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    Solo exhibition 'Meme, Body, Water' Busan Lotte gallery Gwangbok store landing!

    ESteem Mixtage Artist in Illustrator SUBSUB The first solo exhibition of artist 'Meme, Body, Water' is held.

    SUBSUB started to work as an illustrator through SNS, publishing a picture book 'SUBSUB picture book' and collaborating with a large number of brands, attracting popularity as a cute figure unique to the public.

    The 'Meme, Body, Water' exhibition was held in July last month and attracted more than 5,000 visitors. The exhibition 'Meme, Body, Water' was created by installing images and images from an omnibus form of an individual's feelings and anxieties living in the Internet and SNS, and gaining a lot of sympathy among the visitors. The opening ceremony was accompanied by celebrated performances of singer-songwriter Prom, ESteem model, influencer artists Kim ChungJae and Cha In Chul.

    On the 19th, SUBSUB writers will attend and an event will be held where visitors draw their own pictures. In addition, limited edition figures and various exhibition related products, which have been popularized at the Seoul exhibition, are also sold.

    'Meme, Body, Water' Busan exhibition will be held until August 28th and can be contacted at Busan Lotte Gallery.

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    Birth of the most anger-inducing character
    Yoon Na Moo, 'Lee Ho Sung' Character Perfect Digestion
    Viewers 'anger gauge' UP
    Complete character detail with realistic look and voice

    Yoon Na Moo is raising his reputation as an angry trigger.

    Yoon Na Moo, who is a defendant in SBS 'Your Honor' and a member of OhSung group successor 'Lee Ho Sung', is raising audiences' anger gauges by acting as a shameless act.

    In 'Your Honor' broadcasted last day, Lee Ho Sung, who appeared in court, was portrayed. Lee Ho Sung said before the verdict, "How do you feel right now? I feel like I've touched one cockroach and I'm feeling right. I did not want my company to punish me. "

    He also said that he was wrong when he was sentenced to seven years in prison for failing to predict that the sentence would be suspended. It's a judge. I do not know you. I do not know who I am. "He did not show any signs of reflection, so he bought the anger of viewers.

    On this day, Yoon Na Moo maximized the impudent and arrogant attitude of Lee Ho Sung by pouring his accumulated experience. Especially delicate facial expressions are basic, and the details of the characters are completed, and the synchro rate is so high that it can not be distinguished from the actual performance or actuality, and the audience's immersion is maximized.

    In the future, I hope that Yoon Na Moo will show his performance as 'Lee Ho Sung' through 'Your Honor' and show the performance of 'anger'.

    Meanwhile, SBS 'Your Honor' is broadcast every Wednesday, Thursday at 10:00 pm.

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    On August 8, the Japanese newbie, the 16th, until the domestic new album, this summer, Korea-Japan simultaneous receipt notice!

    SUPER JUNIOR-D&E gets hot in August.

    SUPER JUNIOR-D&E will release its second mini-album ‘‘Bout You’ in Korea on various music sites such as Melon, Genie and Bugs at 16:00 pm on August 16th. I uploaded a cool concept photo to SUPER JUNIOR official SNS and caught the attention of global music fans.

    ‘‘Bout You’ is a domestic album that lasted about 3 years and 5 months after the first mini album 'The Beat Goes On' released in March 2015. It has all contents like jacket photo, title song music video, It is likely to focus attention with the colorful appearance of SUPER JUNIOR-D&E along with shooting with different locations and exotic scenery.

    In addition, SUPER JUNIOR-D&E released its third regular album "STYLE" in Japan on August 8, and started in Yokohama on September 7-8, Kobe on September 15-17, September 27-28 and October 2 3 days Tokyo, October 12-13 Nagoya, October 20-21 Hiroshima, October 27-28 Fukuoka, November 3-4 Sapporo, November 8-9 National tour in the Tokyo Dhokan "SUPER JUNIOR-D&E JAPAN TOUR 2018 ~ STYLE ~"and will be active in both Korea and Japan.

