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    Narsha appears in JTBC 'Slim for Edge - fun to lose weight'.

    Narsha, Sam Hammington and LeeSuji will challenge the diet for 49 days. It is an entertaining program that reveals the healthy weight loss process of performers.

    Narsha, Sam Hammington, LeeSuji 3 people try to lose weight through 7 gates for 49 days, and one person who achieved the highest level of weight reduction finally can make his bucket list.

    After 49 days out of the three, I am wondering who will be the best to lose weight and practice the bucket list.

    LeeSora's charismatic role in MC and JangSungkyu's daring gesture seem to be a killing point that should not be missed.

    JTBC will be responsible for the weekends of the audience for 6 weeks, "happy life" will be broadcast on the 9th at 9:00 am.

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    f(x) KRYSTAL (SM) was awarded a plaque thanks to talent donation activities for Chinese children.

    KRYSTAL participated in the "CJ Dream Kicking Classroom" held in Kunming, Yunnan, China from May 31 to June 1, in commemoration of the Children's Day, the "Children's Day" (June 1) And spent a meaningful time together.

    The 'CJ Dream Kiwoom classroom' is a social contribution program co-hosted by CJ Group, Korea International Cultural Promotion Agency, China Friendship Foundation for Peace and Development, and China People's Friendship Association. KRYSTAL will visit Yongchang Elementary School in Kunming I participated in various programs such as painting, making a dream tree, and dream presentation time. Throughout the event, I made a good impression with my students with bright expression and friendliness.

    In particular, KRYSTAL attracted attention from the China Friendship Foundation for Peace and Development, which sponsored the event, and was awarded with a plaque thanks to its positive impact on young Chinese youth.

    KRYSTAL said, "I have gained great strength through significant activities. I will continue to support the dreams of all youth and children in the future. "

    On the other hand, KRYSTAL is loved by many people as a singer and actor.

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    'Unpredictable' 'SUPER TV 2' 1 time, Thursday 7th June at 8 pm XtvN broadcast!

    SUPER JUNIOR and AOA play a game against the entertainment throne.

    On the evening of June 7, at 8 pm on the XtvN channel, 'SUPER TV' is scheduled to be broadcasted on the 28th of May, with a new album 'BINGLE BANGLE'. The group AOA has appeared as the first challenger of the long-awaited SUPER JUNIOR And the throne will be held in the fierce competition will focus on the attention of viewers.

    In particular, on June 1, at 11 AM, "SUPER TV" official Facebook and Naver TV channels, and a single trailer "SUPER JUNIOR VS AOA, the result of a fierce game?" "" I missed you. "However, as time went by," I have to win this game! "And I get up in the fight, Seol Hyun said to YESUNG," You know you do not fit your hair honestly? " It is a 180-degree swivel with flying fastballs.

    In addition, 'SUPER TV' season 2, a new comeback with the subtitle of 'The Game of the Throne', is a weekly exciting showdown between idols aiming for the throne and SUPER JUNIOR, SUPER JUNIOR members are expected to maximize the synergy effect is increasing expectations.

    On the other hand, SUPER JUNIOR 's unique entertainment program' SUPER TV 2 'will be broadcast on XtvN at 8 pm on Thursday, June 7.

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    - Take it slow on the 6th release 'Take it slow' Duet with John Park ...
    - JoeWonSun, Roller Coaster from the time I love charming vocals ... Starting a new song announcement active activity

    Singer Songwriter JoeWonSun unveiled a new single concept photo in a natural atmosphere.
    On the 1st, MYSTIC Entertainment released JoeWonSun's new song 'Take it slow' concept photo to be released on the 6th.

    JoeWonSun in the photo showed a natural and comfortable charm with a warm mood. Her aura is felt with her style, expression, and posture.

