBS drama 'Queen of Mystery2', and he is taking a snowboard to viewers.

    BeaDaBin, which made its debut as a camera ad in 2013, was a model in various fields such as telecom companies, cosmetics, apparel, and alcoholic beverages, and received a favorable response from the advertising industry. Since then, in the TV drama "Banana Actually Season 2" of the TV in 72 seconds, he has been loved by honest and realistic love story.

    Based on these activities, BeaDaBin has recently appeared in SBS drama 'Should We Kiss First' and KBS2 drama 'Queen of Mystery Season 2', and it extends the activity spectrum to terrestrial dramas and proves its unlimited potential and potential as a new actor.

    BeaDaBin first appeared in SBS drama 'Should We Kiss First' as a role of crushing YeoHaMin (KI DO HUN) in the drama, and formed a triangle with SonEden (JungDabin) Especially, BeaDaBin puts a lot of sense in his 20s.

    In the KBS2 drama 'Queen of Mystery Season 2' broadcast on the 12th, HsWanSeong (Kwon Sang-woo) and YooSulOk (Choi KangHee) were screened for the Barbarians case. As the number of Barbarians appeared in one street, the members of the strong two teams of the police began exploring the case together. BeaDaBin appeared as the 20th victim of the Barbarians 'KimHanna' and showed a stable and realistic performance. Among the performances, KimHanna visited a senior police station and said that she had escaped and was escaped by the Barbarians hiding in the alley. In addition, he provided a definitive clue that he was busting the Barbarian's hands while escaping from the incident, raising curiosity about the reality of the Barbarians.

    As such, BeaDaBin has a variety of characters with fresh masks and colorful charms, and is looking forward to future activities.

    On the other hand, BeaDaBin, who has taken a snowboard in an ambulance theater through SBS 'Should We Kiss First' and 'Queen of Mystery2', is increasing his expectations and potential as a twenties actress.

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    April 15 Coexartium 'SMTOWN Media Façade' and '!t Live' official account, 'Music Gift Box' live broadcast simultaneously!
    Special relay live broadcast decoration!

    EXO-CBX (SM), a super-class unit that came back with a new song 'Blooming Day', will appear first in 'Music Gift Box', a representative program of SM's live multi live broadcasting channel '!t Live'.

    The EXO-CBX is gathering topics for a weekly special relay live broadcast from April 9th, and the last day of April 15th will be the SMTOWN Media Façade, the largest ultra-high resolution display board installed outside the SMTOWN Coexartium, And 'Music Gift Box', which is broadcast live through '!t Live' official accounts of various SNS such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

    In particular, EXO-CBX is the second mini-album "Blooming Days" released on April 10 and the new song "Music Gift Box", which means 'Music Gift Box' I will share various stories about 'Blooming Day' and communicate closely with the fans, and SUPER JUNIOR LEETEUK and Girls' Generation SUNNY will take on a special MC to double the fun with their delicate dances.

    In addition, '!t Live' is a real-time multi-live broadcasting channel optimized for smart devices. It is also open to SM contents such as 'SMTOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR VI in DUBAI' It is expected that this live broadcast will attract a lot of attention as well as the live broadcasting of LEETEUK, CHANYEOL, WENDY, the live broadcasting of the departure route and the attack relay relay broadcasting of the Dubai performance hall in the collaboration project "SOLATI Moving Studio".

    On the other hand, EXO-CBX will be on KBS2TV 'Music Bank' on April 13 and MBC 'Show! Music Core 'on April 15, and' Inkigayo 'on SBS on April 15th.

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    Famous Dutch dj Ummet Ozcan featuring support shooting!

    DJ HYO (SM) debut song 'Sober' will be released in three versions.

    DJ HYO's first digital single 'Sober' will be released on various music sites such as Melon, Genie and NaverMusic at 6 pm on April 18 and three versions of 'Sober' in Korean, English and Pop versions. It will attract global fans.

    Especially, this new song 'Sober' is a song of the Tropical Future House genre. In the lyrics, it contains a farewell story, which is a cool departure from the love of the beloved. In addition to the Korean and English versions, the pop version arranged by the contemporary R & B genre also meets This makes it a lot of fun to listen to.

    Also Ummet Ozcan, who is a famous Dutch DJ and producer, participated in the featured filming and HYOYEON's DJ debut. Ummet Ozcan is a member of Umit Ozcan's "Raise Your Hands", "Smash" and "Superwave" As well as being on the top of the charts, he is actively performing music activities such as Tomorrowland, Electric Daisy Carnival, and Creamfields, which are the global EDM festivals.

    In addition, on April 13, at 0:00 on the official website, YouTube and Naver TV SMTOWN channel, 'Sober' music video teaser video was released in a surprise, DJ HYO was able to meet the attraction of the attraction in advance.

    Meanwhile, DJ HYO's first digital single 'Sober' will be released on various music sites at 6 pm on April 18.

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  • 2018-04-13 Press Release

    SUPER JUNIOR, once again!

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    Home shopping sold out + iTunes album charts Ranked 28th in the world!

    SUPER JUNIOR is collecting hot topics at the same time as comeback.

    SUPER JUNIOR released its regular 8th repackage album 'REPLAY' at 6pm on April 12th and appeared in 'SUPER MARKET', a SUPER JUNIOR exclusive home shopping channel of CJ O shopping for about 1 hour from 10:45 pm In the first half of the first 30 minutes, 'SUPER JUNIOR Special Addition Mask pack set' product is sold as well as sold 6 times as much as usual on Mondays, and sold out 'avajar' mask pack totaling 900 million won The audience got an explosive response.

