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    'YESUNG-EUNHYUK', 'SHINDONG-DONGHAE! "UP expectation of viewers"

    SUPER JUNIOR leaders LEETEUK and HEECHUL share a genuine enthusiasm.

    On the 23rd, idoliety 'SUPER TV', which is scheduled to be broadcast on the 23rd, is scheduled to be broadcasted by two of the 'We have lived together', which received a hot reaction last week. In this session, we had a long time since the time of the trainee. The '83 line' LEETEUK-HEECHUL, which was at its extreme, seemed to be getting closer and seemed to get a good response.

    Especially, after the couple psychological counseling, the two of them, who came close to the notice, came back to Donggug House and cooked together and drank alcohol. "When I focused on each other's work, I did not give up the inappropriate parts and talked, "I also can not ignore the time I spent together," and the truthfulness of the inside, boasting of friendship has become more sticky.

    In addition to LEETEUK-HEECHUL, which has a shocking love shot, YESUNG-EUNHYUK, who showed off the date of dating, and SHINDONG-DONGHAE, which added fun to the game with a betting game at the shooting room and game room, 'Chemistry' will emit the attention of viewers.

    On the other hand, SUPER JUNIOR 'SUPER TV' 9 times, which is attracting attention as a new entertainment format every time, can be confirmed on XtvN and tvN channels from 11:30 pm on the 23rd.

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    - Composition Keun Tae Park X Writer Kim Eana Cohesive! MINSEO, MYSTIC LISTEN 22nd hero
    - 'HEART SIGNAL PANEL' Kim Eana "A confused heart with the emotions attracted"
    - MYSTIC LISTEN, HEART SIGNAL 4 motifs sequential release ... YOONJONGSHIN-MINSEO- Next runner?

    The 22nd song of Mystic Entertainment's music platform LISTEN is MINSEO's '이상한 애'.

    "이상한 애" is a story about a heartfelt feeling that someone is attracted to, and it is a song made with the motive from Love Line Sorry 'HEART SIGNAL'.

    Keun Tae Park and songwriter Kim Eana once again united with SUZY, BAEK HYUN 'Dream', Ailee 'Reminiscing' and many other hit songs. Here, 201 SEE MINSEO participated in the song, Interest in music fans is growing.

    'HEART SIGNAL' From season 1, Kim Eana, who penetrated the hearts of performers with a keen touch, wrote the lyrics to the early performers of this season's 2 performers.

    Kim Eana said, "When my mind moves first rather than my will, we say it as" joy, "and because the subject of my mind is not me, I express it as" attracted. "" Sweet when watching as a third party, I wanted to write a heart that was terribly confused. "

    "I wonder if young men and women of 'HEART SIGNAL' will feel the excitement and excitement that they feel as early as the lyrics of this song, or they will be filled with new stories."

    MINSEO, singing the song, expresses sad emotions with a sad voice such as 'YES', 'You Love You', 'First', and also has a colorful charm in its latest debut song 'The Grand Dreams' .

    On the other hand, LISTEN shows 4 series of special series that made various motifs of romantic feeling happening in 'HEART SIGNAL' sequentially.

    Wait 'for YOONJONGSHIN, the 21st song released on the 19th, and' Strange Beat 'for the 22nd MINSEO, which will be released at 6PM on 23rd.

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    A rich world of music! Expectation UP!

    TVXQ! (SM) is going to take over the music industry in 2018 with the regular 8th album 'New Chapter # 1: The Chance of Love'.

    TVXQ! Will be released on March 28 at 6 pm MELON, GENIE, NAVER music and other music sites, including the title song 'The Chance of Love' Chance of Love 'is going to be released.

    Especially, this album is enough to meet the music world of TVXQ! Which is richer because you can meet the attractive music of two members with different personality by solo song of U-Know and MAX.

    U-Know's solo piece 'Puzzle' is a house-based electro pop genre, combining unique synth bass sound and U-Know's unique vocals, adding to the fun of listening, 'the last piece Puzzles' in a unique theme that unfolds my eyes.

    In addition, MAX 's solo song' Closer 'is a R & B genre based on a futuristic bass. The song expresses the heart of a man who wants to be bold with his beloved woman, and MAX' s sweet vocals harmonize the charm of the song.

    In addition, TVXQ!, Which shows fashionable teaser images in sequence on March 19th, will open new teaser image and 'New Chapter Film #X' on March 21st, perfect visual and TVXQ! It gives a glimpse of a unique and sophisticated atmosphere, which further amplifies the expectations for the new album.

    On the other hand, TVXQ! 'S regular 8th album' New Chapter # 1: The Chance of Love 'will be released on March 28th.

