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    On March 10th at 7pm, the new song stage was first released through an online showcase!

    WayV (LABEL V) presents intense energy with the new song ‘Kick Back (秘境)’.

    WayV's 3rd Mini Album'Kick Back' will be released on various music sites on March 10th at 8 pm (Korean time), and includes a total of 6 songs including the title song'Kick Back (秘境)' of the same name. .

    This title song'Kick Back (秘境)' is a dance song of the progressive R&B genre that combines energetic vocals and a relaxed flow rap.The lyrics contain a positive message to portray the future unfolding together. It is enough to meet bright and intense charm.

    Also, in commemoration of the release of the new album, WayV broadcasts an online showcase worldwide through YouTube and NAVER V LIVE's WayV channel from 7pm KST on the 10th, and the first release of the title song'Kick Back (秘境)' Of course, high interest is expected as we plan to communicate with global fans by telling various stories such as new album introduction and recent talk.

    Meanwhile, WayV's 3rd Mini Album “Kick Back” will also be released on March 10th.

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    -Released the Japanese version of 2 songs sung by Miyu from'AKB48' and'PRODUCE48' and〈Monthly YoonJongShin〉
    -Yoon Jong Shin "Working with the mind of Miyu, who has a lot of interest in city pop"...Miyu's own Japanese song released

    Singer Yoon Jong Shin's monthly music project 〈Monthly YoonJongShin〉 repair will be released on the 8th in the February issue.

    This special album includes two songs in Japanese version, ``왠지 그럼 안될 것 같아(February 2021)'' and ``내 타입(October 2019),'' where Takeuchi Miyu participated in the song through 〈Monthly YoonJongShin〉.

    For both songs, Miyu translated the lyrics in Japanese, and Miyu said, "I worked in a way that conveys the meaning of the original lyrics, but makes use of the nuances of Japanese naturally."

    The title of the Japanese version of ‘왠지 그럼 안될 것 같아’ is ‘秘密の想い’. With this song, Miyu wanted to control her emotions with a little more comfortable and easier pronunciation.

    In addition,'My Type', which was only available in the music video so far, is also released as a Japanese version of'My Type', which is expected to double the charm of City Pop.

    The monthly special of 〈Monthly YoonJongShin〉 2 can confirm the possibility of Miyu, who is expanding the spectrum based on her deep understanding and love for the city pop genre.

    Yoon Jong Shin said, “When I was working on'내 타입', I was deeply impressed by Miyu, who was interested in city pop, and when I decided the direction of the arrangement of'왠지 그럼 안될 것 같아' I remember again,” he explained.

    Takeuchi Miyu, who was born in “AKB48” and Mnet “PRODUCE48,” has been recognized for her singing skills, lyric writing, and composing skills. Recently, she is active in various fields such as “Korean foreigners”.

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    -'가시리잇고' Park Jung Yeon, historical drama-modern drama, stable acting with probabilities
    -Park Jung Yeon,'Colorful Charm' from anti-war singing skills to playing various musical instruments

    Actor Park Jung Yeon appeared with a stable acting and fresh visuals through his first lead film, "가시리잇고."

    “가시리잇고” first aired on Channel A on the 5th is a time-slip fantasy music romance. In the play, Park Jung Yeon takes on the role of Min Yoo Jung, a busking girl who does not lose her dream of becoming a singer even in difficult circumstances.

    In the first broadcast, it was depicted that Min Yoo Jung receives a encouraging offer to give her a ton of money if she plays a song that awakens her soul. Yoo Jung, who is difficult to earn a living, began to play, and Park Yeon (Kang Chan Hee) suddenly appeared in his playing back 600 years. In the past, the two of them were a loving relationship that gradually got closer to each other through the common point of music.

    Park Jung Yeon played Min Yoo Jung, who looks sweet but has a solid inner side. Along with the elegant visuals, he performed a stable acting with a completely different appearance, vocalization, and tone from contemporary drama.

    Park Jung Yeon, who performed probable acting, provoked a love line with his partner actor, Chan Hee, with a brilliant and adorable chemistry. In addition, he showed off his anti-war singing skills by sitting on the roof and singing songs to opponent Park Yeon.

    In addition, Park Jung Yeon showed off a variety of charms by playing various musical instruments. In particular, he showed a passion for his acting, such as taking lessons directly for his work, and raised expectations for his future performances with his acting ability, which is not like a rookie.

