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    A large number of global hit makers participated to improve the degree of perfection!

    BoA to show her wide music spectrum through her 20th anniversary album ‘BETTER’.

    At 6:00 pm on December 1st, BoA's 10th album released on various music sites contains a total of 11 songs of various genres including the title song "Better", which is a music fan's favorite. High interest is expected.

    Which global hitmakers including Yoo Young Jin, KENZIE, top producer team Moonshine, LDN Noise, popular lyricist 이스란, 조윤경, 황유빈 participated in, and BoA wrote the lyrics directly. Also meet the songs composed.
    In particular, the title song "Better" is a song of the R & B dance genre that emphasizes the explosive bit of solid bass and refrain, and the British singer AWA's "Like I Do" is sampled and reinterpreted in BoA color. , Debut song "ID; Peace B" to "Girls On Top", "내가 돌아 (NEGA DOLA)" and other BoA ​​and express breathing Yoo Young Jin participated in the lyrics, composition and arrangement to double the charm.

    In addition, "Temptations" recorded in this album is a song with sensual Groovy character strings and dreamy sounds, and the lyrics express a provocative tension that leads to mutual temptation. "Cut Me Off" is a pop genre song with attractive lyrics that coolly say goodbye to a lover who has gone down, and BoA's vocals called a simple sound with a solid atmosphere and restrained emotions. Will give a cold and sharp impression as a group.

    In addition, "Got Me Good" is a song with impressive lyrics that expresses a more free-spirited heart by getting out of a sharp line of sight toward oneself, and has an addictive kick and molding sound with a groovy rhythm. It creates a magnificent and determined atmosphere.

    Meanwhile, BoA's 20th anniversary album "BETTER" will be released on December 2nd.

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    EXO KAI(SM), who debuting solo on November 30th, his first mini album to present groovy music.

    KAI's first solo album "KAI" will be released on various music sites at 6 pm on the 30th, and total of 6 R&B-based songs including R&B pop, and it seems to get a hot response. ..

    In particular, the title song "음 (Mmmh)" is an R & B pop song in which a simple and addictive melody is harmonized on a minimal track, and the lyrics are frank and confident in the heart that attracts the other person at first. Unravel with a tone and add a sense of expectation.

    In addition, the recorded song "기억상실 (Amnesia)" is an R & B trap song with attractive grooves and melodies, and the moment you fall in love, you forget all the other memories of the past and want to fill only your lover's memory. Incorporated.

    In addition, "Hello Stranger" is a progressive R & B song with a lyrical guitar sound, and the lyrics describe a situation in which a stranger who meets for the first time feels a strange texture and naturally passes the conversation.

    Meanwhile, KAI's first mini album "KAI" will be released on November 30th.

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    - 〈Monthly YoonJongShin〉 November issue "니가 뭐라고" released on the 25th! "The story of crush"
    - YoonJongShin "Because the crush is important and the painful matter is hard to sustain"
    - YoonJongShin, Gentile project finished soon

    Singer Yoon Jong Shin's monthly music project 〈Monthly YoonJongShin〉 November issue "니가 뭐라고" will be released on the 25th.

    "니 가 뭐라고" is a crushing story that Yoon Jong Shin tells in November, and for COVID-19, it will be even more severe. It was.

    YoonJongShin said, "Recently, no one can easily feel the crush, and no one seems to be able to speak the crush comfortably." "Looking back, in November, I always wrote dark and heavy songs. This time, I thought I had to make a crushing song and see it. "

    "니가 뭐라고" has a special meaning in collaboration with new composers. YoonJongShin said, "What kind of composer team sent me an email asking me to call me, but when I heard it, I felt that it fits perfectly with the crushing story I was trying to write." "이별손님" announced in January. Like this, this song was also a work with composers (Lee Sang Kyu, Park Jun Shin) connected via e-mail. "

    YoonJongShin says that the reason normal love is tragic is that crush and emotion are gathered at the beginning of the relationship. That's why he says that "crush" is important and painful because it's difficult to sustain. That feeling isn't like some of the gifts that are possible only if the other person is in the realm of my imagination.

    He said, "I'm looking at people who have fallen in love lately and consider who they are," he said. "So the speaker in this song looks really beautiful. The desire to hear and know someone who is serious about the other person's story, rather than being bad at it, is really important in itself. "

    In 2020, Yoon Jong Shin's new song "니가 뭐라고", which we sang about the lost "Tokimeki", can be seen through the sound source site before 6 pm that day.

