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    SUPER JUNIOR-D&E DONGHAE will release the digital single ‘California Love’ on October 13th at 6pm.

    Accordingly, DONGHAE released 6 intense teaser images of the digital single 'California Love' through SUPER JUNIOR's official SNS at 10 am on the 11th.

    The open teaser photo has a contrasting red and exotic background reminiscent of the title song 'California Love (Feat. JENO of NCT)' and the blue moon as a background reminiscent of the b-side song 'Blue Moon (Feat. 미연 of (여자)아이들)'. The atmosphere drew attention.

    Among them, 'California Love (Feat. JENO of NCT)', a new song with an addictive melody, expresses the desire to share love with a loved one in the beauty of California with sweet lyrics, and features NCT JENO, who has always boasted a strong friendship with DONGHAE. Participated in the added special.

    In addition, at 10 pm on the 11th, the music video teaser video for the title song 'California Love (Feat. JENO of NCT)' is about to be released.

    On the other hand, DONGHAE will be broadcasting live on the SUPER JUNIOR YouTube channel from 5 pm on the 13th, an hour before the release. In the live broadcast, DONGHAE plans to communicate with global fans on various topics, including introducing new songs, spoilers, and digital single behind-the-scenes talk.

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    EXO (SM) is opening a web game promotion 'EXO-SHIP SAGA' to commemorate the release of the special album.

    'EXO-SHIP SAGA' is a space-based game that uses the upcoming special album’s concept, and it is expected to gain high interest as it will be available on the official mobile site (www.exoship-saga.com) from June 1.

    This game is a shooting game that strengthens the spaceship and eliminates enemies by acquiring items while avoiding obstacles in space. You can enjoy the game with randomly matched member characters, and share the game score on SNS.

    Album-related reward images to be released when the total score of game participants reaches the target value, reaches the target, the album-related reward image will be released.

    On the other hand, EXO's special album 'DON'T FIGHT THE FEELING' will be released on June 7 at 6 pm on various music sites, and will also be released as an album on the same day.

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  • 2021-03-30 기업공지

    제 26기 결산공고

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    상법 제 289조 및 당사 정관 제 4조에 의거하여 아래와 같이 주주총회에서 승인 받은 재무상태표를 홈페이지에 공고합니다. 

    제 26기 결산공고  







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    -Another face of Mun Ka Young...'Modern & Retro' unrivaled atmosphere
    -'여신강림' Mun Ka Young, a rising wannabe style icon

    A fashion pictorial with the new charm of actor Mun Ka Young has been released.

    Mun Ka Young, who is attracting attention as a next-generation Korean star through the tvN drama'여신강림', took a photo shoot for the February issue of fashion magazine'ELLE'. Along with the popularity of the drama, he has emerged as a new beauty and fashion icon, and he completed a pictorial with a different mood by dissolving a confident yet lovely charm in accordance with the concept of ‘The Smart Girl’.

    Mun Ka Young, who tried to transform into wavy hair and dark makeup, created an exotic atmosphere that transcends modernity and retro mood. She appealed to her neutral charm with a tie, a vest, and an oversized jacket on her shirt, while also showing off her unique charm by fully digesting the denim fashion.
    The interview that took place after the photo shoot mainly focused on questions about the'여신강림', which is in the midst of shooting. Mun Ka Young said, “This is a scene full of energy. It really feels like going to school. Since I graduated from Girls' Middle School and Girls' High School, it is new and unfamiliar to sit in a classroom with boys.

    As it was based on a hot-talked webtoon, it took time to understand Joo-kyung for the character. I needed to be sure what kind of message I could convey through this work and character. Until the end, I am trying to figure out how to show Joo-kyung's growth.”

    “I don’t hesitate when I do something,” the basis of the driving force that has grown as an actor step by step from a child actor to a lead role in a drama. I want to keep going like that.”

    Mun Ka Young's pictorials and interviews are available in the February issue of ELLE and on the ELLE website.

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    Seriously bringing out the emotions of the actors
    The movie "끈" machine released through the web entertainment "DONFLIX"!
    Active as a professional director, "exotic charm"
    "Entertainer -> movie director"
    Park Seong Kwang, a multipurpose icon

    Park Seong Kwang is once again a talented movie director.

    MBC's web entertainment "DONFLIX" Season 2 was aired on the 5th, and Jung Hyung Don wrote this scenario, and the first part of the movie "끈" directed by Park Seong Kwang was released. The movie "끈" is a work that deals with the meticulous relationships and psychology between families, and after it was released, the performances of the actors were enthusiastic and the meticulous output of the actors harmoniously attracted attention.

