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    Fantastic Duet Harmony Dame 'Bye Babe' live video simultaneous opening!

    A special meeting of popular singer 10cm and global popular EXO CHEN (SM Entertainment) is finally unveiled today (3 days).

    SM 'STATION' season 2's 10cm and CHEN's 'Bye Babe' will be released through music sites such as Melon, Genie and Naver Music on 6th, It is expected.

    At the same time as Naver TV and V SMTOWN channel, 10cm and CHEN's 'Bye Babe' live video, which offers a fantastic duet harmony in line with live band performances, will also be more eye-catching.

    This new song 'Bye Babe' is an acoustic-based medium tempo song with lyrics written by 10 centimeters and composed by CHEN. It has a hard love relationship but the man who can not break up due to his indecisive personality, I have a rhythmical but cute melody and I catch my eye.

    Meanwhile, 'STATION' Season 2 has been loved by many artists, producers and songwriters who collaborate to showcase their complete sound sources and contents.

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    Soso-Maru couples Weapon explosion this week too!

    'The Package' LEE YEON HEE (Yun Soso, SM Entertainment) and JUNGYONGHWA (Sanmaru) presents the romantic moments of the couple while the Dalmal Couple Kimi is a hot topic every day.

    Today, the JTBC drama 'The Package' (director Jeon Chang-geun / Playback Seongseongil), which is broadcasted at 11 pm on the third day, is a romantic romance that opens the hearts of Soso and Maru, The kissing god is expected to be released and will catch attention.

    Especially, LEE YEON HEE, which is exploring the tour guide in the middle of the tour guide, is not only captivating her with the goddess visual stimulating her travels in France, but also growing up towards the floor through friendly tone of affection, soft eyes and facial expressions. It expresses the mind naturally, maximizes the couples chemistry, stimulates the love cells of the viewers, and the better the reaction, the more the reaction.

    Soso and Maru were first kissed as they were led to destiny by the stairs below Sotto Bernard's Cathedral, and then they kissed sweet kisses at Tong Blen Island, where they were trapped. As a result, I hope to concentrate.

    Meanwhile, The Package is a healing drama that combines the beautiful scenery of France with the stories of each traveler. It is a journey through which people who choose package travel for different reasons understand each other through travel, It is gaining popularity.

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    My father and daughter-in-law collaborate on stage!

    GIRLS' GENERATION SUNNY (SM ENTERTAINMENT) sets up a special stage with his father at the college band' RUNWAY '50th anniversary concert.

    SUNNY appeared as a special guest at the concert of the 50th anniversary of the Korean Air University Band at KBS Hall, Yeouido, at 7 pm on October 10, with her father Lee Soo-young, who was the founding member of RUNWAY and popular vocalist, Which is expected to attract attention.

    RUNWAY was founded in 1967, won the TBC 'beach festival' and MBC 'university song festival' in 1978, and after winning the prize in numerous singing festivals, he became the first Korean college band to celebrate its 50th anniversary. It seems to be a more meaningful place.

    In addition, this performance is from RUNWAY, and it is played by MC who is leading the longevity program such as 'Baek Cheol-su's music camp' and 'Concert 7080', MC is in charge, and singer Su-chang-mo also plays a friendship stage, From the student, the team members from 70s to 80s, 90s, and 2000s will organize a variety of music.

    In addition, this concert ticket booking is possible through Internet reservation site Interpark.

    On the other hand, SUNNY is active in various fields with the charm of splashing out in various entertainment programs.

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    SEOUL subway Line No. 2 SUPER JUNIOR surprise appearance, the comeback event topic with fans!
    K-POP legend SUPER JUNIOR releases the final teaser image of the new song 'Black Suit'.

    SUPER JUNIOR will be opening its teaser video on the official homepage, YouTube SMTOWN channel and Naver TV SMTOWN channel on the 3rd (noon) day. I am expecting more interest from global music fans.

    In particular, this title song "Black Suit" is a moment of darkness, a man dressed up in the Black Suit to steal the heart, the unique lyrics of 'Lupin', and the performance of the spacious and stylish SUPER JUNIOR Seems to be.

