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    ▣ Powerful drive of original IP by reorganization of content production studio
    ▣ Content production studio with original IP already turned around in 2019
    ▣ Recruitment of talent, synergy with affiliated artists, greatly increasing original IP sales this year
    ▣ Original IP, SM C&C's differentiated competitiveness and future growth engine

    SM C&C completed the reorganization of the content production studio in February 2021, and began to take the drive to create digital contents and secure IP (intellectual property rights) in earnest. After launching the original IP <NCT Life> in March 2017, SM C&C has secured 29 original IPs so far, solidifying its position in the digital content market.

    The increase in original IP leads to an improvement in the performance of SM C&C content production studios, leading to a turnaround in 2019, and in 2020, sales reached 8 billion won, and sales in 2021 increased by more than 180% compared to the previous year, reaching 22.5 billion, and the first year of growth in appearance. It is expected to be.

    The success factor of SM C&C content production studio also exists in the environmental aspect of increasing content demand due to the expansion of domestic and overseas OTT platforms, but a company that recruited talented entertainment PDs and created synergy with SM C&C artists to differentiate them from competitors. The effort of is greater. This change can be seen as taking care of both the internal and external offices in that it enabled the creation of high-quality contents tailored to the consumer's perspective, securing cost competitiveness compared to competitors, and expanding to additional businesses linking contents and artists.

    CEO of SM C&C said, “With the increasing number of platforms such as portals and OTTs, quality content is becoming more important. Therefore, securing original IP as a content production company is a differentiated competitiveness of SM C&C and a long-tail strategy in terms of performance, which will be the future growth engine of SM C&C.”

    - Google translation.

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    To support children leaving foster’s care from this year!
    SM Entertainment donated the song profit from EXO's “Dancing King” to support children leaving foster’s care.
    SM has raised the song profit from the music source of the collaboration song'Dancing King' released by EXO as'STATION' in September 2016 as donations, of which 32 million won were donated to support children leaving foster’s care Donated to the foundation.
    In addition to this donation, SM has earned a total of KRW 245 million worth of SM and EXO's song profit, excluding production costs, among the song profit of'Dancing King' music. It has been carrying out support projects such as bus operation.
    In particular, this year, in the'Eighteen Adults' campaign that not only delivers donations, but also provides opportunities to develop the talents of end-of-care children and realize their dreams with the Beautiful Foundation, we produce fashion bags and children's books containing messages to improve awareness of end-of-care children also planning to support projects that interested in.
    SM launched the social contribution brand'SMile' in 2014, and conducted various social contribution activities such as donating and supporting artist talents, supporting culture and education, participating in good deeds through partnerships with employee volunteer groups, and the'SMile Music Festival' for music dreamers.

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    -KEYEAST, ESteem Entertainment signed a joint management agreement

    KEYEAST announced on the 26th that it has entered into a strategic partnership with ESteem Entertainment, the top management company in the broadcasting and fashion industry, to which LEE HYO LEE, HAN HYE JIN, and JANG YOON JU belong.

    KEYEAST and ESteem mutually delegate some of the management authority of the two companies through this agreement, and as a result, they will share their know-how in the management field, each of which has long-term strengths, to maximize business synergy. In other words, KEYEAST, who has strengths in fostering traditional actors, will be in charge of managing the actors of ESteem Entertainment artists, and from ESteem, which is excellent in model advertising and entertainment, to advertising marketing for KEYEAST actors.

    KEYEAST plans to intensively support all the activities that accompany the actor's activities from auditioning to appearances in dramas and movies of ESteem artists, as well as discovering and nurturing future actors aspiring through ESteem Group's model academy. In addition, for entertainment activities other than acting, such as performing arts appearances, brand advertisements, and fashion marketing, the company plans to strengthen the existing management business more systematically and solidly through cooperation with ESteem, the strongest in the field.

    The CEO of KEYEAST said, "It is the time when the development of individual images became important in the era where each artist becomes a one-person brand and one-person content. KEYEAST and ESteem are strategic to provide optimal support for each artist's direction in their respective fields of expertise. We concluded a business agreement. We look forward to meeting two companies representing the industry to achieve shared growth and create great synergy.”

