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    - Yoon Bo Ra, a new beauty icon-like activity!
    - Revealing trendy beauty know-how to keep pace with rapid changes

    Actor Yoon Bo Ra is expected to generously share his own beauty know-how.

    Yoon Bo Ra was selected as the main MC for KBS Joy's new beauty entertainment program 'Happy Beauty Day', which will be aired for the first time on the 7th.

    ‘Happy Beauty Day’ is a highly concentrated beauty entertainment program filled with only the beauty that is essential to me amidst the overflowing beauty products and beauty information.

    Beloved for her unique healthy and lovely charm, Yoon Bo Ra shows off her trendy sense of beauty and fashion, gaining attention among women in their 20s and 30s. In addition to her, she has worked as an MC for various beauty programs such as '언니들의 뷰티카풀' and '화장대를 부탁해'.

    In addition to Yoon Bo Ra, ‘Happy Beauty Day’ will feature actors ‘박솔미’ and YouTube creator ‘연두콩’ to deliver various contents and useful information to viewers.

    Meanwhile, 'Happy Beauty Day', which is expected to be Yoon Bo Ra's return as MC, will be released for the first time at 8 pm on the 7th of KBS Joy.

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    - From SBS drama 'Penthouse' to tvN's entertainment show '해치지 않아'
    - The role of 'Kang Yoo-seong', the management team leader of tvN's new drama '별똥별', transforms once again!

    Actor Yoon Jong Hoon has signed an exclusive contract with the general entertainment group KEYEAST.

    On the 2nd, KEYEAST said, “Actor Yoon Jong Hoon, who has a wide acting spectrum, joined KEYEAST. As an actor with a variety of faces, from good characters to villains, we will spare no effort to actively support him so that he can show off his best capabilities and the true face of an actor.”

    Yoon Jong Hoon debuted in the drama 'Monster' in 2013, appeared in various works such as '응답하라 1994', '청춘시대', '왕은 사랑한다', '리턴', etc., and grew up with delicate acting and character transformation. Each time he appeared in a work, such as growing up in the drama, he received the attention of viewers.

    In 2020 MBC's '그 남자의 기억법', she took on the role of 'Yoo Tae-eun', a psychiatrist with a gentle personality, and captivated viewers with her deep acting and charm. Afterwards, she played the role of Ha Yun-cheol, the husband of ‘Cheon Seo-jin (Kim So-yeon)’ in SBS ‘Penthouse’, from season 1 to ‘Penthouse 3’, and was loved by the public as a villain.

    Yoon Jong Hoon, who recently started his first observational entertainment show through tvN's '해치지 않아', is the youngest who is loved by his older brothers and takes charge of the dirty work. He is fully demonstrating his charms, such as being the golden maknae who is responsible for the meals of his older brothers and guests, as well as working as a national worker.

    In addition, Yoon Jong Hoon has confirmed his appearance in tvN's new drama '별똥별', and is expected to transform once again by taking on the role of 'Kang Yoo-seong', a management team leader who has a warm appearance that can be mistaken for an actor, gentle manners, and smartness.

    Meanwhile, KEYEAST, which is raising its status as a content producer, includes Kang Han Na, Ko A Sung, Kim Dong Wook, Kim Seo Hyung, Kim Eui Sung, Mun Ka Young, Park Ha Seon, Yoo Hai Jin, Lee Dong Hwi, Jung Eun. A large number of talented actors such as Chae, Cho Bo Ah, Chae Jung An, and Hwang In Youp also belong to the group and continue to be active in dramas and movies, proving their reputation as a master actor in management.

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    - Variety of acting without getting bored
    - Character digestibility

    '술꾼도시여자들' Han Seon Hwa exploded his overflowing charm and made viewers smile.

    Han Seon Hwa plays the role of 'Han Ji-yeon', a yoga instructor who boasts tireless over-tension and high tone in TVING's original '술꾼도시여자들', exuding her charm and captivating viewers. In the last 3 and 4 episodes, Han Seon Hwa has shown her presence by energizing the play with her irreplaceable character digestibility.

