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    <theX+> Issue 2!

    Top Model Jang Yoon Ju and twenty-eight new artists will be published with the work <theX+> 2, which is a collaboration work.

    More than 100 artists from the Mixtage application, an artist collaboration platform, have supported this project, and Jang Yoon Ju has been involved in photography and video work as a muse. Jang Yoon Ju participated directly from planning stage to artist selection, leading the shooting scene and decorating the finished picture.

    "The two-month project <theX +> has been a special experience for artists as well as for Jang Yoon Ju," said a Mixture official. "Mixtage, an artist collaboration platform, will continue to collaborate on projects with artists and ESteem models," he added.

    <theX +> 's images and images are available on the ground, as well as through Mixtage, ESteem, and Dazed Korea's official SNS channels. In offline, you can meet at 11 bookstores nationwide including independent bookstores where Dazed Korea August issue is released.

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    - '내 아이디는 강남미인' Jo Woori, challenge the campus genre! 'Next Generation 20 Actors' premiere!
    - Jo Woori, '내 아이디는 강남미인' to show through the presence! 'Expectation UP'

    Jo Woori meets viewers with '내 아이디는 강남미인'.

    Jo Woori, who made a strong impression on 'Descendants of the Sun', 'Witch at Court' and 'Queen of Mystery2', took on the role of Hyun Soo Ah as the natural beauty and mother of JTBC drama '내 아이디는 강남미인' Challenge.

    내 아이디는 강남미인, and I was fooled by the 'nail' since I was a child. So MiRae, a woman who knew how to get a new life through plastic surgery, experiences a different campus life Inner growth drama. Jo Woori's Hyun Soo Ah is a chemist and an idol who takes everybody's attention.

    Since his debut with the drama 'Real School' in 2012, Jo Woori has continued his work activities such as 'Pure love', 'Medical Top Team', 'Modern Farmer' and 'A Daughter Just Like You'. Jo Woori, who gradually expanded his position through sincere acting activities, started his career as an anesthesiologist Jang Hee Eun in 'Descendants of the Sun' in 2016 and started to show his viewers in earnest. In 'Witch at Court' in 2017, Jin Yeon Hee, who acts as an information source for her sister's revenge, made a strong impression with Jung Ryeo Won and Kim Yeo Jin. In 'Queen of Mystery2' which appeared continuously, Yoon Mi Joo of Noh Ryong Dong was a suspect and a victim, and proved his ability to perform various emotional acts perfectly.

    Jo Woori, who unveiled his presence in various works with his unique digestive power, is going to radiate charm for college students through '내 아이디는 강남미인'. Jo Woori is attracting the attention of prospective viewers as well as the original characters, high sync rate and clear visuals. Jo Woori, an 'all-rounder' who has a stable acting ability and attractive visuals steadily built up by his constant work, is expected to play a leading role in '내 아이디는 강남미인'.

    Meanwhile, JTBC drama "내 아이디는 강남미인" starring Im Soo Hyang, Cha Eun Woo, Jo Woori and Kwak Dong Yeon will be broadcasted at 11 pm on July 27th.

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    What is NCT's one-night two-day Seoul trip? Amplification of expectation!

    NCT (SM) 's new travel real variety' Hot & Young Seoul Trip 'takes off the veil on July 23.

    'Hot & Young Seoul Trip' is a program that introduces hot place by visiting six members of NCT, including JOHNNY, MARK, LUCAS, WINWIN, KUN and YUTA. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 11:00 am It is expected to be open to the public on the Seoul city sightseeing website and YouTube channel.

    In particular, the NCT will be able to provide a variety of services such as 'Korean Brooklyn', 'Seongsu-dong', 'Ttukseom Hanriver Park', 'Moyong-dong' Roof top Glamping and indoor theme park, Nammountain Seoul Tower, Ikseon-dong Hanok Village with traditional and modern harmony, Gyeongbokgung to enjoy the splendor of the old palace in the city, will show Seoul's colorful charm by directly experiencing the recommended attractions and trendy sightseeing spots that foreign tourists visiting Seoul can visit. Then, global fans are expected to get a good response.

    In addition, NCT members visited Seoul Samseong-dong SMTOWN COEX Artium, which was selected as one of the Top 10 tourist attractions in Korea wave for the photo shoot schedule on July 23 at 11 AM. You can see the experience and full of excitement to start a full-scale trip to Seoul, which further heightens your expectation for future travel.

    On the other hand, 'Hot & Young Seoul Trip' will be open on every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 11:00 am on the Seoul city sightseeing homepage and YouTube channel for four weeks from July 23rd.

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  • 2018-07-23 Press Release

    'Dunia' U-Know's return!

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    Strong presence led to a reversal story! Immersion UP
    U-Know, active from the passion leader to the main character of the reversal story!

    TVXQ!'s U-Know (SM) has a strong presence as a protagonist in the reversal story at MBC Unreal Variety 'Dunia'.

