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    The romance of the unforgettable 'Eunho holic'!

    Jung Yoon Ho (U-Know, SM Entertainment), starring as Yoo Eun-ho, who has a super-power to read a girl in OCN drama 'MELOHOLIC', attracts viewers with its charm.

    In 'MELOHOLIC', which was broadcasted on the 13th, 'Jung Yoon Ho' has a friendly look, knowing the sad stories of Jiri (Kyung Su Jin) To show the sharpness of the sharpness, she showed her face to face.

    In addition, Jung Yoon Ho confesses her mind to the jelly that pushes herself out of love trauma as well as running to rescue her by witnessing the scene where the eagle falls under the cliff rail on the seaside and misunderstood as suicide I was attracted by the expression of the charm of the missing man.

    In addition, Jung Yoon Ho investigated the raid of the question three years ago, and on the day of the incident, he spotted the incident and serial killings, This seems to be more concentrated.

    On the other hand, 'MELOHOLIC' is a romantic love fantasy drama to meet with a couple of faces that can not be romanticized with a man who can not be a love psychic. It is broadcasted on OCN every Monday and Tuesday at 9 o'clock every night. It becomes prevalent through the web.

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    Juncoco X Advanced 'Atmosphere (Feat. Ailee)'

    EDM producers Juncoco and Advanced united through SM 'STATION' season 2.

    SM 'STATION' Season 2's 33th song is 'Atmosphere (Feat. Ailee)' which is a collaboration with Juncoco and Advanced (DCTOM E & C) Will be released through the music will be a good response to music fans.

    Especially 'Atmosphere' is a progressive house genre that was first introduced at the 'World DJ Festival' held in Jamsil Olympic Stadium in May. It is impressive with live stringed sound that is different from the existing EDM song. And the powerful singing power of the song maximizes the energy of the song.

    In addition, Juncoco is a DJ who has shown great influence in festivals and clubs at home and abroad. He is writing big record in Korean DJ history including performances with overseas artists, music director of 'World DJ Festival' and production of EDM compilation album in Korea. Activity is noticed.

    In addition, Advanced is an EDM team composed of two producers of transforming jin and playful talent. The progressive house based on lyrical melody and dramatic sound is combined with various genres, broaden musical spectrum, .

    Meanwhile, 'STATION' Season 2 has been loved by many artists, producers and songwriters who collaborate to showcase their complete sound sources and contents.

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    'Red Velvet Live' live broadcast at 10 pm on the 16th! Expectation UP!

    Red Velvet (SM Entertainment), who has entered the comeback countdown, has unveiled the new corporate teaser image and the song 'Attaboy' highlights.

    The Red Velvet 2nd album 'Perfect Velvet', which will be released through various music sites on the 17th, will be composed of 9 genres of various genres. It is composed of Kenzie, global EDM musician Hitchhiker, The Stereotypes, DEEZ and other famous musicians from around the world are participating in the album is more complete, so will attract fans of music.

    Also, 'Attaboy', which is released on 14th through official website and Instagram, is a cool hip-melody music with a hip-hop sound. It does not hesitate to ask the lyrics to what you want to do It attracts attention.

    In addition, Red Velvet will show live performances of 'Red Velvet Live' through Naver V app at 10 pm on the 16th of this month, introduce the recommended songs by the theme of '2017 Red Velvet Awards' We are expecting a hot reaction because we plan to communicate closely.

    Meanwhile, Red Velvet will appear on KBS2TV 'Music Bank' on the 17th and will release its first comeback stage.

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    - rapper MIRYO released solo song in 2 years, the first story of trilogy [DREAMS] ... MIRYO song participation
    - YoonJongShin, Code Kunst, Killagramz, etc.

    The rapper MIRYO's solo single [DREAMS] will be released on each music source site at 6 pm on the 14th.

    MIRYO, who showed her veteran strength with her solid rap skills and her unique aura in Mnet 'Until Pretty Rap Star 3' last year, is determined to solidify her presence once again through a solo song with her own world view in two years.

    Single [DREAMS] is the first story of the trilogy 'DREAMS COME TRUE'. It contains two songs including 'Freedom' and 'We Love'.

