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    The 'Escape Dream Tree'
    I will appoint you as a 'novice escaper'
    B-class sense of genius passed
    'Kang Ho-dong' is expected to be active
    Kang Ho-dong told TVN 'Greate Scape' that he had a pleasant escape.

    Kang Ho-dong, Kim Jong Min, ShinDong, Yoo Byung Jae, Kim Dong Hyun, and P.O, who were trapped in a large-sized locker set on the first 'Greate Scape' They succeeded in escaping through each of the secret rooms, one by one, in line with the title of a huge escape game show.

    On this day, Kang Ho-dong continued the escape game with the members, and attracted viewers with another attraction that was different from what he had shown in performing arts. In particular, Kang Ho-dong was unhappy with the game of escape from the room these days, and laughed as he was puzzled, saying, "I did not know it was such a program."

    The early Kang Ho-dong seemed a little embarrassed by the unfamiliar game of escaping the room, but soon he tried to get a hint of the escape with the members and opened the locked cabinet lightly to show off the 'Kang Ho-dong' He acted as a 'novice escaper'.

    Also, I tried to find a clue, but I tried to get rid of the cards and the special glasses, but I failed many times and emit a dull beauty. I did not get a big harvest but constantly searching around and trying to find regularity, , And informed of the prelude of B class genius emotion.

    Like this, 'Greate Scape' with Kang Ho-dong's struggle to escape showed a smooth start with a 1.4% rating from the first broadcast. Kang Ho-dong, who is intensely curious and energetic, is looking forward to seeing how delightful it will be.

    Meanwhile, tvN 'Greate Scape' is broadcast every Sunday at 10:40 pm.

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  • 2018-07-02 Press Release

    'Secret Mother' Song Jae Lim, active!

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    The crucial evidence was collected.
    I will help SongYoona ahead of the final meeting to find out how to solve the case!
    A confrontation with Kim Tae-woo, a charismatic explosion!

    Song Jae Lim, actor of SBS drama 'Secret Mother', gave his viewers excitement
    In 'Secret Mother' 25-28 which was broadcasted last 30 days, Song Jae Lim showed off the face of detective who completely disintegrated with HaJungWan in the drama, but chasing the case only.

    In particular, Song Jae Lim caught his eye by adding enthusiasm to reveal the truth of the previous KimEunYoung (Kim SoYeon) crash.
    On this day's broadcast, Kim Yoon Jin (SongYoona), who got a cellphone of Kang Hyun Chul (Han ChulWoo), an important evidence, handed it to HaJungWan and said, "Please check it out." He did not hide his faith in him. HaJungWan also showed Kim Yoon Jin as an assistant and a solver at the same time as KimEunYoung.
    In addition, HaJungWan, who learned that Han Jae Yeol (Kim Tae-woo) was a strong suspect in the death of Kang Hyun Chul through rushed CCTV, immediately went to Han Jae Yeol and showed evidence. But when he tried to conceal his sins by saying, "I do not know what it is," HaJungWan said, "Do not overthrow what you just said."
    As such, Song Jae Lim shows off his intense presence by delicately expressing the "HaJungWan" character 's obeisance, commitment, and enthusiasm to find the truth of a mysterious event. In addition, he has been attracting many viewers every year in the form of a detective who does not shake off his beliefs in order to discover new clues that appear every time.
    Song Jae Lim plays an active part in 'Secret Mother', which left only the last concert, and it is focused on Song Yoona's role as a strong support.
    On the other hand, SBS drama 'Secret Mother' inaugural event will be broadcast 4 times continuously at 8:55 pm on Saturday 7th.

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    From the hit song parade to the Japanese single stage!
    Charming voice + excellent vocal performance combined with fantastic performances! Local fans are attracted to perfection!

    Girls' Generation's TAEYEON (SM) finished the first solo showcase tour in Japan.

    TAEYEON concluded the 'TAEYEON - JAPAN SHOW CASE TOUR 2018' in four cities in Japan, including Fukuoka, Nagoya, Tokyo and Osaka after the performance of Osaka on June 29th. All performances were sold out, Once again confirmed.

