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    The teaser images of JAEHYUN, HENDERY, RENJUN, HAECHAN, and SHOTARO of NCT (SM), who are making a comeback with their 3rd album 'Universe', have been released and become a hot topic.

    The teaser images of JAEHYUN, HENDERY, RENJUN, HAECHAN, and SHOTARO, which were released through NCT's official SNS account at 00:00 on the 19th, contain the members who create a mysterious charm with their chic and unique visuals.

    The concept of this teaser image is a visual expression of NCT's 'Universe', which is 'connected to a new standard beyond dimension', which will be introduced through the 3rd album. Styling with outstanding colors harmonizes to present a sophisticated and futuristic mood.

    On the other hand, NCT's 3rd album 'Universe' will be released as an album on December 14th, and you can meet the colorful combinations and chemistry of NCT, so high interest from music fans is expected.

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    Romantic music & unique performance! Expectations UP!

    EXO KAI (SM) presents a sweet charm with the new song 'Peaches'.

    KAI's second mini-album 'Peaches' will be released on various music sites at 6 pm on November 30th, and a total of 6 songs with various moods, including the title song 'Peaches' of the same name, are expected to receive a warm response.

    In particular, the title song ‘Peaches’ is a medium-tempo R&B song with an addictive melody and heavy 808 bass. The lyrics express the romantic moment spent with a lover by comparing it to a sweet peach, and the desire to be together forever in a paradise-like space just for the two of us.

    In addition, as KAI is recognized for her unrivaled performance and stage dominance like a 'World-class performer' through her EXO and her solo activities, the upgraded performance to be shown with her new song 'Peaches' is also highly anticipated.

    In addition, the mood sampler video of this album was released on EXO's various SNS accounts at 00:00 on the 19th, and you can meet KAI's dreamy visual that has been transformed into a new concept.

    Meanwhile, KAI's second mini album 'Peaches' will be released on November 30th as an album.

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    It captures the delicate emotions of '강북구'!
    The OST Part5 ‘Nobody but you’ sung and lyricized by CHOI SIWON to be released on the 19th at 12PM KST!

    '술꾼도시여자들' CHOI SIWON (SM) participates in the OST and presents a lyrical sensibility.

    CHOI SIWON appeared as the fifth runner of the OST while playing the role of '강북구' in the TVING original '술꾼도시여자들', which depicts the daily lives of three women, where a glass of wine at the end of the day is her life's belief.

    'Nobody but you', sung by CHOI SIWON, is a POP R & B genre song, and it will be released through various music sites at noon on the 19th.

    In particular, for 'Nobody but you', CHOI SIWON participated in the composition and melted the hidden delicate emotions of the character '강북구', as well as providing ideas for the lyrics depicting the feeling of longing for the vacancy of the person no one can replace. It is expected to further increase the immersion.

    On the other hand, ‘술꾼도시여자들’, which is gaining popularity for its actors’ performances, unique direction and storyline, can be seen every Friday at 4 PM on TVING.

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  • 2021-11-19 Press Release

    Lee Hak Joo, the hottest actor in action

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    ‘마이 네임’ → ‘이렇게 된 이상 청와대로 간다’
    A face where good and evil coexist + 200% character suction
    Drama-Entertainment-Radio Active regardless of genre

    Actor Lee Hak Joo has solidified his position as a leading actor in 2021 with various performances.

    Last year, actor Lee Hak Joo, who imprinted his presence on viewers with JTBC's '부부의 세계', became a popular actor through various genres of dramas, such as '마이 네임' and '이렇게 된 이상 청와대로 간다', as well as entertainment and radio. The activity is attracting attention.
    Lee Hak Joo played the role of 'Jeong Taejoo', a character full of loyalty to the organization and the boss in the Netflix series '마이 네임', leading the flow of the drama. Lee Hak Joo, who leads the tension of the play to the climax by playing a role that makes the people around him endlessly suspicious and does not let go of the tension, while also perfectly showing a high-level action performance suitable for the genre of noir, Lee Hak Joo, through this drama, It received favorable reviews from overseas viewers.
    In the original wavve drama '이렇게 된 이상 청와대로 간다', I took the first step into a new genre of black comedy through the role of 'Kim Sujin', a character that is serious but combined with comedy. While proving an infinite acting spectrum by digesting the role of a minister's assistant as a realistic and lively character, he is playing an active role as a key figure in overcoming various crises, revealing a strong presence among actors. The collaboration with Kim Sung Ryoung in the play has been praised for enhancing the fun and immersion of the play.

