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    TAEMIN of SHINee, BAEKHYUN & KAI of EXO, TAEYONG & MARK of NCT 127, LUCAS & TEN of WayV unite!
    Massive scale global launch to take place in October
    'SuperM' produced by Soo-Man Lee on request of global label 'CMG'

    SM Entertainment joins hands with the US Capitol Music Group and unveils SuperM, an alliance team of top artists who will wow music fans around the world in October.

    SuperM is a team of seven members including SHINee TAEMIN, EXO BAEKHYUN and KAI, TAEYONG and MARK of NCT 127, and Chinese group WayV LUCAS and TEN. SuperM's M stands for MATRIX & MASTER. The talented artists who are stars and experts come together to express what they call "Super" synergy.

    SuperM was also produced by Soo-Man Lee producer at the request of the global music label CMG, which includes pop stars such as The Beatles, Katy Perry, Sam Smith and Troye Sivan.

    As a result, SuperM is expected to show the mature content through the production of Soo-Man Lee producers, and foresee the launch of “big scale” through massive promotions in the US based on CMG's excellent network and marketing capabilities.

    In particular, Soo-Man Lee's producer attended the 'Capitol Congress 2019' to announce CMG's artist lineup, music, and project plans, which will be held at the Arclight Theater in Los Angeles, USA on August 7th at 12:00 pm local time. On the stage with the introduction of Steve Barnett, “I was recently asked to produce a new team from the Capitol Music Group, Steve, who will create synergy between the East and the West. The group was born so SuperM. SuperM, composed of seven outstanding artists, will showcase differentiated music, and the outstanding dance, vocal and rap skills of each SuperM member will showcase the core values ​​of K-Pop in a different level of performance, fashion and visuals. ” Said SuperM.

    “Industrial workers are curious about how I created and developed a new genre of music that fans all over the world love. In short, the answer is Culture Technology. SM Entertainment has been discovering artists by casting, training and debuting, and has built the best system for the best results. SuperM is the result of SM's philosophy of music performance. We call it SMP (SM Music Performance), and SMP should be referred to as ‘general art content’ rather than just the expression of music. Again, I'm confident that SuperM will bring you more surprises than you'd expect. ”

    Steve Barnett also spoke of SuperM, saying, “This is the first time we have had big news. CMG and SM, Asia's No.1 Entertainment Group, will present SuperM, a team of top stars. SuperM will be the most notable US debut in Asian group history and will be debuting in the US in October with a large promotion. In addition, Soo-Man Lee, the producer and producer of SuperM, requested by CMG, is one of Asia's leading music producers. This is the person who stroked it. We look forward to seeing the launch of SuperM in the US, as well as the announcement of SuperM through the video, which attracted the attention of the US music industry officials and the media.

    On the other hand, SuperM is in the midst of preparing the content for the public in October, and plans to launch promotions in Korea and the United States.

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    SM entertainment producer LEE SOOMAN met with British Broadcasting BBC for K-POP documentary.

    Producer LEE SOOMAN met with BBC documentary crew members including presenters James Ballardie and producer Martyn Stevens who visited Korea for K-POP coverage on SM Communication Center on the 8th and talked about K-POP in depth.

    In particular, the BBC focused on producer LEE SOOMAN as one of the most influential and influential producers of K-POP and founder of SM, who had a huge influence on K-POP, which is currently enjoying explosive popularity around the world.

    In addition, producer LEE SOOMAN has recognized and produced various artists who led K-POP such as BoA, TVXQ !, SUPER JUNIOR, Girls' Generation, SHINee, f (x), EXO, Red Velvet, The interview was won by the BBC's proposal, as it received various awards as a producer in Korea as well as in the US and China and has been selected as a 'global leader' for many years in overseas famous magazines such as 'Variety'.

    Producer LEE SOOMAN interviewed with the BBC documentary production team, explaining the progress and achievements of K-POP as a person who made Korean pop music into overseas market and made the current K-POP craze. And the direction of the direction that led to empathy.