    SUPER JUNIOR-D&E released its first mini album, "The Beat Goes On," which won the top spot on iTunes total album charts in eight Asian regions including Hong Kong, Thailand, Taiwan, Singapore, Vietnam, Macau, Indonesia and Malaysia, The album has gained overwhelming popularity with the iTunes charts sweeping top spot pop album charts, top 9 K-POP album charts in Asia, and the first place on KBS 2TV Music Bank with the title song 'Growing Pains' ‘’Bout You’ is also expected to respond well.

    On the other hand, SUPER JUNIOR-D&E has been continuing steadily since launching digital singles every month in Japan since last November.

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    YERI "Songs ‘Mr. E’, I feel like I'm on safari "

    Red Velvet (SM) is celebrating his comeback live broadcast.

    Red Velvet will perform 'Red Velvet LIVE 'Power Up'at Red Velvet channel on Naver V Live at 10 pm on August 6th. It will tell you various stories such as current talk, new album work episode, concert behind, We are expecting a hot reaction.

    In addition, the Red Velvet promotional site on August 1, 2008, has a teaser image for each member filled with chewing gum, as well as a teaser video ‘Recipes Video #2’ that shows YERI's youthful appeal through various SNS official accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, was also opened to further heighten expectations.

    In addition, this video has an impressive variety of sounds that make you think you are in a jungle. ‘Mr. E’part of the sound was inserted, YERI commented on this song, "It feels like you are on safari every time you hear the song inserted. I would like you to feel this kind of atmosphere by listening to this song. "

    On the other hand, Red Velvet will release all summer songs of summer mini album 'Summer Magic' on various music sites such as Melon, Genie, Naver Music, iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music and Xiami Music on August 6, The show will be the first to showcase the title song "Power Up" at the second concert "REDMARE" held on April 4 ~ 5.

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  • 2018-08-01 Press Release

    Beautiful Guam, look closer!

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    SPEEKER artist NANAN participated in '2018 Guam Eco Wave' exhibition

    SPEEKER artist NANAN will participate in '2018 Guam Eco Wave' exhibition from 1st to 27th of August.

    The '2018 Guam Eco Wave' exhibition is part of a campaign sponsored by the Guam Tourism Authority to preserve the beautiful natural environment of Guam and its historic Chamorro culture and encourage interest in ecotourism.

    In May, NANAN visited Inarajan Village in southern Guam with famous artists in Korea, and painted the beauty of Guam on the village structure, which would be left in ruins. In this exhibition, the artists who participated in the painting work will gather again, and the works expressed by the individual sense and personality of the artist will be displayed.

    Through this exhibition, NANAN said, "We want to sublimate the flowers with long-lasting flowers that express the paintings of Healing and Peace received from the nature of the tropical country Guam."

    Meanwhile, NANAN is an illustrator and window painter who lives by sharing love and friendship through paintings. He has held window painting exhibitions in overseas galleries such as the Paper Container Museum, New York 31 Gallery, and Hong Kong World Trade Center.

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    - Jung Ryeo Won, 'Witch at Court' - 'Wok of Love' KEYEAST even in the hot interest in the industry!
    - KEYEAST "Jung Ryeo Won is a family that has been together since 2012. Jung Ryeo Won will return the faith he showed "

    Jung Ryeo Won reaffirmed his firm belief in each other as he renews his contract with KEYEAST.

    On the morning of the first day, KEYEAST shared the news of his third contract with his artist Jung Ryeo Won. Jung Ryeo Won presented the essence of the romantic comedy by playing the role of Dan Sae-woo in the SBS drama 'Wok of Love', which lasted 17th month. We have been receiving love calls from industry representatives.

    Hong Min Ki, vice president of KEYEAST Management, said, "Jung Ryeo Won has been with us since 2012. I am very grateful to Jung Ryeo Won for his commitment to KEYEAST, despite the enthusiasm of the industry, "said Jung Ryeo Won." I will do more active support and management so that I can pay back my faith. "

    Jung Ryeo Won and KEYEAST have joined hands with Drama King, Medical Top Team and Bubblegum for the first time in 2012. In 2017, Witch at Court created a life character with a heavy message and a sophisticated catharsis to viewers. She was awarded the best actress award for the KBS drama, and was recognized for her popularity and popularity.

