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  • 2018-07-26 Press Release

    Choi Min Ho, Strong presence in 'ILLANG'

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    Action + intense eyes
    Expansive smoke spectrum Looking forward to it!
    The presence of 'ILLANG' Choi Min Ho (SHINee MINHO, SM) was brilliant.

    In the film 'ILLANG', Choi Min Ho, who plays the key member of special talent team Kim Chul Jin, has got a good response from the audience, offering a new look that has never been seen before from visual to action acting.
    Kim Chul Jin, played by Choi Min Ho in the play, is an ace of Jang Jin Tae (Jung Woo-sung), the training director of Lim Joong Kyung (Kang Dong-won), and actively participates in all operations to prevent the conspiracy of the Ministry of Public Security. It makes a deep impression.
    Kim Chul Jin Choi Min Ho, who has been trained extensively to digest his role, has been able to digest the action and complete the stylish action scene of the film 'ILLANG', especially when the conflict is at its peak I express my character's emotional line in my eyes and catch my eye.
    Choi Min Ho, who has broadened his acting spectrum without fearing transformations and challenges in such diverse genres of dramas and films, has proven his / her true potential to audiences and movie-makers through 'ILLANG' have.
    In the meantime, the film 'ILLANG' is the chaotic chaos in which the anti-terrorist group emerged after South Korea and North Korea announced plans to prepare for unification. In 2029, the ILLANG 'Is a work that draws the topic, and is being screened among the audience.

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    "'Scarlett O'Hara' Happy to meet, the opportunity to grow even more."

    f (x) LUNA (SM) reported that he finished the musical 'Gone with the Wind'.

    Luna, who played the role of heroine 'Scarlett O'Hara' in the musical 'Gone with the Wind', finished the activity for two months after the performance on the 25th, and the audience applauded the audience.

    LUNA was really happy and unforgettable to play "Scarlett O'Hara", a classic "Gone with the Wind" after the last show, "and at first it was not easy to understand her like a fox and a fox As you become more and more aware, you become more and more involved. I was attracted to the charming and lovely characters like 'Scarlett O'Hara', and I became an opportunity to grow even more. "

    We also thank all the actors, staff, and audience who participated in the event. I will do my best in the future and show myself as a musical actor, "he added.

    In this work, which depicts the fate and love of four men and women who have been influenced by the American Civil War, LUNA plays the role of 'Scarlett O'Hara', a strong and strong woman, and expresses the charm of a lovely and innocent girl as a unique bright energy, And a war, such as war, suffered from difficulties and trials, growing up as a strong woman with excellent singing power and stable smoke, and won the favor.

    In addition, LUNA has become a musical actress through numerous works including 'Legally Blonde', 'Coyote Ugly', 'In the Heights', 'Rebecca', 'The Last Kiss', and the 12th DIMF He has won many awards such as the 'New Artist of the Year' award.
    Meanwhile, the musical 'Gone with the Wind' will be performed until the 29th.

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    SPEEKER artist Kim ChungJae is appearing on SBS 'Finding Genius'.

    Kim ChungJae released the changed daily life on SBS 'Finding Genius' broadcasted on the 25th. During that time, the audience was wondering about post-broadcast updates, anecdote with Keean84, and the appearance of artist Kim ChungJae.

    He said that many things have changed since the broadcast, and he has done a lot of opportunities and various things such as music videos, broadcasting activities, photo shoots, but said that the inner part is not much different.

    In addition, after learning Keean84 who started broadcasting activities and the same art school in high school, he showed the friendship that has been going on and attracted attention. Keean84 advised that "Do not miss the opportunity to communicate with many people as an artist with the words" Would you like to cut your lonely ear as Van Gogh? "

    He also surprised the panelists about his current activities as a product designer by presenting ongoing work in progress, such as group exhibitions and brand collaboration work that will be held in late July.

    Kim ChungJae said, "I have been very busy and happy recently. I am interested in the current situation, and sometimes I ask you a question. I am very grateful to be able to tell my story through Finding Genius. "

    On the other hand, Kim ChungJae will hold a design group exhibition at DDP on the 27th.

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    'Talk to You of KimJeDong2' A friendly charm explosion as a happy communicator!
    From dance to sincere advice, active! Talk to You 'empathy goddess'

    YURI (YURI of Girls' Generation, SM) is gaining attention with 'empathy goddess'.
    YURI has been working as a "happy communicator" since it has been relegated to MC from the second season of JTBC "Talk to You of KimJeDong2" and communicates with 800 audience members every time.

    In the 7th episode broadcast on July 24th, the photographs that I had directly photographed, "I am in a hand drip coffee", led the audience to be more comfortable talking about their stories, and Girls' Generation's hit song "Hoot 'S arrow dancing was a surprise, and the atmosphere of the scene was heightened.