    'Take it slow' is a song about the careful emotion of the lover that just started, written and composed by JoeWonSun and participated by John Park, a sweet duo partner.
    JoeWonSun said, "John Park's voice added to the calm sea and the pleasant winds and waves came to my senses." "I am grateful to John Park for breathing warmth."
    Group Roller JoeWonSun, who has been loved by his unique and charming tone since Coaster, has joined MYSTIC this year and is prominently active with his new song 'Take it slow' released in 2009 after 9 years since his solo album.
    JoeWonSun and John Park together with 'Take it slow' will be released on June 6 at 6 pm on each music source site.

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    - Jeong jinwoon, "Madame Antoine" After transforming into an actor for about two years "I am happy"
    - Responsible for plastic surgery consultant 'LeeHeeYoung' ... Kimjaewon ∙ Breathing with Namsangmi

    Singer and actor Jeong jinwoon appears on SBS new drama 'If you think she will speak'

    My agency MYSTIC Entertainment said on January 1, "Jeong jinwoon was cast in the SBS new drama 'If you think she will speak"

    It's a mystery melodrama that tells the story of a woman whose face has changed and her memory has been lost, searching for her in her memory.

    Jeong jinwoon is Lee HeeYoung, a counselor working in plastic surgeon of Hankangwoo (Kimjaewon). It is popular with patients who are looking for a hospital with a warm visual and professional work ability, but they do not have a right love experience. Jeong jinwoon is in the drama with Kimjaewon, Namsangmi, Jo Hyun-jae, and HanEunJung.

    Jeong jinwoon, who appeared in the drama in about two years, said, "I am glad to be able to say hello to my work for a long time and I will try to show good performances with good actors."

    Jeong jinwoon is growing as a multi-functional entertainer, showing various aspects such as music, entertainment and drama.

    'If you think she will speak' is scheduled to be broadcast in July.

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    SM Entertainment will hold a music festival 'SMile Music Festival 2018' for musical dream trees.

    SMILE Music Festival is the representative social contribution program of SM that is planned to support children and young people who grow their dreams through music even in a difficult environment. have.

    The application for the 'SMILE Music Festival 2018' will be held for one month from June 1 for bands, dances, and chorus clubs that have been active for 5 months or more in welfare facilities, institutions and organizations in the metropolitan area. Can be found at the SMTOWN official website and the SMILE Music Festival Naver Café.

    In addition, the final selection team will have the chance to receive mentoring for SM artists KANGTA and TraxX as well as a certain amount of money and training of professional trainers during the 3 month practice period. On November 23, 2018, Seoul Samseong-dong The concert will be held at SMTOWN COEX atium, which will give musical dreams a special experience.

    Meanwhile, SM launched the social contribution brand "SMile" in 2014, SMILE Music Festival, SM's contents and infrastructure, such as regular volunteer activities for employees, donation of artist talents, support for Asian and domestic children's music education, We are actively engaged in contributing activities.

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    Good Evening ', an original but full of artistic tracks, explodes in anticipation of the stage!
    Two songs from 'All Day All Night' Notice of eye pressure!

    The first stage of SHINee (SM), the first album of the regular 6th album 'The Story of Light' EP.1, is finally broadcast today.

    SHINee will appear on Mnet 'M COUNTDOWN, which will be broadcasted at 6 pm on May 31st. It will be the first time to release the 6th album' Good Evening 'and' All Day All Night ' The reaction is expected.

    In particular, the title song 'Good Evening' is a cool yet sophisticated electronic pop song. This performance, which was released through fan meetings and music videos on the 10th anniversary of the debut, is composed of various movements using chairs, , As well as the new concept has been recognized as a unique color each time proved SHINee's reputation and has gained explosive response, so the first comeback on the show today, the attention of viewers will be focused.

    In addition, this choreography work is performed by Koharu Sugawara, a well-known Japanese choreographer who produced "MOVE" performance of member TAEMIN's solo piece. As a result of collecting topics through highly addictive performance, SHINee's unique performance will attract music fans again. to be.

    The song 'All Day All Night' was released on the 10th anniversary of the debut. It is a song with a message that SHINee will show more advanced music and performances. It is a brilliant step to match with a fast tempo, sexy groove, It is expected to be able to meet the performance with a variety of charm such as motion.