    In particular, Park Seong Kwang, who served as the director of the movies “욕” and “슬프지 않아서 슬픈”, and has won the awards at various film festivals, regained himself through this third movie, “끈”. His talents and abilities were fully expanded to attract the attention of the viewer.

    Park Seong Kwang seemed to be constantly immersed in the work with the prototype of the movie "끈" released in "DONFLIX" Season 2. After perfect adjustment of opinions with a large number of staffs, the power of a professional director emerges, and as a director, he constantly makes efforts to bring out the emotions of actors as much as possible by producing a movie containing a heavy message. , Showed a serious appearance.

    In addition to this, Park Seong Kwang sat in front of the monitor and watched the actors' performances with a keen eye in front of the monitor in a still picture of the movie ``끈'' additionally released. Catch the eye. In the meantime, there are also cases where he presents an eccentric charm, which is in stark contrast to the image shown in the entertainment program.

    Park Seong Kwang is always expanding its activities with endless possibilities and attractive genres, such as giving a laughter to the viewers with a peculiar and pleasing charm, and on the other hand, even as a movie director, he conveys a deep sense of sensitivity. Expectations and interests are particular about what kind of place and how to expand my talent from now on.

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    BAEKHYUN, bolbbalgan4, Gallant, and Red Velvet participated in this project!

    A special project will be held to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the debut of BoA (SM).

    On the 27th, 0:00 SM "STATION" has released a schedule poster to announce the "Our Beloved BoA" project through various official SNS accounts.

    In this project, super-express artists such as exo BAEKHYUN and Red Velvet, youth singer-songwriter bolbbalgan4, world-famous pop star Gallant, SM's classic label "SM Classics" participated in this project. , They will meet their new BoA hit songs with their voices and increase their expectation.

    In addition, there is growing concern over how BoA hit songs with various sensibilities such as "Garden In The Air", "Atlantis Princess", "Only One", "Milky Way", and "Tree" will be reborn. ing.

    On the other hand, SM "STATION" not only announces highly complete music born in collaboration with various singers, producers and composers, but also shows various contents such as live videos and interview videos, We plan to build a SM library.

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    -“그 남자의 기억법” Kim Dong Wook, perfectly digests melodies and proves genre + character acting skills!
    -“그 남자의 기억법” Kim Dong Wook, delicate acting given probabilities… ‘NEW Character’ was born

    Kim Dong Wook completely digested the melodies and once again created a new character.

    The “그 남자의 기억법”, where Kim Dong Wook performed a rich emotional acting starring Melo, ended with great popularity. Kim Dong Wook proved his acting ability regardless of genre by perfecting the satirical comedy following the exorcism genre and ‘특별근로감독관 조장풍’ through the drama '손 the guest', followed by the melodies of '그 남자의 기억법'.

    Kim Dong Wook, who started in 2020 with the honor of receiving the Grand Prize at the MBC Drama Awards with ‘특별근로감독관 조장풍’, has been receiving more attention than ever before. In this regard, it was receiving attention as to whether he could prove the weight and value of the crown through the “그 남자의 기억법”.

    In “그 남자의 기억법,” Kim Dong Wook played Anchor Lee Jung Hoon, who suffers from over-memory syndrome. An anchor who exposes the truth by pouring out sharp and aggressive questions that do not allow a single lie and error, but he is a person who vividly remembers all the painful memories due to excessive memory syndrome.

    From the very beginning, Kim Dong Wook showed a character transformation that is 180 degrees different from his predecessor, in sync with Lee Jung Hoon's character. This was due to the delicate acting that portrayed the emotions of the character witnessing the moments of pouring memories like debris every moment, the stable vocalization and clear pronunciation created through sincere practice as a “actor actor”, and the weight loss appropriate for the character characteristics.

    Later, as the play reached its peak, the melodic and thriller devices deepened, exploding anxiety about Yeo Ha-jin (Mun Ka Young) and anxiety about losing the first love, anger toward the stalker. Kim Dong Wook naturally came and went between romance and thriller with such aspiring acting, and gave probabilities to drama development, gaining popularity by raising the immersion of viewers.

    Also, when he is Yeo Ha-jin's boyfriend and with his friend Yoo Tae-eun (Yoon Jong-hoon), in the news live team, and when he faces the stalker, they emit different moods and lead the play in abundance. went. As such, Kim Dong Wook's strong acting performance was enough to protect the pride of the target actor and to announce the birth of a new life character.

    Now, attention is focused on the activities of Kim Dong Wook, who proved to be an actor who believes and sees genres and characters regardless of genre and character, perfectly digesting even the melodies of Kim Dong Wook, which was unfamiliar to viewers.

