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    - LeeKyoHo (Kyo) Lyrics / composition -ParkInYoung lyrical ballad-style ballad
    - Park Sang Don A voice singing with heartbreaking heartbreak ... "
    - Park Sang Don, runner-up in 'Phantom Singer' last year
    The 28th song of LISTEN on MYSTIC Entertainment's music platform is 'The place in my heart' by Park Sang Don.

    'The place in my heart' was written and composed by LeeKyoHo (Kyo), a song-like song arranged by ParkInYoung, and filled with longing for the opponent.

    Beginning with a melodious clarinet, this song is accompanied by a rich melody of woodwinds and stringed instruments, adding to the depth of nostalgia, and warmly penetrating the voice of Park Sang Don.

    Park Sang Don is a member of the JTBC <Phantom Singer> in 2017, and has performed various concerts and festivals.

    On the other hand, MISTTIC's LISTEN is a project that minimizes the unnecessary time and expense to enter into non-musical elements, and starts with light and frequent intentions as long as good music is prepared. It shows irregularly the good music and voices of various musicians Listeners are getting a great response.

    Park Sang Don's "The place in my heart" will be released at 6 pm on the 30th.

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    Music Talk Concert 'THE STATION' Launch! First performance on July 21st!

    'STATION', a music talk concert to meet SM's digital sound channel 'STATION', will be launched.

    'THE STATION' is a music talk concert that will be held at SMTOWN THEATER every month since July, and various artists who participated in 'STATION' will direct performances and tell stories related to music work as well as live stage. It is expected to get attention.

    The first performance of 'THE STATION' will be held on July 21st, and the cast will be released later, raising curiosity about which artists will appear.

    In particular, 'STATION' has released a total of 104 sound sources over the first and second seasons since launching in 2016, bringing together a wide spectrum of music created through collaboration with various artists, producers and composers As this year's season 3 is ahead, 'THE STATION', which can meet new high-quality music in off-line stage, is also expected to get hot response.

    In addition, SM has not only concerts of singers but also concert series brand 'THE AGIT' which means to invite fans to azit only by SM artists, SM artists and culture lecture 'THE MOMENT' It has also received great responses from various series of performances, and the new stage to be introduced through 'THE STATION' is more hopeful.

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    Two tracks from 'Tonight'! Emotional appeal + Expectation with excellent singing power UP!

    SHINee (SM) 's new music scene, which was transformed into the regular 6th album' The Story of Light 'EP.3, will be released for the first time on June 28th.

    SHINee will appear on Mnet 'M COUNTDOWN, which is broadcasted today, and will be captivating the audience with a song titled' Our Page 'and' Tonight ', which will be the third title song of the 6th regular album.

    In particular, this title song 'Our Page' is a medium tempo R & B song with a lyrical atmosphere. The song 'Tonight' is accompanied by a melodic piano performance and a catchy vocal melody. The 'Good Evening' and 'I Want You' Which is different from the one that is full of refreshing sensation that is presented through the new emotional appeal.

    In addition, SHINee released 'SHINee WORLD THE BEST 2018 ~ FROM NOW ON ~ in TOKYO DOME' DVD and Blu-ray Disc, which contains the actual live concert of Japan Tokyo Dome in February, on June 27, and released the Oricon Daily Blu- We climbed to the top and realized the popularity in local.

    On the other hand, SHINee will be on KBS2TV 'Music Bank' on June 29 and MBC 'Show! Music Core 'on July 1, SBS' Inkigayo 'and other music programs.

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    We will return to stage in the first half of the show and the stage in the second half!
    Audience to capture the hearts of the second half, 'UP expectations'

    Actors Kim Jae Bum and Park Joung Bok are attracting attention as they perform drama and performance.

    Talented performers Kim Jae Bum and Park Joung Bok will be back in stage in the second half of the year and will meet with audiences as they catch the attention of viewers with a brilliant presence in the first half of the year.

    First, Kim Jae Bum announced his successful debut in the TV tube drama 'A Poem A Day' which last May. Kim Jae Bum, who plays the 5th year physical therapist 'Park Shi Won', has made a deep impression with his character style in the style of his own style, sometimes showing excitement and occasionally showing his truthfulness.

