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    The reversal charm of a laughing genius
    Fashion Digestion & Pose
    ‘Picture Master’

    A pictorial full of Lee Yong Jin's unique charm has been released.
    Lee Yong Jin's pictorial, published in the December issue of the magazine 'GQ', was conducted with the concept of 'MIC Drop'.
    'MIC Drop' is a gesture that metaphorically expresses that a victory or event has been successfully achieved by intentionally dropping the microphone after a performance or remark is over. Accordingly, Lee Yong Jin improved the completeness of the pictorial by pleasantly solving the situation in which various microphones were placed in front of him in his own way.
    In addition, Lee Yong Jin in the photo naturally and perfectly digested bold fashions such as strong color contrast, various patterns, and mix and match of different materials. Lee Yong Jin, who shows off his best skills and creates different results in every photoshoot that is released every time, is also generously revealing his inner skills in this photoshoot, which comes as a reversal charm of a 'laughing genius' who creates laughter in any situation.
    In addition, Lee Yong Jin is referred to as 'Gagman of the Year', an extra edition of 'Man of the Year' selected in the December issue of 'GQ' magazine every year, and once again shows his presence beyond a popular comedian who continues to be active. have.
    On the other hand, Lee Yong Jin is meeting with viewers through tvN '코미디빅리그' and Channel S '신과 함께', etc. He is constantly creating lively popular contents such as YouTube ‘터키즈온더블럭’, ‘괴로운 체험단’, and ‘못배운놈들’, delivering a great laugh through his activities that cross platforms.
    More pictorials and interviews can be found in the December issue of GQ and the website of GQ Korea.

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    Includes intense aspiration ‘New Axis’, exciting ‘Birthday Party’, and thrilling ‘Round&Round’!

    NCT (SM) will present a NEW member combination and music with their 3rd album 'Universe'.

    The new song 'New Axis' is an intro song that announces the new beginning of the third album. TAEYONG, MARK, and YANGYANG participate, and the powerful rapping combined with the heavy bass sound stands out. convey your aspirations

    In addition, 'Birthday Party', in which JOHNNY, YUTA, JUNGWOO, HENDERY, JAEMIN, SHOTARO, CHENLE, and JISUNG participated, is an addictive hip-hop dance song with a unique and exciting beat and catchy hook. Like a birthday that only exists one day in a year, the lyrics convey exciting and cheerful energy with the message of forgetting all worries and enjoying a special day together.

    In addition, 'Round&Round', in which TAEIL, TEN, JAEHYUN, XIAOJUN, HAECHAN, and SUNGCHAN participated, is a medium R&B song with an attractive synth lead and bass drop. The lyrics expressing the excitement of wanting to approach the person you love but not having the courage to just look around and look around are impressive.

    NCT's 3rd album 'Universe' includes double title songs 'Universe (Let's Play Ball)' and 'Beautiful', as well as the music of the joint team NCT U, as well as NCT 127, NCT DREAM, and WayV.

    On the other hand, NCT's 3rd album 'Universe' will be released on December 14 at 6 pm on various music sites, and will also be released as an album on the same day.

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    Performance of their hit song 'Savage'!

    'Metaverse girlgroup' aespa (SM) participated in 'Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade', the biggest Thanksgiving festival in the United States.

    aespa attended 'Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade' held in New York, USA on November 25 (local time) for the first K-POP girl group, and roamed the streets in a colorfully decorated large parade car, breathing closely with local citizens.

    In addition, aespa gave the stage of the hit song 'Savage' during the parade march, and showed a strong performance, heating up the scene.

    This year's 'Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade' was attended by world-class stars such as aespa, Darren Criss of the popular American drama 'Glee', and Jon Batiste, composer of the Disney movie 'Soul' OST. Performance teams and bands appeared.

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    Rhythmical B-side track ‘To Be Honest’ & sentimental B-side track ‘Blue’ to be included!

    EXO KAI (SM) to present colorful charms through his new mini album.

    KAI's second mini-album 'Peaches', which will be released on November 30th, contains a total of 6 songs including the title song 'Peaches' of the same name, and you can meet KAI's various music.

    'To Be Honest' included in this album is an impressive song with a rhythmic main riff, drums, and 808 bass, and the lyrics about not hiding each other's feelings any longer and expressing them honestly doubles the charm.

    In addition, 'Blue' is a song of the R&B pop genre that harmonizes the lo-fi guitar and emotional piano performance. In the lyrics, I drew conflicting emotions that I wanted to be alone with a tired heart, but I wanted someone to recognize me and hold me.

    In addition, prior to the release of the new album, KAI sequentially released teaser images and videos transformed into new concepts through EXO's various SNS accounts, gathering topics every day with content that stands out with unique aura and stylish visuals, raising expectations for a comeback.

