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    Bang hair + retro clothes perfect digestion
    This beautiful witch!

    MBN YoonSohui, who is shooting a new drama 'witch's love', is transforming into a lovely witch and concentrating his attention.

    'witch's love' is a mystery comic romance that reminds us of precious feelings and values ​​lost through the stories of 'witches' that science and economy's logic overrides romance and romance, YoonSohui is taking a picture with a witch system 's' KangChoHong'.

    YoonSohui has been fully digesting the retro wardrobe for the witch 'ChoHong' character, the symbol of retro hair, 'Bang Hair'.

    YoonSohui made his debut in 2013, and he became a 20-something actress by building a lot of acting skills through a number of works. Particularly through JTBC 'My Love Eundong', which is filled with emotions of heartbreaking and first love, JiEundong, who plays the main character of first love, attracted attention as a new national first love.

    YoonSohui 's witch' s love through this attraction to attract more attention to the audience is getting attention.

    MBN's new drama 'witch's love' is scheduled to be broadcast in July following 'Rich Man'.

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    A fresh mask 'in sight'
    With retro style & acting, the fun was added to the fun
    Looking forward to 'postponing reality' expectation!

    Actor Kim Kwan Soo announced his first appearance in the web drama "소소한 오후의 도시" yesterday (11th) by showing his acting and visuals.

    '소소한 오후의 도시' is a story about ShinNaRa (LeeYouMi) who fled to Seoul and KimOHoo (Kim Kwan Soo) who fled to Seoul from small city. We are looking forward to the future development.

    On this day, Kim Kwan Soo first appeared in KimOHoo as a member of ShinNaRa 's reminiscence scene, who had traveled to Seoul but was frustrated at the threshold of employment. At this time, Kim Kwan Soo not only captivated his eyes with a catchy mask, but he also tasted retro style costumes and acting, adding a little fun to the drama.

    In the meantime, Kim Kwan Soo, who starred in singer Baek A Yeon's "so so" music video, Bernard Park & ​​HyeLim's "With You" Has been attracting attention as a warm-hearted appearance and a realistic acting by taking on Wannabe's boyfriend 'HOYEON'.

    Kim Kwan Soo, a new actor who is constantly engaged in this kind of activity, will show a more realistic reality through the character of 'KimOHoo' in this web drama '소소한 오후의 도시' and will go one step closer to the public.

    On the other hand, episode 2 will be released at 7 pm on the 15th through the Naver TV, YouTube and Facebook '콬 TV' pages.

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    LIVE 'wardrobe live' style mentor!

    IRENE and Lee hee soo, who are active as top models and fashion icons, will go on a style mentor in Naver VLIVE 'Closet Live' which is broadcasted first this evening (14th).

    VLIVE 'Wardrobe Live' is a program to help people who are in trouble with fashion, helping to transform the style of the people. Model IRENE and Lee hee soo join with MC JiSook as a style mentor, helping to transform the styling with the items in the client's closet, To increase their self-confidence.

    The first broadcast will be on the subject of 'Looking For Ling', and is expected to be a stylish transformation of the client as global fashion influenza IRENE and top model Lee hee soo are together.

    Even if you do not buy a new item, you will be able to utilize clothes in the closet to create a trendy atmosphere, as well as practical tips and know-how.

    As well as the live broadcast, we will add the fun of watching the audience 's real - time response and Q & A. After the broadcast, we will vote on the styling of IRENE and Lee hee soo through V COOKIE channel.

    The VLIVE 'Closet Live' with IRENE and Lee hee soo will be available this evening (14th) and 9 pm at V COOKIE & ESteem.

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    - MINSEO releases three of their debut album trilogy! 'The Grand Dreams' - 'Growing Up' followed by 'Is Who' 20 days!
    - Composer JeHwi X Lyricist KimEaNa works, sophisticated gypsy music 'Expect UP!'
    - "visual, 180 degree music transformation" ... show a new look I have never seen before
    By 2018, MINSEO will be back with new visuals and music that have never been seen before.

    MYSTIC Entertainment announced on the 14th that "The third song" The Who "of MINSEO's debut album" The Diary of Youth "will be released on the 20th.

    'Is Who' is a gypsy-style music with a strong and sophisticated sound. It is a song with a new attempt of MINSEO showing the ballad and folk-oriented music.

    IU 'Through the Night', JungSeungHwan 'The Snowman', and the lyrics of JeNwi and MINSEO's debut album, which is the most attention-grabbing composer of all time. KimEaNa brings synergy with the lyrics given by MINSEO's colorful characters through lyrics. .

