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    Nicknamed "Power Ho-dong" to "Ho-dong night"
    A unique presence that fills the program abundantly
    Kang Ho-dong, the premiere of the evil spirit prison,

    Kang Ho-dong tells the presence of an extraordinary entertainment that fills the program abundantly with tvN 'Greate Scape'.

    In 'Greate Scape' broadcasted on the last 5 days, the remaining stories of the gene bank and the escape of the newly appeared evil prison were drawn.

    First, Kang Ho-dong made a small but meaningful effort to find out who escaped from the E-Zone of the Gene Bank. When everyone was concentrating on finding the password for the computer, Kang Ho-dong, who was looking closely at the objects around him, found a card with an alphabet C on his x-ray photo that he could enter into Area C.

    In addition, Kang Ho-dong was trying to make a letter by combining the barcode on his wrist to find out the last escape password of the C zone. It was called 'Ho-dong night' in order to reveal the activities of others.

    On this day, the gene bank escape mission was completed and a new episode, Evil Prison, was introduced. At this time, Kang Ho-dong revealed that he had been playing a room escape game with Kim Jong-min the day before the full-scale escape, and he showed his passion and efforts to become a program ace escaper.

    The full-scale escape mission began, and the members were divided into three separate rooms and locked in different rooms. Kang Ho-dong went on to look for complex, unfamiliar 3-letter characters on the radio, and had to re-explain the letters to make sure they were correct. At that time, Kang Ho-dong quietly and accurately described the shape of the letters, discovered the unexpected talents, opened the doors of an attic bedroom, and gave tension to those who showed the prelude of the evil prison.

    Kang Ho-dong is meeting with viewers as 'Growth escaper', starting with 'Novice escaper' in 'Greate Scape' and gradually developing. In addition, 'Power Ho-dong' with power that can not be passed on repeatedly, 'Ho-dong night' that makes members stand out, and 'Passion escaper' As a nickname of 'Greate Scape', the program is becoming richer.

    Kang Ho-dong is also gathering the expectations and interest of viewers who will join forces with their members to carry out the mission in the evil prison escape that just started.

    Meanwhile, tvN 'Greate Scape' is broadcast every Sunday at 10:40 pm.

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    - 〈Monthly YoonJongshin〉, which started in 2010, achieved the number 100 in August 2018
    - YoonJongShin "August issue Back to 'Instinctively', bluff Song"
    - YoonJongShin "From now on, 〈Monthly YoonJongshin〉 will fill it with the music I want to do then"
    - YoonJongShin, MV shooting spot authentication shot public ... Choiza, Yoo Se Yoon starring! The previous grade Chemie notice!

    Monthly music project 〈Monthly YoonJongshin〉 of singer YoonJongShin, which started in 2010, received 100 songs from August 2018 issue.

    〈Monthly YoonJongshin〉 is a project started by YoonJongShin to survive in the rapidly changing music market, and now it is the only platform connecting YoonJongShin and the world.

    YoonJongShin said, "I think it's time to start MONTHLY YoonJongShin for the first time in 2010 because it becomes 100. <MONTHLY YoonJongShin> was a project that started with the idea that I should make the song that I want to make then" This song was 'Instinctively', and I wanted to have the song "Instinctively" that showed the character and personality of <MONTHLY YoonJongShin>. "

    〈Monthly YoonJongshin〉 The August issue of 'MR.REAL' is our story of being trapped in a male castle.

    The fact is that the men who are shaken, but pretend to be insecure, foolish, but who pretend to be strong, those men we have witnessed often in 'YoonJongShin World' are 'Mr. Real '. YoonJongShin expressed this August issue as "bluff song".

    'Mr. Real 'participated in the feat of Choiza of Dynamic Duo. YoonJongShin suggested to Choiza that he wanted to see the blues of men armed with bravado, and Choiza added his own interpretation and attached flesh to the characters in the lyrics.