    On the other hand,'가시리잇고' is aired on TV every Friday at 11 pm on SKY and 12:30 pm on Channel A. On KT Seezn, it will be released every Friday at 11am a week before the airing on TV.

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    -JUNG IN appeared on'유희열의 스케치북' on the 5th...
    -JUNG IN, the 56th protagonist of'유희열의 스케치북 X Musician'... Sings OKDAL's'하드코어 인생아'
    -Arranged by her husband, Cho Jung Chi..."Please look forward to a different and soulful'하드코어 인생아.'

    Singer JUNG IN will be the 56th protagonist of'유희열의 스케치북 X Musician'.

    JUNG IN appeared on KBS2's'유희열의 스케치북', which aired on the 5th, and rang the hearts of viewers with their emotional voice.

    After 2 years and 7 months, JUNG IN, who shed his face on the ‘유희열의 스케치북’, showed off his face as a vocalist by singing ‘사랑 그 깊은 곳’, ‘오르막길’, ‘미워요’, and ‘장마.’

    JUNG IN selected OKDAL's'하드코어 인생아' as the song released as the album'유희열의 스케치북 X Musician'. He explained why he chose the song, saying, "I liked this song 10 years ago," and "I wanted to sing it on stage with my voice someday."

    She said, “The'하드코어 인생아' that I sang has a different soulful taste from the original song.

    In particular, this song was arranged by his husband, Cho Jung Chi. JUNG IN said, “I chose this song and arranged it by his husband and singer Cho Jung Chi.”

    JUNG IN's "하드코어 인생아", which can feel a different charm from the original version, can be found on the music source site before 12:00 pm.

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    SUPER JUNIOR has released the poster for the title of the last unit of the new song'House Party'.

    The title posters of “Beautiful Unit” HEECHUL, YESUNG, and RYEOWOOK were uploaded on SUPER JUNIOR's official SNS at 10 am on the 5th. In the opened photo, YESUNG wears a blue knit and blue colored lenses to create a vivid atmosphere, while HEECHUL and RYEOWOOK wear dark charisma with all-black outfits, creating a stark contrast.

    In addition, the lyrics of “I see the future in your eyes” were additionally released on this unit's title poster, amplifying the curiosity about the new album title song “House Party”.

    The new song'House Party' is a dance song with a more powerful feeling with a trendy melody and trap added. In the lyrics, everyone is in a difficult situation due to COVID-19, but he said that let's not forget about the small daily routines, and cheerfully solved the encouragement to put aside the deviation for a while.

    SUPER JUNIOR's 10th album, ‘The Renaissance’, and the title song ‘House Party’ music video will be available on March 16 at 6 pm through various music sites.

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    SUPER JUNIOR RYEOWOOK is receiving hot attention from local media by covering popular Indonesian songs.

    On the 1st, RYEOWOOK uploaded a cover video for an Indonesian song on her YouTube channel'려욱이의 아지트'. 'Terlanju Mencinta', sung by RYEOWOOK, was sung by three final winners who appeared on the Indonesian TV program'Indonesian Idol' last year, and the audition program has been evaluated as the most popular program in Indonesian TV history since its first airing in 2004. .

    Accordingly, the cover video of RYEOWOOK was not only aired on CNN Indonesian TV news, which is the leading local media, but also drew attention by reporting in local media such as'KOMPAS','Kapanlagi','IDNTimes' and'Pikiran Rakyat'.

    Among them, CNN Indonesia said, “SUPER JUNIOR is a well-known group in Indonesia. Since 2011, he has visited Indonesia frequently and participated in the closing ceremony of the '2018 Jakarta-Palembang Asian Games'. In addition to these performances, we also held “SUPER SHOW” more than five times in Indonesia,” he explained in detail about the activities of SUPER JUNIOR.

    In addition,'KOMPAS' praised, “If someone who does not know about RYEOWOOK very well, he sang so well that it was difficult to distinguish whether he was Indonesian or Korean. Are getting.

    Meanwhile, RYEOWOOK will appear in the interactive live performance “온에어-비밀계약”, which directly communicates with the audience, and is scheduled to come back with SUPER JUNIOR's 10th album, “The Renaissance,” on the 16th.

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    Tickets open at 3pm on March 12th!

    EXO XIUMIN(SM) is holding an online fan meeting.

