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    Create ‘SMTOWN LAND’ in K-Verse, specialized space for K-content.
    Co-planning and producing of NFT products.
    Co-operate a fan-participating game creation contest service.
    SM P2C (Play2Create), Compatible with the recreator ecosystem and the Sandbox.

    SM Brand Marketing, a subsidiary of SM Entertainment, has signed a partnership (MOU) with The Sandbox, the world's largest metaverse platform, for collaboration with SM Entertainment Group's metaverse and P2C ecosystem.

    SMBM joined hands with The Sandbox in partnership with the first metaverse platform to build the Play2Create ecosystem, a concept created by Executive Producer Soo-Man Lee. With this partnership, SMTOWN LAND, a theme space dedicated to SM Entertainment Group, is created in K-Verse, a specialized space for K-content in The Sandbox, to hold events such as concerts and fan meetings, and users can utilize SM Entertainment Group's IP. A Re-creator Economy where you can enjoy various games and create NFT items will be formed.

    In addition, SMBM and The Sandbox have decided to jointly plan and produce NFT products using the IP, production know-how, and technology of the two companies, and jointly operate a fan-participatory service that fans around the world can enjoy. In addition, there is a plan to ensure compatibility between SM Entertainment's P2C ecosystem platform and The Sandbox platform, which will be built on their own in the future, such as NFT swap and the provision of creator creation tools provided by SM Entertainment Group.

    Lee Sung-su, CEO of SMBM, said, “SM Entertainment Group has become a company with further expandability in the digital world based on the numerous content IPs, artists, and the SMCU (SM Culture Universe) worldview that has been accumulated since its inception. “We look forward to The Sandbox, which has a well-established creator economy, to further expand SMCU within the metaverse through this partnership in the future.”

    Sebastien Borget, co-founder of The Sandbox, said, “SM Entertainment Group has been innovating to lead the Asian entertainment industry by introducing K-pop culture to the world over the past 27 years. -Generated Content), dance, music, and song to connect with each other, experience immersive experiences surrounded by NFT, and bring SM culture and worldview to life. I am happy to be,” he said.

    Meanwhile, SMBM has recently signed a partnership with The Sandbox following its partnership with Binance, the world's largest virtual asset exchange, and is actively developing future businesses that combine content and blockchain technology.

    - Google translation.
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    이수만 프로듀서가 창안한 ‘Play2Create’ 생태계 구축
    블록체인 기반의 참여형 창작문화 선도 및 수익모델 제시
    메인넷, NFT, 펀드 조성 등 블록체인 분야 공동 업무 추진 예정

    SM엔터테인먼트의(이하 SM) 계열사 SM브랜드마케팅(이하 SMBM)이 글로벌 Play2Create(이하 P2C) 생태계 구축을 위해 세계 최대 가상자산 거래소인 바이낸스와 메인넷, NFT, 펀드 조성 등 블록체인 분야의 포괄적 파트너십에 대한 업무 협약(MOU)을 체결했다.

    P2C란 SM의 이수만 총괄프로듀서가 최초로 제시한 개념으로, IP를 활용한 리크리에이션(Recreation, 재생산)을 놀이처럼 즐길 수 있게 하는 새로운 개념이자 참여형 창작 문화이다. 유저들은 이커머스와 메타버스 플랫폼 내에서 제공된 툴(tool)과 IP를 활용해 직접 게임, 음악, 춤, 굿즈 등의 형태로 리크리에이터블(Re-Creatable) 콘텐츠 및 상품을 만들 수 있다. P2C 생태계 내에서 이러한 콘텐츠와 상품들은 NFT로 변환이 가능해 오리지널리티를 인정받는 동시에 유저들이 수익화를 할 수 있어, 기존 P2E(Play-to-Earn) 방식을 넘어서는 보다 진화된 모델이다.

    향후 SMBM은 전세계 크리에이터들이 IP를 활용한 리크리에이션에 쉽게 참여하고, 관련 로열티 등 투명하게 수익화를 할 수 있도록 제반 환경을 구축할 예정이다. 이러한 리크리에이션을 통해 조성된 P2C 생태계는, 팬과 아티스트, 회사가 모두 만족하고 상생할 수 있는 K-POP 팬들의 2차 창작 문화를 이끌 뿐 아니라, 그간 일부 음성적으로 존재했던 영역을 양지로 끌어올려 K-POP 산업 영역의 확대에 더욱 이바지할 것으로 예상된다.

