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    MARK’s own song ‘Child’, the first song of this project, is to be released on 2/4!

    SM 'STATION' starts the 'NCT LAB' project where you can meet the colorful music of NCT members.

    'NCT LAB' is a new project of SM 'STATION' for archiving NCT's various music activities. Except for album activities, NCT's colorful music such as solo songs, self-composed songs, and unit songs will be continuously presented.

    The first song announcing the start of the 'NCT LAB' project is member MARK's solo song 'Child', February 4 at 6 PM FLO, Melon, Genie, iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, QQ Music, Kogou Music, Kuwo It will be released on various music sites such as Music.

    The solo song 'Child', which is officially released by MARK for the first time since their debut, is a hip-hop genre song with a unique bass synth and electric guitar sound that creates a sensuous sensibility. The lyrics expressing candidly are enough to evoke sympathy.

    In addition, MARK is gaining worldwide popularity as an NCT member with outstanding rap skills, attractive vocals, and powerful performances. Beautiful' and other NCT songs have been recognized for their musical ability, so the new look to show with this self-composed song is highly anticipated.

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    7 member synergy X intense performance, legendary stage is born!

    GOT the beat (SM) proved its ‘God of performance’ side through the ‘Step Back’ stage.

    The ‘Step Back’ stage, unveiled at Mnet ‘M COUNTDOWN’ on the 27th, offers not only addictive music and powerful performance, but also the greatest synergy of GOT the beat at a glance.

    This 'Step Back' performance adds to the fun of watching as it combines the point hand gestures that seem to warn according to the song title, the overwhelming force of the group formation, and the colorful movement that changes according to each member's part.

    'Step Back', released on January 3, is a hip-hop R&B song with the members' unique vocals and solid singing ability enhanced. To this day, it continues to be popular, occupying the top spots on various music charts.

    Meanwhile, SM has launched a new concept project, 'Girls On Top (GOT)', in which female artists in the company present various combinations of units for each theme. Starting with GOT the beat, the first unit based on intense dance songs and performance, various combinations and attractive units will be released in the future.

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    Meet an exciting online DJing party at 9pm on the 28th!

    DJ GINJO(SM) will be the fourth runner of the DJ streaming show 'SHOWME'.

    The fourth performance of 'SHOWME' featuring GINJO will be broadcast free of charge worldwide through the Beyond LIVE dedicated global platform and YouTube ScreaM Records channel at 9 pm on the 28th, and will be broadcast at 2 pm on Saturdays (9 pm PST on Friday) and Sunday mornings. You can also meet at 5pm (CET Saturday 9pm) re-streaming.

    In this performance, GINJO not only composed their own songs such as 'The Riot' and 'You', but also TAEYEON 'I', EXO 'Don't fight the feeling', Red Velvet 'Umpah Umpah', NCT U 'Make A Wish (Birthday) Song)' and NCT DREAM 'BOOM' are remixed with EDM genre music and SM artists' hit songs are expected to fascinate viewers with an exciting online DJing party.

    On the other hand, 'SHOWME', presented by ScreaM Records, an EDM label under SM Entertainment, is a streaming show where you can enjoy DJ performances performed by one DJ every Friday for free.
    DJs with strong personalities such as J.E.B, MINIMONSTER, and IMLAY hold performances every week and are getting a good response.

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    KYUHYUN X Gong Myoung Chae Soobin emotional synergy explosion, 'Project 季' drama M/V full version released on the 28th

    Let's meet again in chronological order of SUPER JUNIOR KYUHYUN's four seasons project with actors Gong Myoung and Chae Soobin.

    KYUHYUN will release the music video for the drama version of '4 Season Project 季' through SUPER JUNIOR's official YouTube channel at noon on the 28th.

    This 15-minute music video for the drama version is a chronological version of the music videos of 'Coffee', 'Together', and 'Moving On', released as KYUHYUN's four seasons project, and the new song 'Love Story' in chronological order. With KYUHYUN's sweet song as the BGM, the story of Gong Myoung and Chae Soobin's meeting and parting unfolds like a drama.

    Accordingly, the moment Do Jin (Gong Myoung) and Hae Joo (Chae Soobin) met for the first time in high school and started dating, as they became adults, they struggled because they could not understand each other's different situations. The scenes of walking on different paths are connected in chronological order to increase the immersion of viewers. Unlike the previous music video, it also includes lines from Do Jin and Hae Joo.

    KYUHYUN's song and Gong Myoung and Chae Soobin's performances are delicately harmonized to leave a deep impression and lingering impression.

    Meanwhile, KYUHYUN released the fourth mini album 'Love Story (4 Season Project 季)' on the 25th and finished the four seasons project. The title song 'Love Story' of this album topped the real-time chart of the music site Bugs immediately after its release, and is currently at the top of all music charts. In addition, it continued to be popular on global music charts including iTunes, announcing a successful comeback.

