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    New song 'Countless' music video September 10 at 6:00 pm!

    SHINee (SM) 's regular 6th album' The Story of Light 'Epilogue will be released on September 10th.

    This album is a total of 16 songs including 'The Story of Light' EP.1, EP.2, EP.3, and the new song 'Countless', which was released in three consecutive albums in celebration of the 10th anniversary of SHINee this year , 6 pm Melon, Genie, iTunes, Sporty Pie, Apple Music, Xiami Music and other music sites, all music sources will be released to the global music fans are expected to respond well.

    The music video of 'Countless', a new song added to this album, will also be released on September 10 at 6:00 pm on the official website, YouTube, and Naver TV SMTOWN channel. It is also possible to meet the visual beauty of the light vintage tone and members' It seems to be captivating.

    In addition, 'Countless' is a refreshing Tropical House genre-based R & B song that begins with a lyrical arpeggio reef. It is a chorus that gradually expresses lyrics and lovers in words, sentences and languages, It's fun to listen, and on top of a groovy beat, SHINee's sophisticated harmony and appealing dark voice will attract your ears.

    On the other hand, SHINee's regular 6th album 'The Story of Light' Epilogue is also released on the album.

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    NCT DREAM (SM) proved teenager power.

    NCT DREAM re-confirmed the 'strongest teenager team' in the second mini album 'We Go Up' which was released on September 3th, and won first place in various record week charts such as Shinnara Record and Hottax.

    This album contains 6 tracks of various genres including the title song 'We Go Up' which can enjoy NCT DREAM 's flamboyant and liberal charm. It is the first in the chart and has gained global attention.

    On the other hand, NCT DREAM will hold a music variety show 'NCT DREAM SHOW' at SMTOWN THEATER from September 28th ~ 30th and have a special meeting with the fans.

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    A thrilling "trapeze" challenge! Who is the 'circus queen' of the war?
    Run in South France! (feat.YOONA self camera)

    Girls' Generation-Oh!GG (SM) reality program 'Girl Forest' will launch a full-fledged South-French healing trip this week.

    "Girl Forest," which includes Taeyeon, Sunny, Hyoyeon, Yuri, and Yoona's "Commae" trips in South France, will be available on Naver TV on every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 11:00 am on TV and every Saturday night at 11:00 on JTBC2 It is broadcasted through and captures the attention of viewers.

    Girls' Generation-Oh!GG, who visited the circus activity experience in Opio, South France, challenged the 'swing' ride in the 'Girl Forest', which was released on September 10th, and the exciting and thrilling members of the overwhelmed scale I can meet the experience spot, and I am amazed to see who is the main character of the reversal that made the "trapeze" ride wonderfully successful and amazed everyone.

    In addition, on September 12th and 14th, the 5th to 6th shows will be followed by a drive trip to Antibes. Taeyeon X Sunny enjoys romantic scenery, Yuri adds excitement to the exciting drive episode where song and laughter can not stop.

    In addition, the members who went to the shop to buy YOONA's birthday present took their minds to their favorite snooze items and got into infinite shopping. After the schedule, you can also see YOONA's surprise self camera heading to South France to meet with members The reaction is expected.

    On the other hand, Girls' Generation-Oh!GG released the single' Lil 'Touch' on September 5, ranked first in various music charts, 1st place in iTunes 21 places worldwide, 'Girls' Generation power' proved.

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     Why do you have to look at the ‘백일의 낭군님’

    DOH KYUNG SOO # first drama # first drama # first broadcast


    DOH KYUNG SOO (EXO D.O., SM) comes to viewers with ‘백일의 낭군님’


    DOH KYUNG SOO will play the role of Lee Yul and Won Deuk in the TVN drama ‘백일의 낭군님’, which will be broadcasted on the night of September 10th.


    DOH KYUNG SOO 's characters are the princesses' Yul' and 'Won Deuk'.


    DOH KYUNG SOO has challenged the acting to the drama 'KangWoo' of the drama '괜찮아, 사랑이야,' and has attracted the viewers with his stable acting ability since the first appearance. He has also performed well on the screen, In the second half of the year, he is receiving great attention from the expected '스윙키즈', and has been proving his wide acting spectrum as an actor.


    Especially, this work is the first drama of DOH KYUNG SOO and it is the first drama, and every time the teaser trailer and the steel are released, it shows the unique atmosphere and voices that match the historical drama. The first broadcast will be focused on.