    Kim Jae Bum, who met with viewers in the first half of the drama, is meeting with the audience through the reenactment of the musical 'SMOKE'. On July 10th, Kim Jae Bum once again greeted the audience with the musical 'Interview'. The musical 'Interview' is a mystery psychological thriller in which a boy who has committed murder to survive and intervenes with a man with another secret and solves the lies and truths. In the play Kim Jae Bum plays Gordon Sinclair, an aspiring writer And will show a different charm from the CRT.

    Park Joung Bok took a public spot in the popular comedy series "Number Woman, Gye Suk Ja", a romantic comedy web drama mixed with bold reality confessions and fantasy of women in their thirties. Park Joung Bok, who appeared as Gye Suk Ja (Jun Hye Bin) 's boyfriend' Kim Joo Cheol ', painted the reality of his boyfriend realistically and captured both rabbits of laughter and empathy at the same time. Especially, he expresses his solid acting ability through the colorful sentiment line along with the rich comic acting in expressing the character.

    He transforms himself into another form of drama in the latter half of this year, and looks for the audience with the play 'Turn around and leave'. The film, "A Promise," is a two-person drama about the pain of love that can not be achieved by a gang of gangsters and a doctor. Park Joung Bok is a gangster, "Kong Sang Doo" It is anticipated that they will perform a delicate emotional performance by taking a role.

    As such, Kim Jae Bum and Park Joung Bok, who have expanded their activities in the first half of 2018, are expected to return to the stage in the second half of this year and show their joy and surprise.

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    'Mr.Simple' followed the second 100 Million views! Demonstrated love of global music fans!
    SUPER JUNIOR's hit song 'Bonamana' music video surpasses YouTube view 100 Million views.

    SUPER JUNIOR 's "Bonamana" music video achieved a YouTube view of 100 Million views today (2pm) today, followed by the "Mr.Simple" music video, which currently has more than 140 million views, and the second 100 Million It is a view that once again reminds us of the constant love of global music fans for SUPER JUNIOR as a view-breaking music video.

    Especially, 'Bonamana' is a title song of the same title as SUPER JUNIOR's 4th album 'Bonamana' released in May 2010. It shows the so-called 'SJ FUNKY' genre which contains the charm of SUPER JUNIOR. KBS 'Music Bank' K It won the triple crown of SBS 'Inkigayo' for the third time on the charts and won the triple crown of the SBS '' Korea Music Chart '' in Korea famous music site KKBOX.

    On June 30, SUPER JUNIOR will hold ‘SUPER JUNIOR WORLD TOUR “SUPER SHOW 7” at the Mall of Asia Arena in Manila, Philippines.

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    "There is no shortage" favorable!

    US famous media billboards highlight SHINee's third album 'The Story of Light' EP.3.

    Billboard said on June 25 (local time) on its homepage, "The lyrics of our page," Our page, where charming pops and R & B mix together, "was written by SHINee members and SM's famous composer Kenzie. Until the enthusiastic dynamic chorus of the members singing their stories unfolds, a soft and resonant electronic keyboard and rhythmic percussion leads each passage ", explaining the detail of our title song" Our Page " .

    In addition, this album includes "Romantic" Tonight, groovy "Retro", hearty ballad "I Say" and special track "Lock You Down" It confirmed global interest.

    SHINee's third album, 'The Story of Light' EP.3, consists of five songs that can feel the richness of SHINee's music, and the Czech, Argentine and Bolivian The first place in 32 countries around the world, and the first place on the domestic music charts, etc.

    In addition, SHINee commemorates the release of this album on June 27 at 4:30 pm SHINee official Twitter account in the Twitter Blue Room live 'Welcome #SHINee #OurRoom', live Q & A will communicate closely with fans, Is expected.

    On the other hand, SHINee plans to appear on the MBC standard FM 'The Starry Night' on June 28.

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    MC also works full scale! As an icon of 'communication', you are attracted to your friend!

    YURI (YURI of Girls' Generation, SM) is transforming into a 'happy communicator'.

    YURI joined the MC in the first broadcast of JTBC 'Talk to You of KimJeDong2' last month, and has attracted intimate charm to lead the honest communication with the audience.

    In the last one broadcast on this subject, 'Yesterday, Suddenly', YURI introduced a hashtag with a hash tag '# comma', introducing photographs taken directly on Jeju Island, and 'chew' When I am stressed, I bake squid and chew, "he said, lucky enough to laugh and sympathize with the audience.