    In this performance TAEYEON will not only be the hit song of 'I', 'Why', '11: 11' and 'Fine', but also 'U R', 'Hands on Me', 'I Got Love', 'Eraser' The album was also released on the 18th, and the third mini-album title song "Something New" was released for about two hours. The audience was amazed by the attractive tone and outstanding vocal performance.

    In addition, the first single "Stay" and "I'm The Greatest" of Japanese singles were released, and the Japanese drama "フ ァ イ ナ ル ラ イ フ - Tomorrow,"ファイナルライフ-明日, 君が消えても-"OST" Rescue Me ', and Girls' Generation's best album 'THE BEST' released in 2014, 'Indestructible'.

    TAEYEON was also impressed with the "WE LOVE TAEYEON" placard event as well as the hot shouts and applause throughout the performance, TAEYEON said " It's tough. Thank you for supporting me. "

    On the other hand, TAEYEON released the Japanese digital single 'Stay' through a global music platform such as iTunes, Apple Music, and Spotify at 0:00 on June 30, and the new song 'Stay' music video is also opened on the YouTube SMTOWN channel.

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    KIM JUNMYEON (SUHO), captivating viewers from colorful charm to passion
    Actor KIM JUNMYEON is looking forward to more

    KIM JUNMYEON (EXO SUHO, SM) was featured in the drama 'Richman' was finished.

    Dramax and MBN drama 'Richman' have confirmed their hearts, but Lee Yoo Chan (KIM JUNMYEON) and Kim Bo Ra (HaYeonSoo), who had to separate for their dreams, It closed on June 28th.

    In this work, KIM JUNMYEON is a genius businessman Lee Yoo Chan who has a genius brain, full power and visuality but has a fatal disadvantage of not recognizing the faces of the people around him. Unfolded.

    KIM JUNMYEON has been impressed with his own characters in various genres such as 'One Way Trip', 'Student A', 'Three Color Fantasy' and 'The Last Kiss' In the drama starring challenge and long breathing, the character of 'Tsundere' attracted the acclaim, showing stable charm.

    In addition, KIM JUNMYEON not only analyzed the script to digest this Lee Yoo Chan character, but also showed the passion and effort to suggest the action to show the characteristics of the adverb and the character not in the fingerprint. As well as the growth of the company.

    KIM JUNMYEON said, "I sincerely thank everyone who shared Lee Yoo Chan with me. Thanks to those who supported me, I was more confident and able to express my character 's actions in various ways. I will do my utmost to make sure that I continue to play with my sincerest heart. "
    On the other hand, KIM JUNMYEON will be appearing as Gwynplaine in the musical 'The Man Who Laughs', which is scheduled to open on July 10th.

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    "We will always try to help viewers learn healing"

    Actor KIM IAN (SM) reported the end of the drama 'Richman'.

    KIM IAN worked as a programmer in Dramax, MBN drama 'Richman', which was last June 28th, and showed his charm.

    In particular, Lee Yoo Chan (KIM JUNMYEON), who was kicked out of the proposal for the annual salary increase of MinTaeJu (Oh Chang Suk) from developing his program as the team leader of the big file team, the main business of NeXT Inn, I put the vitality of the drama into colorful smoke.

    After KIM IAN finished shooting 'Richman', he said, "I was able to feel one more time that this drama was completed with the efforts and concentration of so many people. I was really happy to be able to join the scene as a member. "

    "There is a desire to be an actor who becomes a healing person for viewers". I will continue to do my best so that I can grow up as a good actor in the future. Please watch the challenge of various characters, "said the future.

    KIM IAN debuted as a musical 'Singin' In The Rain 'in 2011 and then starred in various films such as' Fashion King', 'The Pirates',' Heart Blackened 'and drama' Sweden Laundry ' Recently, he starred in the movie 'A flower hand' and attracted attention.