    MIRYO said, "It is an ideal society I draw, a story about a lover I am dreaming about." "I wanted to show my dreams and reality filled with the true stories of my own, rather than being decorated under someone's command."

    The title track 'Freedom' is a lively and exciting hip-hop song, and the distinctive rapper Killagramz who played in Mnet 'Show Midnight Money 6' added to the excitement.

    I love MIRYO 's dream of loving myself and freeing myself away from other people' s gaze and social prejudice.

    The song 'We Love' is an impressive melancholy sound with MIRYO's lapping lament, and it's about the ideal that we met in a dream.

    Hip-hop label High ground producer, Code Kunst, has worked hard to make arrangements, and the veteran vocals and emotions of Yoon JongShin doubled the mood.

    MIRYO is a representative female rapper with solid rap skills based on the experience of the hip hop group Honey Family member rapper and Brown Eyed Girls rapper.

    Starting in 2012 with his first solo album 'MIRYO aka JOHONEY', he released a single 'QUEEN' in 2015, showing MIRYO's distinctive music and performances, and made a strong impression as a soloist.

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    'The Package' LEE YEON HEE (SM Entertainment) has attracted viewers every time with colorful charm.

    In the JTBC drama 'The Package', LEE YEON HEE, who is working as a travel guide to Yoon Soso in France, has gained a favorable reception by viewers with its beautiful goddess, fluent French ambassador and watery emotional performance. From the facial aspect, she was completely seductive to the appearance of a woman who was seductive and cute, and she had a good reaction by emitting a charming color.

    Particularly in the 9th broadcast on the last 10th, LEE YEON HEE was dressed in a beautiful dress and went to a concert hall in Holbrook and watched a concert. In addition to the casual and comfortable costume shown as a travel guide, I caught sight of him.

    In addition, after suspicion and misunderstanding about the floor (Jung Yong Hwa) was solved, LEE YEON HEE showed a charm through the scenery where he was ashamed of misunderstanding such as hiding his face with two hands without meeting the eyes of the Chama Maru, The two men who came close to him again had a chance to enjoy a cocktail party in Deauville.

    On the other hand, 'The Package' is a healing drama where the people who chose the package tour for different reasons understand each other through travel and understand the importance of the person who is beside them. Friday and Saturday night at 11 pm.

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    '2017 BEST GENERAL TREND Girl Group' Red Velvet (SM Entertainment) has raised the expectation of comeback by revealing all the teazers of the five members who finished the new transformation after the member WENDY's teaser was released.

    Red Velvet released the teaser video with the teaser image of WENDY's member song "I Just" on the 13th and the new content was opened through the official website and Instagram at 10 am It is expected to be highly focused.

    The song "I Just" is a song by Hitchhiker, a global EDM musician and DJ, who participated in composing and arranging. It is a futuristic bass-based electronic pop song with a distinctive synth sound unique to Hitchhiker. It is expected to get a good response from the fans.

    Peek-A-Boo 'is a hook-up episode pop dance song titled' Peek-A-Boo 'which means' Peek-a-boo', a secret and mysterious The music video, which is made up of atmosphere, is also enough to meet the different charm of Red Velvet.

    On the other hand, Red Velvet 's 2nd album' Perfect Velvet 'will be released through various music sites on the 17th of this afternoon and will be released on the same day.

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    Completion of the 120-day journey, full-fledged competition episode!
    SUPER JUNIOR 's comeback reality' SJ Returns' predicted the last broadcast this week.
    On July 12th, SJ Returns, which started filming on the basis of EUNHYUK's homecoming date, finished its 120-day journey with the preparation of a real comeback preparation, such as regular 8th album recording, title song selection, choreography exercises, I will give a big smile to the viewers by the leaving unity contest episode.
    Especially, this week 's broadcasts will have a good response with various episodes including members' barbecue party gathered at the convention hall, 'restaurant game' of LEETEUK and SHINDONG, and dice manipulation event to win the game.
    The last story and behind-the-scenes footage of Reality 'SJ Returns' which was able to meet the colorful appearance of SUPER JUNIOR can be seen on 'Naver TV' and 'Naver V Live' channel during weekdays from 13th to Friday.
    On the other hand, SUPER JUNIOR released a new song 'Black Suit' on the 6th, and it is getting hot response from global music fans.