    SMBM과 바이낸스는 P2C 생태계 구축을 위해 블록체인 메인넷, NFT, 에코펀드 조성 등 공동 업무를 추진할 예정이다. SMBM은 모회사 SM을 포함한 그룹 계열사들이 보유한 방대한 IP 제공과 이를 활용한 콘텐츠 기획 및 플랫폼 구축 업무를 지원하고, 바이낸스는 블록체인 전반에 대한 기술을 지원할 예정이다. 양사는 NFT 분야 협력과 공동 에코 펀드 조성을 시작으로, 한국의 전략적 파트너로서 NFT 등 프로젝트 투자 소싱, 상품 기획 및 개발 등 업무를 추진할 예정이다.

    SMBM의 이성수 대표는 “SM엔터테인먼트 그룹은 메타버셜 오리진 스토리가 담긴 SMCU(SM Culture Universe)를 통해 다양한 메타버스향 콘텐츠 IP를 만들어가고 있다. 이러한 SM엔터테인먼트 그룹의 프로듀싱 역량과 SMBM의 이커머스 플랫폼 역량을 결합하고 바이낸스의 기술력이 더해진다면 향후 P2C 생태계 조성과 블록체인 분야에서의 사업 확장에 큰 혁신을 일으킬 수 있을 것이라 기대한다”며 "팬들에게는 리크레이션을 통한 새로운 참여형 창작문화를 만들고, 참여한 팬들이 블록체인을 기반으로 경제적인 이득을 얻을 수 있는 기회"라고 말했다. 바이낸스 NFT를 총괄하고 있는 헬렌 하이(Helen Hai, Global Head of Binance NFT)는 “현존하는 P2E를 P2C 생태계로 발전시키기 위해 SMBM과 노력하겠다”며 “K-POP 팬들이 SMBM이 제공하는 IP를 기반으로 콘텐츠를 재창조하며 P2C를 즐길 수 있는 탄탄한 기술력을 지원하고자 한다”고 말했다.

    한편 SMBM은 SM 및 그룹 계열사를 포함한 K-Culture 전반에 관한 상품 기획, 제작, 유통 및 판매 등의 글로벌 이커머스 및 리테일 사업을 담당하는 SM의 계열사로, 글로벌 이커머스 플랫폼 ‘SMTOWN &STORE’와 리테일 샵 ‘SMTOWN &STORE@DDP’를 운영하고 있다. SMBM은 향후 P2C 생태계를 조성함과 동시에 NFT와 메타버스 등의 블록체인 사업을 지속적으로 확대해 나아갈 계획이다. 

  • 2022-02-23 Press Release

    ESteem Academy Takes New Leap in Jongno

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    ESteem Professional Academy reveals the aspirations of cultivating all-round entertainers in Jongno, the center of the Korean cultural industry

    The new artist training institute operated by ESteem leaves Gangnam for the first time in 16 years and heads to Jongno, the center of Korean culture.
    Since its establishment in 2006, EStudio has produced more than 4,000 top models, actors and influencers, and has been striving to nurture artists in various fields. This movement of EStudio seems to focus more on cultivating all-round entertainers by moving away from the fashion center of Gangnam to the cultural center of Jongno. It is no longer only a fashion model that is not the direction of the model's activities, but it helps to grow as a wide range of artists and model maintainers, and based on this, it nurtures various artists, raising expectations for the future development direction.
    ESteem EStudio, located in Jongno-gu, has expanded facilities such as a spacious and comfortable practice room and lounge with a stylish space and design. ) In addition to conducting trendy classes including the operation of various classes such as YOLD class, it adds convenience and comfort to the students. In addition, it was announced that it will continue to provide higher quality classes by providing equipment and facilities to assist students in classes such as professional photography and holding fashion shows.
    On the other hand, the junior class and YOLD class, which have been running since last year, are also being actively operated, and it is said that the first junior model one-day class will be held at the Jongno office building, which was moved on March 12, next month. In addition, it was announced that the in-depth course of the YOLD class will be continued and will take a leap forward as a more professional academy.
    In the future, in Jongno, the center of Korean culture, ESteem and ESteem EStudio are the only model/acting academies that lead the Korean cultural industry, and many people are interested in what kind of development they will achieve.

    - Google translation.
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    It’s the 2nd MOU following 2020.
    The collaboration song to be released and the concert to be co-hosted.
    Special meetings between K-pop and K-Classic representatives to be continued!

    SM Entertainment signed an MOU with the Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra to collaborate between genres.

    SM and Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra signed an MOU on ‘Expansion and development of cultural contents through cross-genre collaboration’ at SM Seongsu’s new building at 5 pm on February 10. The signing ceremony was attended by  SM Co-CEOs Lee Sung Su and Tak Young Jun, and Son Eun Kyung, CEO of Seoul Philharmonic Orchestra.