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    I believe that the MC '
    From '아는 형님' to 'SumChongSa'
    Season to my entertainment!
    'Heavenly entertainer' as an active!

    Lee Soo-geun filled the first half of 2018 with laughter.

    Lee Soo-geun, who has always been a big smile and fun, and who is enjoying the performing arts, showed his joy to viewers with his hard work in the first half of this year.

    In Lee Soo-geun, JTBC "아는 형님", who has been appearing before, has been showing his unmatched ability and wit to be a member who wants to bring an application form from the beginning of broadcasting until now. MBC 'QuizQ' It is full of excitement in the studio as well as the house theater with pleasantness.

    MBN 'CART SHOW2' also plays various games as well as various games, and it shows the true value as MC of series and season entertainment. It is dragging.

    In addition to this, Lee Soo-geun has also visited various viewers with a variety of changes, instead of staying in one place by challenging various genres such as observation variety and foreign arts. Recently, he joined Olive 'SumChongSa2' as a new member, adding his keyword 'Healing' to his first half of the year and making Lee Soo-geun look forward to the pleasant pleasantness of his future.

    Lee Soo-geun, who has been performing well in various places through various programs in the first half of this year and has taken a landmark as a heavenly entertainer, is gaining attention as to what kind of program and what kind of program he will give a big smile to viewers in the future.

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    - Blind discount tickets before line-up announcement,
    - Melody Forest Camp, held in Jara Island from September 8 ~ 9 ... First line-up release next week!
    - Familiar popular song lineup, free entry age for children ... 'Melody Forest Camp!'

    The Mystery (blind) ticket of '2018 Melody Forest Camp', the autumn popular music festival, was sold out in just one minute.

    MYSTIC Entertainment, the host of Melody Forest Camp, said on Monday that "Mystery tickets, which can be purchased at discounted prices before line-ups were released, were sold out in 1,000 minutes within one minute after the Melon ticket was opened at 6 pm on the 28th." .

    The Melody Forest Camp, with its distinctive lineup and concept, has proven to be a "faith-watching" festival, attracting the attention of the Melody Forest Camp this year before the release of the lineup, amid fierce competition for Mystery tickets every year.

    MYSTIC said, "I will prepare all the audience to make memories of a special autumn day as much as the sender."

    Melody Forest Camp is a festival that focuses on popular songs that everyone can enjoy easily and enjoying camping in nature.

    It has been the best musicians who have not been able to meet at other festivals such as ShinSeungHun, KimGunmo, YoonJongShin, YangHeeEun, IU and Lena Park. The first lineup of Melody Forest Camp will be released next week.

    The Melody Forest Camp, which celebrated its 5th anniversary this year, has expanded its free admission age from under 7 to under 13 in order to take a step closer to the festival that anyone can enjoy.

    Melody Forest Camp will be held on September 8th and 9th in Jara Island. For more information, visit the official Facebook page.

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    SAMBYPEN, a member of SPEEKER, co-founded by ESteem and SM Entertainment, is attending the LOUIS VUITTON menswear collection held in Paris on 21st.

    SAMBYPEN is an illustrator of parody graphic and painting work. It shows a variety of fake arts using characters such as BIC, OTTOGI as well as representative works Michelin character.

    SAMBYPEN, who attended the first male collection of VIRGIL ABLOH, an off-white designer who was named LOUIS VUITTON's new creative director in March, was invited to represent Korea as a representative of marketing and strategy for the millennial generation. With over 190cm tall tall keys and perfect style and perfect style, he has influenced the fashion world and the public as an Influencer beyond the artist.

    Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, ASAP Rocky, Rihanna and Bella Hadid were invited to celebrate the event, and SAMBYPEN boasted with their unique visuals.

    On the other hand, SAMBYPEN has not only participated in Danyan Art Fair that goes beyond the country and abroad, but also has become a popular artist who continues to exhibit solo exhibitions.

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    Korean popular culture globalization and K-POP recognition of achievement of success!
    NCT 127 'Asia Rising Star Award'!

