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    On My Own 'Ballad' After Painting '

    'Sensitive Voice' SUPER JUNIOR YESUNG is participating in SBS drama 'Should We Kiss First?' OST.

    YESUNG's 'On My Own', which will be released as 'OST Part 5' on 'Should We Kiss First?', Will be released on 6th at 2pm through various music sites such as Melon, Genie, Bugs and NAVER Music. see.

    This new song 'On My Own' is a realistic ballad that expresses the pain and emptiness felt after separation. It features a quiet synth based on authentic ballad, electric guitar and vinyl sound drumset, plus YESUNG's deep and deep vocals. Will attract more people.

    Previously, YESUNG recorded mega hit with the main theme song 'It Has To Be You' of KSB2 drama 'Cinderella Sister' in 2010, followed by 'Gray Paper', 'Dreaming a Dream', 'For One Day' Longing 'and so on. So, the expectation for the new song' On My Own 'is being amplified.

    In addition, "Should We Kiss First?" OST was released on March 20, Paul Kim's "Every Day, Every Moment" music site Bugs real-time charts, WON 'Ordinary Goodbye', LUNA 'Is it Love', April JINSOL 'PERFECT' and Realslow 'Monologue'.

    On the other hand, "Should We Kiss First?" Is a real melodrama with mysterious adults 'unexpectedly frustrating love', which is broadcasted on SBS every Monday and Tuesday at 10:00 pm.

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    Songs from the regular 8th album "Love Line" Music video will be released at 12:00 pm on April 2!

    "Love Line" music video featuring 'K-POP's' TVXQ!' S regular 8th album 'New Chapter # 1: The Chance of Love' will be released.

    TVXQ! Will release the music video of the regular 8th album "Love Line" through the official homepage, YouTube and Naver TV SMTOWN channel on the night of April 2, and will show the music video of U-Know and MAX, It is expected to catch a glimpse because it can meet pleasant figure.

    In particular, this music video features a relaxed TVXQ! As if you are at a resort, and you can feel the cool and cool atmosphere that fits well with the unique atmosphere of the song. It is another attraction to the title song 'The Chance of Love' It seems to attract music fans.

    In addition, TVXQ! Performed last week in various music programs and performed the title song 'The Chance of Love' and the song 'Love Line', two performances created by two members' fantastic breathing. Once again confirmed.

    TVXQ released on March 28! The 8th album 'New Chapter # 1: The Chance of Love' is getting a good response with record number 1 in the domestic music charts and # 1 in the iTunes total album charts.

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  • 2018-04-02 Press Release

    SM 'STATION' Season 2, finale this week!

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    NCT TEN 'New Heroes' on 6th

    SM 'STATION' Season 2 will finish 52 weeks after the end of this week.

    TEN's new solo 'New Heroes' will be released on April 6th at 6 pm Melon, Genie, Never Music and other music sites. 'STATION' is the 52nd protagonist of the season 2, NCT TEN. Global music fans are expected to get a lot of attention.

    This new song 'New Heroes' is an EDM pop song based on Future Bass that can meet the mature vocals of TEN. The song has a strong will to be a new hero of this age by working in any environment.

    In addition, TEN has attracted attention by participating in "STATION" following the solo song "Dream In A Dream" which was released in April, 2017, and it shows various charms through the extra large project 'NCT 2018' As soon as I got the response, the new look that I show through this new song brings more expectation.

    TEN will also be presenting the new 'Heroes' stage on April 6th at 'SMTOWN LIVE WORLD TOUR VI DUBAI' in Dubai OTISMIC LUXES Arena. It will attract new audiences with its new performance. .

    On the other hand, 'STATION' season 2 is the birth of Red Velvet's 'Would U' which was released on March 31, 2017, announcing new music every week for a year and collaborating with various artists, producers and composers It has received a lot of love by showing a high-quality sound source and contents.

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    Next comes to South America! Argentina - Peru - Chile - Mexico tour starts from April 20!

    SUPER JUNIOR's Taiwan concert, which is hosting the seventh solo concert tour, has been completed successfully.

    SUPER JUNIOR will hold the "SUPER JUNIOR WORLD TOUR" SUPER SHOW 7 "in TAIPEI" at Taipei Arena, Taiwan on March 31 and April 1. .

    SUPER JUNIOR, which made an intense opening with the title song 'Black Suit' of the regular 8th album 'PLAY' released last November, is' Sorry, Sorry ',' Bonamana ',' Mr. Simple 'and other fantastic rhythmic hits as well as songs that can meet sensual vocals of SUPER JUNIOR such as' Stars Appear ...', 'Shining Star', 'I Do', 'The Lucky Ones' The prefecture, about 3 hours, filled the venue and warmed the venue.

