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    - MYSTIC singer-songwriter PERC% NT's warm uptight listening song, JangJane song participation!
    - LISTEN's special series with HEART SIGNAL 4 songs, love sensation in the spring UP!
    - YOONJONGSHIN 'Wait', Min Seo 'Weird You', Lee Hyun Kyung 'You make me nervous', and PERC% NT 'Petal Fortune'

    The 24th song of LISTEN on MYSTIC Entertainment's music platform is 'Petal Fortune' of singer-songwriter PERC% NT.

    'Petal Fortune' is an easy listening song by Petal Fortune expressing the anxiety about love. It is the last song of LISTEN's special series with the motif of love line reasoning 'HEART SIGNAL'.

    'Petal Fortune' is sick because of love, but it is difficult to know as much as it is love, but it leaves one leaf. Finally, the last petal is the person who will save me the most. I wrote comforting, do not worry. PERC% NT composes, JangJane , PERC% NT together.

    JangJane, who participated in the songwriting, said, "I shared a lot of talk with my old friend PERC% NT and wrote it." "I wanted to share the words that PERC% NT gave me when I had a lot of troubles. The person who comforted me was actually putting a warm reversal that he liked me. "
    With this, 'HEART SIGNAL' along with LISTEN's 021 ~ 024 special series all four veils were stripped.
    You know, you know, Wait, YOONJONGSHIN, Min Seo's Weird You, and Lee Hyun Kyung, who have never seen you before. 'You make me nervous', and 'Petal Fortune' of PERC% NT with anxiety and comfort for love.

    MYSTIC said, "All four songs are songs that emanate love cells with various emotional feelings that occur in 'HEART SIGNAL'," and "HEART SIGNAL," which makes viewers tortured every time they are released one by one. I hope. "

    PERC% NT 'Petal Fortune' will be released on each music source site at 6 pm on the 25th.

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    TV CF, which announces the comeback of "Asian top class" TVXQ! (SM), is open to the public.

    Since March 23, TVXQ! Has released a teaser CF that will meet regular 8-title title song 'The Chance of Love' through TV channels such as JTBC and TVN, and it will raise the expectation of comeback with a spectacular visual and unparalleled performance. have.

    TVXQ! The Chance of Love is released on March 28 at 6.00 pm on various music sites such as Melon, GENIE and Naver Music. The title song 'The Chance of Love' 'Swing jazz dance song full of genres, TVXQ! It is expected to prove once again the 'K-POP emperor' aspect because it is able to meet unique spacious, sophisticated vocals and new performances.

    On the other hand, TVXQ! Starts with Mnet 'M countdown' on March 29 and 'KBS2TV' Music Bank 'on March 30 and MBC' show on March 31! Music Center "on April 1, and SBS 'Popular Songs' on April 1 to present his new comedy" The Chance of Love. "

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    - LISTEN 23rd runner is MYSTIC emotional singer Lee Hyun Kyung!
    - LISTEN The seventh song 'Her' followed by YOONJONGSHIN remake song again
    - LISTEN, 'HEART SIGNAL' with a special series of four songs in sequence! YOONJONGSHIN-Min Seo-Lee Hyun Kyung-PERC% NT!

    The 23rd song of MISTIC Entertainment's music platform LISTEN is 'You make me nervous' by Lee Hyun Kyung.

    'You make me nervous' was composed by YOONJONGSHIN, a remake of BongTaegyu's 2004 MBC sitcom Nonstop 4 OST.

    YOONJONGSHIN, who is in charge of the 'HEART SIGNAL' for Love Line Mystery, came up with 'You make me nervous' who wrote the lyrics with these contents as he discovered the usual behaviors and facial expressions in front of the likes of the performers.

    'You make me nervous' is a ballad with a story of confessing to my opponent with frustration and strangeness in my strangely tense, but reincarnated by the silent voice of Lee Hyun Kyung of emotional singer MYSTIC did.

    Lee Hyun Kyung remembers YOONJONGSHIN's song once again in March last year, following the seventh song of LISTEN.

    On the other hand, MISTTIC's LISTEN shows four songs in the motif of various love affairs which occur in 'HEART SIGNAL' sequentially.