    After the interview, presenter James Ballardie said, "It was an honor to meet producer LEE SOOMAN, the greatest creative pioneer in contemporary music." His vision for K-POP is that one idea completely changes a country I have proven that I have the power to put it down. I am very surprised. "

    Martyn Stevens, producer of this documentary, said, "It was very meaningful that I was able to meet the producer LEE SOOMAN, who played the most important role in the birth and development of K-POP, and to conduct the interview." Producer LEE SOOMAN's insight is undoubtedly I think it will give a very interesting eye to UK TV viewers. "

    Meanwhile, this documentary focusing on producer LEE SOOMAN will be airing in the second half of this year.

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    In 2017, following the '500 most influential business leaders in the world'
    'International Music Leader 2018, 2019'

    SM Entertainment's Producer SOOMAN LEE is recognized as 'global leader' by Variety magazine for three consecutive years.

    Producer SOOMAN LEE reaffirmed its position as a global player in 'International Music Leader 2019' following 'Variety' in 2017, 'The World's Most Influential Business Leader 500' and 'International Music Leader 2018'.

    Last 30 days (local time) 'Variety' is to commemorate the June 4 to 7 the world's largest music fair MIDEM will be held in Cannes, France show titles article called 'International Music Impact Report', driving the growth of the music industry "Streaming" and is responsible for this area, leading the global music business, "Power Player" announced.

    "Variety" introduces Producer SOOMAN LEE as "the founder of the biggest and most influential SM Entertainment in Korea," and recently, SM artists such as EXO, NCT 127, Red Velvet, and LAY recorded the highest sales of US album sales. NCT 127 is leading the way, including going out and performing in many American programs such as' Good Morning America 'and' Jimmy Kimmel Live ', and signing a contract with Capitol Music.'

    "He is producing a group aimed at China, WayV, and establishing an office in Jakarta, which is aiming at a stronger Asian market," he added.

    In addition, Producer SOOMAN LEE is recognized as the first Korean winner in the '2016 Asia Game Changer Awards' awarded by the 'Asia Society' in the United States for recognizing the Korean popular culture in 2016 and changing the topography of the world cultural industry as a Korean wave. In 2017, it won the '영산외교인상' for the first time in culture and 'Best Management Award' in '2018 Korea-China Management Award'.

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  • 2019-05-17 Press Release

    Signed SM C&C - BIO11 MOU

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    Artist Collaboration will showcase new content

    SM C&C and Probiotics specialist BIO11 signed an MOU on 'Artist Collaboration' on 16th.

    The agreement was concluded with BIO11, which produces and sells various probiotics products based on 'DeSimone Formula', a raw material of Probiotics, and a new type of content through collaboration with artists belonging to SM Entertainment Group.

    At the ceremony of the MOU concluded at 11:00 AM Cheongdam SM Entertainment headquarters, employees of Cho Kyu Yoon, Kim Chang Joo, SM C & C, Kim Dong Joon and Kim Ji Wook of BIO11 attended the ceremony. And promised to work together. The first is SM C & C Entertainment Production Division SM CCC LAB.

    SM C & C is expected to generate business synergies in various fields with the BIO11, a probiotics specialist, because it is pursuing management businesses such as actors, MCs, drama, entertainment, TV programs, and musicals.

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    Receive applications starting today

    SM Entertainment will hold a music festival 'SMILE Music Festival 2019'.

    SMILE Music Festival is the representative social contribution program of SM that is planned to support children and young people who grow their dreams through music even in a difficult environment.

    The SMILE Music Festival 2019 will be held from May 2 to 30, May 2 to 30, for the band, dance, and chorus clubs of more than five people who have been in the children's and youth welfare facilities, For more information, visit the SMTOWN official website (www.smtown.com) and the SMile Music Festival online cafe (cafe.naver.com/smilesmf).

    In addition, the final team will have the chance to receive a small amount of money, a specialist trainer and mentoring opportunities for SM artists during a 3 month practice period. The joint performance will be held at SMTOWN COEX atium on October 25 It seems to be an unforgettable memory for the participants.

    Meanwhile, SM launched SMIL, a social contribution brand in 2014, and launched social contribution activities using SM contents and infrastructure, such as SMILE Music Festival, artist talent donation, regular volunteer activities for employees, and cultural and educational support. It is actively developing.