    Meanwhile, KEYEAST is rapidly emerging as a comprehensive entertainment group with a content studio added from a traditional actor's family by showing a total of 6 dramas in 2020 alone, including'하이에나','보건교사 안은영' and'허쉬'. Earlier this year, after unveiling the first drama lineup in 2021, which included 40 billion masterpieces, it announced a massive turnaround in 3 years based on the settlement of 2020.

    Recently, actors Yoo Hai Jin and Cho Bo Ah, who are regarded as major FA characters, have been recruited one after another, including Mun Ka Young and Hwang In Youp who have become global stars with'여신강림', Kim Dong Wook, Kim Seo Hyung, Kim Eui Sung, Kang. Han Na, Ko A Sung, Park Ha Seon, Son Hyun Joo, Lee Dong Hwi, Ji Soo, and many other top Korean actors with solid acting skills and star characteristics are affiliated.

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    -ESteem Entertainment, KEYEAST-affiliated artist entertainment, advertisement, fashion and marketing support

    ESteem Entertainment, a comprehensive management company, signed strategic contract with KEYEAST, a comprehensive entertainment group.

    Through this strategic business agreement, both ESteem Entertainment and KEYEAST intend to mutually delegate each company's professional management service to each company's affiliated artists, and expect the maximum effect in the field of activities based on the talents of each artist.

    ESteem Entertainment is delegated the management authority for KEYEAST artists' appearances in entertainment programs, advertisements, fashion, and various marketing promotion activities, and KEYEAST will be in charge of acting activities such as dramas and films of ESteem Entertainment artists.

    ESteem Entertainment is a subsidiary of ESteem Group, a creative content company that has ESteem model, ESteem works, and speeker, and signed a strategic business agreement with SM Entertainment in 2015. ESteem Entertainment, the agency of fashion icons and all-around entertainers such as JANG YOON JU, HAN HYE JIN, SONG KYUNG A, LEE HYUNYI, etc., is continuing its activities by causing industry issues with the recent joining of LEE HYO LEE and LEE SANG SOON.

    CEO of ESteem Entertainment said, “Through this agreement, we believe that this agreement will be an opportunity to support a wide range of activities of each artist by utilizing the expertise of each company, and to grow together for both management companies.”

    - Google translation. 

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    키이스트, 콘텐츠 사업부문의 눈부신 약진으로 수익구조 개선

    키이스트는 18일 결산 이사회를 열고 한국채택국제회계기준(K-IFRS) 적용 연결 재무제표 기준 2020년 연간 매출액 481억, 영업이익 17억, 당기순이익 87억원을 기록했다고 공시했다. 이는 2018년도 이후로 3년만의 흑자 달성이다.

    연간 매출액은 지난해 계열사였던 일본 법인 Stream Media Corporation, Inc. 와 SMEJ, Inc 가 합병하면서 소유 지분율 하락으로 해당기업의 매출이 연결 재무제표에서 제외되면서 단순 수치상으로는 감소한 것으로 보이나, 키이스트 고유의 사업인 콘텐츠 제작과 매니지먼트 부문의 실적으로 봤을 때 전기 대비 매출액이 22%, 영업이익이 178% 증가해 큰 폭의 성장을 이뤄 낸 것으로 나타났다.

    키이스트 관계자는 영업이익 증가 요인에 관하여 “드라마 <하이에나>의 IP(intellectual property) 직접 판매와 더불어 드라마 <사이코패스 다이어리>, <보건교사 안은영>, <나의 위험한 아내>, <라이브온>, <허쉬>까지 총 6편의 방영으로 전기 대비 제작 물량이 크게 증가하면서 전반적인 사업 수익성이 개선되었다” 고 설명했다.

    키이스트는 지난 1월 400억 규모의 대작 드라마 등의 기대작들이 포진된 2021년도 1차 드라마 라인업을 발표해 지난해에 이어 활발한 제작을 이어나갈 것으로 예상되고 있다.

    이와 관련해 키이스트 박성혜 대표는 “올해는 글로벌 OTT 등 유통 플랫폼이 증가하는 만큼 콘텐츠 공급 채널의 다변화로 제작사의 네고 파워가 높아져 수익성이 이전보다 훨씬 높아질 것” 이라고 하면서, 여러 파트너 사 들과의 협업을 통해서 콘텐츠 제작 경쟁력을 강화하여 기대에 부응하도록 할 것이다” 라고 덧붙였다.