    As this MOU is being held for the second time following the MOU in 2020, which drew attention as Korea's first entertainment company and orchestra met, the two companies will further expand the scope of mutual cooperation and continuously present differentiated K content that transcends genres. We plan to provide a different experience to music fans around the world.

    In addition, like the collaboration sound sources such as '빨간 맛' and '하루의 끝', which were announced as part of the last MOU, the two companies will re-arrange and play SM hits in an orchestra version this year as well. A concert will be co-hosted in the future.

    On the other hand, SM has not only released a wide range of genres of music created through colorful collaborations through the digital sound source channel 'STATION' since 2016, but also established a classic label 'SM Classics' in 2020 to go beyond K-pop to classical music. It has been well received by providing a variety of content convergence that extends to genres.

    - Google translation. 

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    Support for integrated art healing project ‘SMile! 힐링아트테크’

    SM Entertainment has signed an MOU with '예술과 인간개발' to develop new social contribution activities.

    SM and '예술과 인간개발' signed a business agreement on the morning of the 10th at SM Seongsu headquarters in the presence of SM Co-CEO Lee Sung Su · Tak Young Jun, and '예술과 인간개발' Chairman Yang Jae Hyun. Integrated art healing project 'SMile! 힐링아트테크’.

    '예술과 인간개발' is a non-profit organization established in 2008 with the purpose of taking care of individual emotional health and improving the quality of life through arts education support, art therapy, and artist support. Healing Art Tech, an integrated art therapy program that combines digital experiences such as contents, is being operated.

    ‘SMile! 힐링아트테크’ is an integrated art healing project that combines elements of the SMCU (SM Culture Universe) worldview that contains the future contents of the metaverse that SM aims for together with ‘Healing Art Tech’. , artwork, and other content experiences to support healthy emotional growth and to promote creative growth for the future.

    In addition, 'Life Rollco VR', first introduced through 'SMile! 힐링아트테크', is a immersive content that tells the story of 'moments of hardship' and 'overcoming' in the background of SMCU's worldview. It is expected to deliver new comfort and empathy to young people.

    CEO Lee Sung-su said, "I think this project is also connected with the value of good influence, which SM has been pursuing through the music it has been pursuing, dreaming and growing to create a better world. 'SMile! 힐링아트테크' I hope that it will open up a new world for youth in crisis and provide meaningful enlightenment.”

    In addition, CEO Tak Young Jun said, “We are happy and meaningful to be able to apply SM’s culture technology to social contribution. We will continue to work hard not only for this project, but also for the healthy emotional growth of youth.”

    Meanwhile, SM launched the social contribution brand 'SMile' in 2014, and is actively conducting social contribution activities using SM's contents and infrastructure, such as regular employee volunteer activities, artist talent donation, and support for domestic and Asian children's music education.

    - Google translation. 

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    Starts collaboration for the development of the metabus & cultural contents industry.

    SM Entertainment signed an industry-academic cooperation MOU with Chungkang College.

    SM and Chungkang College signed an industry-academic cooperation to strengthen the competitiveness of the metaverse and cultural contents industry in the morning of the 26th at SM's new building in the presence of SM co-representatives Lee Sung-su and Tak Young Jun and President Hwang Bong Sung of Chungkang College.

    Through this industry-university collaboration, SM and Chungkang College will ▲ jointly plan and collaborate on programs necessary for the composition and operation of metaverse related contents ▲ nurture and educate talents necessary for the development of the cultural contents industry ▲ joint use of facilities and resources for mutual development, and As the two companies plan to develop cooperative projects, the cooperation between the two companies is expected to strengthen the educational curriculum related to content production and provide students with a variety of experiences.

    Lee Sung-su, SM Co-CEO, said, “Amid the growing influence of K-contents worldwide, Chungkang College, which nurtures global key talents in digital content fields such as games, webtoons, and animations, and CT (Culture Technology) We hope that SM, who has strengths in music and artist production based on the foundation, will meet and collaborate in various fields related to the metaverse beyond content in the future.”

    In addition, SM Co-CEO Tak Young Jun said, “Chungkang College is looking for the same direction as SM, which aims for the convergence of culture and new technology, in that it creates convergence contents between different fields such as contents, fashion, food, and performing arts with technology as the center. I think you are watching We look forward to various collaborations in the field of CAWMAN (Cartoon, Animation, Web-toon, Motion graphic, Avatar, Novel), a concept created by General Producer Lee Soo-Man.”