    In particular, KYUHYUN is continuing its activities with various contents such as music videos and music broadcast stages beyond sound sources. This time, a drama version music video covering the four seasons project was foretold.

    'Love Story', which KYUHYUN, Gong Myoung, and Chae Soobin made together for a long time, can be viewed on the official YouTube channel of SUPER JUNIOR from noon on this day.

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    - Unreachable deepened charisma... A pictorial of 'unrealistic charm'
    - Various activities with confirmed appearance in tvN drama '링크 : 먹고 사랑하라, 죽이게'!

    Actor Mun Ka Young expressed a bold yet mysterious atmosphere.

    In the recently released W Korea February issue pictorial, Mun Ka Young's deepened charisma attracts attention.

    In the published pictorial, Mun Ka Young completed a modern but elegant atmosphere with 90s newtro hair and simple beige clothes. Even in her natural mood blown by the wind, her seductive gaze and expression, which was strong, further accentuated the luxurious styling created with jewelry.

    Mun Ka Young, who radiated her unique aura by perfectly digesting the concept of the pictorial highlighting her curves, aroused the admiration of her field staff.

    Meanwhile, Mun Ka Young is in the midst of filming by taking on the role of Park Bok-han, a job seeker in tvN's new drama '링크 : 먹고 사랑하라, 죽이게'.
    Attention is drawn to his unusual activities, expanding the realm of genres from fantasy melodies to human dramas and mysteries.

    The full story of Mun Ka Young's pictorial can be found in the February issue of W Korea and the website.

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    Intense eyes + accurate diction, excellent character digestion
    Story Tension Responsible Performance → Proof of an irreplaceable presence

    Actor Lee Hak Joo is attracting attention with his attractive acting skills in JTBC's '공작도시'.
    Actor Lee Hak Joo, who took on the role of ‘Han Dong Min’, a reporter for the news agency with a strong sense of justice and enthusiasm in the JTBC drama ‘공작도시’, is acclaimed as an actor with an irreplaceable presence by showing delicate acting skills that increase character immersion.
    In particular, while the confrontation between the characters is intensifying as ‘공작도시’ runs towards the second half, Lee Hak Joo is perfectly playing the role of a reporter for the news agency with high-density character analysis and digestibility.
    While showing the charisma that overwhelms the audience with his cool expression and intense eyes, he continues to develop a dramatic play by enhancing his dialogue with accurate dictation and emotional acting.
    Lee Hak Joo, who perfectly builds the character narrative as the episodes repeat, and presents overwhelming tension. In episode 16 of '공작도시', which aired on the 27th, Han Dong Min was unexpectedly humiliated by Yoon Jaehee (Suae), raising viewers' curiosity about what he will do in the future.
    On the other hand, JTBC '공작도시' starring Lee Hak Joo is broadcast every Wednesday and Thursday at 10:30 PM.

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    Lim Hee Jeong (left) and CEO Son Tae Young (right) are taking a commemorative photo

    Coffeesmith (CEO Son Tae Young), a coffee franchise, will continue the relationship with KLPGA Lim Hee Jeong (Korea Land Trust), which he has been with since 2020, in 2022.

    Coffeesmith said that the signing ceremony with Lim Hee Jeong was held in a friendly atmosphere at coffeesmith's headquarters on January 21st.

    Lim Hee Jeong, who has been with coffeesmith for 3 years, has grown into a player representing the KLPGA by ranking high in all categories in 2020 when he signed his first contract.

    In 2021, she participated in 28 competitions and won the top 10 record 15 times and the 'National Shelter High1 Resort Women's Open 2021', making her four victories in her career. He also finished the season in second place in the prize money list, fully establishing himself as a powerhouse in the KLPGA.

    Coffeesmith Son Tae Young showed trust in Lim Hee Jeong and said, “I am a player with a steady and strong spirit. do,” and "I support Lim Hee Jeong, who has the courage to change everything for his golf and never gives up and always shows a better image."

    On this day, Lim Hee Jeong, with a more mature appearance, said, “I often visit coffeesmiths.” and “Thank you to Coffeesmith for always giving generous support and caring. I will do my best to repay you with a better image.”

    In addition to Lim Hee Jeong, coffeesmith extended his contract with Kim Ji Young2, who he had been with for three years, and Yoo Hae Ran for two consecutive years following last year. In addition, Lee So Mi and An Na Ril, who passed the Q Series on the LPGA Tour as top players, were added as new sponsors. In addition, it has been developing various sports marketing such as sponsoring KBL Goyang Orion and KOVO Korean Air Jumbos.