    You know, you know, Wait, YOONJONGSHIN, Min Seo's Weird You, and Lee Hyun Kyung, who have never seen you before. 'You make me nervous' and 'Petal Fortune' of PERC% NT on the 25th.

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    It's time to hit # 8, home-from-the-music, with a pre-comeback backstage. # Fate # Magazine # Fan Love!

    'K-POP Legend' TVXQ! (SM) releases representative keywords to see the regular 8th album 'New Chapter # 1: The Chance of Love' released on March 28th. .

    # Like TVXQ!
    The title song 'The Chance of Love' is a swing jazz based dance pop genre featuring addictive hooks and guitar riffs. In addition to expressing love in the lyrics like 'destiny' I have a story of life such as 'destiny', which doubles the fun of listening.

    Also, U-Know and MAX are participating actively in the concept, selection of songs, and composition of the story to go through the album from the planning stage, so that this album is the album released by TVXQ! In 2 years and 8 months. It is getting attention of the music industry because it is going to give music which became high and enriched.

    # TVXQ! A total of charms gathered in the 'magazine'
    TVXQ! Expresses the regular 8th album with the word "magazine" with various information and charm, and is trying to bring out the colorful color of TVXQ!

    In particular, the teaser images and images that show off the warm visuals of both members and their sophisticated and extraordinary appeal add to the expectation of the album with quality that reminds me of the pictures, and the official website, which is produced in an interactive format, You can create a magazine cover image directly by dragging various stickers and other contents, and this album concept is highlighted more.

    TVXQ has a sensational tingling promotion! The regular 8th album contains 11 songs of various genres, presents a broader music world, and follows the story of two people in a magazine like one magazine.

    # Album with a heart that you want to join with your fans
    15-year debut TVXQ! Has recently opened a personal SNS to communicate more closely with its fans, and continues to communicate with fans around the world, sharing various aspects. It also appeared in an entertainment program called "I'm alone," which shows everyday life. have.

    In addition, TVXQ! Will be released on March 28 at 8 pm Seoul Blue Square Eye Market Hall. Welcome Back Party: The Chance of Love "and have a special meeting with the fans. On this day, the scene will be broadcasted live around the world through the SMTOWN channel of Naver V LIVE and enjoy a lot of fun with the fans.

    TVXQ! like this! The 8th album 'New Chapter # 1: The Chance of Love' seems to capture the music industry with a well-made album that combines various genres of music, new performances and passion of the two members.

    On the other hand, TVXQ! 'S regular 8th album' New Chapter # 1: The Chance of Love 'will be released on March 28th.

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    From fashion troubles to cello exercises
    Accumulated through numerous works
    Strong performance and openness

    'All-in-one', 'I want to do something with Suzy'. MBC drama 'Tempted'
    It is the reaction of viewers to MUN KA-YOUNG which is divided into 'Choi Soo-ji'.

    In 'Tempted', which is aired up to 8 times, 'Choi Soo Ji' is closely connected with all the characters, leading their relationship and showing an indispensable presence. Therefore, MUN KA-YOUNG's reputation for acting ability is pouring out.

    MUN KA-YOUNG, who made his debut as a child, has shown a different appearance each time in his various works and has built up solid performance and self-confidence. MUN KA-YOUNG has expanded its acting spectrum by performing various activities such as 'God of Trade - Innkeeper2015', 'Mirror of the Witch', and 'Jealousy Incarnate'. Through last year's KBS drama special 'Dancing the Waltz Alone' He showed his first adult acting and proved the possibility and weight of his twenties as an actress.

    In this drama 'Tempted', based on such acting skills, MUN KA-YOUNG takes on the audience by taking on the role of 'Choi Soo-ji', which has a wounded and jealous appearance in a gorgeous appearance. MUN KA-YOUNG's 'black and white' acting, which is full of gorgeousness, scars and conflicting feelings, is bringing hot acclaim. This is the result of MUN KA-YOUNG's serious worries about the role, as it said, "It is a long-time difficult opportunity and I am desperate to do well."