    YoonJongShin said, "Choiza has become a symbol of masculinity ever since, and when I convey my sincerity with rap, I make the image as nothing as it is," said YoonJongShin. "By linking my character with Choiza's character, I want to survive even better. "

    On the other hand, this August music video is known to appear with YoonJongShin, Choiza and comedian Yoo Se Yoon.

    YoonJongShin says he does not want to give a big meaning to the number '100'.

    It is YoonJongShin 's simple breeze to give thanks to everyone who has been watching over this opportunity, to look back at the middle checkup once and to reconsider the mind of the first time.

    He said, "I want my music to be included in my music so I will not lose my beginnings." 〈Monthly YoonJongshin〉 will continue to be filled with music that I want to play. "

    〈Monthly YoonJongshin〉 August issue 'MR.REAL' will be released on each music source site at 6 pm on September 9.

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    Anger inducing 'Yaemmi' is hot!

    - Jo Woo Ri, acting 'Yemmi'! It is popular as a double character! "It's pretty because it's pretty"
    - Jo Woo Ri, Smooth as well as pure beauty, Webtoot synch rate 100%

    Jo Woo Ri got a passing grade as the first star in 'My ID Is Gangnam Beauty'.

    JTBC drama 'My ID Is Gangnam Beauty' has gained popularity with its highest audience rating of 4.0%, and Jo Woo Ri plays Hyun Soo Ah.

    Hyun Soo Ah is a character who is attracted by his beautiful and lovely appearance, but inside it is an inverted character who wants to embrace the interest and love of all. Jo Woo Ri is attracted to viewers with 'Hyun Soo Ah' with high sync rate look and stable performance with the original character.

    In 'My ID Is Gangnam Beauty' which was broadcast on the last 3 or 4 days, Hyun Soo Ah's double aspect was clearly revealed. Soo Ah was delighted to draw the interest of many boys in their lab classes with their long, hair-bound, purity. Mi Rae has been attracted to the attention of friends by pretending to help Mi Rae, who lost his gaze as he was hurt, and acted like he was hurt by Mi Rae's fault.

    In addition, Soo Ah approached Gyeongseok who did not give him an eye, pretending to be innocent and caring for Mi Rae in front, but saddened those who showed a subtle color, such as shaving Mi Rae in the back.

    Jo Woo Ri gradually raised the anxiety behind the innocent face of Hyun Soo Ah and raised the anger of viewers. "Hyun Soo Ah pretends not to know anything, Hyun Soo Ah synchro rate is 100%", "it is better because it is pretty", and " Etc.

    Jo Woo Ri, who made his appearance in the drama 'Descendants of the Sun' in earnest, revealed his presence as a cheat lead to the development of dramas such as 'Witch at Court' and 'Queen of Mystery2'. My Id Is Gangnam Beauty ', which has been a challenge for the first time since its debut, has attracted viewers with a clean appearance and stable performance, so expectations for Jo Woo Ri increase.

    On the other hand, JTBC drama 'My ID Is Gangnam Beauty' starring Jo Woo Ri, Lim Soo Hyang, Cha Eun Woo and Kwak Dong Yeon will be broadcast every Friday and Saturday night at 11 pm.

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    Red Velvet (SM) opens the colorful concert of the second solo concert on August 4th.
    Red Velvet will host the second solo concert 'REDMARE' on August 4 ~ 5, and it is expected to release a new song stage including 'Power Up' as well as a hit song stage.
    Also on August 4th at 0:00, 'Recipes Video # 5', which contains the excitement of member SEULGI and the pop dance song 'Blue Lemonade' in a cool summer atmosphere through various SNS official accounts such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, SEULGI "is a song that feels good in a cute chorus," and IRENE adds "I can meet a cool and refreshing feeling reminiscent of blue lemonade, and it goes well in summer." It adds to the curiosity.
    In addition, Red Velvet is scheduled to unveil its title song "Power Up" music video teaser video on the official website at 12:00 pm on August 4th and via YouTube and Naver TV's SMTOWN channel, which will boost expectations for comeback.
    On the other hand, Red Velvet summer mini album 'Summer Magic' will be released on 6th of August at music sites such as Melon, Genie, Naver Music, iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music and Xiami Music. .