    MINSEO's debut album, 'The Diary of Youth', is a diary (song) about the growth of MINSEO, which represents 20's youth.

    In her first diary, "The Grand Dreams," MINSEO, who has not yet met her love, begins to get to know herself as she grows up in her second diary, "Growing Up." And in this third diary, "Is Who," MINSEO, who has learned a lot more than before, becomes infinitely honest and confident without hiding his feelings for love.

    MYSTIC said, "As the maturity of the emotions grows, I plan to show the mature and strengthened visual and tone."
    Meanwhile, MINSEO, which received a big public attention with the ballad 'YES' last November, won the Best Vocal Performance Award at '2018 Hong Kong Asian Pop Music Festival' as soon as it made its official debut with 'The Grand Dreams' in March. It is considered to be one of the best performers in the music industry by 2018 as an advertising model.

    MINSEO's new song 'Is Who' will be released on the 20th of each month at 6 pm on each music source site. More news can be found on the official SNS of MYSTIC and MINSEO.
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  • 2018-06-14 Press Release

    MYSTIC Listen JangSuBin 'I'm Ready'

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    - YoonJongshin lyrics - JungSukWon composition ... 'Soulful voice' JangSuBin
    - YoonJongshin "JangSuBin, MYSTIC in contrast to the tone ... her story, speech too much expect"
    - MYSTIC LISTEN, good music and voices whenever you are ready ... 'listening music' oriented
    Mystic Entertainment LISTEN's 27th song is 'I'm Ready' by JangSuBin.
    'I'm Ready' is a pop rock-style song with powerful beats and vocals on the piano's lyrical code development, written by YoonJongshin and written by JungSukWon.
    Someone told me that life is long, but now I am ready to do my best so that I will not miss this moment again.
    JangSuBin, who introduced his first voice in 'Monthly YoonJongshin' in November, 'YET' in 2015, announced 'Torn' and 'Just Feeling' through LISTEN last year. I have impressed the listener.
    YoonJongshin said, "Three years after joining MYSTIC as opposed to the tone, JangSuBin is now able to express his own troubles and pain in the song." I did not spare praise.
    On the other hand, MYSTIC LISTEN is a project that minimizes the unnecessary time and expense to enter into non-musical elements and starts with light and frequent intentions when good music is prepared. It shows irregularly the good music and voices of various musicians so far. Have gained a great response.
    JangSuBin's 'I'm Ready' will be released at 6 pm on the 15th.

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  • 2018-06-13 Press Release

    TAEYEON's 'Something New'!

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    TAEYEON's first Neo Soul genre song! Amplification of expectation!

    Girls' Generation TAEYEON (SM) introduces a new song 'Something New' to enjoy new music sensitivity.

    TAEYEON will release its third mini album 'Something New' on various music sites such as Melon, Genie and Naver Music on June 18th at 18:00 pm.

    Especially, this title song 'Something New' is an Urban Pop song of Neo Soul genre that TAEYEON first introduced. It is not only a sophisticated and alluring sound, but also a live sound of various instruments including a heavy bass appearing from Jeonju The lyrics contain the message "Let's look for each person in the everyday life of modern people who are gradually becoming uniform," and it is enough to meet the new charm of TAEYEON, "the strongest vocalist" .

    In addition, TAEYEON unveiled a new teaser image on the official website on June 13, boosting the expectation for the new album.

    Meanwhile, TAEYEON's third mini-album 'Something New' will be released on June 18th.

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    "I Want You", "a lively song", "pleasant and light performance" Attention!

    US famous media billboard is focusing on SHINee (SM) 6th album second album 'The Story of Light' EP.2.

    On June 11 (Billion), Billboard published an article entitled "SHINee Release Second: The Story of Light" Album Fronted by Vibrant 'I Want You: Watch the Music Video' I have once again confirmed my keen interest.

    Especially, this title song "I Want You" about "Energetic Tropical House Tune 's sophisticated synths, light beats, smooth and lively vocals blend harmoniously vivid. Despite being a dance song, it features a soft piano that leads a chorus, and the hook, which is increasingly hypnotized as "Oh Nanana", keeps rolling around in my ears.

    In addition, he introduced the music video, "Just like the first title song 'Good Evening' music video, this time fox characters appeared and acted as guides to SHINee in the video. If 'Good Evening' showed a loose but overwhelming performance on the chair, the choreography of 'I Want You' is full of pleasant and cheerful moves, "explaining, .