    Since XIUMIN plans to broadcast the online fan meeting'ON: XIUWEET TIME' for a fee through NAVER V LIVE's Beyond LIVE channel from 5 pm on March 27th, high interest from fans is expected.

    This fan meeting is an exclusive fan meeting of XIUMIN, held about two years after the first solo fan meeting held in 2019, 'XIUWEET TIME'. I expect to get it.

    In addition, tickets for the XIUMIN online fan meeting'ON: XIUWEET TIME' can be purchased from 3pm on March 12th on NAVER V LIVE+ and on the internet reservation site YES24.

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    Monsoon role casting
    'Friend Chemistry' with Kim So-hyun

    Actor Bae Da Bin was cast in Season 2 of the Netflix original series "좋아하면 울리는."

    The Netflix original series, ``좋아하면 울리는,'' deals with the world where the alarm goes off in love, and the romance between a woman who cannot sound an alarm and two men who want to know her heart.

    Bae Da Bin joined Season 2 by taking the role of Jojo (Kim So-hyun)'s friend'Monsoon' in the play. Bae Da Bin will be decomposed into'Monsoon', which has become an adult, and will show a'friend chemistry' in the form of acknowledging and giving each other's hearts while continuing college life with Jojo.

    In the meantime, Bae Da Bin made eye-stamps to viewers through JTBC'경우의 수', SBS'브람스를 좋아하세요?', tvN'아스달 연대기', MBC'나쁜형사', JTBC'내 아이디는 강남미인', etc. come. He naturally performed his character in each work, in the appearances that would be in reality, so when he joined Season 2 of “좋아하면 울리는,” he is raising expectations for what kind of acting he will capture the viewers.

    Meanwhile, Season 2 of “좋아하면 울리는,” starring Bae Da Bin, will be released on Netflix for the first time on March 12th.

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    Singer, actor, fashion designer, and marketer Im Sang A (ESteem) will appear in JTBC's “배달gayo-신비한 레코드샵”, which will be broadcast on the 5th.

    '신비한 레코드샵' is a music entertainment that completes a playlist by introducing'Life Story' and'Life Songs' with guests who are bound by a common profession along with Yoon Jong Shin, Jang Yoon Jung, KYUHYUN, and WENDY 4MC. Im Sang A, who is active in Korea after a long time, appears as a guest.

    Im Sang A, a musical star and CEO of the 15th year, appeared in a stylish form through a trailer, showing a reaction that enhances the shooting atmosphere, and at the same time, raising expectations of viewers by predicting a talk about his own music philosophy.

    After her active domestic activities since her 1994 debut, Im Sang A moved to the U.S. in 1999 and ran a consulting company with'SANG A', a fashion brand that incorporates her own brand philosophy,'HUMAN-CENTERED and INCLUSIVE DESIGN'. Is active as.

    On the other hand, JTBC's'배달gayo-신비한 레코드샵' featuring Im Sang A is broadcast every Friday at 9 pm.

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    Proof of super power!
    Two songs, “Don”t Call Me, and “CØDE” will be presented through this week’s music broadcast!

    SHINee (SM) proved its extreme popularity with their 7th album, “Do n't Call Me,” ranking first in domestic and international charts.

    SHINee's 7th album'Don't Call Me' took first place on the Gaon album chart (February 21-27) released on the 4th, and took the top spot on the Korean album chart weekly, regaining the power of SHINee once again.

    In addition, this album also ranked No. 1 on the Japanese Oricon Weekly Digital Album Chart (February 22-28), and ranked No. 1 on the iTunes Top Album Chart in 47 regions worldwide, No. 1 on QQ Music and Kuwo Music digital album sales charts in China, Japan. It has garnered global attention, ranking No. 1 on the LINE Music Album Top 100 Chart.

    SHINee also launched Mnet'M COUNTDOWN' on the 4th, KBS2TV'Music Bank' on the 5th, and MBC'Show! Music Core’, SBS’s “Inkigayo” and other music programs on the 7th are scheduled to present two stages including the title song “Don’t Call Me” and the included song “CØDE”, so a good response is expected.
    The track'CØDE' is a future sound dance song that compares the process of deciphering the process of approaching a stranger, and the first performance is also enough to meet the charm of SHINee by combining the flashy hand movements and cheerful choreography as if breaking the code.
    On the other hand, SHINee will appear in KBS Cool FM'Raise the volume of Kang Han-na', which will be broadcast at 8 pm on the 4th.

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