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    -Woo Do Hwan, welcoming activities after '더 킹: 영원의 군주'!
    -Game company “Woo Do Hwan's sensational and stylish atmosphere matches the goal of the new game”

    Actor Woo Do Hwan was selected as the mobile game advertising model.

    9Splay selected Woo Do Hwan as the new mobile MMORPG'EXA' advertising model, and recently filmed TVC and paper ads.

    'EXA' is an MMORPG based on the SF worldview, where the main character who lost his parents due to an injustice attack dreams of revenge and joins the cooperative Black Crow to gradually learn about the world and his secrets. Various futuristic vehicles such as flying vehicles, bikes, floating chairs, hot air balloons, etc. that were not seen in the existing games are provided for differentiation, and they are stimulating the player's mind with advanced graphics.

    An official from 9Splay said, “The selection of'EXA' and Woo Do Hwan's sensational and stylish atmosphere matched the model well.' And'EXA', you will be able to see the colorful attractions.”

    Woo Do Hwan has challenged two roles for one person in the recently ended SBS drama'더 킹: 영원의 군주'. Cho Young, the captain of the Imperial Guard, expressed his charisma as a shadow of the emperor throughout his life, and with the social service agent Cho Eun-seop, he expressed his colorful expressions and vivid acting, revitalizing the drama, and was well received.

     Woo Do Hwan's anti-war charm is stimulating fans, leading to the selection of game models in the SF genre, showing active activities.

    Meanwhile, Woo Do Hwan is expected to join the army on the 6th.

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  • 2020-07-03 Press Release

    Unit debut countdown!

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    Red Velvet-IRENE & SEULGI to release MV teaser of title track'Monster' on the 3rd at midnight KST!
    Concept + perfect visuals in teaser contents causing sensation!

    Red Velvet-IRENE & SEULGI (SM)'s first mini-album title song'Monster' music video teaser video released on the countdown of unit debut is released on the 3rd.

    The first music video teaser video of IRENE & SEULGI's new song ‘Monster’ will be released on YouTube and NAVER TV SMTOWN channel at 12 o'clock on the 3rd night, and have a sneak peek of the powerful song and performance.

    The title song'Monster' is a song that combines the conceptual lyrics and intense sound, and the relaxed yet charismatic vocals of the immortal'Monster' that enters the other person's dreams, dancing, playing, and submerging. We are adding expectations.

    In addition, IRENE & SEULGI has released a teaser image of IRENE & SEULGI, which has been transformed according to the album concept, through the official website and various SNS accounts since June 29, and has attracted attention with perfect concept digestibility and visual chemistry. An image that blends a background with a sophisticated mood has been released.

    Meanwhile, IRENE & SEULGI's first mini-album “Monster” will be released on various music sites on July 6 at 6 pm, and will be released on the same day as a record.

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    SEHUN & CHANYEOL and producer GAEKO's 2nd special collaboration!
    'Chic + Charisma Visual' SEHUN teaser image released!

    EXO-SC(SM) shows unique music with 1st album '1 Billion Views'.

    SEHUN & CHANYEOL's 1st album '1 Billion Views', released on July 13, contains 9 tracks in a variety of moods, including the title song '1 Billion Views' in the trendy hip-hop genre, and is expected to attract global music fans. to be.

    In particular, SEHUN & CHANYEOL, after the 1st minialbum'What a life' announced in July last year, participated in writing all songs in this album as well as their own works '척', '날개', 'On Me', etc. As it also contains 3 songs, the music you will hear from the new album will raise your expectations even more.

    In addition to this album, GAEKO of Dynamicduo is in charge of producing all songs, and SEHUN & CHANYEOL has a fantastic breath once again, and hip hop label AOMG's representative producer GRAY and hip hop group Rhythm Power's Boi B and Hangzoo also participate in the song work Improved the completeness of the album.

    On the 3rd, SEHUN & CHANYEOL's official website and various SNS EXO accounts at 0 o'clock on the 3rd revealed a teaser image of SEHUN, which has transformed into a new concept, and captured SEHUN's unique chic look and charisma.

    Meanwhile, SEHUN & CHANYEOL's 1st album '1 Billion Views' will be released from various music sites on July 13 at 6 pm.

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    “I felt that I was a much more passionate person through'GOOD GIRL'”
    ‘ACE HYOYEON’ officially demonstrated the stage!
    'Previous presence' that imprints your own music and performance once again

    Girls' Generation HYOYEON (SM) filled the end of'GOOD GIRL' with great presence.

    In the broadcast on the 2nd, HYOYEON teamed up with Lee Young-ji in Super Quest, where GOOD GIRL played a total of 3 rounds, and heated up the scene with a high-quality performance.

    HYOYEON wowed those who showed off a fast beat rap in the song “I Do What I Want” with free energy, and completed the stage with a grooved dance with Lee Young-ji.

    In the voting, HYOYEON won the victory with Lee Young-ji, earned Flex Money, decorated the finale of “GOOD GIRL”, and showed a deep friendship of “GOOD GIRL” until the end with a surprise video letter to Slick.