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    - "산후조리원" Park Ha Seon, "Thousand Faces"
    - Park Ha Seon, the power of a self-made actress who showed me in "산후조리원"
    - "산후조리원" Park Ha Seon, the heyday is about to come

    Actor Park Ha Seon, who reached his heyday with "산후조리원", conveyed his affectionate feelings.

    On the past 24 days, the tvN drama "산후조리원" ended with a passionate interest and love. Park Ha Seon, who ranked first in the ranks of cooks and performed enthusiastically at veteran mom Cho Eun Jung, said on the 25th through his agency KEYEAST, "It's a really happy month to meet the characters of life, and Cho Eun Jung is released very much. It seems to be memorable for a long time if it is a work that has received a lot of good reviews. It was an honor to be together with the complete work of both the script, the director, the actor, and the production staff. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all the viewers who breathed enthusiastically and supported me. ”Along with the thank-you greeting, he revealed the feeling that the broadcast was over.

    Throughout this drama, Park Ha Seon exudes elegant charisma and adds a uniquely charming character called "Cho Eun Jung." Park Ha Seon's character digestion and presence were irreplaceable in "산후조리원", which was packed with a variety of genre flavors. In the comical parody scene, he conveyed a big laugh with his immortal enthusiastic performance, and in the weak emotional scene, he conveyed emotional impression and comfort with his delicate inner performance. In this way, Park Ha Seon's generous and abundant acting ability, which goes back and forth between the sadness and joy of reality, maximizes the taste of the scene and dialogue, and adds a sense of dynamism to the entire work.

    "I'm a queen bee, but I'm the best," Park Ha Seon said in order to digest the character. He then expressed his generous affection, saying, "Cho Eun Jung is a complex variety of characters that is elegant and Todo but makes me laugh, sad, cute, sad, and has some charm and human appearance." I didn't know if I could postpone it, so I was very happy and happy while shooting. "

    This is not the only addictive attraction of Cho Eun Jung. Park Ha Seon's flashy visuals, which have been mainly shown to be sober and beautiful, were another highlight. Here, Park Ha Seon's special commitment has been added. Cho Eun Jung is so unrealistic and perfect that the script has a fingerprint of "full make-up with pearl earrings," and Park Ha Seon described it as "the first character to decorate since his debut." In order to show the concept of the maximum character, we prepared accessories such as luxury scarves, lace capes, sleeping socks, underwear, and subs at direct cost. Hair bands are a personal collection.

    For these reasons, Park Ha Seon has gained full support from viewers. Park Ha Seon was delighted with the reaction of the viewers, who said, "I hate you in the early stages," and "Park Ha Seon is good at acting like that." And, as I went to the latter half of the year, I was "sad" and "I can't hate it because I sympathize with it".

    "산후조리원" spit out the famous scenes every time. Of these, Park Ha Seon chose a parody scene with Uhm Ji-won in episode 6. Park Ha Seon made viewers laugh with a comic performance that shot a two-handed pistol, a bazooka, etc. while dressed as a historical drama reminiscent of a martial arts action object in the scene. He recalled, "When can I try this kind of crazy acting again so that I can feel catharsis while acting, and I postponed it, thinking of all the irrational characters I have seen so far?" did.

    In the name line, the last 8th, Eun Jung's self-responsible working mama Hyun Jin (Uhm Ji-won), "The most important thing is finally me. That's why I want to do it. Don't give up." "It's also the message of the work, and it reached my heart the most. I want many people to be happy if I'm not happy, and I want many people to be happy."

    Park Ha Seon, who is building a bold transformation and a unique acting color, will continue to play an active role as KakaoTV "며느라기".

    Q. Impressions of finishing "산후조리원"
    A. It's been a really happy month to meet and I'm very sorry to let Cho Eun Jung go. It seems that a work that has received a lot of good reviews will be remembered for a long time. It was an honor to be together with the complete work of both the scenario, the director, the actor and the production staff. I want you to be sure to do Season 2 too much. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to all the viewers who breathed enthusiastically and supported us.

    Q. What was the biggest attraction of "Cho Eun Jung"?
    A. Elegant and Todo, but sad and cute to make you laugh. It's a really complex and diverse character with some charm and a human appearance. I didn't know if I could show so many figures and postpone them. That's why I was very happy and enjoyed shooting from beginning to end.

    Q. What if there is a special preparation or smoke-focused part to digest the character?
    A. It was an unrealistic person who had the fingerprint "I wore pearl earrings on full make-up" in the script, and was the first character to decorate since my debut. In order to show the maximum character concept in the cook's clothes, luxury scarves and privately owned hair bands purchased and used my own subs, sleeping socks, and underwear for rust. And since it is a new character that I have never seen before, I acted thinking "I am a queen bee" and "I am the best".