    또한 매니지먼트 사업 부문은 최근 FA 대어로 손꼽히는 배우 유해진, 조보아를 잇달아 영입하면서 공격적인 행보로 주목을 받고 있다. 최근 종영한 <여신강림>으로 급부상하고 있는 문가영, 황인엽을 비롯해 김동욱 김서형, 강한나, 박하선, 지수 등 소속 배우 들이 잇달아 다양한 작품에 주연급으로 캐스팅 되면서 배우 매니지먼트 명가로서의 면모를 보여주고 있다.

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    ‘테크노짐’ 총판 계약 체결… 헬스케어 시장 진출

    국내 대표 스포츠마케팅 전문기업 갤럭시아SM(011420)이 프리미엄 피트니스 장비 시장에 진출하며 사업 다각화에 나섰다.

    갤럭시아SM은 세계 1위 피트니스 장비 업체 ‘테크노짐(Technogym)’과 국내 독점 총판계약(B2B)을 체결하고 2021년 1월부터 본격 판매에 돌입한다고 밝혔다.

    37년 역사의 최고급 프리미엄 장비업체인 테크노짐은 생체역학 및 인체공학을 고려한 고품격 디자인과 사용자 안전성과 편안함을 극대화시킨 제품력 등을 강점으로 세계 피트니스 장비 시장의 트렌드를 선도하고 있는 이탈리아 기업이다. 2019년 기준 9,365억원의 매출을 기록하고 있으며, 전 세계 15개국 지사와 130개국 해외 총판을 보유하고 있다.

    특히 이탈리아 현지에 2만평 규모의 자체 생산시설을 갖추고 엄격한 관리하에 완성도 높은 제품을 생산하는 것으로 유명하며, 매년 매출액의 15% 이상을 R&D에 투자하는 것으로 알려져 있다. 그 결과 테크노짐은 피트니스 장비 업체 중 최초로 세계 4대 디자인 어워드를 모두 수상한 것은 물론, 241개 국제 특허와 313개 상표권을 획득한 혁신 기업이다.

    국내에서는 2018년 평창 동계올림픽 공식 피트니스 장비 후원사로 인지도를 넓혔으며, 2021년 도쿄 올림픽까지 총 8회에 걸쳐 올림픽 공식 장비 공급 후원사로 선정되는 등 제품의 우수성과 탁월함을 입증해왔다.

    국내 스포츠 마케팅 산업을 주도해 온 갤럭시아SM은 헬스케어 시장에 본격 진출하며 금번 독점 판권 확보를 기반으로 국내 피트니스 시장을 한 단계 도약시킨다는 계획이다. 호텔, 피트니스 센터, 기업, 병원, 대학, 프로 구단 등 기존 판로 외에도 재개발 및 재건축 단지 커뮤니티센터 시장을 개척한다는 전략이다.

    이반석 대표는 “그간 갤럭시아SM은 스포츠 선수 매니지먼트, 국내외 스포츠 방송 중계 및 각종 스포츠 이벤트 사업을 펼치며 스포츠 마니아에게 색다른 즐거움을 안겨주기 위해 지속 노력해 왔다”며 “이번 테크노짐과의 계약은 이 같은 행보의 연장선으로 향후 국내 웰니스(Wellness, 웰빙+행복+건강) 라이프스타일 확대에 기여하며 헬스케어 시장 성장을 견인할 것”이라고 전했다.

    한편, 국내 피트니스 장비 시장규모는 2018년 기준 외국산은 1천억원, 국내산은 2천억원 등 총 3천억원 규모이다. 이 중 '테크노짐'은 외국산 프리미엄 브랜드 시장에서 독보적 1위 자리를 차지하고 있다.

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    Highest viewing record ever for a Korean online concert!
    A true global K-Pop festival beyond boundaries of locations!
    -“Be kind, Be humble and Be the love” Executive Producer SOOMAN LEE spreads hopeful message through music
    -“K-Pop is a medium of communitcation, we have prepared this free concert to give bright hope and energy for the new year”

    The global music festival “SMTOWN LIVE” warmed the whole world on the first day of the new year.