    HYOYEON was happy to make a great stage with the members in'GOOD GIRL' and get good energy. If it is short, it is a short time, but it was a very meaningful experience. Through “GOOD GIRL,” I felt that I was a much more greedy and passionate person. I would like to thank the viewers and the troubled production staff, and finally, I would like to tell our “GOOD GIRL” members that it was really fun. I will try to be a HYOYEON who enjoys the stage more in the future.”

    Through'GOOD GIRL', HYOYEON played a key role in all quests and received the acclaim of'Ace', as well as imprinting the music and performances of his own worldview to the public once again, making them look forward to further activities.

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    -Kim Eui Sung, proud of his heavy presence regardless of genre! Looking forward to synergy with KEYEAST!
    -KEYEAST “It's an honor to be with actor Kim Eui Sung, who encompasses generations and goes through the times”

    Actor Kim Eui Sung has signed an exclusive contract with KEYEAST.

    KEYEAST CEO said, “It is a luxury acting power that encompasses generations, and veteran actors Kim Eui Sung and KEYEAST have passed through the ages.” “I am honored to be with Kim Eui Sung, who is active in acting as a performer. I said.”

    Kim Eui Sung, who began acting as an actor on the theater stage in 1987, expanded to the movie ‘성공시대’. Since then, he has been active in the films ‘무소의 뿔처럼 혼자서 가라’, ‘돼지가 우물에 빠진 날’, the drama ‘머나먼 쏭바강,’ and ‘박봉숙 변호사’.

    In addition, the movie'건축학개론','관상','암살','내부자들','부산행','강철비', Drama'육룡이 나르샤','W','미스터 션샤인','알함브라 궁전의 추억' In the popular works such as, it impressed the public with its unique sharp charisma.

    In particular, Kim Eui Sung played a villain in the summer 2016 film'부산행' as a selfish Yong Suk, and won the Best Actor Award in the'부일영화상','한국영화제작가협회상' and'백상예술대상'. And was recognized by the verdict.

    Kim Eui Sung, who has revealed his presence by showing great acting in various aspects such as dramas and movies, is a member of a domestic top-class artist and belongs to OCN'보이스' series, SBS'하이에나', Netflix original'보건교사 안은영', movie'사자' Interests are focused on what synergy will be performed with KEYEAST, a comprehensive entertainment company that is actively engaged in drama and film production.

    Meanwhile, Kim Eui Sung is currently in full swing for Choi Dong Hoon's film'외계인' (Provisional title).

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    Participation in the production of the theme song '우리는'!
    A message of hope delivered by K-POP pioneers through performances and music!

    Produced by SOOMAN LEE as the general director of the non-face-to-face K-POP performance of “대한민국 동행세일 특별행사,” a special time is enjoyed by the world.

    The'대한민국 동행세일 특별행사', organized by the Korean government, will be held for 3 days from July 1 to 3 as part of the '대한민국 동행세일' to support small and medium-sized and small business owners to promote consumer sentiment caused by COVID-19. , Sungnyemun Gate, special events, K-POP performances and live commerce broadcasts.

    In particular, the producer of SOOMAN LEE was responsible for the directing of a non-face-to-face K-POP performance that was broadcast live at Sungnyemun Gate in Seoul on July 3rd at the KSPO Dome in Olympic Park on July 3 of '대한민국 동행세일 특별행사,' with the backdrop of Sungnyemun Gate. From the ceremony to announce the purpose, to the colorful stage of K-POP stars, the overall performance was planned and participated in the production of various contents presented through the performance.

    In addition, the producer of SOOMAN LEE was recently unveiled at SM Entertainment, the world's first online dedicated concert 'Beyond LIVE', and utilizes augmented reality (AR) technology, interactive communication, and brilliant artwork technology that have attracted worldwide attention. , It will provide a unique pleasure that can only be enjoyed in a non-face-to-face online performance.

    In addition, producer SOOMAN LEE participated in producing and stage production for the theme song of '대한민국 동행세일', adding detailed production to create a theme song that the people can sing together, and the meaning of the event that conveys the message of hope to the people. In order to add the image, it is expected to bring out the impression by creating a sensuous stage with video connection system and augmented reality technology.

    Accordingly, the Ministry of SMEs and Startups said, “K-POP raised the status of a national brand. As the national brand is directly connected to the competitiveness of economic actors, this '대한민국 동행세일' is a K-prevention. Next, we are creating a new genre of non-face-to-face K-Sale. In this regard, it can be said that K-POP's pioneer participates as a general director of the event and conveys hope.”

    In addition, K-POP's representative artists such as SUPER JUNIOR-KRY, Red Velvet, and NCT DREAM will appear in the non-face-to-face K-POP performance of the '대한민국 동행세일 특별행사'. MBC, YouTube, NAVER V from 9 PM on July 3 It is expected to be lively broadcasted all over the world through LIVE and others.

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    Stylish'THE STAGE' performance that brings out the unit's charm to its max!