    Jiyeon, who got pimples from alcohol that day, was engulfed in sadness and betrayal. She nevertheless laughed at the resemblance of three friends who somehow tried to drink her alcohol. In particular, 'Jiyeon' held a one-man show while looking at the alcohol advertisement poster, She played the lovely figure of Ji-yeon, who couldn't dry her snacks because there was still a side dish to drink.
    In episode 4, 'Jiyeon' was active. 'Sohee (Lee Seon-bin)' and 'Ji Gu (Jung Eun-ji)', who had a drinking battle with an intern, were defeated one after another by him, who had an unexpected amount of alcohol. 'Jiyeon' brought a reversal to the situation by showing her skills in a relaxed manner, regardless of the intern's struggles. It turned out that among the three of us, there was actually no one who could follow 'Jiyeon' with alcohol.

    Meanwhile, 'Ji-yeon' shares her welcome reunion when she finds out that the intern is the daughter of her mother's friend, who was like her family 20 years ago. Jiyeon, who had never cried over her mother's story, was held in the arms of an intern and she was saddened to see her cry.
    As such, Han Seon Hwa has been well received by making '술꾼도시여자들' richer with various performances that do not have time to be bored and a lovely charm that gets more emotional the more you watch it. TVING's original 'Drunken City Women' will be released exclusively through TVING every Friday.

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    First appearance as 'Santa' by Lee Young Ae

    - Lee Young Ae's game party member and the only colleague he believes in, helping with the investigation using visuals as a weapon
    - Unique character!? A.I voice that is not in a worried tone ‘Curious UP’

    Baek Sung Chul was scouted by Lee Young Ae.

    Baek Sung Chul was portrayed being forced to work as a member of a reality investigation cooperation party at Lee Young Ae's game party member in JTBC's ‘구경이’, which aired on the 30th and 31st.

    The drama ‘구경이’ is a hard-boiled comic chase drama about '구경이(Lee Young Ae)', who is suspicious of a corner of the room who can't stand the lag in both games and investigations. Baek Sung Chul took on the role of 'Santa', a member of the game party of ‘구경이’ and the only colleague he trusts. In the game world, they communicate smoothly with a modulated voice, but in the real world, they aroused viewers' curiosity with their unique character that communicates with people through the A.I voice of the mobile phone.

    In the midst of this, in the first and second episodes of ‘구경이’, which aired for the first time last weekend, ‘구경이’, who was in charge of the investigation of the disappearance of an insurance subscriber, which the police also concluded as a tripping accident, fought tens of thousands of battles, and was the only driver's license. Santa, who owns the .

    With a smile that disarms people, a good face, and the visuals of a sincere young man, Santa captivated even the heart of 'Jae-hee (Kwak Seon-young)', who is curious throughout the play, and shows no less curiosity than ‘구경이’. In the blink of an eye, he was able to form a cooperative investigation with ‘구경이’.

    He naturally handed yogurt to the fisherman who felt wary of ‘구경이’, who seemed to ask questions about this and that, and helped the investigation. He faithfully played the role of an assistant without saying anything, such as spending time with Jae-young's daughter, Seon-mi, so that ‘구경이’ could investigate smoothly.

    In addition, Santa's unique A.I voice also appeared for the first time. When ‘구경이’ was in danger, he hurriedly gave a different voice to ‘구경이’ with a worried tone saying, "I thought he was dead" through his cell phone, and I wanted to convey "참 쉽네요" to ‘구경이’, who is more determined than I thought. With automatic completion, “참 숯가마” popped out, giving laughter, and the drama declaration ceremony was successfully completed.

    In this way, JTBC's ‘구경이’, starring Baek Sung Chul, who faithfully played his role as an assistant after being scouted by Lee Young Ae, is broadcast every Saturday and Sunday at 10:30 pm.

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    - From highly immersive emotional acting to intense action.. Successful completion of ‘character transformation’
    - “Seo Suyeon is a lonely and painful character, so I have more compassion and love” Ending impressions

    Actor Park Ha Seon succeeded in broadening his acting spectrum with '검은 태양' and '뫼비우스 : 검은 태양'.