    Recently, Lee Hak Joo is approaching viewers with various activities that cross genres such as KBS2's '옥탑방의 문제아들' and SBS Power FM's '박하선의 씨네타운'. He is captivating the public with the natural charm of an actor hidden behind a strong character, generously revealing his unadorned honest talk, hidden songs, and personal skills, which were not usually revealed through dramas.

    Meanwhile, the passionate interest in Lee Hak Joo can be easily found in the online community. Starting with compliments on Lee Hak Joo's strong acting skills, the reactions to his distinctive appearance and proportions are pouring in, and his potential for future activities is highly regarded. In particular, Lee Hak Joo is expected to further solidify his position as a popular actor as he is about to appear in JTBC's new drama '공작도시' as his next work.
    '마이 네임' starring Lee Hak Joo can be found on Netflix, '이렇게 된 이상 청와대로 간다' on wavve, and JTBC's new drama '공작도시' will premiere on Wednesday, December 8th at 10:30 pm.

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    An “Incredibly Great Thing” Spotlight on their 3rd Album Achievement!
    Presenting the stage for the new song 'Favorite' that fascinated global fans!

    NCT 127 (SM) once again fascinated viewers across the United States.

    NCT 127 first appeared on NBC's popular talk show 'The Kelly Clarkson Show', which was broadcasted around 4 am (Korean time) on the 18th, and presented the stage for the title song 'Favorite (Vampire)' in the 3rd album repackage, attracting global fans' attention.

    Kelly Clarkson, the host of this day's broadcast, introduced NCT 127 as "a K-pop superstar that has broken many chart records" and said, "Recently, the 3rd album 'Sticker' topped the Billboard album sales chart and started preordering. 1.3 million copies of orders came in within 24 hours, and over 2 million albums were sold within a week of release. It's unbelievably great."

    In response, NCT 127 said, “Thank you for inviting me to ‘The Kelly Clarkson Show’, and we are happy to present the ‘Favorite (Vampire)’ stage. It's a pity I couldn't meet you in person, but I hope you enjoy today's stage together." Through the stage of the new song 'Favorite (Vampire)', he received a warm response by presenting highly addictive music and a performance featuring a more mature charm.

    NCT 127's third album, including the repackage album, sold over 3.58 million copies and became a triple million seller. It started at #3 on the US 'Billboard 200' chart, which recorded the highest K-pop ranking this year, and recorded the chart-in for eight consecutive weeks, as well as entering the UK, Germany, and Australia official music charts, and swept various music charts such as Japan and China charts. It is carrying out activities like a ‘global trend’ with high interest, such as appearing in major overseas TV shows such as ‘The Late Late Show with James Corden’ by CBS in the US and ‘The Kelly Clarkson Show’ by NBC in the US.

    On the other hand, NCT 127 will hold its second solo concert 'NCT 127 2ND TOUR 'NEO CITY: SEOUL - THE LINK'' from December 17th to 19th.

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    'World-class performer' EXO KAI(SM)'s new mini album schedule poster has been released.

    The schedule poster released through EXO's various SNS accounts at 00:00 on the 18th contains the schedule for opening various contents related to KAI's second mini-album 'Peaches'.

    From the 19th, mood samplers, teaser images, and title song music video teasers will be released sequentially from the 19th.

    KAI's second mini-album 'Peaches' will be released on November 30th at 6 PM on various music sites such as FLO, Melon, genie, iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, QQ Music, KuGou Music, KuWo Music, and the album will be released on the same day.

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    Focus your gaze with intense eyes + force!

    Teaser images of NCT(SM) members KUN, JUNGWOO, XIAOJUN, JENO, and CHENLE have been released.

    The teaser image released through NCT's official SNS account at 00:00 on the 18th shows KUN, JUNGWOO, XIAOJUN, JENO, and CHENLE radiating intense eyes and force in a space with a modern and futuristic mood.