    In addition, SUPER JUNIOR will hold 'CATCH SJ IF U CAN' event with fans for a week-long comeback from October 31st. 2 After uploading the digital poster of SUPER JUNIOR posted at Konkuk University Station, Jamsil Station, Samseong Station and Sadang Station, upload it to various SNS such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and etc. We also have a fun event to present the topic.

    On the other hand, SUPER JUNIOR's regular 8th album 'PLAY' will be officially released on November 6th.

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    November 6 SUPER JUNIOR Comeback ahead of 'Global Korean wave King' proven!

    SUPER JUNIOR-D & E decorates the Hong Kong edition of 'Esquire', the world's leading men's fashion magazine.

    SUPER JUNIOR-D & E is getting a hot response from fans by proving the 'Global Korean wave King' aspect by decorating the cover of 'Esquire Hong Kong' published on November 1st.

    "Esquire Hong Kong" said, "SUPER JUNIOR DONGHAE and EUNHYUK have added mature and careful eyes after the military service," and "Amazing success of <Sorry, Sorry> Became the king of. DONGHAE was a dancer in the dance scene, and EUNHYUK was also one of the best dance artists in Korea, and was responsible for the dance performance in the group. "

    DONGHAE and EUNHYUK also said, "What was most unforgettable in military life was bedtime every night. In the military, every day is like a new challenge, and it has to adapt to new life, so the night that alone can be felt more precious. "

    On the other hand, SUPER JUNIOR looks for the fans' side with the regular 8th album 'PLAY' on November 6th.

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  • 2017-11-02 Press Release

    Actor KIM IAN, movie 'Silence' appeared!

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    "A great experience of learning and feeling a lot"

    Actor KIM IAN (SM Entertainment) meets the audience through the film 'Silence' (Director Seo Woo-suk / production film).

    KIM IAN appears as a follower of Tom Taesan (Choi Min Sik), chairman of Taesan Group, in the movie "Silence" released today (2nd day), adding the charm of the drama with heavy acting.

    The movie 'Silence' depicts the story of Taesan, a man who pursues his own case in order to make his daughter innocent when his fiancée is killed and his daughter is identified as a suspect. The actors' performances are mixed with the overwhelming performances, and they are anticipating a gigantic blast.

    In particular, KIM IAN debuted in 2011 as a musical 'Singin' In The Rain 'and appeared in various films such as' Fashion King', 'The Pirates', drama' Sweden Laundry ',' For You in Full Blossom ' We have shown performances full of personality, and future activity collects expectation.

    KIM IAN said, "'Silence' was a valuable experience for me. It was an honor to learn a lot through the directing of director Seo Woo-woo and the acting of Choi Min-sik, and it was a great honor to be with us. "

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    LEE HYUN YI concentrated his attention on his perfect appearance.

    On the 2nd, S Team Entertainment of the company unveiled LEE HYUN YI 's fashion and reality arts program' MAMALAND 'posters shooting scene cut - behind.

    LEE HYUN YI, in the public photo, has a bright smile and a bright smile. From feminine clothes to clothes with a crunchy feel, all clothes are completely digested and admired.

    On the same day, LEE HYUN YI, Kim Na Young, and Kim Sung Eun said that the film was a deluxe combination of three people.

    LEE HYUN YI is shown in various entertainment programs and radio, and is loved by showing the artistic sensation that has been floated by unique reaction and colorful reaction after the intellectual charm. LEE HYUN YI, who is emerging as a wannabe of many women, recently raised his curiosity about the announcement of the appearance of 'MAMALAND', a fashion entertainment program.

    'MAMALAND' is a realistic entertainment program that will show the daily life of Mom's Wannabe star, together with LEE HYUN YI, Kim Na Young and Kim Sung Eun.

    Meanwhile, LEE HYUN YI 's fashion and' MAMALAND 'will be broadcasted today (2 days) at 9:00 PM.

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  • 2017-11-02 Press Release

    Eddy Kim's new song 'Bet on me' Preview

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    - 'Paldangdam' MV followed by Eddy Kim's fiery performance ...
    - Today (2 days) at 6 pm, two punk style 'Bet on me' and 'Good Food'
    - 'Like it' works with composer Posino PD ... 'Paldangdam', 'Heart pound'

    Singer-songwriter Eddy Kim today announces two exciting punk-style songs.