    In particular, SUPER JUNIOR has set a new record in Korea's music chart of 'KKbox', the largest music source site in Asia, from the first week of June 2010 to the third week of September, The concert also proved itself to be the "Global Hallyu King" by selling over 22,000 seats in just three minutes.

    In addition, the 'SUPER JUNIOR WORLD TOUR SUPER SHOW7', which opened in Seoul Jamsil Indoor Gymnasium with 25,000 spectators on December 15-17, passed Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong and Taiwan on April 20, , Lima on October 22, Chile on June 24, and Mexico City on March 27. This is boosting expectations for global music fans.

    On the other hand, SUPER JUNIOR's regular 8th repackage album 'REPLAY' will be officially released on April 12th.

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    HaJungWan, a homicide detective with a hottie and a stamina
    The only person who believes in SongYoona
    Notice another smoke transformation!

    Actor Song Jae Lim confirmed his appearance on SBS weekend drama 'Secret Mother'.

    The SBS weekend drama 'Secret Mother' is a womance mystery thriller drama depicting the story of a surrogate mother who enters the home of a woman who has a secret in her child's death. Especially, it is a new word with the meaning of 'Admission Mom who is responsible for the substitution of other children based on the experience of admission of children to the prestigious college' and 'Supervisor Surrogate'.
    Song Jae Lim plays HaJungWan, a homicide detective who has a sense of strangeness and a sense of obsession when he is stuck in one. 'HaJungWan' is the only person who believes in SongYoona (KimYoonJin) who doubts her daughter's death. She will help her to break the truth and will help to solve the entangled threads between the characters and lead the important flow of the drama. to be.
    Song Jae Lim recently confirmed her appearances as 'Secret Mother' following JTBC '' Clean With Passion For Now ''. In addition to her long and short films, she also transformed into a charismatic detective through 'Secret Mother' Expectations of viewers are increasing in their performance.

    On the other hand, SBS weekend drama 'Secret Mother', which Song Jae Lim announced his appearance, will be broadcast first in May following 'The Good Witch'.

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    Autobiographical story and sensory visuals focus attention!

    NCT U (SM) 'YESTODAY' music video combined with TAEYONG, MARK, LUCAS and DOYOUNG unveils April 1.

    NCTI's "YESTODAY" music video will be released on April 1 at 12 pm on YouTube and Naver TV's SMTOWN channel, which will attract global music fans.

    'YESTODAY' in 'NCT 2018 EMPATHY' released on March 14th is an impressive song that everything is going to pass like yesterday's work. Members TAEYONG and MARK participated in lyric song, .

    In addition, this music video uses a variety of image techniques such as photo collages and animations of members to express the lyrics in a sensual visual, and 'YESTODAY (Extended Ver.)', Which was released as a bonus track only on the sound source site, I added.

    In addition, 'NCT 2018' is a very large project that can meet the various composition and appeal of NCT such as NCT U, NCT DREAM and NCT 127 in one album. Is the first K-POP group to be featured on "The Beats 1" playlist of DJs and editors of Beats 1 on the global platform Apple music radio channel.

    On the other hand, NCT 127, which is the fourth runner of 'NCT 2018', presents 'TOUCH' stage in a bright spring atmosphere on April 1 in SBS 'popular song'.

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    - "I decided to accept your decisive farewell will ... I will not reply, your tok is a perfect farewell"
    - MV Lee Dong Hwi-Jeon Yeo Been starring in the film 'The Beauty Inside' by Baek Jong-yul ...

    Singer YOONJONGSHIN's monthly music project <Monthly YOONJONGSHIN> March issue 'Goodbye Talk' will be released on the 31st.

    'Goodbye Talk' is a song written by YOONJONGSHIN who writes, composes and sings a song about a man who received 'Goodbye Talk' from his opponent and did not reply.

    According to the lyrics of "Goodbye Talk" released by YOONJONGSHIN on SNS, the man receives a long message "Goodbye Talk" as a mobile messenger to the other.

    '너무 평범했어 그 알림 / 안부 톡인 줄만 / 길고 긴 문장들과 점들이 왠지 심상치 않았어'

    Inside the message is the long-suffering and painful side of the opponent, and there is firm determination and will.

    '고민고민 정리 된 문장 그냥 즉흥적인 홧김은 아냐 / 오래오래 쌓인 너의 맘 한 줄 한 줄 음 / 내가 할 말을 다 아는 듯 / 완벽한 이별 이유를 정독한 뒤 / 너의 단호한 이별의지를 받아 들이기로 했어'

    The man is sure that there will not be a better end than this message, and he decides not to reply. And decide to leave the chat room.