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    - The beginning of North America tour in April will announce 'K-POP Sensation' around the world including USA.
    - NCT 127, USA Beatles • Katy Perry • Sam Smith Label 'Capitol Music Group' Full support

    'K-POP sensation' NCT 127, made statement on full expansion to global market as partners with global music label, CMG (Capitol Music Group)
    SM Entertainment (SM) has signed a distribution and marketing promotion agreement with music label CMG (Universal Music Group), a global label with artists such as Beatles, Katy Perry, Sam Smith and Troye Sivan, And Caroline, the largest distributor under CMG, is in charge of global distribution.
    NCT 127 will take its first North American tour 12 times in 11 US and Canada cities including Atlanta, Miami, Dallas, Phoenix, Houston, Chicago, San Jose, Los Angeles, Toronto and Vancouver starting April 24 at the Prudential Center in New Jersey. , Which will lead to CMG and Caroline launching a variety of local promotions, including TV shows in New York and Los Angeles, which is expected to be a hit in the US music market.
    CMG Chairman and CEO Steve Barnett commented on the agreement, "We are very pleased to partner with SM to further promote the global sensation of NCT 127. NCT 127's global success potential is endless, and we hope to continue to do business with SM. "
    In addition, Caroline's Jacqueline Saturn, president and vice president of Matt Sawin, said, "With the explosive popularity of K-POP, one of the most exciting phenomena in pop music around the world, we have long been interested in NCT 127. The members are very talented and passionate, SM has great artists and content, diverse experiences, and unique know-how. Caroline has a lot of expectations for this partnership. "
    Kim Young Min, general manager of SM Entertainment Group, said, "CMG and Caroline have been paying attention to the global potential and influence of NCT 127 since its debut. Through this partnership, 127 is expected to be more active in the North American market and around the world and to achieve greater performance, "he said, raising expectations for NCT 127's future performance.

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    - Professional runway, various attractions and events have opened up communication with citizens
    - Beyond the model agency, he is active in various aspects such as planning and operating large-scale events, producing content, and releasing fashion icons.

    The '2019F / W SeoulFashionWeek' hosted by Seoul and hosted by the Seoul Design Foundation ended on the 24th. With 33 domestic top designer brands, three corporate brand shows, and London fashion designer COTTWEILER's fashion shows as part of an international exchange fashion show, Esteem has a major show runway for its top models as well as an exciting event with spectators It is attracting attention because it shows brilliant activity with perfect stage directing.

    The model Jang Yoon Ju made his top model debut this season with his MISS GEE COLLECTION finale and spectacular walking. Park Ji Hye and Kim Sung Hee, who are sweeping the international famous runway shows such as CHANEL and GUCCI, and the global fashion influenza model An Ah-reum, which is working overseas, have also attended the domestic show runway for a long time. . Esteem artists such as actor Chae Jung Ahn, model Lee Hye Jung, and broadcaster Jung Jay have been invited to various shows to show their status as a celebrity.

    This year, new faces of Esteem also appeared on the runway and delivered freshness. Kang Chang Mo and Ku Kyung Mo have successfully completed their first debut on the 'COTTWEILER' show led by duo designers Ben Cottrell and Matthew Dainty in London. Baek Sung Chul and Lee Chae Ryung also showed up on the stage of domestic top designers such as CARUSO, YCH and their infinite growth with their unique walking.

    Esteem also provided a place for models and fans to join. Kim Da Young, An Ah-reum, and No Ma Han will be presenting face modeling tips for the Seagramface model selection event at the DDP main square "Esteem X Seagramface" booth, I had time. Also on the 21st, model Jang Yoon Ju visited the Marriott Bonvoy Photo Booth, celebrating the launch of Marriott Bonvoy. Also, Esteem's original content producer 'mixcon' was planned to broadcast the Seoul Fashion Week featured on 'Yalgazu', a representative web entertainment content, and the model Jung Hyuk got hot response by directly communicating with fans at the 2019 F / W Seoul Fashion Week.

    SPEEKER, the first in-flight management company in Korea, was founded by Esteem and SM Entertainment. Designer Sung Sung Gun and MAXXIJ Lee Jae Hyung were selected as 'Seoul's 10 Soul' designers with global competence by Seoul and Seoul Design Foundation at the opening ceremony held on 19th. In addition, MAXXI J Lee Jae Hyung designer participated in 2019 F / W SeoulFashionWeek and debuted his first SeoulFashionWeek debut.