    Especially, some of the profits from home shopping sales will be donated to SUPER JUNIOR members in the name of "E.L.F." fan club where they need help.

    In addition, SUPER JUNIOR's new album 'REPLAY' is available on all iTunes album charts in Finland, Sweden, Hungary, Argentina, Peru, Brunei, Mexico, Belarus, Ecuador, Chile, Saudi Arabia, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Colombia, Brazil, Guatemala, It has proved to be the top ranking of 'Global Hallyu' in the world with 28 countries in the world including Emirates, Qatar, Taiwan, Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia.

    The REPLAY album, a regular 8-string repack album that captivates music fans with an extraordinary Latin concept, features a total of 14 songs in various genres ranging from 'Lo Siento' to 'Super Duper', 'Me & U', and 'Hug' , You can meet the music world of SUPER JUNIOR which is wider.

    On the other hand, SUPER JUNIOR presents JeonSoMin, JeonJiWoo and the Latin pop genre 'Lo Siento (Feat. KARD)' stage by KBS2TV 'Music Bank' on April 13 at 5 pm. .

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    '<Keyword # BoA> BoA's Unsolable Keyword' Released on April 16 at 11 am!

    Unpublished footage of 'Keyword # BoA', a collection of topics with the first reality of 'No.1 Musician in Asia' BoA (SM) will be released.

    'Keyword # BoA> BoA's Unsolable Keyword' is scheduled to be released on April 16 at 11 am on Naver V LIVE +. It will attract fans' attention.

    This video includes a variety of unseen episodes such as the single "NEGA DOLA" choreography course and music video shooting behind schedule released in January 2018, a VR game confrontation with SHINee Key, have.

    In addition, 'Keyword # BoA' is a comeback story that boasts a professional aspect of BoA, as well as a natural day-to-day appearance and genuine charm, It is expected to be high.

    On the other hand, '<Keyword # BoA> BoA's Unsolable Keyword' can be seen at April 11 at 11:00 am in Naver V LIVE +.

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    - Eddy Kim "Unusual title 'Whoa Whoa' ... Imagine a Whoa Whoa '
    - 'The girl KimEaNa lyrics by the man Eddy Kim' '...' 'Listening to the' Eddy Kim 's confession song' Whoa Whoa 'on 16th!

    Singer songwriter Eddy Kim commented on his new song 'Whoa Whoa' when he tried to make a good song when he heard it.
    Eddy Kim's new song, 'Whoa Whoa', released on the 16th, is a R & B song about a man's true confession that can not hide his feelings in front of his favorite person. It is composed by Eddy Kim, Eddy Kim and KimEaNa did.

    Eddy Kim said, "On the 13th of MYSTIC Entertainment, '' Whoa Whoa '' describes a situation in which a man who is unusual from the title, I wrote a song with imagination, "said KimEaNa, who tried to draw a realistic and cute man with the help of a lyricist.
    Since his debut, Eddy Kim has shown a variety of charms by constantly attempting genre attempts and musical changes.

    "I wanted to buy equipment such as electric guitars and amplifiers because of the desire for equipment these days. I wanted to arrange these arrangements and I worked in a different way."

    After Eddy Kim's debut song 'The Manual' in 2014, Eddy Kim has released his own songs such as' Paldangdam 'and' Heart pound 'as well as' My Lips Like Warm Coffee' ParkKeunTae project soundtrack and drama 'Goblin OST' You are so beautiful ' And many songs that have received great love until now.

    Eddy Kim said, "I've seen this song for a long time and it's good to listen to it. I was really happy," said Eddy Kim. "I will try to make a good song for the rest of my life."

    Eddy Kim's confession song "Whoa Whoa," which he believes and listens to, will be released on the 16th at 6 pm on each music source site.

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    - The debut album 'The Diary of Youth' is released in two of four trilogy!
    - MINSEO's growing story .. 'Growing Up', which began to realize itself after 'The Grand Dreams'
    - Warm spring is a clear visual + dreamy eyes will fall out ... The second concept photo release!

    MINSEO's debut album, 'The Grand Dreams' in March, is 'Growing Up'.

    MYSTIC Entertainment announced on the 13th that it will release the second album "The Growing Up" of its debut album "The Diary of Youth" on the 19th.

    MINSEO's debut album is like four diaries that show the growth of MINSEO, which represents 20's youth.

    The first diary, "The Grand Dreams," is a story of a girl who does not know her love yet. The second diary, "Growing Up," is the story of a girl who started to realize her self.

    When I realized that I was foolish to think that I knew love, I took a glance of my inner self that I had looked into for the first time.

    'Growing Up' is an acoustic style song with warm guitar melodies and MINSEO's clean tone. ParkKeunTae, ChoiJinSeok, Anne Judith Wik, Ronny Svendsen and KimEaNa wrote this song.

    Lee MinSoo X KimEaNa '' The Grand Dreams '' MINSEO, who showed a bright and cheerful appearance, will be attracted to ParkKeunTae X KimEaNa 'Growing Up' is expected to show some charm.

    On the other hand, MINSEO is a girl with a warm spring sunshine in the photo that was released on the day, and her gaze was caught by a clear, tear-free visual and a stare-eyed gaze.

    MINSEO, which received a big public attention with the ballad 'YES' in November last year, won the Best Vocal Performance Award at the '2018 Hong Kong Asian Pop Music Festival' (HKAMF) as soon as it made its debut in 'The Grand Dreams' Achieved.

    MINSEO's new song 'Growing Up' will be released on each music source site at 6 pm on the 19th, and related news can be confirmed through the official SNS of MYSTIC and MINSEO.

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