    The album, which was released on June 11, was ranked first in 26 regions of the world with Israel added on the iTunes comprehensive album chart, and Korean charts such as Hantar chart and Shinnara record are also in the top position. Again.

    On the other hand, SHINee will launch 'Mnet' M COUNTDOWN on June 14, KBS2TV 'Music Bank' on June 15 and MBC 'Show! Music Core 'on June 17 and SBS' Inkigayo 'on June 17, which is the second title song of the regular 6th album' I Want You '.

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  • 2018-06-12 Press Release

    TAEYEON's special summer gift!

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    TAEYEON's third mini album 'Something New' released on June 18!

    TAEYEON (SM) presents his new mini-album 'Something New' with a new musical transformation.

    TAEYEON's third mini-album 'Something New' will be released on June 18th at various music sites such as Melon, Genie and Naver Music at 6 pm and consists of 6 tracks of various genres including the title song 'Something New' It is expected to attract global fans.

    This album is TAEYEON's new album which will be released in 6 months after the winter album 'This Christmas - Winter is Coming' released in December last year. It is a new album of 'TAEYEON', a unique vocalist who completely digests various genres of music We are expecting as much attention as we can enjoy the world.

    In addition, TAEYEON recorded a hit-and-run march with the top of all sound recordings and record charts for each song released, including 'I', 'Rain', 'Why', '11: 11', 'Fine', 'Make Me Love You' It is also very popular with its attractive tone and excellent singing power, and new music to show through this album brings more expectation.

    Meanwhile, TAEYEON's third mini-album 'Something New' will be released on the 18th of June.

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    1st place in domestic music and sound recording charts! ITunes Comprehensive Album Chart # 1 in 25 locations worldwide!

    SHINee (SM) has re-proved the power chart power with the second album of the regular 6th album 'The Story of Light' EP.2.

    The Story of Light EP.2, which was released on June 11th, is the second album of the 6th album of SHINee. The title song 'I Want You' was released on Mnet Music , Naver Music # 1, and various music source sites, making me feel the enthusiastic interest of music fans on SHINee's new transformation.

    In addition, this album is also available on the iTunes Comprehensive album charts in Denmark, Spain, Greece, Finland, Poland, Chile, Japan, Hong Kong, Macao, Singapore, Taiwan, Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Peru, Kazakhstan, Slovakia, the United Arab Emirates, El Salvador and Estonia.

    In addition, this title song 'I Want You', a music video that meets cool music and cool performance, was produced as a series with the first title song 'Good Evening' music video, falling into the well that SHINee looked at in the previous music video If the 'Good Evening' music video 'Dreams of others watching' is fantasized, this time, 'SHINee' SHINee 'is displayed pleasantly and it attracts attention because it draws drama in the fantasy space which spreads uniquely and is interesting .

    On the other hand, SHINee started on Mnet 'M COUNTDOWN on June 14, KBS2TV' Music Bank 'on June 15, MBC' Show! Music Core 'on June 17 and SBS' Inkigayo 'on June 17th. It is the second title song of the regular 6th album' I Want You '.

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    Korean female solo artist fan meeting, Bangkok Thunder Dome sold out for the first time!
    YOONA is a hot fan of global fans for Asia tour!

    YOONA (SM) 's exclusive fan meeting in Thailand recorded all - out sales.

    YOONA is expected to have a special reaction with local fans by opening 'YOONA FANMEETING TOUR, So Wonderful Day # Story_1 in BANGKOK' at Bangkok Thunder Dome on July 7th at 7:00 pm (local time)

    In particular, this Bangkok fan meeting was sold out in all of the 3800 seats in the ticket reservation which was held on June 9th. This sold out case was the first time as a Korean female solo artist 'fan meeting' held in Thunder Dome, Of global popularity.

    YOONA has been loved by her voice and music sensibility as a solo song announced through SM 'STATION' as well as Girls' Generation activities. She is also an actress in numerous films and dramas, This Asian fan meeting is attracting much attention because it proves the downward limited aspect.

    YOONA announced the successful launch of the Asian Tour in May 2018 with a solo fan meeting in Seoul, and it will be a great opportunity to meet fans from various Asian cities such as Tokyo, Osaka and Hong Kong as well as Bangkok. Seems to be.

    On the other hand, YOONA is preparing to shoot a cast in the heroine role in the disaster action movie 'EXIT', which depicts an emergency situation in which you have to escape from the city, covered with poisonous gas.

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