    Q. The most memorable viewer reaction
    A. At the beginning, I was delighted by the reactions of "I hate my heart" and "Park Ha Seon is good at acting like that". And thank you very much for seeing the comments of the people who understand and support Eun Jung, saying "I'm sad" and "I can't hate you because I sympathize with you" as I go to the second half.

    Q. If you mention famous scenes and lines
    A. The scene is a legend, but it seems that it is indispensable to put a babysitter in episode 6 and compete with Hyun Jin. Bazooka was especially strong. The more I felt catharsis while acting, the more I could try such crazy acting again, and I acted while thinking of all the irrational characters I had ever seen.

    In the last eight episodes, Eun Jung blames Hyun Jin for the lines, and the words "The most important thing is finally me" are also the message of the work, and it reached my heart most. Many people would like to say that if I am not happy, my children can be happy. I support everyone.

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    Received the Fashion influence award
    Top model and broadcast Han Hye Jin won the Fashion influence award at the "2020 Korea Designer Fashion Awards".

    The "Fashion influence award" is an award given to influential fashions that are actively active in cultural arts and broadcasting entertainment, and was introduced in the aerial wave entertainment program "나 혼자 산다" and became a hot topic. It was given to the top model Han Hye Jin who directly planned and proceeded with the Seoul Fashion Week "100th Challenge".

    The "2020 Korea Designer Fashion Awards" will be held for COVID-19 at a significantly smaller scale than the existing ones, and only the minimum number of people, including winners, presenters, and event participants, will participate. It was done in a calm atmosphere, observing caution.

    Meanwhile, winner Han Hye Jin directly planned the "100th Challenge" project to bring the Korean fashion industry to life, which was completely canceled due to the influence of COVID-19, and the Korean fashion industry's lack of satisfaction. It impressed the public as well as the people involved. Then, recently, I challenged the Digital Runway-100th place challenge again with the members of "나 혼자 산다" and spread a warm laugh.

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    A chemistry-filled talk between BoA and Lee Soo Man producers!
    "Return of MC" Lee Soo Man Producer, Transform talk show MC for BoA

    BoA's 20th anniversary reality show ‘Nobody Talks To BoA’ are revealing a special meeting between BoA(SM) and general producer Lee Soo Man..

    "Nobody Talks To BoA - 모두가 그녀에게 말을 걸지 않아" will be pre-released on the Beyond LIVE channel of NAVER V LIVE every Tuesday and Thursday at 6 pm, and various daily life of BoA celebrating its 20th anniversary will be celebrated. Getting a good response.

    In episodes 3 and 4 broadcast this week, BoA will meet with Lee Soo Man's general producer, who has grown himself into a star and has been with him for over 20 years, and will have a chemistry-filled talk that will attract attention.

    In particular, Lee Soo Man general producer transformed into a talk show MC for BoA, imagined that he was active in MC, the preparation course of the 20th anniversary album from the first encounter with BoA, various episodes such as thoughts on the program name '모두가 그녀에게 말을 걸지 않아' will be told.

    In addition, looking back on the history of BoA, which was active as an icon of successful overseas expansion, we will meet the pleasant talk scene where we share our faith as a mentor and mentee for more than 20 years, thinking about the time when Japan and the United States debuted. SHINee MINHO also appears in surprise.

    Meanwhile, BoA's 20th anniversary album "BETTER" will be released on various music sites on December 1st.

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    Independent report "focus on eyes" in the famous American cultural magazine "Variety"
    ICM Partners Jon Pleeter Vice President, "I am honored to be with the Korean wave king SUPER JUNIOR"

    SUPER JUNIOR hold hands with global top agency "ICM Partners".

    'Variety', a famous American culture magazine with a history of more than 100 years, said on the 23rd (local time), "ICM Partners has signed an agency contract to support all global activities except for the Asian activities of K-POP's Titan SUPER JUNIOR." It is a single report that is drawing hot attention.

    Based in Los Angeles and with offices in New York, Washington, DC and London, ICM Partners is in charge of business areas in various media fields, including music business, TV, movies, publishing, live performances, and brand entertainment. Is the top agent of. He works with world-class stars such as Beyonce, Nicki Minaj, Khalid, Samuel L. Jackson, Orlando Bloom, Uma Thurman, Megan Fox and John Cena.