    'SMTOWN LIVE “Culture Humanity” has been broadcast free of charge worldwide through various platforms such as NAVER V LIVE, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, etc. from 1 p.m. Korean time on January 1st. It records 35,830,000 streams on TV, confirming the explosive interest.

    This is the record for the highest number of viewers in the history of Korean online concerts, and it reminds us of the global popularity and power of SM artists.

    In the opening video that opened the stage of the performance on this day, the general producer of SOOMAN LEE directly appeared, "Music has no barriers. We can communicate without language, and it is a great comfort and healing to each other and to each other. SM and I, everyone." We are striving to provide such music to people.” He emphasized that the core of CT (Culture Technology), which is the basis of the SM production system, is 'Humanity'. “Today this free concert blesses and celebrates the humanity of SM fans who are now together. It delivered the message of “Be kind, be humble, be the love” for a better world.

    Next, starting with NCT DREAM's ‘Ridin’’, WayV 'Take Off', NCT 127 'Punch', Red Velvet 'Bad Boy', '피카부 (Peek-A-Boo)', KAI'음(Mmmh)' and 'Reason', TAEMIN'Criminal' and '이데아 (IDEA:理想)', SUPER JUNIOR-D&E '너는 나만큼 (Growing Pains)', SuperM '100', BAEKHYUN 'Candy', KANGTA '감기약 (Cough Syrup)' A variety of stages of the express lineup such as, etc. were unfolded and caught the eye.

    In addition, aespa 'Black Mamba', NCT DREAM '무대로 (Déjà Vu; 舞代路)', NCT U 'Make a Wish (Birthday Song)', '90's Love', Red Velvet 'Psycho', SuperM 'One (Monster & Infinity)', TAEYEON 'Happy' and'What Do I Call You', SUPER JUNIOR 'SUPER CLAP' and '2YA2YAO!', TVXQ! Various hits such as '운명 (The Chance of Love)' and '꿈 (Dream)', BAEKHYUN 'UN Village (feat.NCT MARK)', GINJO'The Riot (feat.WayV TENxXIAOJUN)', Raiden 'Yours (feat.aespa WINTER)', IMLAY 'Asteroid (Feat.WayV YANGYANG)', etc., with a total of 39 songs, including the collaboration stage.

    In addition, a video that predicts SHINee's comeback in 2021 was also released, from the plane as if flying through the screen of the WayV 'Take Off' stage, to the warm greenhouse of SuperM 'Better Days', and Super Junior-K.R.Y '푸르게 빛나던 우리의 계절 (When We Were Us)'s green forest, TVXQ! The burning ruins of '왜 (Keep Your Head Down)' and the helicopter, and the dragon that showed the overwhelming presence of NCT 127 '영웅 (英雄; Kick It)' are also attractive with vivid AR (augmented reality) technology and graphic effects. Added.

    TAEYEON said, "I could feel how precious it is to get along with people, and I think it was a year when the time spent with my family has increased. It was uncomfortable and difficult due to COVID-19, but the non-face-to-face performance became a trend, so'SMTOWN LIVE' performance I don't have a hard time ticketing, and I don't think anyone in the world can see it.” U-KNOW also said, “The ordinary moments that I didn’t know well when I’m always feeling precious and tender. In 2021, I did not forget the preciousness of the ordinary that I learned last year. The artists also proved their love for fans with comments warmly encouraging global music fans, such as saying, “I feel like I should spend harder while grateful for every moment.”

    At the end of the performance, all the cast members decorated the scene with a video of'Hope' containing support for hope and greetings of the New Year, and DJs that are receiving global attention such as Raiden, GINJO, and IMLAY as the after-stage are SM artists' hit songs. The remixed set list also presented an exciting EDM performance, completing a real music festival that everyone can enjoy together, although they cannot be met offline.

    SM Co-CEO Lee Sung Su and Tak Young Jun said, “K-pop is not just music, it is close to life and is a medium for sharing emotions and communication. We prepared this free concert to provide bright hope and energy for a better future, to support K-pop fans all over the world after having a hard time in 2020 with the COVID-19 pandemic and greeting the New Year.” Revealed.