    In addition, Kang Sung Do, an artist agent agent in Esteem, is responsible for styling the 'D-ANTIDOTE' collection led by designer Park Hwan Sung. Lee Pil Sung, Kim Jin Young and Lee Soo Yeon, DEW E DEW E 'showcasing sensational styling for the men's styling of the collection, and showed off the status as an artist at the 2019 F / W Seoul Fashion Week.

    Most importantly, Esteem Works, a professional production company for fashion events, participated as the managing director of Seoul Fashion Week from this year on the occasion of 2019 F / W Seoul Fashion Week's show planning and production,
    Meanwhile, Esteem Group is expected to continue its unique position as a creative company that leads new trends from model agency to production, entertainment, contents production, and influenza business.

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  • 2019-03-27 기업공지

    제 24기 결산공고

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    상법 제 289조 및 당사 정관 제 4조에 의거하여 아래와 같이 주주총회에서 승인 받은 재무상태표를 홈페이지에 공고합니다. 


    제 24기 결산공고  







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    “미래는 셀러브리티와 관계된 비즈니스가 더욱 중요해지는 세상, 이동수단의 혁명으로 새로운 기회 창출될 것“
    “4차 산업혁명 시대에는 기하급수적인 변화를 빠르게 받아들여, 제도와 규정 새롭게 발전시켜야”
    “융합과 네트워킹의 시대, 한국과 인니를 비롯 아시아 국가들간의 긴밀한 협력 중요"

    이수만 총괄 프로듀서는 지난 21일 인도네시아 자카르타 그랜드 하얏트 호텔에서 진행된 ‘한-인도네시아 콘텐츠 및 IT 협력 세미나’에서 국가 간 협력을 통한 문화 산업의 미래 전략을 주제로 기조연설을 펼쳐 세미나에 참석한 양국 정-재계 인사들의 이목을 집중시켰다.

    이수만 총괄 프로듀서는 ‘2018 자카르타-팔렘방 아시안게임’ 폐막식에서 피날레 무대를 장식한 SM 소속 아티스트 슈퍼주니어를 언급하며 기조 연설을 시작, “저는 1997년 해외 시장에 진출하며 ‘Culture First, Economy Next’라고 선언, 좋은 문화 콘텐츠가 사랑 받아 전세계로 퍼지게 된다면 이로 인해 경제 대국으로 이어지는 현상이 있을 수 있다고 역발상을 했다. 실제로 대표적인 한류로 여겨지는 K-POP은 음악 산업뿐만 아니라 뷰티, 패션, 관광 등의 산업은 물론 IT 등의 4차 산업에도 영향을 끼쳐 무한한 시너지 효과를 일으키고 있다. 이는 ‘Spillover Effect’(스필오버 효과)의 대표적인 사례라고 할 수 있다”라고 말했다.

    특히 이날 오전, SM이 인도네시아 최고 기업인 CT 그룹과 조인트 벤처 설립을 발표한 것에 대해 “인도네시아인이 중심이 되고 인도네시아를 거점으로 활동하는 셀러브리티를 육성해 아시아를 넘어 전 세계적으로 영향력 있는 문화 콘텐츠를 만들어 낼 것이다. 저와 SM이 한국 문화 산업의 성공을 이끌었던 노하우를 인도네시아의 문화 산업에 접목해 전 세계적인 스타로 만들어, 인도네시아 문화 산업과 경제 발전에 이바지할 수 있는 기회를 만들 수 있도록, 많은 조언과 격려 부탁 드린다“고 말해 현지 관계자들의 뜨거운 호응을 얻었다.

    또한 이수만 총괄프로듀서는 “기하급수적으로 변화하는 4차 산업혁명의 시대에는 정부가 그 변화의 속도에 맞춰, 산술적으로 대처하는 정책이나 규제를 얼마나 빠르게 발전시키고 변형시키느냐에, 그 나라의 미래가 달려 있다고 생각한다. 앞으로는 변화를 현명하게 판단해, 규정과 제도를 과감하게 바꾸고, 받아들이려고 노력하는 국가 또는 리더가 있는 나라가 세계를 새롭게 이끌 것이라 본다. 새로운 기술을 개발하고 선도하며, 그러한 부분을 기업이 펼칠 수 있게 하는 정부의 역할이 어느 때보다 중요한 시기다. 정부가 변화에 빠르게 대응, 기업들이 새로운 시장을 선점할 수 있는 환경을 조성하고 뒷받침해 줄 수 있는지가, 기업의 경쟁력뿐만 아니라 국가 경쟁력까지도 판단할 수 있는 기준이 될 것으로 예상한다“고 말했다.