    In addition, prior to the release of the 3rd album 'Universe', NCT is adding to the curiosity about the new album by sequentially releasing a logo, a moving poster, and a teaser image with a futuristic charm.

    On the other hand, NCT's 3rd album 'Universe' will be released on December 14th, and reservation sales will start at various online and offline music stores from November 22nd.

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    It will captivate the world with its sensual + trendy charm
    CHOI MINHO's unique visual + youthful romance!
    “I’ll give my all to make a good piece”

    CHOI MINHO(SHINee MINHO, SM)has been cast of the Netflix series ‘The Fabulous’.

    CHOI MINHO has been confirmed to appear as the lead role of '지우민' in 'The Fabulous', a hyper-realistic romance that depicts the dreams, love, and friendship of young people who wrote fashion and read passion.

    CHOI MINHO split '지우민' is a freelance retoucher and a man who has everything except his appearance, fashion sense and ability, except passion.

    '지우민' and 'Pyo Ji Eun' (Chae Soobin) are going to show a love line while maintaining their friendship, so CHOI MINHO's response to the youth romance that reflects reality is already exceptional.

    In response, CHOI MINHO said, “I have high expectations because I think I will be able to work with great directors, writers, and excellent actors. I will work hard and run without regret so that I can make a good work,” he said, raising curiosity about the work.

    CHOI MINHO presented a strong impact with a webtoon and high-synchronized visuals in the drama '유미의 세포들', and as he excelled in various genres, such as challenging the suspense genre through Kakao TV's original '소름', 'The Attention is focused on the trendy charm to be shown through ‘The Fabulous’.

    Meanwhile, 'The Fabulous', which is expected for CHOI MINHO's sensuous visuals and acting skills, will be released worldwide through Netflix.

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    Hinting an intense story towards the end with his sorrowful expression and beardless visual!
    Preview photos have been revealed!

    CHOI SIWON (SM) is planning to heat up the atmosphere in the second half of ‘술꾼도시여자들’ with a reversal visual.

    CHOI SIWON takes on the role of entertainment PD 'Kang Buk-gu' in the TVING original '술꾼도시여자들', which depicts the daily lives of three women whose belief in life is a glass of wine at the end of the day, and is responsible for viewers' immersion with realistic acting.

    In the previously released episode 9 trailer, '강북구' was drawn to the funeral home after hearing the news that 'An So Hee(Lee Sun Bin)''s father had passed away, raising emotions. It stimulates curiosity.

    In particular, CHOI SIWON reveals emotions that have been hidden through a clean look and serious expression, unlike the expression of '강북구' as a free-spirited character with loose-fitting clothes and a bushy beard, and the relationship with An So Hee will be transformed. He anticipates the event and raises high expectations for his performance until the very end.

    On the other hand, '술꾼도시여자들', in which CHOI SIWON is appearing, has proven to be a topic of discussion every time, after the 7th and 8th episodes were released, the TVING paid subscription contribution increased more than 3 times compared to the previous week, and achieved the first place in the history of TVING original content weekly paid subscription contribution.

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    Jang Yoon Ju, an organic feminine hygiene product brand 'Liberty' pictorial with a free and dignified charm

    Top model and actor Jang Yoon Ju was selected as the first official model for the organic feminine hygiene product brand 'Liberty' and released a pictorial with the brand.

    Liberty is a women's brand of The First Touch that develops high-end baby products Penelope. With the know-how of researching and developing safe diapers and baby wipes for 12 years without a single controversy over harmful substances, it is introducing a sanitary napkin that emphasizes comfort and safety.

    In this pictorial, Jang Yoon Ju is a muse for an organic brand, so he attracts attention with a healthy and positive image. In the pictorial image taken with the pure white outfit, you can feel the free and dignified charm of Jang Yoon Ju as well as the cleanliness of Liberty.

    A Liberty official said, "Jang Yoon Ju is not only famous for his thorough self-management, but also has a free and dignified charm, so I decided that he would be able to express the brand value of Liberty, which prioritizes women's health and freedom." Please look forward to the healthy steps and positive synergy that Liberty will make with Ju.”

    Meanwhile, Jang Yoon Ju, who was selected as Liberty's first official model, is active as an actor as well as a model.

    - Google translation.