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    - First debut four years in his debut ... Writing to excellent vocals, plus composing ability
    - Piano Song Young Joo, vocal directing Roy Kim 'Completion UP!'
    - Live video premiere before release ...

    Singer ParcJaejung's new song 'Words' will be released on each music source site at 6 pm on the 4th.

    'Words' is the first self-composed song that Parc Jaejung presents in four years after his debut. It is a ballad that breaks down while making a song for his beloved and eventually becomes a mess.

    ParcJaejung wrote the lyrics, together with ParcJaejung and his college friend Kim Hyung Pyo of group cott. In addition, pianist Song Young Joo played the piano and singer-songwriter Roy Kim joined the vocal director to enhance the quality of the song.

    ParcJaejung's voices, which resonate with lonely piano performances in the middle of the 'Words' live footage on March 3rd, attracted the enthusiasm of the song and made it chunky.

    ParcJaejung, who made his debut in the music industry in 2014, has been collaborating with producer YoonJongShin in earnest starting in 2016. He has released the ballad songs such as 'Two Men', 'Passport', 'Focus', 'The Villain' and 'Bad Dream' We are expanding our position as a further.

    ParcJaejung is recognized for his ballad-inspired vocals and sensitivity through authentic ballad numbers. Through his own song 'Words', he will showcase his musicians who have grown up to write and compose music.

    ParcJaejung plans to communicate with fans after opening a new song on April 4 and opening a fan meeting 'Christmas gift, second' on the 11th debut 4th anniversary.  

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    'STATION' and culture brand '0' meet!

    SM 'STATION' will show the spin off version 'STATION X 0' ahead of season 3.

    'STATION X 0' is a cultural project for 'Young Generation', which is a concert of 'STATION', a SM digital sound source channel, and '0', a new culture brand. It is a cultural project where a large number of sound sources We are going to release it and raise expectations.

    'STATION X 0' is the first runner to open the poem TAEYEON and MELOMANCE, the most powerful sound recorder, and the artist has received a lot of love with an attractive tone and excellent singing, I can meet at various music sites, and the hot response of music fans is expected.

    In addition, since August 1, 'STATION X 0' homepage and various SNS 'STATION' channel, YouTube SMTOWN channel through the 'STATION X 0' image and sensory trailer images are open to the public, The interest in 'STATION X 0', which can meet the exclusive lineup and various contents, is expected to increase.

    SM's 'STATION X 0' was launched in 2016, and since its launch in 2016, it has received great responses from season 1 and season 2 with the collaboration of artists, producers and composers. It also seems to collect topics.

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    WENDY "‘Hit That Drum’, a relieving stress-relieving song that pierces my chest tightly."

    Red Velvet (SM) stepped into the comeback countdown with the summer song 'Power Up' to be responsible for this summer.

    Red Velvet will be releasing all summer songs of summer mini album 'Summer Magic' from various music sites such as Melon, Genie, Naver Music, iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music and Xiami Music on August 6th, Expectations are being amplified.

    Prior to that, Red Velvet released a variety of teaser images, which turned into a sweet soulful summer queen through the promotional site of the new album, and collected teaser images by members through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other SNS official accounts. After opening, IRENE, YERI and JOY, on August 3rd, at 0:00, he showed 'Recipes Video #4', which is full of Wendy filled with cherries.

    In this video, a part of the 'Hit That Drum' soundtrack, where the exciting samba rhythm and the energy-rich vocals of Red Velvet blend in well with the amusing atmosphere, is inserted, and WENDY says, "The members' It is an opening song. I would like to ask for your interest because it is a song that blows off summer stress. "

    On the other hand, Red Velvet is expected to receive a warm welcome as it will hold its second single concert 'REDMARE' on August 4 ~ 5 and will release the new song stage including the title song 'Power Up' for the first time.