    SM Entertainment LEESOOMAN Producer won the '2018 Korea-China Management Awards' jointly sponsored by the Korea Marketing Association and the People's Daily News People's Network.

    LEESOOMAN Producer was pleased to receive the award on June 28, 2009, for the achievement of the global success of Korean pop culture and the breakthrough success of K-POP.

    The Korea-China Management Awards said, "LEESOOMAN Producer is not only to promote Korean pop culture around the world, but to spread K-POP to foreign fans, but to transform it to local culture, I have chosen this year's winner by evaluating the fact that I made POP. "

    At the awards ceremony, LEESOOMAN Producer said, "Our content and celebrities are fused with China to generate synergy, and the synergy is based on the direction that we should lead the global market across Asia. Furthermore, if Korea, China, and other Asian countries join forces, I think it will be possible to establish a "cultural center" in Asia that will create world-class celebrity and content and lead trends. In this sense, I think it is a time when culture cooperation and fusion of Asian countries are urgently needed. "

    In addition, "SM intends to create the world-class fusion culture of the world. Today, Jusin Shang will give a stronger bridging role between Korea and China as it means to enter the world and lead the Asian culture. I will do my best. "" We are preparing Chinese team of NCT, I hope that NCT will be able to perform well on stage. "

    LEESOOMAN Producer is a pioneer of Korean Wave and a pioneer of K-POP which is attracting global attention. Produced the best global stars such as BoA, TVXQ !, Super Junior, Girls' Generation, SHINee, EXO, Red Velvet and NCT. It has contributed to the development of the Korean Wave as well as the development of the entertainment industry by introducing a systematic system to advance into the overseas market. This award has once again confirmed the high impact of LEESOOMAN Producer.

    In addition, NCT 127 (SM) of Worldwide Group NCT won the 'Asia Rising Star Award' in recognition of its high popularity and activity in China, and the members TAEYONG and WINWIN won the awards.

    The Korea-China Management Awards, sponsored by the Korea Marketing Association and the China People's Daily, will be held for the fifth time this year for individuals and companies that contribute to the economic development of Korea and China.

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    Beauty Fuse TV SUPER JUNIOR Interview topic! "The first successful collaboration of K-POP and Latin music"

    It is a topic to talk about an interview with SUPER JUNIOR in USA famous media billboard and music magazine Fuse TV.

    Billboard, on June 27 (local time) on the official website, "In 2009, SUPER JUNIOR 'SORRY, SORRY' was the biggest success of the year. After a few years, they became the most prominent performers in K-POP, gaining popularity around the world. "Introducing the SUPER JUNIOR's new song" Lo Siento "released on April 12," Renaissance of the SUPER JUNIOR Career Lo Siento "for the first time as a Korean singer on the 13th Billboard's Latin Digital Song Sales chart.

    In addition, Billboard commented, "If we examine the growth of SUPER JUNIOR sequentially, in 2009, 'SORRY, SORRY' grew in popularity and Korean wave grew. So now it's time for more Korean music to hit the US charts starting with Lo Siento, praising Lo Siento and saying "SUPER JUNIOR is no longer 'JUNIOR' K-pop superstar of the car "and finished the article highly.

    On June 27 (Fri.), Fuse TV, interviewed SUPER JUNIOR on the official website, asked about the background of "Lo Siento" collaboration with SUPER JUNIOR with Latin genre and K-POP. LeeTeuk said, In Korea, no K-POP group ever tried Latin music like this, but SUPER JUNIOR had a goal to use Latin sound. It was our first attempt to record together with Leslie Grace in Latin, but the results were successful. We will continue to challenge new genres in the future. "

    Meanwhile, SUPER JUNIOR will be participating in SUPER JUNIOR WORLD TOUR SUPER SHOW 7 in Latin America from 4 April to 22 April in Buenos Aires, April 22 in Peru, April 24 in Santiago, Chile and April 27 in Mexico City. 'Has proved the explosive love of global music fans with about 35,000 spectators.

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