    On the other hand, the ‘백일의 낭군님’, which is expected by the appearance of DOH KYUNG SOO, is the romance historical drama of Crown Prince Lee Yul, Won Deuk and Hong Shim (Nam Ji Hyun) Broadcast.


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    - Kim Dong Wook, 'Along with the Gods' → 'the guest'
    - 'the guest' Kim Dong Wook, a character chasing evil spirits

    Kim Dong Wook will challenge 'Life Character' with 'the guest'.

    Kim Dong Wook is meeting Yoon Hwa Pyung, who is in the OCN drama 'the guest' on the 12th, to find out the evil spirits that communicate with souls and commit evil acts.

    Kim Dong Wook, who made his debut in 2004, took on the role of Jin Ha Rim in MBC 'Coffee Prince' in 2007, and announced his charm and nostalgic performance. In 2009, he proved his acting potential as a 'national representative' in the film, won the Rookie of the Year Award, and became an actor loved by all.

    Kim Dong Wook, who has been steadily working on CRTs and screens, received a praise as Kim Soo Hong in the movie 'Along with the Gods', the first Korean movie series to record 10 million viewers. In particular, Kim Dong Wook's explosive emotional performance in the first episode inspired the audience's lacrimal glands, imprinting a strong presence. He was also awarded the Best Supporting Actor Award at the 23rd Chunsa Film Festival and his acting ability was recognized once again.

    Kim Dong Wook's interest in the next work was also high in the hot reaction of the audience and criticism towards Kim Dong Wook. Kim Dong Wook will select 'the guest' for his next film and will show his character transformation as Yoon Hwa Pyung with special ability. Yoon Hwa Pyung follows the shadow of evil spirits in the past and present. Also, the person who has deep darkness that no one can guess because of the tragedy that he experienced in childhood. Kim Dong Wook Kim Dong Wook The highly emotional performance of Yoon Hwa Pyung attracts the characters and will increase their involvement in the work.

    In particular, Kim Dong Wook, who is felt in the video including preview trailers and highlights, is expecting many viewers who are acting. It is noteworthy that Kim Dong Wook will be able to create another life character.

    On the other hand, OCN's original tree original 'the guest' is a Korean-style real exorcism drama that chases evil spirits in darkness in the distorted minds of people filled with anger. I am going to draw the story of a detective who confronts the crimes committed by strange powers throughout Korean society. It will be broadcasted at 11 pm on Wednesday, the 12th.

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    - Melody Forest Camp, 8 ~ 9 days, 30,000 spectators mobilized ... It is positioned as a festival to 'believe in and see' by word of mouth
    - 12 teams including Yoon Jong Shin, Lee Juck, Jung Joon Il, 10cm, Zion.T, Bolbbalga4 ... One of the best musicians in Korea
    - The 5th year of this year # Popular music # Nature # Camping 3 Feeling 'Autumn Sensibility Festival'
    The autumn popular music festival '2018 Melody Forest Camp' ended with a total of 30,000 spectators on August 8 and 9.
    Melody Forest Camp, which is the fifth time this year, has grown to catch up with the most crowded audiences, and has now firmly established itself as a "faith-watching" festival.
    Melody Forest Camp, held at Jaraseom Island this year, has a total of 12 top musicians on stage, including Yoon Jong Shin, Lee Juck, Jung Joon Il, 10cm, Zion.T and Bolbbalga4.
    The Melody Forest Camp, featuring a line-up of singers, a stage and a long show, with a focus on comfortably listening to the crowd, allowed the audience to enjoy and concentrate on music.
    This year, we enjoyed the cool forest, the blue sky and the clear weather, especially the audience who relaxed in the tent and enjoyed the music more relaxed atmosphere.
    The first day of the Melody Forest Camp began on the eighth day of the band Jannabi. Jannabi, who recently received a love call from various festivals and performances, has enjoyed the audience from the first stage with a lot of energy.
    MYSTIC Entertainment's singer-songwriters JEA, JungIn and Cho Won Sun came on stage. Three people with an attractive tone left a deep impression on the audience.
    Third, SSAW's special stage was held. Jeon Tae Kwan, a sickly member, was performed by junior singers. Park Jae Jung and Cho Hyung Woo opened the opening ceremony, and then member Kim Jong-Jin went on stage with a band session to fascinate the audience.
    Jung Joon Il, one of the top ten most-watched Melody Forest Camps, visited Melody Forest Camp this year. The setlist, which can see explosive singing power and mall input, overwhelmed the crowd.
    The sun went down and Zion.T's performance began. Zion.T has set the mood up with a break-away hit song.
    The first day headliner at Melody Forest Camp was Lee Juck. Lee Juck, who made up the atmosphere with Panic's 'UFO', crossed the genre from ballads to exciting tunes.
    On the second day, 20 Years Of Age, an attractive tone, was opened, followed by the calm and atmospheric music of Dear Cloud, and the audience was impressed.
    10cm, the next stage protagonist, received a warm response from audiences, not only by singing the representative songs, but also by publishing unpublished songs.
    Bolbbalga4 invited steadily loved songs and raised the mood. At Park Won's stage, which began at sunset, sweet songs flowed into Jaraseom Island.
    The headliner on the second day was decorated by Yoon Jong Shin. Yoon Jong Shin is a representative ballad artist who has written a sensation in the autumn night, and has performed the signature event of Melody Forest Camp, where all the lights are turned off and the music is heard. Finally, it was an exciting song, breathing with the audience and pouring out all the energy.
    Yoon Jong Shin says, "Melody Forest Camp is a lot different from rock festivals and other festivals. There are many who are lying down than those who stand. It is like a festival that I originally thought, "he said. Thanks to everyone, "he said thankful.
    Melody Forest Camp, which has grown into a festival combining pop music, nature, and camping, has concluded its two-day event with the best memories of autumn for the audience this year.