    Hwang Bong Sung, President of Chungkang College, said, "Through collaboration between SM, a pioneer in the Korean entertainment industry and leading the global K-POP craze, and Chungkang College, which possesses contents in various fields in the cultural industry, we are able to create various synergies suitable for the establishment of a metaverse content environment in the future. I look forward to being able to do it.”

    In addition, SM is a future entertainment world where the world is connected with culture without boundaries between reality and virtuality by grafting the metaverse to entertainment, and through SMCU (SM Culture Universe), which contains the future contents of the metaverse that SM aims for, artists, music, and music In December of last year, under the title of the comprehensive content project 'SMTOWN 2022: SMCU EXPRESS', general producer Lee Soo-Man and SM In order to comprehensively experience future contents in the metaverse viewed, the albums, exhibitions, and performances were presented together, collecting topics.

    - Google translation. 

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    Re-streaming on 1/29 at 3PM KST via Beyond LIVE global platform and LG U+ IDOLLIVE!

    The online concert 'SMTOWN LIVE 2022: SMCU EXPRESS@KWANGYA', a hot topic that heated up the whole world on New Year's Day, will come again on the 29th.

    'SMTOWN LIVE 2022: SMCU EXPRESS@KWANGYA' will be re-listed through the global platform dedicated to Beyond LIVE, the LG U+ idol live app/web, etc. from 3 pm (Korean time) on January 29th, and you can enjoy splendid performances by special artists. we can meet again

    In particular, this re-streaming is a special event that is held only once to repay the passionate support of global fans. At the time of the broadcast on January 1, it recorded about 51 million streams in 179 regions around the world (based on YouTube), the largest number of online concerts in Korea. As much love has been received, such as renewing the number of viewers, the re-streaming event is also expected to gain high interest from music fans.

    In addition, this performance includes KANGTA, BoA, TVXQ!, SUPER JUNIOR, Girls' Generation TAEYEON, HYOYEON, SHINee ONEW, KEY, MINHO, EXO KAI, Red Velvet, NCT U, NCT 127, NCT DREAM, WayV, aespa, Raiden, GINJO , IMLAY, etc., as well as GOT the beat's new song 'Step Back' and MAX CHANGMIN's new album 'Fever' stage, as well as a stage for each team, a collaboration stage, and DJing of popular DJs It received explosive response with abundant performances up to the section.

    On the other hand, 'SMTOWN LIVE 2022: SMCU EXPRESS@KWANGYA' has been held in major cities around the world since 2008 and set various records, as well as SMTOWN, which started SM's super-massive virtual nation MUSIC NATION SMTOWN through a virtual nation declaration ceremony in 2012. With the background of 'SMCU EXPRESS STATION', where all artists gather in a virtual space called 'KWANGYA', LIVE is a compilation of performance contents that SM pursues.

    - Google translation. 

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    The highest sales record ever for SM season album and proved the SM brand power!

    ‘2021 Winter SMTOWN : SMCU EXPRESS’ sold over 410,000 copies.

    '2021 Winter SMTOWN: SMCU EXPRESS', released on December 27th, surpassed 416,494 copies (as of the 3rd) in album sales within 8 days of release, recording the highest sales of SMTOWN album history, proving the power of SM's brand once again.

    This ‘2021 Winter SMTOWN: SMCU EXPRESS’ is the first SMTOWN winter album to be released in about 10 years since 2011. A total of 10 songs with various charms participated by SM artists who are performing global activities such as KANGTA, BoA, TVXQ, SUPER JUNIOR, Girls' Generation-Oh!GG, SHINee ONEW, KEY, MINHO, EXO KAI, Red Velvet, NCT, aespa were recorded and received a hot response.

    Also, including the double title songs 'Hope from KWANGYA' and 'Dreams Come True', 'NEW ballad units' SUPER JUNIOE KYUHYUN and SHINee ONEW, NCT TAEIL's 'Ordinary Day', 'rap units' NCT TAEYONG, JENO, HENDERY, YANGYANG, aespa GISELLE's 'ZOO' stage was also unveiled on January 1st through the worldwide free online concert 'SMTOWN LIVE 2022: SMCU EXPRESS@KWANGYA'.

    This album is 'SMTOWN 2022: SMCU EXPRESS', a comprehensive content project designed to comprehensively experience future content in the metaverse from the perspective of producer Lee Soo Man and SM, and the media art 'SMTOWN EXPERIENCE: PLAY@ KWANGYA' was released along with the online concert 'SMTOWN LIVE 2022: SMCU EXPRESS@KWANGYA' on January 1.

    - Google translation. 

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    A new digital passport that grants citizenship + benefits of the virtual country MUSIC NATION SMTOWN!
    A new concept membership service to provide a different kind of fun to fans around the world!