    On the other hand, KAI's second mini album 'Peaches' will be released on November 30 at 6 pm on various music sites.

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    Remastered MV also to be released on the 26th at 12PM KST through SM ‘STATION’!

    The jazz version of H.O.T.'s '우리들의 맹세 (The Promise of H.O.T.)' will be released on the 26th through SM 'STATION'.

    '우리들의 맹세 (The Promise of H.O.T.) (Jazz Ver.)', reinterpreted by Yohan Kim and Hogyu 'Stiger' Hwang, will be released on various music sites at 6 pm on the 26th. You can meet at the same time through the SMTOWN channel.

    '우리들의 맹세 (The Promise of H.O.T.) (Jazz Ver.)' reborn HOT's hit song into a smooth jazz genre. The jazz trio consists of pianist Yohan Kim, bassist Hogyu 'Stiger' Hwang, and drummer '신동진' The performance of 'SM Classics TOWN Orchestra', an orchestra of SM classical label 'SM Classics', harmonizes well enough to feel the rich sound.

    Also, prior to the release of the jazz version, the remastered music video for ‘우리들의 맹세 (The Promise of H.O.T.)’, which upscaled and remastered the original music video and sound source, will also be released on the YouTube SMTOWN channel at 12:00 noon on the 26th.

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    SUPER JUNIOR KYUHYUN, 12-year musical actor to show with 'FRANKENSTEIN'
    KYUHYUN joins the role of Victor in musical 'FRANKENSTEIN'... Presenting colorful charms

    Singer KYUHYUN meets the audience with the Korean creative musical 'FRANKENSTEIN'.

    KYUHYUN will perform for the first time in the musical 'FRANKENSTEIN' on the 26th as his main character Victor FRANKENSTEIN.

    Based on a novel by Mary Shelley published in 1818, 'FRANKENSTEIN' is a 19th century European Napoleonic War, when Victor FRANKENSTEIN, a scientist from Geneva, Switzerland, met a genius of body splicing while conducting research on soldiers who did not die in war. Draw a story that takes place.

    When 'FRANKENSTEIN' premiered in 2014, it was simultaneously selected for 'Musical of the Year' and 'Creative Musical of the Year' at the 8th 'The Musical Awards', winning a total of 9 categories. It has recorded a phenomenal audience share every season, and is considered the 'best topical work' and 'the biggest box office hit' among critics and audiences.

    KYUHYUN is gathering hot topics by joining 'FRANKENSTEIN', which is in its fourth season. He takes on the role of Victor, a genius with knowledge that encompasses philosophy, science, and medicine, with a strong commitment to his research.

    KYUHYUN, which recently released making videos and character posters one after another, raised expectations for the performance by expressing Victor's charisma and inner anguish in various ways.

    KYUHYUN started their musical debut in 2010 with '삼총사', followed by '캐치 미 이프 유캔', '해를 품은 달', '싱잉 인 더 레인', '그날들', '로빈훗', '모차르트!', '웃는남자', '베르테르', and '팬텀' He appeared in a number of works and was recognized for his solid acting skills and amazing ticket power.

    KYUHYUN, who has established a strong position as a musical actor for 12 years, is expected to captivate many audiences with an overwhelming stage with 'FRANKENSTEIN'.

    On the other hand, the fourth season musical ‘FRANKENSTEIN’ has been performing since the 24th.

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    Differentiated acting skills with all of 'laughter + love + lingering sound'
    A trendy and unpredictable romance made possible by CHOI SIWON!

    CHOI SIWON (SM) is planning to decorate the finale of ‘술꾼도시여자들’ in a grand way.

    CHOI SIWON foretold that he would play an active role until the end with the role of '강북구' in ‘술꾼도시여자들’ ahead of the release of the final episode on the 26th.

    CHOI SIWON perfectly transforms into the entertainment PD '강북구' with his own unique worldview in the play, and creates colorful legendary scenes with unconventional visuals and lines such as a bushy beard, unconcerned attire, and roughly grown hair. paid

    Here, CHOI SIWON maximizes interest in romance with '안소희(이선빈)', as well as raises the excitement index with a 180-degree change in the second half of the romantic comedy. It has proven to be a representative of the genre.

    CHOI SIWON prepared various versions of the lines to create ‘술꾼도시여자들’ as a work of various charms, leading the best breathing with the other actors, and made it into a trendy drama with novel sensibility through limitless ideas. paid

    As CHOI SIWON's efforts shine, ‘술꾼도시여자들’ started by recording high video views on various sites, and became the first TVING original content weekly paid subscription contributor, after the 5th and 6th episodes were released, TVING paid subscriptions As the number of contributions rose by 178% compared to the previous week, there is a lot of anticipation for CHOI SIWON's future acting activities.