    Meanwhile,'SMTOWN LIVE' has been successfully held in major cities around the world such as Seoul, New York, LA, Paris, Tokyo, Osaka, Beijing, Shanghai, Bangkok, Singapore and Dubai since 2008, setting numerous records and gathering topics.

    - Google translation.

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    기준일 및 주주명부 폐쇄기간 설정 공고

    상법 제354조 및 당사 정관 제 13조에 의거하여 2020년 12월 31일 현재 주주명부에 기재되어 있는 주주에게 의결권을 부여하며, 
    권리주주 확정을 위해 2021년 1월 1일부터 2021년 1월 31일까지(또는 제26기 정기주주총회 종료일까지) 주식의 명의개서, 
    질권의 등록 및 그 변경과 말소, 신탁재산의 표시 및 말소 등 주주명부의 기재사항 변경을 정지함을 공고합니다. ​

    2020년 12월 14일 

    서울시 강남구 압구정로 423(압구정동

    주식회사 에스엠엔터테인먼트

    공동대표이사 이 성 수, 탁 영 준

    명의개서대리인 국민은행 은행장 허인


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    “SM culture technology will shine even more in the new normal era”

    SM Entertainment CEO Lee Sung Su attended the '2020 East-Asia Round Table Meeting' hosted by The National Academy of Engineering of Korea.

    CEO Lee Sung Su participated in the '2020 East-Asia Round Table Meeting' hosted by The National Academy of Engineering of Korea in Korea on the 30th, and gave a keynote speech under the theme of'CULTURE TECHNOLOGY: SHINING IN THE NEW NORMAL'.

    On this day, CEO Lee Sung Su said, “Due to the COVID-19 pandemic,'untact' began to emerge in various industries, and this opened an era of new lifestyles using virtual reality, nano and bio technologies, and AI. . SM has already been preparing for the “new normal era” of these new technologies for more than 20 years, and I would like to talk about SM’s “culture technology” at the center today.”

    CEO Lee Sung Su said, “'Culture Technology' was introduced by producer Lee Soo Man who was convinced of'Culture First, Economy Next', and it has established itself as a fundamental operating system of SM and a growth engine of K-POP.” Culture technology can be divided into three stages:'Culture Creation' to create artists and contents through casting, training, production, and management,'Culture Development' to develop artists and music contents into an industrial stage, and core resources and It is composed of'culture expansion' that expands to another business with know-how.”

    CEO Lee Sung Su said, “SM is from H.O.T.'s 3D movie'Era of Peace' to GIRLS' GENERATION's holographic live concert, the world's first holographic musical'School Oz', Red Velvet's interactive AI smart speaker in collaboration with SK Telecom, Intel NCT 127's superhuman AR, which collaborated with the studio, has been working on developing music contents created by SM into an industry by utilizing new technologies and knowledge and sometimes collaborating with other industries. And'Culture Technology', which has reached the'Culture Development' stage in this way, uses core IPs in the'Culture Expansion' stage to create diversity and expands to the world without limits.”

    In particular, CEO Lee Sung Su said, “As a representative example of the “culture expansion” stage, SM introduced the world's first innovative online concert platform “Beyond LIVE” in the “New Normal Era” using AR and XR technologies. 'Beyond LIVE' added new features to the concert to provide a fantastic 3D experience to the audience, was well received by media around the world, and has had an impact throughout the global entertainment industry. “Recently,'Beyond LIVE' was introduced by HYUNDAI. 'Beyond DRIVE', an innovative virtual showcase, was conducted using AR and XR technologies applied to the advertising campaign of SM is developing'Beyond LIVE' into a better culture than just an online concert platform. In the future, we will be able to meet new types of performances that combine “Beyond LIVE” with these existing concerts.”

    “As such, SM's content develops and expands using innovative technology and knowledge. However, it does not end at the stage of expansion, but becomes a virtuous cycle and re-enters the stage of creation. An example is'aespa', which debuted on the 17th. It is a new type of group that coexists and communicates with each other. As aespa's activities continue, avatar members and AI technology will be more deeply integrated, and fans will be able to directly interact with aespa anywhere they want. This is what producer Lee Soo Man has already revealed at the World Knowledge Forum in 2011 by presenting a vision for a'virtual country', and SM is creating a new world by applying AR and XR to artists and contents in the new normal era.” Mentioned.