    In addition, MUN KA-YOUNG is the back door of trying to get more love for female viewers than anyone else. It is not only acting but also hair, make-up and costume to actively express the 'Segelje Seleb' with both intellect and appearance. Furthermore, to improve the realism of the drama, I actually learned cello from before shooting.

    Through these efforts, MUN KA-YOUNG, who expresses the complex character of 'Choi Soo-ji' in a delicate and detailed manner, has been generously praised by the public for 'Rediscovering actor MUN KA-YOUNG'.

    Meanwhile, MBC drama 'Tempted', which depicts twenty year old dangerous romance, is broadcasted every Monday and Tuesday at 10:00 pm.

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    'TVXQ! VS. EXO: Kingpin Match 'Naver V live broadcast at 10 pm on March 26th!
    SUPER JUNIOR LEETEUK MC special appearance! Amplification of expectation!

    'Asian Top Class' TVXQ! And 'K-POP King' EXO (SM) will be unveiled.

    TVXQ! U-Know, MAX, EXO CHEN, CHANYEOL 's 2: 2 bowling match scene can meet' TVXQ! VS. EXO: Kingpin Match 'will be broadcast live on SMTOWN channel of Naver V LIVE at 10:00 pm on March 26th, so global fans are expected to enjoy explosive response.

    Especially, this broadcast will meet exciting bowling competitions of TVXQ! And EXO members who enjoy bowling usually, and SUPER JUNIOR LEETEUK will take on a special MC so that they will give the fun and live the fun.

    EXO PLANET # 4 - The EℓyXiOn -, the fourth single concert tour, EXO member CHANYEOL, who is active in a variety of individual activities as well as the behind-the-scenes concert tour with TVXQ! , CHEN is expected to be a time to communicate and communicate with fans in a long time, so a hot reaction is expected.

    Also on March 28, at 6:00 pm on TV, TVXQ! Is releasing full-length soundtracks of regular 8th album 'New Chapter # 1: The Chance of Love', featuring the title song 'The Chance of Love' Line 'two music videos will be produced and expected sequentially. On March 23 at 0:00 on the official homepage, a new song' Love Line 'music video teaser image is opened to further boost interest in this album have

    On the other hand, TVXQ! Will appear on the MBC entertainment program 'I live alone' at 11:10 pm on March 23, and will release a dramatic single life that will meet different personality. Is expected.

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    Music source, music video release!
    REPLAY 's upcoming album repackage album' REPLAY 'is expected to increase!

    SUPER JUNIOR 'Hallyu King' Super Duper 'will be released.

    "Super Duper" will be released on April 23 at 6:00 pm on MELON, GENIE, and on the same day, it will be released on April 12, BUGS, and NAVER music, and music videos will be released simultaneously on YouTube, Naver V SMTOWN channel and Naver TV SMTOWN channel.

    In particular, the new song 'Super Duper' features songs such as 'Growing Pains', the title song of SUPER JUNIOR-D & E's first domestic album, 'Sarang ♥', 'Don`t Wake Me Up', a special album 'MAGIC' As a composer team 'Team One Sound' and LEETEUK, a composer who worked together, the dance song of SUPER JUNIOR, which is full of charm, is expected to capture the eyes and ears of global music fans.

    In addition, this music video shows the characters who have plenty of individuality, and it is expected to get a good response because they can feel the excitement and light vibes of SUPER JUNIOR who are excited about 'Super Duper'.

    In addition, SUPER JUNIOR, which is in the prelude to the comeback with the song "Super Duper", will release the regular 8th repackage album "REPLAY" on April 12th. The title song of the new album is the music style, stage It is expected to be more explosive attention because it is conveyed as an unusual concept of opposite atmosphere.

    On the other hand, 'STATION' Season 2 is loved every week for its high quality sound and contents created through collaboration with various artists, producers and composers.

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    Ticket open at 2:00 pm on March 28!

    The large-scale Music Festival '2018 Spectrum Dance Music Festival' will be held in Seoul from September 8 to 9, 2018.