    더불어 이수만 총괄 프로듀서는 “미래에는 셀러브리티와 관계된 비즈니스가 더욱 중요해지는 세상이 될 것이라고 본다. 특히 AI 기술을 통해 발전한 커뮤니케이션 로봇인 챗봇은 나의 아바타가 되어 우리의 생활 속에 더욱 가깝게 자리하게 될 것이며, 내가 좋아하는 셀러브리티의 아바타와 하루를 시작하고 일상을 보내는 세상이 올 것이다. 나를 대신하는 또 다른 내가 특화된 전문 분야에서 더 나은 능력을 가지고 다른 아바타들과 소통해 관계를 가지는, 아바타들의 초거대 버추얼 세상이 만들어질 것으로 보이며, 물리적인 인구의 수가 아닌 AI 브레인 아바타들의 움직임이 한 나라의 가치를 평가하는 중요한 척도가 될 것이라고 생각한다“며, “이렇게 로봇의 세상, 아바타의 세상이 도래하고 초거대 버추얼 제국이 등장했을 때, 한국처럼 인구가 적은 나라가 얼리어답터가 되어, 하나의 인격권을 가진 아바타들이 한 사람당 여러 명의 AI 브레인 아바타를 소유해 버추얼 제국에서 가지는 영향력까지 얻게 된다면, 어쩌면 실제 인구인 5천만명이 아닌 5억명 이상, 더 나아가 10억명 인구 이상의 힘을 발휘하게 될 것이다”라고 밝혀 주목을 받았다.

    또한 그는 “이동수단에서도 대대적인 혁명이 일어날 것이다. ‘Passenger Drone’으로 대표되는 Flying car’(PAV: Personal Air Vehicle) 등의 새로운 이동수단으로 인해 절약되는 시간과 비용 등은 사람들에게 더 많은 문화 생활을 영위하게 해, 문화 산업의 발전에 이바지하며, 또 다른 산업과 결합하여 새로운 기회를 창출할 수 있을 것이라고 생각한다”라고 덧붙이며, SM이 바라보는 4차 산업 혁명 시대가 가져올 변화에 대해서도 언급해 눈길을 끌었다.

    마지막으로 이수만 총괄 프로듀서는 “앞으로 세계는 미국, 유럽, 아시아로 재편, 더 나아가 동양과 서양의 경쟁 구도가 될 것이라고 생각한다. 이러한 융합과 네트워킹의 시대에는 한국과 인도네시아를 비롯한 여러 아시아 국가들간의 긴밀한 협력이 필요하다. 우리가 함께 AI와 엔터테인먼트 그리고 새로운 이동수단 산업 등에서 협력하고, 미리 준비하면, 앞으로 생길 초거대 버추얼 세상에서 동양과 서양으로 재편될 때, 아시아가 세계를 이끌어 나갈 수 있을 것이라 생각한다. 서로 네트워킹을 통해 정보를 교환하며, 협력하고, 융합하는 동시에 정부도 그에 맞춰 규제와 규정 등을 빠르게 고치고 새롭게 정비하여 같이 나아간다면, 동, 서양의 경쟁구도에서 동양이 앞서가는 미래의 선두 주자는 우리가 될 수 있을 것으로 확신한다”고 기조연설을 마무리해 뜨거운 박수를 받았다.

    이번 세미나는 성공경제연구소, 재인도네시아한인상공회의소, 한국문화산업포럼이 주최, 삼성SDS, 파이낸셜뉴스가 후원해 원활한 경제 교류에 따른 양국간 문화 콘텐츠 협력을 유도하여 상호 이해를 증진하고 교류를 촉진하기 위한 자리로, 이날 패널 토론에는 SM 한세민 대표가 참석해 인도네시아 진출 계획과 협력방안을 주제로 다양한 논의를 나눴으며, 주인도네시아 김창범 대사, 인도네시아 상공회의소 로산 루슬라니 회장, CT 그룹 카이룰 딴중 회장 등 양국 인사들이 참여해 자리를 빛냈다.