    Especially, in the 3rd broadcast on 6th and 26th, the atmosphere was warmed by the sympathy and support to the stories about 'seeing again', and when an audience took a story about 'Dad', YURI also talked about the episode related to ' I also tears my tears to make the intestines.

    As such, YURI takes the episode first so that the audience can more easily tell the story in a variety of themes that are presented every time, and also plays a role as MC while also throwing a sympathetic note, called 'icon of communication' And more.

    On the other hand, YURI has been cast in the drama 'Sound of Your Heart season 2 & 3' to Aebong station and it is scheduled to be broadcasted in the second half of the year.

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    The return of a solid island captain
    Island captain to Haenam
    Kang Ho-dong Full-fledged island life expectation
    Pleasant and reliable 'Island captain' Kang Ho-dong

    Kang Ho-dong returned to Olive 'SumChongSa2'.

    On the first broadcast of "Sum ChongSa2" broadcasted on the 25th (Mon), the first meeting of the members gathered for the island trip and the story that they entered SoRi Island were broadcast. Among them, Kang Ho-dong, a first-year member, announced the nice return of 'Island captain' with a fantastic chemistry with new members.

    Kang Ho-dong said that he loved the island by showing off his thrilling face to the island for a long time, kindly informing the beginner of the island, showing him falling in love with the island as soon as he got off the boat.

    In addition to this, Kang Ho-dong is welcomed by all the people who meet and proves the popularity of the idol class, and also has a unique affinity to talk with the island village adults, and to lead new members and programs, and the "Sum ChongSa" mascot As well.

    In the middle of broadcasting, Kang Ho-dong turned into Haenam for 4 nights and 5 days, and the direct seafood was collected. This shows that Kang Ho-dong is an upgraded island life compared to last season. .

    I wonder if Kang Ho-dong will be able to demonstrate the island life with healing through 'SumChongSa2' like this.

    On the other hand, Olive 'Sum ChongSa2' is broadcast every Monday at 11:00 pm.

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    ITunes Comprehensive Album Chart # 1 in 29 locations worldwide!

    SHINee (SM), who believes and listens, is getting a hot response with his third album, 'The Story of Light' EP.3.

    The Story of Light EP.3, released on June 25th, SHINee's third album, 6th album, is released on the iTunes Comprehensive album charts in Finland, Spain, New Zealand, Brazil, Poland, Chile, Mexico, Peru, India, SHINee's global presence occupies the top position in 29 countries worldwide, including Singapore, Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, the United Arab Emirates, Israel, Brunei, El Salvador and Estonia. I once again confirmed the popularity.

    In addition, this album proved the high interest in SHINee's new album which can feel the sweet voice and delicate charm by going up to the 1st place in the Kyobo Book record chart for the day.

    SHINee 's third album, "The Story of Light", which features 6 songs, is composed of five songs featuring SHINee' s rich music sensibility, including a lyrical moody medium tempo R & B song "Our Page" .

    On the other hand, SHINee plans to continue the triple relay activity with our 3rd album title song 'Our Page'.

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    The first fixed entertainment challenge in life! Lee Yeon Hee looks like this!
    Lee Yeon Hee's Island stay, look forward to more!

    Lee Yeon Hee (SM) made his first successful performance in the entertainment industry.

    Lee Yeon Hee captivated the viewers by revealing the original charm of 'SumChongSa2', which was broadcasted first on June 25th.

    Lee Yeon Hee, who is heading to SoRi Island with all his troubles and worries as he challenged his first fixed performance after his debut with 'SumChongSa2', had an unexpected trip from islanding, as he had to go to a small fishing boat instead of a passenger boat However, I arrived at the village without permission and started to make an island stay.

    In the process, Lee Yeon Hee showed unexpectedly stable chemistry with Kang Ho-dong and Lee Soo-geun in a sensible reaction without being surprised by the sudden situation, and gave a warm welcome to the village elders by playing a role as granddaughter .

    Lee Yeon Hee, who is known as the pronoun of innocence in the past and has never shown himself in the performing arts, so her genuine and relaxed figure drawn on this broadcast is a new attraction to the viewers and it is called 'IslandVely' I have gotten nicknames and getting a good response.

    On the other hand, 'Sum ChongSa2' is broadcast on olive and tvN at 11 o'clock every Monday night in Kang Ho-dong, Lee Soo-geun, and Lee Yeon Hee's island stay in korean jewel island.

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