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    We accept game advertisements with charm
    Show off your acting skills that match the nickname of the “코리안 조커”
    Refreshing beauty

    Broadcaster Kim Mina was selected as the NEXON 'KartRider Rush +' model.

    Recently, Kim Mina, who showed off her presence through various broadcasts, was selected as an advertisement model for “KartRider Rush +” and received game advertisements.

    In the “KartRider Rush +” YouTube channel video released on the 12th, Kim Mina and Jang Sung Kyu showed a unique bold talk by solving the troubles of the actors with a game under the concept of “드맆상담소”.

    In addition, in the advertisement video introducing the release of ‘KartRider Rush +’, another charm of Kim Mina that has never been seen has been revealed, such as showing off the acting power of a movie trailer in line with the nickname ‘코리안 조커 - 코커.’

    Various activities of Kim Mina, starting with a weather caster and following the broadcast, are not unusual. Based on the attractiveness, I am excited about the future activities of Kim Mina, who will be showing YouTube, MC, entertainment, and advertising.

    On the other hand, Kim Mina is showing active activities across TV and YouTube, such as KBS Joy's '이십세기 힛-트쏭', tvN '온앤오프', YouTube '왜냐맨', and YouTube '워크맨'.

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    -'음악당' Stella Jang "I want to take away HYNN's singing ability"
    -'음악당' HYNN, KimNaParkLee → Whitney Houston nicknamed live 'explosive'
    -'음악당' Chapter 2, from Song Chang Sik to idols such as PENTAGON and OH MY GIRL ...

    Stella Jang and HYNN made the final stage in Chapter 2 of the '스튜디오 음악당'.

    In the Mnet '스튜디오 음악당' broadcast on the 7th, the singer-songwriter Stella Jang, who recently released a new song side by side as the last guest of Chapter 2, and the lively recording studio of singer HYNN unfolded.

    On this day, Stella Jang used a loop station that sequentially stacked sounds to decorate the topic song 'Colors' as an exotic stage, and HYNN also recorded a chart running backwards, digesting '시든 꽃에 물을 주듯' with cool singing ability to applaud and admire. I brought it up.

    The two also shared their ability to take away from each other. "I want to take away HYNN's singing ability," said Stella Jang, and confessed the candid sentiment that "I can't sing even if I practice a treble song like 'Let it go'." On the other hand, HYNN praised, saying, "Stella Jang seems to be the musicality itself. I want to learn everything."

    On this day, MC Bae Soon Tak said on HYNN's stage, "I feel like I've seen Whitney Houston live for the first time" Then MC Kim Hee-Chul gave Stella Jang a laugh saying, "I wish I could change the name to 'Stella Jjang'." MC Kim Eana said, "(It's because the charm of the two is different). "It's a mood," he added.

    On the other hand, Chapter 2 of the 음악당 finally ends with Stella Jang ∙ HYNN. Starting with September 1 of last year, Yoon Jong Shin, Song Chang Sik, EXO CHEN, Brown Eyed Girls, Bom Park, Giriboy, JukJae, OH MY GIRL, LUCY, etc., are rappers, singer-songwriters, idol groups, and bands. Aure was loved by various guests who appeared and presented a colorful music talk and live stage every time.

    In particular, the recording studio live only in the 음악당 delighted the viewers' ears with high-quality sound recording house band performances and vivid vocals of artists. It was called 'Concert Enjoyed in Korea' and earned a strong response.

    The video clips of chapters 1 and 2 of the 음악당, including the final episode, can be seen again on YouTube MYSTIC TV, CAKE POP channel and music service FLO.

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    A pictorial with a unique sensibility is revealed!
    “I take pride in giving people positive energy through music”

    SHINee TAEMIN (SM) 's unique color pictorial was released.

    With TAEMIN's fashion magazine Vogue Korea, TAEMIN revealed a unique aura by taking an exotic photo shoot.

    In this photo shoot taken in the Stratford area of ​​London, TAEMIN showed mature charm by perfecting the trench coat, suit and paisley pattern shirt.

    In particular, TAEMIN not only fascinates those who see with a relaxed look and dreamy eyes, but also expresses different feelings freely for each photo, and attracts attention with an artist's face that maximizes the concept.

    In a joint interview, TAEMIN asked what the significance of music making and showing was, “I am proud that what I do is give people positive energy. "I want to make people happy, and I want it to be a good stimulus," he said.

    Meanwhile, TAEMIN's unique colors captured in London and his interview via the magazine and its official website.

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