    In addition to acting, Jung Ryeo Won has been receiving steady love calls from 2030 women's fashion beauty wannabe icons as well as reality arts such as 'ART STAR KOREA' and 'YoanaHouse'. Jung Ryeo Won, who has been active in various fields, will strengthen KEYEAST with another renewal and will continue to be the best partner in the future.

    Meanwhile, KEYEAST, the largest actor management company in Korea with the exclusive contract with Jung Ryeo Won, has been awarded the title of Bae Yong Joon, Son Hyun Joo, Uhm Jung Hwa, Ju Ji Hoon, Kim Hyun Joong, Soo Hyun Kim, So E Hyun, Kim Dong Wook, and Woo Do Hwan are among the top artists in Korea.

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    Lee Su Geun vs Tongyeong billiard federation team
    Work with skill
    Live billiard showdown
    What is the result ?!
    Will Lee Su Geun's winning streak continue?

    Lee Su Geun will play a third billiard show on YouTube 'Lee Su Geun Channel'.

    ‘Lee Su Geun Channel’ is scheduled to be broadcast live on the first day of the third confrontation will appear unexpected secret. The two contestants who poured their billiard skills at Tongyeong took a direct challenge to Lee Su Geun Channel and visited Lee Su Geun to face the challenge.

    The contestants of this show are the 30s and 50s who lead the Tongyeong billiard federation. They will not only cover up with Lee Su Geun in a confrontation but also make a memorable experience on the air.

    In addition, Lee Su Geun Channel, after opening a spectacular art parlor parade, Lee Su Geun is continuing a clean streak of winning streak, this game will also show good work and will add one win will be the watch point.

    Currently, Lee Su Geun Channel has about 24,000 subscribers, and the number of top viewers at the time of the last broadcast is as high as 3,600, which is very popular with billiard enthusiasts as well as YouTube viewers. Proving.

    So Lee Su Geun, who received a lot of witty rumor and improvisation and performed live on 'Lee Su Geun Channel' and went beyond the broadcast to YouTube, is paying attention to what kind of pleasure he will show in the billiard confrontation with this challenger.

    Meanwhile, YouTube 'Lee Su Geun Channel' will be broadcast live on July 1 at 7 pm.

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    - ParcJaejung announces his debut four years, "I am happy to dream" ... 4 days open!
    - ParcJaejung held fan meeting on the 11th after the announcement of the new song on April 4 "live piano playing new song"

    Singer ParcJaejung made his debut in his debut four years before his first song 'Words'.

    ParcJaejung said through his agency MYSTIC Entertainment on January 1, "I am very happy to be able to release my own dream that I have always dreamed of.

    ParcJaejung, who made his debut in the music industry in 2014, will join hands with producer YoonJongShin in earnest starting in 2016 and showcased ballads such as 'Two Men', 'Passport', 'Focus', 'The Villain' and 'Bad Dream' As well.

    ParcJaejung said, "Mr. YoonJongShin has listened to me and told me that the lyrics are really novel and really good," he said, "I thought I would feel better that day."

    'Words' is a ballad that breaks down during the making of songs to give to loved ones. ParcJaejung wrote the lyrics, ParcJaejung and his colleague friend Kim Hyung Pyo made songs together, and pianist Song Young Joo took part to improve the completeness of the song.

    ParcJaejung said, "I wrote lyrics to the melody I made with Hyung Pyo a long time ago." "This is not a real experience, but someday I want to put my story in my own words."

    ParcJaejung will meet with the fans after opening a new song on April 4 and opening a fan meeting 'Christmas gift, second' on the 11th debut 4th anniversary.

    He said, "We will play a piano at the fan meeting and listen to the new song." He said, "I will work harder to give great happiness to fans who have always supported me."

    ParcJaejung 's new song' Words' will be released on the 4th of each afternoon at 6pm.