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    The hardened 'Greate Scape' team play, 'Kang Ho-dong' is at the center.
    'Power Ho-dong' worked so hard to laugh.

    Kang Ho-dong grew into a proscape, capturing the attention of viewers.

    On TVN 'Greate Scape' broadcasted on the 9th, the scene of the escape of 'Mystery School', the last mission place of season 1, was broadcast. Kang Ho-dong, a member of the Kang Ho-dong team, played a good role in the center.

    First, Kang Ho-dong intercepts the secretly coming and going notes in the classroom, asking the members to send them to the captain, making time for them to look at the notes and discuss them all. The Lord showed such a sense.

    In addition, Kang Ho-dong, who discovered the message on the backside by separating the frames and photos found in his locker, found that a student named "Hesara" disappeared. Based on this, To find out that they are helping students looking for friends.

    Since then, Kang Ho-dong has toured all parts of the school and used the experience of past broadcasts as a lesson, repeatedly saying that there is no meaningless props, and restricting members who might damage the scene, Proescaper of the appearance of a full-fledged appearance.

    In addition to this, Kang Ho-dong basically breaks the locks to find clues, and once again recreates the cabinet cracking that was the topic of the first broadcast and gives a big smile to those who act as 'Power Ho-dong' I can tell.

    'Greate Scape' is a collection of stories that showcase a solid story and complete chamber as the meeting continues. Especially, when Kang Ho-dong finds clues and questions, each member goes through the process of exploring them in his own way and draws a delightful heroic escape. Therefore, escape through the process of 'Mystery School' Will be successful.

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    In November, the Tokyo Fudokan West Finale will decorate the archipelago in a solo concert for three years and five months.

    SUPER JUNIOR-D&E launched a successful tour of Japan's national tour.

    SUPER JUNIOR-D&E held a solo concert "SUPER JUNIOR-D&E JAPAN TOUR 2018 ~ STYLE ~" for three years and five months at Pacifico Yokohama National University Hall from Sept. 7-8. And gave unforgettable memories to over 9,000 spectators.

    On the same day, SUPER JUNIOR-D&E will release the digital single 'Hot Babe', 'Circus' and' LOSE IT 'stages, which have been on a monthly project since November 2017, as well as Japanese singles' Oppa, Oppa', 'I WANNA It will be showcased to the solo stage of "Perfect" solo by DongHae, the Cadillac collaboration song "EunHyuk" and "Swaggerific" solo stage of charismatic EunHyuk, including the title song 'Motorcycle' of DANCE, 'Let's Get It On' I fascinated the fans' eyes and ears for a minute.

    In addition, ShinDong, who is also acting as a music video director, has brought out the charm of SUPER JUNIOR-D&E, and ShinDong supports DongHae and EunHyuk in search of a direct theater and debut concert 14 I was proud of the friendship of SUPER JUNIOR members.