    In addition, TWICE JIHYO and NAYEON, who came out as guests, were nervous, and encouraged me to "make it easier." In addition, Jung Jae Seung, who appeared as a panelist, On behalf of the audience, I was pleasantly surprised to hear questions about brain science that I was wondering about in my daily life.

    In this way, YURI has prepared new pictures for each subject in order to get closer to the audience. KimJeDong and KimJeDong have a good smile as a brother and sister. have.

    On the other hand, YURI, who has been active as an actor, starring as Aebong in the pre-production drama 'Sound of Your Heart 2 & 3' at the beginning of this year, and has a bright and lovely charm in the MBC drama ' Bok Seung Ah, a sales team newcomer, casts the role and collects interest in what kind of acting is going to take place.

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    - Jung Hae Na, Red Wearing a charm in a dress 'look rape'
    - Jung Hae Na, appears as a foreign doctor equipped with ability + beauty! Korean language performance 'Perfect digestion'

    Jung Hae Na is expected to perform in the second half of 2018.

    Jung Hae Na, MBC drama 'Risky Romance', who was in charge of Krabi Hospital in Thailand, showed an impressive performance.

    Han Seung Joo (Ji Hyun Woo), Joo In Ah (Lee Si-young) and Cha Jae Hwan (Kim Jin-yeop), who were selected as representatives of the Korean Darin Hospital, Hospital in Thailand to sign an MOU.

    Three of them visited Krabi Hospital in Thailand and met FuYing, the current doctor of Han Seung Joo's previous operation. FuYing is awkward Korean, but Han Seung Joo shared a warmth of his patients and showed them to be the first to consider patients.

    In the party hall celebrating the MOUs of the two hospitals, FuYing came up with a fascinating red dress. And Han Seung Joo first approached Han Seung Joo and praised it as "You look good in a suit." He grabbed the hearts of viewers with his charm over the border, expressing his positive affirmation that "I came to care about him to look good today."

    Jung Hae Na also portrayed the foreign doctor character who was in front of work and love with high immersion. In particular, FuYing's digestive Korean language, but also missed the warm and energetic energy of the characters in the dialogue, doubled the charm.

    Jung Hae Na made a debut in KBS2 'Cheer Up' in 2015 and took a role in the TVN 'Pied Piper' as a social reporter, Yoon Bo Ram. In MBC 'You're Too Much', Jung Hae-dang (Ku Hye-sun) 's younger brother Jung Hae Soo appears and emits a vitamin-like charm.

    In 2018, we will be interested in what kind of activity will be launched in the second half of the year, starting with 'Risky Romance'.

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    - Woo Do Hwan, New York City
    - Woo Do Hwan, Hong Kong fashion magazine cover, Japan fan meeting ... 'Next generation Korean wave star' announcement birth!

    Woo Do Hwan will decorate the 'Esquire Hong Kong' cover and announce the birth of the next generation Korean wave star.

    Woo Do Hwan attended as a Korean representative to the French luxury brand "SAINT LAURANT 2019 S / S Men's Collection" held in New York in June. In addition to attending the collection, Woo Do Hwan demonstrated Woo Do Hwan's hot response in Asia by filming and filming 'Esquire Hong Kong' July issue in Manhattan, New York.

    The Asian interest in Woo Do Hwan is getting larger as Woo Do Hwan's drama 'Save Me', 'Mad Dog' and 'Tempted' are broadcasted in Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore. The first fan meeting will be held on August 4th in Tokyo, Japan.

    In the July issue of 'Esquire Hong Kong', Woo Do Hwan wore a black velvet shirt and a bold zebra-patterned jacket to create a sensational yet chic atmosphere. Woo Do Hwan's intense eyes on New York City's senses add to his eyes and capture the Asian girlfriend.

    In an interview, Woo Do Hwan said, "I do not hesitate to use the means and methods to achieve my goals, and I do not hesitate to even use people."

    Woo Do Hwan is expanding his field of activity overseas as 'the 20 most notable actors' in Korea. It is noteworthy whether it will be able to continue the next generation Korean wave star history.

    On the other hand, an interview with Woo Do Hwan's pictorial in the background of New York's fantastic night can be seen in the July issue of 'Esquire Hong Kong'.

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  • 2018-07-25 Press Release

    Kim Jae Young, catching up with Japan!

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    First debut Japanese fan meeting held successfully

    Actor Kim Jae Young captivated the Japanese archipelago.

    ESteem Entertainment Actor Kim Jae Young held a fan meeting in Osaka on July 7 and had an unforgettable time with Japanese fans.