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    In August, SUPER JUNIOR-D&E will start and will hold on to the second half of 2018 as well!

    SUPER JUNIOR predicted the second half of the year.

    SUPER JUNIOR will show the SUPER JUNIOR CALENDAR, 2018 through the official SNS at 10:00 am on August 3, and the image of SUPER JUNIOR-D&E, From December to December, only question marks were displayed without any additional information, which raised questions.

    Label SJ said, "Starting with SUPER JUNIOR-D&E in August, we are working on another activity every month. SUPER JUNIOR plans to fill the second half of the year with a variety of activities such as complete, unit and solo. "

    SUPER JUNIOR-D&E, the first runner of 'SUPER JUNIOR CALENDAR, 2018' will release its second mini album '’Bout You' on various music sites such as Melon, Genie and Bugs at 6 pm on August 16 , And new album 'Bout You' will be able to shoot all the contents including jacket photos, title song music videos, and other exotic scenes with members of DongHae and EunHyuk.

    SUPER JUNIOR-T, SUPER JUNIOR-HAPPY and SUPER JUNIOR-K.R.Y. have been active since the debut of the SUPER JUNIOR in 2005. And various solo activities, as well as a continuous musical walk, as well as entertainment programs, drama, radio, musical and cross-eyed all-round entertainer is a lot of love.

    Meanwhile, SUPER JUNIOR-D&E's second mini album '’Bout You' will be released on August 16th.

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    Convenience store mystery customer role casting! Unidentified charm transformation!
    We look forward to the activity of KI DO HUN!

    KI DO HUN (SM) was cast in the drama '대장금이 보고 있다'.

    KI DO HUN is preparing to shoot the mystery hunam 'DO HUN' which is a lunch of the MBC new variety-drama '대장금이 보고 있다' at a convenience store in front of a large marketing company every day.

    DO HUN is a prominent handsome visual artist who appears at a convenience store after 12:00 pm and will follow the recipe of Han Jin Mi (Lee Yul Eum), disappear and suddenly disappear, causing curiosity and offering extra food. It is expected to attract viewers' attention.

    KI DO HUN is a rookie with a big tall and handsome appearance. He made his debut last year, and he was the boss of Yeo Ha, JangEui of "The King in Love", Jung Hee Min of SLOW baseball player, "Should We Kiss First" Min and other characters have been steadily digesting with stable acting power, and it is expected that they will express their character by expressing their unique character again.

    KI DO HUN starring '대장금이 보고 있다' is an entertaining drama starting from the foolish idea of ​​"What kind of life do the descendants now live?" By watching the drama "대장금" poster on MBC hallway. 3 Draw romance of brother and sister.

    Meanwhile, Sun Hye Yoon PD, Park Eun Jung and Choi Woo Joo of the drama 'Borgmom' are gathering together for the first time. to be.

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    JOY "'Mosquito', a funny song reminiscent of mosquitoes like the title"

    Red Velvet (SM), a comeback with 'Power Up', presents a teaser image transformed into a cool youthful goddess.

    Red Velvet will be launching a new album promotional site on July 30th to showcase mini-games that create a special summer drink and various teaser images that give a sense of summer atmosphere.

    ‘Recipes Video #3’, which can meet the attractive appearance of JOY, transformed into a new concept at 0:00 on August 2, will be released in sequence through member SNS official accounts including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Has opened the eyes of global fans.

    In addition, this video includes a part of the 'Mosquito' soundtrack of the New Zealand swing genre, in which hip-hop grooves are deeply felt, and JOY says, "This song suits me well in the summer, It is fun to compare people who bother themselves to mosquitoes. "

    Red Velvet is a summer mini album consisting of 7 tracks, including the title song 'Power Up' on various music sites such as Melon, Genie, Naver Music, iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music and Xiami Music. "Summer Magic" will be released on the same day.

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