    Park Ha Seon, who played the role of Seo Suyeon, a member of the National Intelligence Service's overseas intelligence service support team, in the MBC drama '뫼비우스 : 검은 태양', which ended on the 30th, showed off a wide range of emotional performances as well as splendid actions.

    '뫼비우스 : 검은 태양' is a two-part spin-off based on the worldview of '검은 태양'. As a story dealing with the past 4 years ago from the main story, the story of Seo Suyeon, the main character of the reversal that gave the biggest shock, and the veiled past, was revealed, giving viewers a different kind of fun.

    Park Ha Seon, who studied the character Seo Suyeon for a long time from '검은 태양' to '뫼비우스 : 검은 태양', analyzed the script while writing for delicate emotional acting, as well as learning how to hold and shoot and learn action acting. After a lot of hard work, such as unfolding, a strong character was completed.

    “It was a longer and bigger shoot than ever,” Park Ha Seon said. Seo Suyeon is a lonely and painful character, so I felt more compassion and loved her. I was happy to be able to act while empathizing with the character Seo Suyeon that the writer wanted to express. Thank you for watching '검은 태양' and '뫼비우스 : 검은 태양'. I will come back with a better image.” He expressed his special affection for Seo Suyeon’s character.

    Expectations are high for Park Ha Seon, who was able to confirm new energy through ‘뫼비우스 : 검은 태양’.

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    “Thank you for your love for the time we were able to grow together with ‘이다’”

    - Kim Goeun's friend '이다' role, raising viewers' sympathy with natural acting
    - “Everyone has their own cells that are cheering for you today, and I wish you and your cells always happy.”

    Actor Mi Ram expressed his disappointment after leaving ‘유미의 세포들’.

    In the TVING original ‘유미의 세포들’, which ended on the 30th, Mi Ram, Kim Goeun's friend, who brought fun to the play, left a final goodbye with the ending.

     ‘유미의 세포들’ is a cell-stimulating sympathetic romance depicting the story of an ordinary '유미(Kim Goeun)' who eats, loves, and grows with cells. She took on the role of '이다', a friend he can open up to, and raised viewers' sympathy with his realistic acting that drew viewers' sympathy.

    In particular, it added fun to the play by pleasantly solving the wide remoteness that is a concern for Yumi and her office people, as if the Ojireya cell is the prime cell '이다'.

    Mi Ram said, “I am Mi Ram who played the role of ‘강이다’ in the TVING original ‘유미의 세포들’. I was happy to be able to work with good actors and staff in my favorite works. I also met '이다' of ‘유미의 세포들’ and was able to grow together. Not only for me, but for all of us, our own cells are eagerly cheering for us today. I hope you all get stronger and be happy with your own cells. Thank you for supporting and loving ‘유미의 세포들’ during this time.”

    The TVING original ‘유미의 세포들’ starring Mi Ram, who delivered warm consolation and final greetings to viewers, ended on the 30th.

    - Google translation.

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    Participating talented musicians PREP, nomad, and Slom!

    A remix single where you can enjoy Red Velvet (SM)'s hit song 'Bad Boy' will be released on the 1st.

    The twelfth single 'iScreaM Vol.12 : Bad Boy Remixes', released by the remix sound source project 'iScreaM', will be released on November 1 at 6 pm FLO, Melon, genie, iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, QQ Music, KuGou Music, KuWo It is released on various music sites such as Music.

    In this single, there are three versions of 'Bad Boy' in which PREP, a four-member city pop band from England with strong personality, nomad, a DJ and producer covering various genres, and Slom, a producer of Mnet 'Show Me The Money 10' participated as a remixer. A remix is ​​included.

    The PREP version of ‘Bad Boy’ reinterpreted the original song as an R&B genre song with a soft and delicate atmosphere. Can meet different charms from the nomad version, which doubles the fun of listening with its colorful composition and experimental sound, to the Slom version, which harmonizes the classic feel of analog instruments with the trendy sound.