    Despite Japan 's record heavy rain this day, Japanese fans filled their seats. As Kim Jae Young responded to this, Kim Jae Young and his fans became more and more valuable fan meetings, revealing humanity through humorous and comfortable communication throughout the performance.

    Kim Jae Young, who starred in 'The Fool' of 'The Nuts', opened the fan meeting with a glimmer of eyes to the fans who found the venue. Kim Jae Young and his fans were surprised by the release of their celebrated models Han Hye Jin, Cho Min Ho and Kim Jin Kyung. In addition to showing off the "My Secret Romance" film, which has been well received in Japan, it is also possible to reenact the drama scenes on the stage, making Kim Jae Young romance time as a heroine to fans. did.

    After playing the game and shaking hands, I had a more pleasant and romantic time with my fans. At the last encore performance, Kim Dong-ryul called 'Old Song' and sweetly decorated the fan meeting finale.

    This fan meeting was a romantic moment with the warmth and support of the fans. It was a meaningful place to see the affection of Kim Jae Young who transcended nationality and fans.

    Meanwhile, Kim Jae Young is in the middle of shooting a drama scheduled for the second half of 2018.

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    - The last story of single trilogy 'DREAMS COME TRUE'! 'Dreams face reality'
    - 2 songs including 'Yellow' and 'Gran Canaria', MIRYO lyric and composition

    The rapper MIRYO releases a new single.

    MYSTIC Entertainment announced on its 25th that "MIRYO will release a solo single 'TRUE' on the 30th.

    The single 'TRUE' is the last one to decorate MIRYO's single trilogy series 'DREAMS COME TRUE', which contains two songs about the situation facing dreams.

    The title song 'Yellow' is a dreamy song that unfolds the story of a man who finally met a dream artist. The song 'Gran Canaria' is an exciting song featuring an encounter with a duo that MIRYO actually traveled to Gran Canaria.

    MIRYO has released the second single "COME" and the last single "TRUE" in February, starting with the first single "DREAMS" of the trilogy series last November, and sequentially producing all songs, And shows musical competence.

    He shows his lab skills and charisma through his solo work with Brown Eyed Girls. Recently, he has been broadcasting personal videos on the YouTube channel and video game channel.

    MIRYO's single 'TRUE' will be released at 6 pm on the 30th.

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    The first music festival to participate after debut! Amplification of expectation!

    'No.1 Musician' BoA (SM) will be on stage at the fall music festival 'Grand Mint Festival 2018'.

    BoA will be on the first lineup of GMF 2018 to be held from 20th to 21st of October. It will add a lot of festivals with colorful songs and colorful performances that have been loved by music fans. Participation is expected to gather more topics as this is the first time.

    GMF 2018 is a representative domestic music festival that will be held every autumn since 2007. It has been well received by many festivals including photo zones and experience zones as well as various genres of artists. , MeloMance, Bolbbalgan4, Soran, YOUNHA, Peppertones, Paul Kim and many other talented artists.

    In addition, BoA announced its first mini album 'ONE SHOT, TWO SHOT' in February, and actively participated in direct lyric and choreography initiatives to charismatic performances, attracted fascination with the music industry, The festival will be highlighted by GMF 2018, as it has proven to be the No.1 musician.

    Meanwhile, BoA will attend 'SMTOWN LIVE 2018 IN OSAKA' at Kyocera Dome, Osaka, Japan for a total of three days from July 28 to 30.

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    A good heart filled with desserts and packed gifts!
    'IslandVely' warm charm down!

    'SumChongSa2' Lee Yeon Hee (SM) has been a Sori Island 'limited express granddaughter'.

    Lee Yeon Hee adapted to the Sori Island Island stay on the July 23 broadcast Olive channel entertainment program 'Sum ChongSa2', and made a dessert for the adults of the island and packed it.

    PARK JOON-WOO Before coming to the island, Lee Yeon Hee, who has learned to bake the chef in advance, is using the paper cups in the kitchen for a while, not having the tools, and creating the tiramisu and churros with his base. It gave warmth.

    Then, Lee Yeon Hee handed the hand pack to the adults, gave her a gift of PAS, and let her grandmother, Lee Yeon Hee, pretend to be a good-looking woman, prepare herbs and take them to Seoul. Nanda said, "It made many audiences feel sad with their tears.

    Lee Yeon Hee has been well received for his charm and nostalgia for adults, as well as for his relaxed charm that has adapted naturally to entertainments. He also raised expectations for next week's broadcast of another story by Sori Island.

    'Sum ChongSa2' is an island stay of Kang Ho-dong, Lee Soo-geun and Lee Yeon Hee who are believed to be working on a jewel island in Korea.

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