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    Sun Osaka Kyocera Dome concert successfully held! A total of 120 thousand audience enthusiasm!
    #SM Global Performance Brand Power # K-POP Leader Star #Fantastic Stage
    SM Entertainment Global performance brand 'SMTOWN LIVE' flooded Osaka night.
    'SMTOWN LIVE 2018 IN Osaka' was held in Osaka Kyocera Dome from July 28th to 30th. It was a fantastic concert with SM artists' excellent singing ability, perfect performance and exclusive stage manners. .
    Especially, this show includes LUNA, Amber, EXO, Red Velvet, NCT, TraxX, Sunday, J-Min of KANGTA, BoA, TVXQ !, Super Junior, Girls' Generation's Taeyeon, Yoona, Hyoyeon, SHINee, And K-pop stars such as K-POP appeared in 49 different songs and performances.
    NCT DREAM's 'GO', this show is KANGTA 'Calling Out For You', BoA 'ONE SHOT, TWO SHOT', TVXQ! 'Chance of Love', Super Junior 'Bonamana', SHINee 'Good Evening', Red Velvet 'Bad Boy', NCT 2018 'Black on Black' 'Road', Taeyeon 'Stay', EXO 'Electric Kiss', Red Velvet '#Cookie Jar', NCT 127 'Chain' etc Stage, YeSung, Taeyeon, Yoona, TAEMIN, LUNA, Amber, J-Min The audience was enthusiastically enriched by an attractive solo stage.
    Also, KANGTA X WENDY X SEULGI 'Doll', BoA X TAEMIN 'Only One', Super Junior X IRENE 'Lo Siento', Sunday X DOYOUNG 'Still', Hyoyeon X LUCAS 'Wannabe', CHANYEOL X WENDY 'Stay With Me' etc. SHINee is a charismatic dance performance performed by performers such as EunHyuk, Hyoyeon, SEHUN, LUNA, IRENE, SEULGI, TAEYONG and TEN. f (x), EXO, and TraxX, as well as the EDM performance.
    In addition, audiences sang songs throughout the concert, sent cheers and applause that seemed to leave the venue, and enjoyed passionate performances such as coloring the seats with colorful lights through a remote controlled wristwatch fan light , The artists also greeted in fluent Japanese, rode the mobile car and walked all over the venue, and added a nice touch to communicate.
    In addition, based on the large Y-shaped stage, the stage, auxiliary stage, rotating stage, and various stage configurations suitable for large-scale venues have added fun to see, and using a dazzling lighting, laser, and fireworks to create a three- A high-quality performance that overwhelms the conspicuous gaze has been unveiled, making the scene hot.
    On the other hand, this show was watched by 80,000 people live on live showings of live performances at 160 cinemas across Japan including Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya and Fukuoka from July 28 to 29, proving the high interest of local fans.

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    Red Velvet "'Power Up', an exciting piece of music, prepared to cheer for a hot summer" Expectations are high!
    Red Velvet (SM) will unveil a new stage at the solo concert this week.
    Red Velvet is expected to release its title song 'Power Up' through the second single concert 'REDMARE' on August 4 ~ 5 in advance of the release of the new album.
    The title song 'Power Up' is an addictive up tempo pop dance song, and the member YERI is "a song I prepared to give strength for you who would have been tired of the heat. I want you to listen to it." JOY is "a cute and exciting song, It is good to listen in the car when traveling with a friend. ", SEULGI amplifies the curiosity by introducing" I can sing in the summertime in summertime like the title, sing the chorus all together, and the performance is easy and interesting ".
    In addition, WENDY explains, "The more I listen, the better I feel and the more I call it," the IRENE explains, "Cute, repetitive hooks are addictive, Global fans will be more interested in the super power summer song Power Up.
    The red velvet promotional site on July 31, 2009, also featured a new teaser image for each member, and the IRENE's appealing appeal is provided through various SNS official accounts of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Recipes Video # 1, which is a compelling teaser video, was also released and became a hot topic.

    In addition, this video includes a part of the song "With You," which includes both the summer sensation that covers the entire song and the winter sensation felt in the lyrics, further heightening the expectations for the new album.
    On the other hand, Red Velvet's summer mini album "Summer Magic" will be released on 6th August at 6 pm Melon, Genie, Naver Music, iTunes, Spotify, Apple Music and XiamiMusic. As well.

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