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    "The '학교' series I've always wanted to do...so proud and honored"

    - Perfect possession of high school students full of wit and playfulness
    - Charming smile + unrivaled physical

    Kim Jin Gon, who made a new face in '학교 2021', shared his impressions of appearing.

    In KBS 2TV's new drama '학교 2021', which was first aired at 9:30 pm on the 24th, Kim Jin Gon appeared in the role of 'Hong Min Ki', a sophomore in the architectural design department.

    Kim Jin Gon, who debuted as a model in 2018, is a rookie who started acting in the web drama '인생남주' produced by Whynot Media earlier this year. This drama '학교 2021' is the first ground wave TV debut.

    'Hong Min Ki', played by Kim Jin Gon in '학교 2021', is a friendly character who is interested in other people's affairs and believes what they hear. With a strong physique, he exudes a masculine charm, but at times he has a quirky side and is a fearful high school student.

    In the play, Kim Jin Gon energized the play by exuding the high school force with his playful and playful acting. In particular, he showed off his unique presence by boasting a unique visual with a charming eye smile, a dimpled smile, and unique physical.

    Kim Jin Gon said, "Actually, the KBS '학교' series was one of the works I really wanted to do, and I am so proud and honored to make my first ground wave debut with '학교 2021'. I feel comfortable like my friends, and I am having fun filming,” he said.

    He continued, "'Min Ki' in '학교 2021' is a bright, interesting character and gets along well with friends, so I think it will be fun to watch while looking forward to the chemistry with friends."

    The KBS 2TV drama '학교 2021', starring Kim Jin Gon, is a work depicting the dreams, friendship, and excitement of children who chose a path other than the entrance exam competition, and the dreams, friendship, and excitement of 18 young people who are placed on an ambiguous boundary. 2 episodes are aired on

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    Top model and actor Jang Yoon Ju, nominated for Best Supporting Actress for the role of '미옥' in the movie '세자매'

    Top model and actress Jang Yoon Ju was nominated for Best Supporting Actress at the 42nd Blue dragon awards, a festival of filmmakers boasting the highest authority and transparent fairness in Korea, proving her influence as an actress.

    Jang Yoon Ju is nominated for Best Supporting Actress for the role of '미옥' in the movie '세자매', which was released earlier this year, and is expected to shine at the Blue dragon awards held on the 26th. Jang Yoon Ju drew a lot of attention for her unconventional acting that only she could show through the role of '미옥' in her movie '세자매'.

    She proved her presence at the Blue dragon awards once again as she was well received by the audience at the time of the release of '세자매' by perfectly portraying the character of '미옥', who has a warm heart despite her outward words and actions.

    Starting with the movie '베테랑', which mobilized 10 million viewers, and '1승' and '시민덕희', which are about to be released, Jang Yoon Ju broadens the acting spectrum through various work activities, including the Korean version of the NETFLIX original series '종이의 집'. and is popular with the public.

    Meanwhile, the 42nd Blue dragon awards, where Jang Yoon Ju was nominated for Best Supporting Actress, will be held at 8:30 pm on the 26th.

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    Addictive melody + powerful performance ‘Infinite Synergy’!

    NCT(SM) to present explosive energy through 'Universe (Let's Play Ball)', the title track of their 3rd full-length album.

    NCT's 3rd album 'Universe', which will be released on December 14, is composed of a total of 13 songs in various genres, including the double title songs 'Universe (Let's Play Ball)' and 'Beautiful', where you can meet the chemistry of the combined team NCT U. have.
    In particular, the new song 'Universe (Let's Play Ball)' is a hip-hop-based R&B dance song with an addictive chorus. In the lyrics, you are my world and the being that moves me, It contains the message that ‘everything in my world can be done with you’ with the content that the process of running vigorously toward the universe called you is beautiful and fateful.

    In addition, DOYOUNG, JUNGWOO, MARK, XIAOJUN, JENO, HAECHAN, JAEMIN, YANGYANG, and SHOTARO participate in this new song, and it is expected to fascinate global fans once again with the music completed with the intense synergy of the 9 members and a performance that feels explosive energy. .

    In addition, this song was written, composed and arranged by hit maker KENZIE, who has worked with NCT such as NCT 127 'Favorite (Vampire)', NCT DREAM 'Hello Future', and NCT U 'RESONANCE', and member MARK raps. He also participated in the making and added to the charm of the song.

    On the other hand, NCT's 3rd album 'Universe' will be released on various music sites at 6 pm on December 14, and will be released as a record on the same day.

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