    The 'Spectrum Dance Music Festival' is the largest theme-based EDM festival in Korea held by DREAMMAKER Entertainment. It was held for the first time in 2016 and received favorable reviews from over 60,000 global audiences. In 2017, the Spectrum Present Dream Station, Music and spectacular stage, and this year's gathering of topics is likely to get a hot response from global music fans.

    In particular, the theme of 'Spectrum Dance Music Festival' which is decorated with different themes every year is "Future of Culture Technology" which is the theme of the future. Various futuristic elements that combine IT technology, design and fun are different concept It is planned to be arranged in three stages, so it is expected to bring a lot of fun as well as performances.

    In addition, this music festival is scheduled to be held at 2 pm on March 28, 2009, so ticket bookings will be open at YES24.

    DREAMMAKER is planning "ground performers and colorful parades of fantastic themed stage and unique costume," and "especially the prism bridge that connects each stage and the gate decoration that puts the fantasy that seems to enter the new world. And I am preparing for my ears. "

    Meanwhile, details of the '2018 Spectrum Dance Music Festival' lineup, venue and other performances will be announced on the official website of DREAMMAKER.

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    March 29 'M Countdown' through 'The Chance of Love' stage, broadcast first public!

    'K-POP Emperor' TVXQ! (SM) will be active in releasing the stage of 'The Chance of Love'.

    TVXQ! Will release its 8th album 'New Chapter # 1: The Chance of Love' on March 28th at 6pm on various music sites. The title song 'The Chance of Love' It contains 11 complete songs, enough to appreciate the colorful music world of TVXQ !.

    In addition, TVXQ! Starts on March 29 with Mnet 'M Countdown', and on March 30 KBS2TV 'Music Bank' and on March 31 MBC 'show! The Chance of Love "on April 1 in SBS 'Popular Songs', and it will get a hot response.

    In particular, this performance is composed of sexy and sophisticated choreography that blends well with the new song 'The Chance of Love' by the swing jazz dance pop genre, which is full of 'joyful', and it is a new stage where the ' And expectations are rising.

    TVXQ! Also unveiled a stylish teaser image, which is no longer a fashion picture, through its official homepage on March 22nd. It also opened 'New Chapter Film #Q', a sensational video, which attracted global music fans .

    On the other hand, TVXQ! 'S regular 8th album' New Chapter # 1: The Chance of Love 'will be released on March 28th.

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    "There was a lot of resemblance in 'HOYEON'
    I feel more attachment and regrets. "
    Parting VS placed on new encounter boundary
    Really liked the acting of the real boyfriend
    Kim Kwan Soo

    Actor Kim Kwan Soo reported the end of 'Kiss Love Moment'.

    The web drama 'Kiss Love Moment', produced by Studio Lulu Rulla, ends at the end of 20th, HOYEON (Kim Kwan Soo) was summarizing the meeting with Suvin (Shindo Hyun) and confessed his heart to Mingha. HOYEON's happiness, which everyone wants to support, is focused on HOYEON's mind, leaving only the last choice.

    Kim Kwan Soo has been making an effort to express the heart of a man who has loved and hurt. First of all, I tried to do my best for my girlfriend Subin, but he painted a picture of a 'real boyfriend' who was separated by a lie and a misunderstanding. I also met Mingha, who resembled herself, and was worried about a new encounter. Kim Kwan Soo 's acting between the separation and the new encounter, between the two conflicting emotions, led to a hot favor. Kiss Love Moment is an unforgettable work for Kim Kwan Soo.

    Kim Kwan Soo is on the verge of "Kiss Love Moment" and says "Kiss Love Moment" ends with 'SM C & C. Thank you. I think that all the staff from the bishop have made the shooting scene environment well and the actors have finished their work in a pleasant atmosphere. " Then, "HOYEON" which had a lot of resemblance in the corner, it seems to be more attached and more and more hesitant. I regret that I have a lot of regrets to do better, but I will show you a more advanced actor Kim Kwan Soo in the future. 'Kiss Love Moment' Thank you very much for the viewers who loved and watched with you. Kim Kwan Soo! Please watch it. "

    Meanwhile, Kim Kwan Soo, who finished 'Kiss Love Moment', plans to make full-fledged actors in the future through drama and film.

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