    ‘나가기를 누르려고 해 우리 오래된 방 / 다 구차한 좋은 사람 되기 몇 글자 / 답장은 하지 않을게 / 너의 톡은 완벽한 이별 더 이상 우리 방은 없어’

    YOONJONGSHIN, who obtained the motif of the housework, said, "I do not think it is badness to say that it is not courtesy to each other to break up with a common talent, but I do not think that it is bad." It is only possible to face a face, It may be better to see no separation, but only two people know which way is better. "

    In March 'Goodbye Talk' music video, actors Lee Dong Hwi and Jeon Yeo Been, who are acclaimed for their unique characters and performances, appeared and Baek Jong-yul directed the movie 'The Beauty Inside'. The teaser, which was unveiled on the 30th, raised expectations for the song.

    'Goodbye Talk' is expected to be released as a separate lyrics for YOONJONGSHIN.

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    - Jeong jinwoon, released a new song for 10 months ... "Two years ago,
    - Jeong jinwoon's bright vocals + band sound = Spring Song announcement 'Announced on April 3'

    Singer Jeong jinwoon announced his new song 'Erasing' in 10 months.

    Jeong jinwoon said, "I wanted to make music that I want to send out in spring, but" Erasing "is a song that matches the spring weather." I was driving 2 years ago and then I heard the lyrics and melody, "I said.

    'Erasing' is a song written by Jeong jinwoon, Jeong jinwoon, and a new song by Johan.

    "I think 'Erasing' is a 'eraser' that erases something that has already existed to write a new one," he said.

    Jeong jinwoon, who showed free and dynamic rock sensitivity through Maxi single 'WILL' in June, 2016 and single 'Love is true' in June, 2017, has a sweet and soft atmosphere with band sound plus saxophone, It is hoped that it will become a 'Spring Song' to be heard in the warm spring weather.

    Jeong jinwoon said, "I want to concentrate on music and acting" and "Jeong jinwoon's music is also eraser for new maintenance, so I will give you lots of good music in the future."

    Jeong jinwoon 's new song' Erasing 'will be released on April 3 at 6 pm on each music source site.

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    Billboard "K-POP boy band representative reporter official return" Spotlight!

    TVXQ! (SM), a comeback of the regular 8th album 'New Chapter # 1: The Chance of Love'

    TVXQ! Is the regular 8th album released on March 28th, and has been ranked number one in the domestic music charts charts such as Hantar chart and Shinnara record. In addition, the iTunes comprehensive album chart also includes Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan, Vietnam, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau, the Philippines, Chile, Ecuador and Peru.

    Also on March 29 (local time), the Billboard of the United States famous media, "TVXQ! The Chance of Love The album was released in the title of 'The Chance of Love'.

    Billboard said, "TVXQ! Has comebacked to the regular 8th house in three years. His first album, "New Chapter # 1: The Chance of Love," shows TVXQ! In a more mature and moody atmosphere! The album, which consists of 11 tracks, including 'The Chance of Love' featuring jazz feelings that show the most mature style of TVXQ !, means the official return of the K-Pop boy band leader, "TVXQ! I felt a lot of interest.

    In addition, "This album, which is composed of modern music, reflects the new era of TVXQ!" As it is called "New Chapter", and the title song "The Chance of Love", music video, Illuminated.

    On the other hand, TVXQ! Will show two titles of 'Love Ching of Love' and 'Chance of Love' on the KBS2TV 'Music Bank' on March 30th.

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    NCT U 'YESTODAY' Music Video Released on April 2 at 0:00!
    TAEYONG, MARK, LUCAS, DOYOUNG's fantastic breath!

    NCT (SM) super large project 'NCT 2018' fifth music video will be released.

    NCTI's "YESTODAY" music video, which is composed of members TAEYONG, MARK, LUCAS and DOYOUNG, will be released on April 2 at 0:00 on YouTube and Naver TV SMTOWN channel.

    'YESTODAY' is a collection of 'NCT 2018 EMPATHY' album released on March 14th. It is a combination of 'yesterday' and 'today' in English and means 'today to be yesterday.' The combination of rap and DOYOUNG's sad vocals is enough to meet a different charm.

    In addition, 'YESTODAY' music video teaser video which will meet new faces of TAEYONG, MARK, LUCAS, DOYOUNG in NCT account of various SNS, YouTube and Naver TV SMTOWN channel will be released on March 30 at night. It is likely to increase expectations for video.

    In addition, 'NCT 2018' is a very big project that can meet the various composition and charm of NCT such as NCT U, NCT DREAM, NCT 127 in one album. The album is ranked 1st in the domestic music charts, 1st in the iTunes total album charts, 1st in the 22 regions in the world, 1st in China music charts in China, 1st in the 30th in the world, and 1st in SBS MTV 'The Show' NCT's global popularity will be felt.

    On the other hand, NCT 127, which is the fourth runner of 'NCT 2018', is on March 30 KBS2TV 'Music Bank' and on March 31 MBC 'Show! Music center "on April 1, and" TOUCH "stage on SBS 'popular song'.

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