    ICM Partners Vice President Jon Pleeter said, "I am honored to represent the Korean wave king SUPER JUNIOR. Through multiple media fields such as global tour, marketing, business development and strategic partnership with partner Label SJ. I look forward to the growth of the SUPER JUNIOR brand. "

    In addition, Variety, which reported the news independently, released SUPER JUNIOR's "2005 debut album" and advanced to the world using "쏘리 쏘리 (SORRY, SORRY)" in 2009. They received 13 Mnet MUSIC AWARDS, 19 Golden Disc Awards, and the "Best Overseas Artist" and "Best Fan Award" from the American Teen Choice Awards. The pre-release song "The Melody" (우리에게) will be released in early November, and the 10th album "The Renaissance" will be released soon. " explained.

    In addition, SUPER JUNIOR's solo performance brand "SUPER SHOW" also "performed for more than 2.2 million fans in Asia and Europe. In addition, more than 123,000 fans around the world have performed online. Gathered. "

    On the other hand, SUPER JUNIOR continues to be active regardless of fields such as groups, units, solo album releases, various entertainment program appearances, radio, and music.

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    Contains 6 songs including the title song "음 (Mmmh)"! Expectation UP!

    EXO KAI (SM) will listen to a variety of attractive music through his first solo album.

    KAI's first solo album "KAI", which will be released on the 30th, is expected to attract music fans with a total of 6 songs with a trendy atmosphere, including the title song "음 (Mmmh)".

    "Nothing On Me" recorded in this album is a PB R & B song featuring a heavy bass groove, giving the joy of popping out the explosive sound of rust, and getting drunk with the sweet scent in the lyrics. I drew the moment when I approached the other party.

    In addition, "Reason" is a progressive R & B song composed by renowned American producer Mike Daley, with minimal club music and addictive 808 patterns, and lyrics exploring each other with curious opponents. It seems that he is becoming more and more fascinated.

    "Ride Or Die" is a PB R & B song written by star producer Cha Cha Malone, and the oriental guitar sound creates a dreamy atmosphere. The lyrics are "Let's see".

    On the other hand, KAI's first mini album "KAI" will be released on various music sites at 6 pm on November 30th.

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  • 2020-11-24 Press Release

    NCT, this week's music show sortie!

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    2nd album Pt.2 new song "90's Love" + "Work It" comeback stage present!

    NCT (SM), who made a comeback on the 2nd album Pt.2, will appear on this week's music program and premiere the stage of the new song.

    NCT will perform "90's Love" from KBS 2TV "Music Bank" on the 27th, MBC "쇼! 음악중심" on the 28th, and "90's Love" and "Work It" on SBS "인기가요" on the 29th. They are planning to present the stage of these two songs, and it is expected that the viewers will be highly interested.

    The new song "90's Love" is an old school R & B hip-hop song with exciting upbeats, groovy drums and basslines, with powerful and gorgeous hip-hop performances, TEN, WINWIN, MARK, JENO, HAECHAN, YANGYANG, and SUNG CHAN's perfect breathing choreography will catch eyes.

    In addition, "Work It" is an electronic dance song with an energetic bassline, a fun rhythmic synth sound, and an addictive refrain. You can meet.

    Meanwhile, NCT will appear on SBS Power FM "최화정의 파워 타임" which will be broadcast at 12:00 noon on the 24th.

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    - November issue "니가 뭐라고", Yoon Jong Shin's crushing story that appears after a long absence
    - Yoon Jong Shin "This fall and winter have become more difficult for COVID-19. forget the crush and emotions"

    Singer Yoon Jong Shin's monthly music project 〈Monthly YoonJongShin〉 November issue "니가 뭐라고" will be released on the 25th.

    The November issue of "니가 뭐라고" is a crushing song, thinking for someone, so it's a story of when "I can't do anything" and why my heart is "so shaken". "Kou Mitch" is a song that talks about what kind of condition you are asked to do.

    Yoon Jong Shin has come to ponder what we've lost so far as we face this fall and winter, which is getting tougher because of COVID-19, and the harder it is, the more crushing it is. I came to have the feeling that I should forget my emotions.

    "니가 뭐라고" was performed in collaboration with Yoon Jong Shin and a team of composers (Lee Sang Kyu, Park Jun Shik) connected by email.

    Yoon Jong Shin said, "Looking back, I always made a dark and heavy song in November. So this time, I wanted to make a song that was a little fluttering." "I heard that it was a song that came in through the company." I pierced my ears. The melody was a perfect match for the crushing story I was trying to write. "

    "When you look at people who have fallen into ordinary love, they seem to fall into both types. Those who want to talk to me as much as possible are those who want to listen to them over and over," he said. The latter is more eye-catching. Someone who considers and considers who the other person is. Perhaps because of that, the speaker in this song looks really beautiful. That's what I want to hear. It's important in itself. "

    Yoon Jong Shin's "니가 뭐라고" can be seen through the sound source site before 6 pm on the 25th.

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