    SUPER JUNIOR-D&E had a total of 200,000 spectators in 2014 with 'SUPER JUNIOR' D & E THE 1st JAPAN TOUR 2014 and 2015 'SUPER JUNIOR D & E JAPAN TOUR 2015 -Present-' October 15-17 Kobe, September 27-28 and October 2-3 Tokyo, October 12-13 Nagoya, October 20-21 Hiroshima, October 27-28 Fukuoka, November 3-4 Following Sapporo on November 8-9, we will decorate the grand finale in the Tokyo Budokan.

    Meanwhile, the next performance of SUPER JUNIOR-D&E will be held at the Kobe World Memorial Hall on September 15-17.

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    Enthusiastic DJing + explosive energy prehistoric!
    Girls' Generation HYOYEON and TraxX GINJO (SM) performed the first day of '2018 SPECTRUM Dance Music Festival' as a DJ.
    DJ HYO and DJ GINJO climbed on the main stage 'STARCITY' stage on the first day of the EDM Festival '2018 SPECTRUM', the largest domestic brand EDM held on September 8th, and captivated the audience with passionate DJing and explosive stage manners.
    DJ HYO is a remixed version of the first single 'Sober' which showed a successful stage change with a DJ. It was a stage where the genres of energetic DJing, sensual sound, big room and traps were mixed together for 40 minutes. I got a hot cheer of them.
    DJ GINJO, who appeared as a famous DJ in China, reinterpreted the songs of various electro and progressive house genres in his own color as well as 'You' announced in SM 'STATION' season 2, And the dynamic composition of the stage, which has further enhanced the atmosphere of the scene.
    After completing the performance, DJ HYO said, "It is an honor to stand on such a big stage. I was able to learn a lot through this opportunity and it was a great time. "DJ GINJO said," I am very happy to be invited to a wonderful festival. Thank you for the warm response, TraxX's new activity, I hope many expectations, "he said.

    The SPECTRUM Dance Music Festival is hosted by DREAMMAKER Entertainment Inc., a subsidiary of SM Entertainment. It is an EDM festival with unique brand power, not an overseas licensed performance. It includes DJ HYO, DJ GINJO, DJ Snake, Alan Walker , Project One, Yellow Claw, and Bear Grillz.

    Meanwhile, the '2018 SPECTRUM' will continue until September 9, and on the second day there will be festivals featuring artists such as DJ Marshmello, Don Diablo, Illenium, EXO-CBX, OOKAY and YULTRON.

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    - 'the guest' Kim Dong Wook, poster shoot behind the cut! Appearance change 'eyes'
    - Kim Dong Wook, Screen → Braun tube! 'The guest' turns into an evil spirited character!

    Kim Dong Wook, who played a big role on the screen, meets viewers through 'the guest'.

    On the morning of the 9th, Kim Dong Wook 's agency, KEYEAST, unveiled Kim Dong Wook' s "The Guest" special poster shooting behindcut. Kim Dong Wook 's transformation is raising curiosity because he feels another intense charisma from the recent film' Along with the Gods'.

    Kim Dong Wook plays Yoon Hwa Pyung in the OCN drama 'the guest' which is broadcasted first on the 12th to learn the evil spirits that commit bad act.

    Yoon Hwa Pyung is a person born with the qualities of seeing the 'lord' in the house of the family and the shaman family. It seems like living a normal life with a characteristic personality, but in fact, it was a tragic event that I experienced in my childhood, and it has a deep darkness that no one can imagine. It also follows the shadow of evil spirits that exist in the past and present.

    Kim Dong Wook, in the public photos, is an intense figure of a character who has the persistence and sharpness of pursuing evil spirits. Kim Dong Wook is also impressed with his sharp and sharp eyes in the behindcuts. Here, the Korean style real exorcism drama "the guest" is overwhelmed by the addition of the unique lighting of the aura.

    Kim Dong Wook's hairstyle also attracts attention. To express Yoon Hwa Pyung, who has free - spirited yet fiery personality, Kim Dong Wook is the back door that he not only paid attention to the hairstyle but also the external parts such as clothes. Kim Dong Wook is expecting a new look to show through 'the guest'.

    The OCN drama 'the guest' is a Korean-style real exorcism drama that chases evil spirits in darkness in the distorted minds of people filled with anger. I will draw a story against the crimes committed by strange powers throughout Korean society. It will be first broadcast at 11 pm on the 12th.

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