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    'Tempted' Park Soo Yeong Disarming Romance and more and more viewers are falling!
    Park Soo Yeong, to the acting!

    Park Soo Yeong (Red Velvet JOY, SM) fell into temptation romance.

    Park Soo Yeong plays an elite scholar Eun Tae Hee of the Myung Jung Foundation with the character and independence of a broken character in MBC drama 'Tempted'.

    Eun Tae Hee was the target of the love game in the last 7-8 episodes, and he got caught up in the temptation of Kwon Si-hyun (Udo Island) and was confused by the whirlwind of his feelings. But, frankly, I was drawn to the way that expresses my heart.

    Eun Tae Hee is a person who was ignorant of the relationship with reason that he lived with the thought that 'love is not necessary' because of the wound he received from his parents. So, I had to shake up Kwon Sihyeon who was doing 'work', and then the romance of two people started.

    Especially Park Soo Yeong expresses the confused emotions and feelings of love that Eun Tae Hee first felt in the play, as well as the frank and confident confessions naturally expressing the 'Eun Tae Hee' character with positive energy and loveliness unique to viewers. And it raised expectation for future activity.

    On the other hand, Park Soo Yeong 's MBC drama "Tempted" draws a dangerous love game in which young men and women do not know how to devote all their lives, and a dangerous and beautiful twenty - year - old seductive romance.

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    Detail and delicate acting!

    In the growing conflict of 'Tempted', MUN KA-YOUNG, who plays the role of 'Choi Soo-ji', delicately depicted the complicated mind and soul moving between reason and emotion.

    In the MBC drama 'Tempted' broadcasted on the last 20 days, Suzu (MUN KA-YOUNG) - Sangwoo (Shin Sungwoo) and Miri (Kim Seo Hyung) had family meals. Suzu witnessed that Seowu arrived at the hotel before dinner and met Youngwon (the American people), and after that he said it was a family gathering, but his mind became complicated because he watched the scenes of Sawoo and Miri who share stories about work. Nonetheless, Suzu showed his reason to keep his vision of being hurt by his parents' marriage. She proposed to Shiwoo that she should not move from the house where her mother died, even though she was married.

    Also, at the end of the broadcast, Suzi's scars were also revealed all over. In the car, Suzie and Shihei were left with only two, and at this time, Shi-hyeon said, "Why do you keep secrets for three weeks? We were betting, "he said, and only worried about the next week when he knew the temptation of the temptation game. So Suzi said to Shijun, "I am afraid that the week will come, and I do not care. Why? I sold it to you and sold it to you. I'm already embarrassed enough for you to say that my mom would marry me, so what do you say? I was married because of my money, so I decided to bet on my country. "

    Especially "Do you know how I feel? You live so fast and alone, your mother's house, I kept it squeaky, you can come back later! I only need to live a breathtaking life between the two of them! "He said, pouring out the emotions he had accumulated, revealing the pain.

    In this way, Resin showed courage to take a vision in his resentment to his parents who had chosen marriage in order to realize his desire, while Shi Hyun showed his sorrow and sadness that he would like to know his mind even if he did not say it. Viewers are responding to the complicated mind of Resi, who travels between reason and emotion, and responds as 'a character who is hurtful but hard to play' and 'a character that he should hate but can not hate'.

    On the other hand, the MBC drama 'Tempted', which depicts the dangerous romance of 20 years old, is broadcast every Monday and Tuesday at 10 pm.

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    What variables do you expect to see in the future?
    From the romance of adults
    To control the relationship of all characters

    As the MBC drama 'Tempted' unfolds, MUN KA-YOUNG emits its presence in the center of the drama.

    On the 19th of 'Tempted' broadcast, MUN KA-YOUNG minute was witnessing the hug of Kwon Suk-woo (Shin Sung-woo) and Seol Young-won (Jung Mi-sun). I knew that her mother, Miri (Kim Seo Hyung) married Saiwoo because of her desire for business, but she was shocked to find out that the love of Saiwoo was also false.

    If Suwoo's love of Miriwai is true, she will be able to be a good brother and sister. Kwon Sihyeon (Udo Island) and Suji who had a mutual relationship with each other, It is noteworthy how shocks will affect the romance of the three people of pre - love - eternity.

    In addition, Suzy has a relationship with a large number of characters in the play and plays an active role as a 'key player' in charge of the axis of the drama. She approached Park Hye-jung (Oh-wah-jung), who grew up only through house education, and she made a plate for revenge on Lee Ki-kyun, and she exchanged messenger with a friend of Eun Tae-hee (Park Soo-young) And the relationship of Tae Hee is controlling.