    U-Know, who thought he had been killed by a dinosaur attack, came back to his eyes in the eighth "Dunia" broadcast on July 22nd.

    Especially, U-Know, who lost his way as if he first came to Dunia, finds himself in DinDin and he is not able to recognize him at all. I was curious about the next story.

    In addition, U-Know suddenly drifted to an unfamiliar island ahead of time, but it has a positive mind to find a way to survive without being embarrassed, full of enthusiasm for raising the energy of exhausted members, And the leadership to take care of the first passion as a leader of the 180 degrees after changing the appearance of the charm of the reversal, captivated the attention of viewers.

    As such, U-Know has a strong presence in Unreal Variety 'Dunia' from the passionate reader to the protagonist of the anti-war story, revealing his strong presence and raising his immersion feeling.

    Meanwhile, MBC 'Dunia' is broadcast every Sunday at 6:45 pm.

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    Kim Byoung Man There is no 'impossible' in advance
    From the jungle to the universe, 'endless challenge'
    Kim Byoung Man, an unlimited entertainer,
    Superior survival & strong leadership
    'Unique presence'
    I'm curious about Kim Byoung Man's 'Next'.

    Kim Byoung Man is leaving his footsteps to the universe beyond land, sea and air.

    Kim Byoung Man, an entertaining entertainer who is known as 'all-rounder', is continuing his endless challenge from land, sea and sky to space exploration.

    First, Kim Byoung Man photographed SBS 'Jungle' and showed remarkable activities such as visiting the jungles and islands around the world, and even going on an Antarctic expedition. Especially as a 'chieftain', he has done his job as a figure who does everything for collecting, hunting, and even building a house on the ground.

    In recent years, he has been challenging the MDRS in the Utah desert of the United States through tvN 'Galileo' and is writing a new book for Kim Byoung Man himself. In particular, Kim Byoung Man who shows an environment reminiscent of real Mars through the MDRS that has never been discussed in broadcasting, and delivers the adaptation there, is liked by 'Kim Byoung Man' I feel that there is no.

    Kim Byoung Man continues his endless challenge from the jungle to the universe, and has an unrivaled presence in the art world with his outstanding survival, exceptional base, and strong leadership. Unique dexterity, challenging spirit, and a humorous code of its own, it conveys a small smile.

    Now, Kim Byoung Man, who is transforming from a patriarch to a spaceman and expanding his performing arts area, is looking forward to what kind of place he is going to play in the future, and he is looking forward to his new look.

    On the other hand, SBS 'Jungle' starring Kim Byoung Man is broadcast every Friday at 10 pm and tvN 'Galileo' is broadcasted every Sunday at 4:40 pm.

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    Open to the public
    If you know a warm man deep inside
    I wish I had this brother.
    Careful & praiseworthy warm charming man
    Combined with a beginner manager, plus fun + goodness!

    Park Sung-kwang revealed his charm to the manager through his MBC 'Omniscient'.

    In Omniscient, which was broadcasted on the 21st, stories of Park Sung-kwang and a 25-day novice woman were drawn. At that time, Park Sung-kwang showed his unexpected warmth by capturing a wait-and-forgetful manager in his camera.

    Park Sung-kwang looks down from the car for a manager who lacks parking skills. When he gets out of the parked car after the schedule is over, he shows that he is worried about an accident. .

    He also said, "I thought about the topic of conversation to share in the car the night before," in order to reduce the awkwardness with the manager in the studio. He then said, "The manager has difficulty choosing the usual lunch menu" I also showed the attentiveness of listening attentively to the opinions of the presenting cast members.

    In addition, Park Sung-kwang does not forget to praise the manager for his small actions, and even when mistakes are made, he warms himself up. Even though his expression is clumsy, It was enough to capture.

    As such, Park Sung-kwang emits pure chemi as if the boy and the girl meet with the manager. In addition to being an icon of caring, it is also a fun to show unique joy by showing witty gestures and episodes when watching videos in the studio .

    Park Sung-kwang, who added an abundance of programs to the program with his unexpected charm, is looking forward to seeing what he is doing and coming to viewers.

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    Mixtage, Park Ji Hye and Digital Art Collaboration!

    Park Ji Hye, a top model of ESteem, collaborates with artists through the Mixtage application.

    Mixtage is not only artist management, but also the first model agency to discover new artists through mobile, hosting various projects in collaboration with ESteem model, brand work, and design contest.

    Mixtage, who successfully worked with ESteem model Jang Yoon Ju on his first collaboration project, selected Park Ji Hye as a model for the second project and plans to conduct a collaboration on beauty content.

    Park Ji Hye participated in the debut 10-year model as a Korean first Louis Vuitton campaign model, and after that he developed into a global model and has worked on various visuals including various magazines and global brand advertisement. Mixtage has decided to collaborate with artists in each field working in the Mixtage application for new work not in her archive.