    Red Velvet-IRENE & SEULGI (SM) to reveal premiere stage of new song'Monster' on 7/8.

    'IRENE & SEULGI THE STAGE' is a video content that allows you to enjoy various stages of IRENE & SEULGI's first mini-album title song'Monster'. Is released for the first time, various versions of stage clips, interview & making clip to be released sequentially.

    Especially, since the new song'Monster' is a combination of heavy bass and intense dubstep sound, the performance is also composed of military and hip movements that feel energetic bounce, and the charm of the unit up to fair choreography with fantastic breath of IRENE & SEULGI It is going to gather topics with the stage that maximized.

    In addition, on the 2nd at 00:00 on the official website of IRENE & SEULGI and various SNS Red Velvet accounts, a second mood sampler with a chic atmosphere and a teaser image with IRENE & SEULGI's fascinating eyes were released.
    Meanwhile, IRENE & SEULGI's first mini-album'Monster' will be released on various music sites on July 6 at 6 pm, and will be released on the same day as a record.

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    Trendy hip-hop & addictive disco rhythm & witty lyrics!
    'Visual King' CHANYEOL teaser image released!

    'Amazing Duo' EXO-SC(SM) heralded their lead track '1 Billion Views' with full of energy.

    SEHUN & CHANYEOL's first regular album'Billion View' will be released from various music sites such as Flo, Melon, Genie, iTunes, Apple Music, Sportify, QQ Music, Kugou Music, Kuwo Music on July 13 at 6pm. A total of 9 tracks including the song'Billion View' are included, so a good response is expected.

    In particular, the title song'Billion View' is a hip-hop genre song with a funky guitar sound and an impressive disco rhythm. In the lyrics, it is a sensational sensation that you want to keep watching your loved ones like a replay of a video, featured by vocalist MOON from MILLION MARKET.

    In addition, at 00:00 on the 2nd, the teaser image that showed the pleasant and stylish charm of CHANYEOL was released through the SEHUN & CHANYEOL official website and various SNS EXO accounts, which amplified the expectation of a comeback.

    Meanwhile, SEHUN & CHANYEOL's first regular album, “Billion View,” will be released on July 13th as well.

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    Amazing Duo's cheerful summer comeback countdown has started!

    The schedule poster of EXO-SC (SM)'s 1st album '1 Billion Views' has been released and gathering much attention

    The poster of the schedule released through SEHUN & CHANYEOL's official homepage and various SNS EXO accounts at 12:00 noon on the day contains the album track list and content opening schedule in a conceptual image reminiscent of the video site in line with the album name '1 Billion Views'. There is, raising the expectation of a comeback.

    This is a new album that will be released about a year after the first mini-album “What a life” released by SEHUN & CHANYEOL in July last year. Title song '1 Billion Views', 'Say It', '로데오역', '척', '시차적응', '날개', 'Nothin'', 'On Me', '1 Billion Views' instrument version With 9 tracks in total, it's enough to meet SEHUN & CHANYEOL's unique music color.

    In addition, SEHUN & CHANYEOL will unveil various contents such as a newly transformed teaser image before the comeback, a track music video to meet the recorded songs ‘Nothin’ ‘ and 'On Me', and a title song '1 Billion Views' music video teaser. It is a plan, so it is expected to get hot attention.

    Meanwhile, SEHUN & CHANYEOL's 1st album, '1 Billion Views', will be released from various music sites on July 13 at 6 pm, and will be released on the same day.

    - Google translation.

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    The amazing record in 20 years in the K-pop industry! The second after Tai Ji Seo!
    Sales of the 2nd mini album'Delight' surpassed 1 million copies in a month after the release

    EXO BAEKHYUN(SM)'s solo album has become a'Millionseller' following his group album.

    BAEKHYUN is the second mini-album'Delight' released on May 25, and recorded a total of 1,018,746 (as of June 30) sales, exceeding one million album sales in a month. It is only 19 years since Kim Gun Mo's 7th album, which was released in 2001, that has exceeded 1 million copies, confirming the power of'One top solo' BAEKHYUN once again.

    In addition, as a group, BAEKHYUN's 2013 EXO 1st Album became a Million Seller in 12 years of music industry, re-opening the '1 Million Album Era', as well as 5 consecutive albums from 1st to 5th albums. Being on the'Quintuple Million Seller' after over 10,000 chapters, both solo and group albums vowed to record the Million Seller.

    In particular, the group and solo albums in the Korean pop music industry rose to Million Seller, the second record since Tai Ji Seo, which broke through 1 million album sales with solo albums released in 1998 and 2000. All of the solo albums add meaning to the fact that the singer who emerged as the million seller was born.

    In addition, this album set the number of album charts with the highest sales record in the history of Gaon charts, followed by the top album charts in 69 regions worldwide, 1st in the world chart, 1st in the United World chart, QQ Music in China, Kugo Music and Kuwo BAEKHYUN's global popularity has been proved by recording No. 1 in the digital music album sales chart and recording the first'triple platinum album' of Korean singers this year.

    - Google translation.