    SM Entertainment is launching a new concept membership service, ‘MUSIC NATION SMTOWN META-PASSPORT’.

    SM announced the release of ‘MUSIC NATION SMTOWN META-PASSPORT’, a digital passport that grants citizenship of the virtual country MUSIC NATION SMTOWN at the online concert ‘SMTOWN LIVE 2022: SMCU EXPRESS@KWANGYA’, which was broadcast free worldwide on January 1st.

    'MUSIC NATION SMTOWN META-PASSPORT' is a rebirth of the 2022 version of 'MUSIC NATION SMTOWN PASSPORT' issued by SM in 2012. It is a passport and membership service used in the virtual country MUSIC NATION SMTOWN. It is expected that all information will be recorded and verified transparently, bringing new joy and benefits to fans around the world who love SM's music and artists.

    In addition, anyone in the world can apply for 'MUSIC NATION SMTOWN META-PASSPORT' if they are so-called 'PINKBLOOD' who love SM's artists and contents. When using the provided service, the user's activity is stored digitally, and various benefits can be obtained according to the activity.

    Also, you can apply for ‘MUSIC NATION SMTOWN META-PASSPORT’ at SMTOWN &STORE (www.SMTOWNandSTORE.com).

    - Google translation.

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    40 Stages Including Got The Beat's 1st Ever Performance & Unique Collaborations + The DJ Section!
    'SMTOWN LIVE 2022 : SMCU EXPRESS @ KWANGYA' was a successfully blocked the world on the first day of the new year.

    'SMTOWN LIVE 2022 : SMCU EXPRESS @ KWANGYA' has been free online to relay on January 1, from 1pm to YouTube and Beyond Live Global Platforms, including a global platform, and 161 regions around the world (BEYOND LIVE access) Recording the streaming, a renewed value (3583 million streaming), which recorded the Korea Online Concert Choi, Korea, and confirmed explosive attention.

    This concert 'SMTOWN LIVE 2022 : SMCU EXPRESS @ KWANGYA' was a virtual space called 'Kwangya' in the Virtual Space 'SMCu Express Station' in the background,
    And due to the long-term Corona 19, I was planned as a free performance to comfort the fans all over the world and preached hope.

    The LEE SOO MAN overall producer of the performance of the performance Lee Soo MAN over the opening speech, "SMCU crosses the virtual and reality, and the concept of each artist's shared story, the world view, and the universe with the identity of each team, "This world view is" a new world "," he said, "These world views are developing and developing newly named" metaveral origin stories "in the wilderness. Through this, the new world will be unfolded. "

    In the beginning show, the Got THE BEAT's new song 'Step Back' stage, which has been launched from launching, Max Changmin's new solo album, which is scheduled to release in January, '2021 Winter Smtown: SMCu Express' released on the 27th, SUPER JUNIOR KYUHYUN and SHINee ONEW, NCT TAEIL's 'Ordinary Day' stage, 'Rap Units' NCT TAEYONG, JENO, HENDERY, YANGYANG, aespa GISELLE's special stage 'ZOO', has been offered a rich sights.

    In addition, BoA and NCT SHOTARO's 'Only One', SHINee KEY and Girls' Generation TAEYEON's 'Hate that ... ', HYOYEON and GISELLE 'SECOND', HYOYEON and Yangyang 'Dessert', ONEW and aespa NINGNING's '별 하나 (Way)', 'Legend' KANGTA and BoA, a long time ago TVXQ!'s stage, hit songs from the Medule of SUPER JUNIOR from Girls' Generation TAEYEON, HYOYEON, SHINee ONEW, KEY, MINHO, EXO KAI, Red Velvet, NCT U, NCT 127, NCT DREAM, WayV KUN&XIAOJUN, aespa, captured the gaze without a break.

    In addition, KANGTA also said, "With SMTOWN, he was linked to a single world view with his colleagues, and he was a stronger tie. I want to give you a warm feeling through SM family songs," SUPER JUNIOR also said, "We also have a worldview, and they belong to the SMCU Worldview, so they feel newly debuted. I would like to keep my debut in the SMCU, and I would like to keep with more than 20 years of time," said.

    With the last performances, From DJ HYO, Raiden, IMLAY, GINJO, J.E.B, MINIMONSTER, MARVISTA, Hitchhiker, such as DJ Artists, such as DJ Artists, and the last, with a multi-dielectric configuration with a virtual spectativity, was hot.

    Meanwhile, SM announced the launch of the MUSIC Nation Smtown Meta-Passport 'that gives the Citizenship of the Virtual Country Music Nation Smtown through the performance.

    - Google translation.