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    KYUHYUN, ‘M COUNTDOWN’ moistly moistened high-quality sensibility
    ‘M COUNTDOWN’ ‘Love Story’ written by KYUHYUN

    SUPER JUNIOR KYUHYUN is back with an emotional ballad.

    KYUHYUN appeared on Mnet 'M COUNTDOWN' broadcast on the afternoon of the 27th and unveiled the stage for the title song 'Love Story' of his fourth mini-album 'Love Story (4 Season Project 季)' for the first time on a music show.

    On this day, KYUHYUN appeared on the stage with a comfortable boyfriend-like styling and performed the 'Love Story' stage. KYUHYUN filled the stage with only faint eyes and voices, announcing the return of emotional balladers.

    KYUHYUN's sweet voice was in perfect harmony with the lyrical melody, and it touched the hearts of many music fans who have experienced love and parting, and evoked sympathy. The deep emotions of vocalist KYUHYUN moistened the listeners' emotions.

    The title song of KYUHYUN's fourth mini-album, 'Love Story', is a song that calmly unravels the fact that ordinary and trivial daily life was love in the end through the story of an old love novel. 'Love Story', which topped the real-time chart on the Korean music site Bugs as soon as it was released, topped the iTunes Top Albums chart in 10 regions including Indonesia, Hong Kong, Mexico, Singapore, Vietnam, Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand, Peru and Saudi Arabia.

    Meanwhile, KYUHYUN plans to continue music activities with his fourth mini-album 'Love Story', and is actively communicating with fans through various broadcast programs.

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    Starts collaboration for the development of the metabus & cultural contents industry.

    SM Entertainment signed an industry-academic cooperation MOU with Chungkang College.

    SM and Chungkang College signed an industry-academic cooperation to strengthen the competitiveness of the metaverse and cultural contents industry in the morning of the 26th at SM's new building in the presence of SM co-representatives Lee Sung-su and Tak Young Jun and President Hwang Bong Sung of Chungkang College.

    Through this industry-university collaboration, SM and Chungkang College will ▲ jointly plan and collaborate on programs necessary for the composition and operation of metaverse related contents ▲ nurture and educate talents necessary for the development of the cultural contents industry ▲ joint use of facilities and resources for mutual development, and As the two companies plan to develop cooperative projects, the cooperation between the two companies is expected to strengthen the educational curriculum related to content production and provide students with a variety of experiences.

    Lee Sung-su, SM Co-CEO, said, “Amid the growing influence of K-contents worldwide, Chungkang College, which nurtures global key talents in digital content fields such as games, webtoons, and animations, and CT (Culture Technology) We hope that SM, who has strengths in music and artist production based on the foundation, will meet and collaborate in various fields related to the metaverse beyond content in the future.”

    In addition, SM Co-CEO Tak Young Jun said, “Chungkang College is looking for the same direction as SM, which aims for the convergence of culture and new technology, in that it creates convergence contents between different fields such as contents, fashion, food, and performing arts with technology as the center. I think you are watching We look forward to various collaborations in the field of CAWMAN (Cartoon, Animation, Web-toon, Motion graphic, Avatar, Novel), a concept created by General Producer Lee Soo-Man.”

    Hwang Bong Sung, President of Chungkang College, said, "Through collaboration between SM, a pioneer in the Korean entertainment industry and leading the global K-POP craze, and Chungkang College, which possesses contents in various fields in the cultural industry, we are able to create various synergies suitable for the establishment of a metaverse content environment in the future. I look forward to being able to do it.”

    In addition, SM is a future entertainment world where the world is connected with culture without boundaries between reality and virtuality by grafting the metaverse to entertainment, and through SMCU (SM Culture Universe), which contains the future contents of the metaverse that SM aims for, artists, music, and music In December of last year, under the title of the comprehensive content project 'SMTOWN 2022: SMCU EXPRESS', general producer Lee Soo-Man and SM In order to comprehensively experience future contents in the metaverse viewed, the albums, exhibitions, and performances were presented together, collecting topics.

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    ‘2021 Winter SMTOWN: SMCU EXPRESS’ topped the Gaon album chart.

    ‘2021 Winter SMTOWN: SMCU EXPRESS’, released on December 27th, took first place on the Gaon weekly album chart released on the 27th, confirming SM’s brand power once again.

    This album is an SMTOWN winter album released for the first time in about 10 years since 2011, and it also recorded the highest sales of SMTOWN albums by exceeding 410,000 albums in 8 days of release.

    '2021 Winter SMTOWN: SMCU EXPRESS' is SM, which is active globally such as KANGTA, BoA, TVXQ!, SUPER JUNIOR, Girls' Generation-Oh!GG, SHINee ONEW, KEY, MINHO, EXO KAI, Red Velvet, NCT, aespa, etc. It contains a total of 10 songs with colorful charms in which the affiliated artists participated.

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