    Lastly, CEO Lee Sung Su said, “All of you here are the people who have led the improvement of our lives by constantly striving for technological advancement. We hope to lead us to a new world with better technology in the future, and SM will do the same. I believe that SM's culture technology will shine brighter in the new normal era.”

    Meanwhile, the '2020 East-Asia Round Table Meeting', which CEO Lee Sung Su gave a keynote speech, was hosted by The National Academy of Engineering of Korea, a corporation established for the development of future engineering technology, and utilized economic opportunities in Northeast Asia. It was held to revitalize engineering technology networks between countries.

    - Google translation. 

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    "Construction of a giant virtual nation has already begun."

    Representative of SM Entertainment Lee Sung Su participated in the keynote speech at the global startup festival "COME UP 2020".

    Representative Lee Sung Su participated in the "COME UP 2020" event held online on the 21st, and gave a keynote speech on the theme of "cultural technology, cultural technology that shines in the new normal era."

    On this day, Lee Sung Su said, "As SM overcomes the COVID-19 fundamental crisis and stands at the beginning of a new era, SM is a company with cultural technology, that is," technology ", virtual reality, nano, Introducing the direction of participating in the new normal era, which opens up to new technologies such as biotechnology and AI, "he began his speech.

    First, Lee Sung Su said, "Culture technology" was introduced by Lee Soo Man producer who saw the possibility of "Culture First, Economy Next", and it is the basic operating system of SM and the driving force of K-POP. "Culture technology can be divided into three stages, consisting of casting, training, producing, and management," culture creation "to create artists and content, and artists and music content in the industry. "Culture development" that develops in stages, and "Culture expansion" that expands to other businesses with important resources and know-how. "

    Next, "Culture Expansion is composed of the" Extreme Ferry Onshoru "field where you can directly experience F & B, space business, etc. and the" Platform "field that resonates through the platform. SM also unveiled new platforms such as the world's first online concert "Beyond LIVE" and media content that combines concert advertisements and content, and will continue to combine existing concerts with "Beyond LIVE" in new forms of concerts. We are also preparing. "

    Lee Sung Su also said, "Content created using culture technology will not end at the expansion stage, but will enter a virtuous circle and return to the creation, that is, the IP stage. The group "aespa", which debuted on the 17th, is an example. "" aespa is a team where virtual world avatars and members of the real world communicate with each other, and from now on, aespa and all SM artists will They are interconnected through a huge world view called "SM Culture Universe", and through culture they will choose their music and content on a wider stage, set in dreams, virtual reality, space and the real world. I'm planning to do it. "

    In addition, "Producer Lee Soo Man announced that from 2017, the world of robots and celebrities will become the world of avatars. SM declared the SMTOWN virtual music empire in 2011, but SM has these super "We have begun to realize a huge virtual nation," he said. "NCT, which resonates and communicates through dreams, aespa, which connects with members of virtual reality, and fans and artists interact in real time on stage. We are approaching the world of content. It is the pinnacle of culture technology in the world that makes all this possible, and it creates a virtuous cycle of culture technology so that consumers and fans can sympathize with it. It acts as a device that makes it possible. "

    Finally, "We predict that avatars and robots will play an active role in the New Normal era, but SM is already presenting content created in the world of avatars and robots. Director Stanley Cubic imagined and created" Just as "Space Odyssey" will be realized with many technologies in the future, Lee Soo Man general producer and SM will show their imagination as producers and cultural companies respectively, and the coming new normal and future I want to present the story even if use it as a material for the content. Hope that many startups, students, and others who participated in this event today will study and develop technologies that will reveal the future, and will lead the new normal era well and promote the development of humankind. " After finishing the speech, got a big response.

    "COMEUP 2020", in which Representative Lee Sung Su participated in the keynote speech, was sponsored by the Ministry of SMEs and Small Ventures, and the COMEUP 2020 Organizing Committee was sponsored by the Founding Promotion Agency. It is the most prestigious global startup event in South Korea to strengthen exchanges and cooperation with the ecosystem of Korea.

    - Google translation.