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    - MYSTIC's solo MINSEO, which will be released in four years, will make its debut as 'Good' ahead of its official debut in November.
    - MINSEO "'Like it' 'I'm glad to be the woman version" ... <Monthly YoonJongShin> November issue' Good 'released on 15th
    - Eye cleansing visual photo topic ... pure + sunny atmosphere

    MINSEO, who is about to make his debut in November, is getting a lot of attention because he was selected as a singer of "Good" version of 'Like it'.

    'Good', which will be released on the 15th, is expected to get a bigger response to realistic sympathetic lyrics than 'Like it', as the answer to Yun Jong Shin 'Like it', which is the biggest hit in the second half, 'Good' will be released in the November issue of <Monthly YoonJongShin>.

    MINSEO is singing another song after the 'Monthly YoonJongShin' October issue 'The First' and 'November', 'You Loved You' in 2016, but it is the fact that a newcomer who has not yet made his official debut, It is possible because there is a certain faith of.

    Yoon Jong Shin thought that MINSEO 's voice with sad emotion was good for this song and hoped that' Good 'would be as stunning and peculiar as it needed a distinctly different emotional approach from' Like it '.

    MINSEO said, "I am very happy and excited to be able to sing the 'Like it' girl version, which is good for many people around me, including myself." "I am worried about it because it is a difficult song, but I am more happy than that. .

    MINSEO, which is about to make its debut at the end of November, has been releasing 'pre-debut PHOTO' through official SNS since last week, while pure and clear visuals and moody photos are gathering topics each day and expecting MINSEO more.

    In addition, MINSEO plans to communicate with fans by revealing her natural voice from Cover Live, which features vocalism through 'MINSEO's ipsaedal'.

    MINSEO has not been in a hurry since Superstar K7, but has been ready for intensive training and extensive experience for about two years to become a successful newcomer.

    MINSEO's debut news will be released in sequence through MYSTIC and MINSEO official SNS, MINSEO's 'Like it' answer, and 'Monthly YoonJongShin' November 'Good' It is released through.

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    Total 17 performances, TVXQ with 78 million audience mobilization! Dome Tour held the largest ever!

    Asia's top TVXQ! (SM Entertainment) opened the third Japanese dome tour in spectacular fashion.

    TVXQ! Has made a huge debut on 東方神起 LIVE TOUR 2017 ~Begin Again~' at Sapporo Dome in Hokkaido on November 11th. This concert is a solo concert of TVXQ! Only the audience got explosive response.

    In particular, TVXQ! Will host the third five dome tours in 2013 and 2015, and it will set a new record for three of the top 5 dome tours for the first time as an overseas artist. The tour will be held on January 19-21, 17 performances totaling up to 7 times more performances, with 780,000 spectators, TVXQ! As the Dome Tour is the largest ever, it confirms the popularity and status of top artists.

    On this day, TVXQ! Performed a total of 28 performances over three hours including 'One More Thing', 'ANDROID', 'Humanoids', and got a cheerful show with fantastic live performance, intense performance and spectacular performances. .

    In addition, TVXQ! Will unveil the new single title song "Reboot" to be released on December 20, as well as a new singing song "Begin ~ Again Version ~" rehearsing the hit song 'Begin' in 2006 The audience was enthusiastic.

    On the other hand, TVXQ! Will continue the fever of ‘東方神起 LIVE TOUR 2017 ~ Begin Again ~' at Tokyo Dome in Japan from 25th to 27th.

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    Red Velvet (SM Entertainment), an unprecedented comeback with a new song 'Peek-A-Boo', unveiled the teaser of the member IRENE.

    Red Velvet got a hot response with the teaser image of IRENE, which was transformed into a new look through the official homepage and Instagram, today with the teaser video 'Perfect 10' inserted.

    Red Velvet 'Perfect 10' is an Urban R & B genre that is impressive with its red and velvet vocals. It is an eye-catching song that expresses the process of photographing a loved one as a subject.

    On the other hand, Red Velvet's 2nd album 'Perfect Velvet' will be released on the 17th at 6pm on various music sites and the same day will be released.

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