    In addition, on May 28, SHINee's first album, 'The Story of Light' EP.1, was released on the iTunes Compilation album chart, including Panama, Greece, New Zealand, Norway, Sweden, Spain, Japan, Hong Kong and India It is ranked No. 1 in 37 places in the world and ranked No. 1 in the domestic music charts, which confirms SHINee's "K-POP Leader" aspect.

    On the other hand, SHINee is on June 1 KBS 2TV 'Music Bank', June 2 MBC 'Show! Music Core 'on June 3, and' Inkigayo 'on SBS on June 3.

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    - 'I was attracted by different, different and different' ... I feel more sad and emotional ballad
    - YoonJongShin X Jung In ... 'Uphill', 'The Coldness' followed by 'Difference', released at 6 pm!
    - YoonJongShin "Jung In, unrivaled singer with unique powers ... I never expected to work with her"

    The 25th song of LISTEN on MYSTIC Entertainment's music platform is Jung In's 'Difference'.

    'Difference' is a ballad with a different story, but it is written by YoonJongShin, YoonJongShin, and KangHwaSung.

    Jung In is a unique sad voice.

    YoonJongShin described Jung In as "a singer who has unparalleled power at home with no one at present".

    "Jung In is a singer who overcomes my color and makes my song unlike my song," she said. "I never expected to work with her."

    'Difference' is an emotional ballad with YoonJongShin's melody and lyrics, Jung In's sad voice on it, 'Uphill' and 'The Coldness'. Collect.

    On the other hand, Jung In has made a deep impression on stage of 'South Korean Troupe of Peace Cooperation Origins for South and North Peace Cooperation' held in Pyeongyang in early April and recently released her lovely daughter JoEun through KBS2 'Happy Sunday - The Return of Superman' .

    LISTEN of MYSTIC starts with the aim of introducing good music frequently with minimal marketing, and regularly shows good music of various musicians.
    LISTEN's 25th Jung In 'Difference' will be released at 6 pm on the 31st of each music source site.

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    'SUPER TV Season 2' to believe and watch TV broadcast on XtvN at 8pm on Thursday, June 7th!
    SUPER JUNIOR 's sole entertainment program' SUPER TV 'will return to season 2.

    SUPER JUNIOR will open 'SUPER TV 2' teaser video on 11th of May 'SUPER TV' official Facebook, Naver TV channel, YouTube SMTOWN channel, and new format SIWON It has attracted the attention of fans by releasing the 'SJ Arts Specs' that they joined.

    In the first video of the two teaser videos, "SUPER TV 2, SUPER JUNIOR VS VS Idol", the first video, "LEETEUK, HEECHUL, YESUNG, SHINDONG, EUNHYUK, DONGHAE, SIWON" The letter of SUPER JUNIOR 's good fortune to go to 14 years? "Also," This letter began on November 6, 2005 and is flying around the world without 14 years of arrival. The person who received this letter is unconditional! We have to meet. SUPER JUNIOR LIFE LETTER HAS BEEN ARRIVED FOR 14 YEARS? ".

    Especially, SUPER JUNIOR will be performing 'SUPER TV 2' Naver 'V LIVE' which SUPER JUNIOR introduces at 8 pm on May 29th, and it will perform various idol and artistic confrontation under the subtitle 'SUPER TV Season 2 - Game of the throne' SUPER TV 'is the top 5 real-time trends in the domestic Twitter (on the 30th at 0:00) and the explosion of' SUPER TV 2 ' I realized my interest.

    Since the first broadcast of 'SUPER TV' on January 26, 2018, 'SUPER TV' won the 1st prize in the 'No.4 drama starring cast member' of January, 2018 published by GOOD DATA CORPORATION "SUPER TV 2", which came back in a different format, is also expected to get a good response from viewers.

    Meanwhile, 'SUPER TV 2' is scheduled to arrive at the XtvN channel at 8 pm on Thursday, June 7th.

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