    As such, Suzy is closely connected with the characters of Mi-seok-eunwon and Sei-hyeon-taehee, kyoung-hyejung, and seju-gyeongju, leading their relationship and demonstrating their indispensable presence in 'Tempted'.

    Among them, MUN KA-YOUNG, who delicately expresses the emotional changes of the curved 'Choi Soo-ji', is well received and makes her 'Choi Soo-ji' unimaginable.

    On the other hand, MBC 'Tempted' is a drama depicting the dangerous love game and the dangerous and beautiful twenty-year-old romance which begins with it, and it is broadcast every Monday and Tuesday at 10:00 pm on Tuesday.

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    The title track 'The Chance of Love' debut!
    Worldwide via Naver V! Amplification of expectation!

    TVXQ! (SM) has a special meeting with his fans as he returns to his regular 8th album 'New Chapter # 1: The Chance of Love'.

    In celebration of the release of the new album, TVXQ! Will be held on March 28 at 8 pm Seoul Blue Square Eye Market Hall. Welcome Back Party: The Chance of Love ", and the site is expected to catch the attention of global music fans as it is broadcast live around the world through Naver V LIVE's SMTOWN channel.

    Especially, TVXQ! Was the first to show off the title song of 'Swing Jazz Dance Pop', 'The Chance of Love', which is full of 'Joyful' at this party. It has a different appeal than the intense and powerful appearance that has been shown through new music and performance And a variety of stories related to the production of new albums will be more closely communicated, so it seems to be a special gift for fans waiting for a comeback.

    Also on March 28, 6 pm, regular 8th album released through various music sites such as MELON, GENIE, NAVER music is composed of 11 songs of various genres including title song 'The Chance of Love' It is enough to see the aspect of 'Asian Top Class' TVXQ!

    In addition, TVXQ! Has released a variety of teaser images reminiscent of fashion pictures through its official homepage on March 20th, and the movie "New Chapter Film #V" consisting of sensational images is also open, .

    On the other hand, TVXQ! 'S regular 8th album' New Chapter # 1: The Chance of Love 'will be released on March 28th.

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    YURI, "Ultra Miami 2018" performance with Korean DJ and producer Raiden on March 23

    GIRLS 'GENERATION YURI (SM) will perform at the Ultra Music Festival in Miami.

    YURI will be on the main stage of 'Ultra Miami 2018' in Miami, Florida on March 23rd and will show Raiden and the collaboration song 'Always Find you'.

    'Always Find You' is the song of Future Bass genre that shows the combination of sweet guitar sound and electronic beat that was released in Season 2 of SM 'STATION in January, 2018, and YURI's charming vocals and Raiden's sensual music colors are wonderful In harmony, I received a warm love from overseas and beyond.
    "Ultra Miami 2018" is the second of the world's biggest electronic music festivals to be held on the 20th anniversary of this year. It is the second time that Korean singers have come to the main stage, so the stage of YURI and Raiden is the global music fans' It seems to be more focused.
    YURI has been active in the debut with the group GIRLS 'GENERATION, which is the best girl who led the K-Pop craze. He also acted as an actress through numerous works such as' Fashion King', 'Defendant', 'LocalHero' The drama 'Sound of Your Heart: Reboot' is starring and shooting.

    In addition, Raiden is the DJ and producer of the world's attention. He has performed for the first time as an Asian DJ in the main stage of 'Ultra Miami 2017' and also in the global electronic dance music festival 'Tomorrow Land' He was invited for the first time in Korea, and in the closing ceremony of the PyeongChang Winter Olympics, he performed with world-famous DJ Martin Gaglix.

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    Tempted side "Park Soo Yeong, who works hard to communicate and makes love"
    Park Soo Yeong, 'Lovely charm'

    Park Soo Yeong (Red Velvet JOY, SM) is working as a studio maker.

    The elite scholarship of Myeongjung Foundation, which has a character and independence in MBC drama 'Tempted', captured Park Soo Yeong's filming scene, which has been loved by her as a charming attraction.

    Park Soo Yeong in the public photo shows her enthusiasm for the drama as she constantly communicates with the staff, focusing on scripts and monitoring her own scenes anytime and anywhere.

    A drama official said, "Park Soo Yeong and Silver Tae Hee have many similarities. Park Soo Yeong has a positive and positive charm and has received the love of the staff in the field. I would like to ask your attention as much as you are an actor showing you how you are doing your best. "

    On the March 20 broadcast, she will become a target of the love game, and she will be drawn to the temptation of Kwon, Si-Hyun (Udo Island), and she will be drawn to her more and more. It is expected to evolve and gather expectations.

    On the other hand, MBC drama 'Tempted' is a dangerous love game in which young men and women do not know how to devote all their lives, The hot topic is in the middle.

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