    In addition, 'Bad Boy', the title song of Red Velvet's 2nd album repackage, released in January 2018, was ranked No. K-POP Song 20' received a hot response, including 1st place, In January 2021, the music video has been receiving steady love, such as exceeding 300 million views on YouTube, so this remix single is also expected to receive high attention.

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    Still photos foreshadowing 'NEW Romance' released
    Maximize immersion through acting skills

    TVING original '술꾼도시여자들' CHOI SIWON (SM) created an irrefutable and attractive character.

    CHOI SIWON takes on the role of entertainment PD '강북구' in the TVING original '술꾼도시여자들', maximizing viewers' immersion with realistic acting.

    In the episode released last week, '강북구' was restless in the competition between '안소희(이선빈)' and intern writer '소현(이수민)' in the episode that was released last week.

    Then, unlike '강북구', who acted lightly, silently took care of '안소희' and sided with him. 안소희, who found out about this, decorated the unexpected ending of kissing abruptly with the injection, signaling the start of a new unpredictable romance, raising the curiosity about the next story.

    CHOI SIWON, who played '강북구', is well-received for not only digesting the comical side of the character, but also naturally reviving the hidden seriousness with her eyes and expression.

    On the other hand, '술꾼도시여자들', which Hoyeon of CHOI SIWON is looking forward to, will be released exclusively through TVING every Friday.

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    At 6 pm on the 1st, the announcement of the new album highlight medley ‘Expectation UP’

    SUPER JUNIOR-D&E's first full-length Korean album 'COUNTDOWN' is a documentary that contains the behind-the-scenes work.

    Ahead of their comeback on November 2, SUPER JUNIOR-D&E has been conducting active pre-promotions, including various promotional videos as well as DONGHAE and EUNHYUK releasing solo digital singles, respectively. In particular, from the 17th, every Sunday at 10 PM, "SUPER JUNIOR-D&E Documentary 'COUNTDOWN TO ZERO'" was uploaded through SUPER JUNIOR's official YouTube channel, and a video showing the new album work machine was released.

    In the documentary released on the 31st, EUNHYUK said, "This year is the 10th anniversary of the formation of SUPER JUNIOR-D&E's unit, so I thought about how to make use of the special number 10. Ordinary people count down from 10 to 0, so we also wanted to count down from 10 to zero and start over from zero. So, the album name is 'COUNTDOWN' and the title song is 'ZERO'. I wanted to convey the meaning of a new beginning and a turning point for SUPER JUNIOR-D&E,” he explained, raising expectations for the album.

    In addition, at 6 pm on the 1st, a highlight medley where you can meet all the songs of the new album in advance on the SUPER JUNIOR YouTube channel, NAVER TV, and V LIVE SMTOWN channels will be opened, so it is expected to get a hot response from music fans.

    Meanwhile, SUPER JUNIOR-D&E will officially release their first full-length album ‘COUNTDOWN’ at 6 pm on the 2nd. This album consists of a total of three versions, and can be pre-purchased at various online and offline music stores.

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    Non-face-to-face Halloween costume contest prize money donation! Prediction of good influence!

    SM Entertainment (SM) announced a Halloween costume contest on the 31st.

    At 00:00 on the 30th, a teaser poster of the SM Halloween costume contest 'SMTOWN WONDERLAND 2021 – Welcome to SM HALLOWEEN HOUSE' was released on various official accounts of SMTOWN.

    This Halloween costume contest was held in the form of a non-face-to-face contest for the SMTOWN Halloween party, which received a lot of attention every year. In the name of the artist who wins the Best Dressed Award, the prize money will be donated to the Beautiful Foundation to practice good influence.

    Accordingly, videos and images of SM artists who transformed in Halloween makeup and costumes such as SIWON, SHINDONG of SUPER JUNIOR, ONEW of SHINee, YERI, NCT, Raiden, and aespa of Red Velvet will be opened sequentially on the 31st.

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