    The Mixtage application is an artist collaboration platform that includes artists from various fields including photographers, video graphers, hair stylists, makeup artists, stylists, illustrators, graphic designers, as well as culture and the arts. Model Park Ji Hye will work with artists supported by the Mixture application to photograph and video.

    The results will be available in the Mixtage application and SNS, as well as in the <theX +>, which is distributed with ESteem and Dazed official accounts, Dazed. Collaboration can be applied through the Mixtage application.

    Details of this collaborative video and project, which Park Ji Hye presents himself, can be found in the Mixtage Official Instagram Account (@mixtage_official) and the ESteem Official Instagram (@ esteem.official).

    The Mixtage application is available for free download from the App Store and the Google Play Store.

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    MINSEO, 'Fantasy Game Girl'!
    - Every time I show another genre and spread spectrum ... Super rookie

    MINSEO's new song 'ZERO' will be released on the 23rd.

    MINSEO, who released his debut album 'Is Who' last month, continues his exciting journey with a new single in just one month.

    MINSEO, who has been making public debut at the beginning of this year and has been attracting public attention with its various concepts and music, is making another change with 'Fantasy Girl' this time.

    'ZERO' is a fantasy game based on a magnificent sound. It is a song that shows the world view and leaves to find something in the beginning. Lee MinSoo wrote and KimEaNa wrote.

    MINSEO's powerful vocals and massive audience appearing at the end of the grand intro have inspired a huge revitalization of the song, and a music video like a fantasy film is also raising expectations at an extraordinary scale.

    Previously, ZERO was introduced at the game company Media Day.

    MINSEO has been expanding its musical spectrum by crossing many genres such as dancing and fork without staying in a genre since recording the public's eyes with 'Yes' ballad last November.

    In addition, visuals are out of the stereotyped frame and show various characters of MINSEO through various attempts and are developing their competence as a next generation solo artist.

    MINSEO's 'ZERO' soundtrack and music video will be released at 6 pm on each music source site.

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    The first concert BAEKHYUN, TEN, Penomeco Featuring a unique stage!
    'Vacation' station that has blown up with music!

    The music talk concert 'THE STATION' was successful.

    'THE STATION' The first concert was held on July 21st at 4 pm and 7 pm at SMTOWN THEATER, SMTOWN COEX ATOMI, and the various stages and stories of EXO BAEKHYUN, NCT TEN and rapper Penomeco fascinated the audience.

    TEN, who was on the stage as the first hero on the day, is an intense and powerful performer from 'Mang' to 'DEVILS', which is a collection of topics from Mnet 'Hit The Stage' as well as solo songs' The performances boasted the atmosphere of the scene with its performance stand out.

    Penomeco, which appeared next, has a unique tone and brilliant lapping such as 'PNM (Plus And Minus)' which was released last year and Mnet 'BREAKERS', 'COCO BOTTLE' and 'HUNNIT' The stage was prominent, capturing the attention.

    BAEKHYUN, who made his final stage, will not only listen to Paul Kim's 'Rain' in his own color but also live stage of 'Take You Home', a confessing song that was introduced in 'STATION' Season 2, The audience showed their charm as a vocalist and got an explosive response from the audience.

    In addition, MC Jang Yoon Ju presents a wonderful opening stage with his own song 'I'm Fine', as well as friendly talk with actors and audiences, Leading to the future 'THE STATION' to look forward to more active.

    Meanwhile, SM Entertainment and Dreammaker Entertainment introduced SM 'THE STATION', a musical talk concert where you can meet high quality music of 'STATION', a public channel of SM digital sound source, in offline. It is expected to unfold as it will unfold.

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    #innocence #unaffected #IslandVely Field scene public!

    Lee Yeon Hee (SM) 's anti - charm is a hot topic.

    Lee Yeon Hee, who plays an active part in the olive channel entertainment program 'SumChongSa2', has a clear view of the field steal.

    Lee Yeon Hee, who spontaneously penetrated the 'Sori Island Island stay' and used a dialect and showed a youthful reaction, Kang Ho-dong and Lee Soo-geun showed remarkable entertainment adaptability and played an active role as 'IslandVely' .

    Especially this week 'Sum ChongSa2', Lee Yeon Hee struggled to try the first fishing game, touching the live red sea-bream, and laughing when cuttlefish showed off the storm in front of the snack .

    As such, Lee Yeon Hee is the first fixed artist in the world, and has gained a lot of attention by displaying comfortable and friendly communication with viewers and attracting more attention to his future performances.

    Next week 'SumChongSa2', the comedian Moon Se Yoon will appear as the last artist of 'Sori Island' with d'Artagnan, and will gather with the members and expect to see a new combination that will give viewers pleasure.

    'SumChongSa2' is broadcasted simultaneously at 11:00 pm on every Monday night in olive and tvN.

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