    Eddy Kim made his debut on the official SNS on January 1st with the release of his title song "Bet on me" Music Video Preview.

    In the preview, Eddy Kim wore a fashionable suit and emanated a desperate charm. Eddy Kim's natural acting power is the point of listening to this music video.

    Next to Eddy Kim, this time she collaborated with producer Postino, who showed off their music videos and music videos. Eddy Kim's fascinating melodies and Eddy Kim's fascinating tones brought out the expectation of the new song.

    Last year, Eddy Kim, who went to Paldangdam directly in 'Paldangdam' special music video, and put on a cheerful fashion and soul-burning hot topic, is expecting to have a different pleasure in 'Bet on me'.

    Eddy Kim single [Bet On Me] contains two songs titled 'Bet on me' and 'Good Food'. All two songs are punk-style songs with Eddy Kim's humor and witty lyrics.

    The title track 'Bet on me' is a retro punk genre composed by Eddy Kim, written by Eddy Kim and composed by Postini and Eddy Kim. It is impressive that the other side believes in me and bet on me. It is a charming song that revolves around the ears of the chorus, which is addictive to vintage and sophisticated sound.

    The song 'Good Food' is a song featuring the happy and thrilling feelings of good food and good food, and the rapper featuring rapper Bray of Mystique Entertainment's hip-hop label All I Know Music adds to the excitement of the song. Eddy Kim, written by Bray and composed by Eddy Kim.

    Eddy Kim's new song will be released at 6 pm on each music source site, with anticipation of sweet tones and sophisticated tunes.

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    SUPER JUNIOR, the second teaser video release of the title song 'Black Suit' at noon today!
    Member KYUHYUN participated in regular 8th album of K-POP Legend SUPER JUNIOR.
    The new album 'PLAY', which was officially announced on November 6, is composed of 10 songs that can meet the musical color of SUPER JUNIOR. KYUHYUN's songs include 'Girlfriend' and 'Too late' On May 25th, I finished recording before enrolling KYUHYUN.
    Among them, 'Girlfriend' is a medium-tempo song that shows a refreshing sensation and a trendy Synth sound. It expresses the moment of feeling irritable to a close friend of the opposite sex, and it seems to get a good response by adding the fun of the song.
    Also, 'Too late' which contains the emotions of a man who misses love and regrets is expected to fascinate the listeners who listen to the emotional piano melody and the strong drum sound which is raised in the latter part in harmony with KYUHYUN's tender tone.
    In addition, SUPER JUNIOR is expected to release the second teaser video of the title song "Black Suit" through the official homepage of the noon on the 2nd, YouTube SMTOWN channel and Naver TV SMTOWN channel.
    On the other hand, SUPER JUNIOR releases its regular 8th album 'PLAY' on November 6th.

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  • 2017-11-01 Press Release

    SM Entertainment releases new CI!

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    Holding 'SM MAKES IT' exhibition to experience NEW CI
    SM Entertainment Group (SM) released a new Corporate Identity (CI)
    SM has prepared a new brand system and identity to flexibly cope with various contents such as entertainment, new media and lifestyle as well as music according to the idea of producer Lee Soo-man, who prepared AI for the upcoming world.
    The new CI is made of flexible identity that can be transformed and extended based on the basic symbol. The symbol that continuously changes is symbolized SM that develops continuously with an open attitude toward the future. The color is 'SM Pink' , 'SM White' for modern sensibility, 'SM Blue' for innovation that creates a new culture, and 'SM Gray' for neutral and intelligent images.
    In addition, visual identity starts from 'light', and 'light', which is the origin of existence and all the luminous celebrity and content of SM, moves and expresses 'line' that represents the connection that transcends race, language and border, Sun 'connects S and M, and becomes a' circle 'symbolizing perfect connection and eternity, completing a new identity of SM. The various types of graphics and patterns created during this process are used diverse, both online and offline.
    In addition, SM will hold a 'SM MAKES IT' exhibition at the Apgujeong-dong Celebrity Center and Samdong Communication Center in Seoul to provide an introduction to the new CI and an opportunity to experience various contents with CI. It is expected to get high interest.

    - Google translation.