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    New song 'Blooming Days' stage debut!

    Billboards of America's famous media attention is focused on EXO-CBX (SM)'s second mini album 'Blooming Days'.

    Billboard will be on the official website of APO-CBX on April 10 (local time), with the theme of "Returning a Week's Worth of Songs on Blooming Days' EP" gave.

    Especially, about the title song "Blooming Day", "It is a song that can enjoy the splendid vocals of the three members, and Chen's increasing vocals stand out." In addition to introducing, "The charismatic but exciting music video is exo- It focuses on the dynamic performance of the city, and the choreography is made up of a variety of energetic moves. "

    In addition, EXO-CBX will be on stage at Mnet 'MCOUNTDOWN', which will be broadcast on April 12, and will feature the stage of 'Blooming Day', a lively spring atmosphere. This performance will be performed with colorful quicksteps and shoulders It is expected to double the fun because of the various charms such as choreographing choreography, photographing motion, and stroking the head.

    In addition, the second mini album 'Blooming Days' released on April 10 contains seven songs of various genres expressing the week, including the title song 'Blooming Day'. There are 7 main songs of Korean genre including Hantar chart, Shinnara record, It has been continuing its global popularity, including No. 1 on the music charts, No. 1 on the iTunes Compilation album charts with Hong Kong added, and No. 1 on the Chinese music charts in China, XiamiMusic.

    On the other hand, EXO-CBX will be on KBS2TV 'Music Bank' on April 13 and MBC 'Show! Music Core 'and SBS' Inkigayo 'on April 15th.

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    - In 2018, the mineseo is expected to be hot, and the second song will be released in March ... 'The Grand Dreams'
    - First concept photo public! Warm spring goods fall into pure visual + dreamy eyes
    - "Four colors with four songs" debut album 'The Diary of Youth' sequential release!

    MINSEO, who made his debut with "The Grand Dreams" in March, will release his second album on the 19th.

    MYSTIC Entertainment announced on the 12th that it will release the second song on 19th following MINSEO's concept photo and "The Diary of Youth," which is a four-part debut album, "The Grand Dreams."

    MINSEO in the picture turned into a lovely girl with a warm spring in April. The innocent innocent visuals and the styling of the girl's emotions, the curiosity of the eye that makes you dazzle.

    MINSEO's debut album, "The Diary of Youth" theme, representing the youth of the 20th MINSEO 4 diaries (songs) through the consensus of the youth is going to write a consensus.

    MINSEO, who opened the first episode of "The Grand Dreams," the first diary of a love that is not well known yet, is expected to release some emotions and anxieties in this second diary.

    MYSTIC said, "MINSEO's second song is an acoustic style song, and it's a different atmosphere from the first song" The Grand Dreams ", which is a bright and refreshing feeling." The debut album's four songs all differ in color and atmosphere We can expect MINSEO's colorful appearance every single time, "he said.

    MINSEO, who announced his voice with the movie "The Handmaiden" ending song 'IMI ONEUN SORI', <Monthly YOONJONGSHIN> 'First', 'You Love You', received great public attention with the ballad 'YES' He made his debut with 'The Grand Dreams' on the month, and he is continuing his breaks with radio and performances.

    MINSEO, considered to be the most promising band in the music industry this year, has won the Best Vocal Performance Award at the 'Hong Kong Asian Pop Music Festival' (HKAMF) in March, and has been awarded a prize by MYSTIC's music platform LISTEN I was surprised to announce the single 'strange kid' and got a good response.

    In addition, 'MINSEO's April' through the video content of cover song live and free daily life is revealed to communicate with fans.

    MINSEO's debut project news will be released sequentially in the official SNS of MYSTIC and MINSEO.

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    Brown Eyed Girls JeA released photos taken with 'CHUNGHA, PRISTIN NAYOUNG, LABOUM SOLBIN' in 'Weekly idol' together.

    JeA said on his 11th day, "I am so glad that LABOUM SOLBIN has a relationship with PRODUCE 101 disciples and Brown Eyed Girls reunion in Weekly idol! I was comfortable! "

    The four people in the photographs boasted their brilliant beauty and boasted various charms.

    JeA has recently shown a sensible adventure and intriguing charm in MBC 'RADIO STAR', MBN 'Bihaeng Sonyu', and MBC 'Mask Singers' broadcast on the 8th, Scallop 'was revealed by the identity of the topic.

    MBC every1 'Weekly idol' featuring JeA will be featured at 6 pm on the 11th.

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    Launched mobile game 'MY STAR GARDEN with SMTOWN'
    KANGTA, TVXQ !, EXO, NCT 127 characters, costumes, simulation voice game with real voice

    MY STAR GARDEN with SMTOWN, a simulation game jointly developed by SM ENTERTAINMENT and OWLOGUE, was officially released on April 10 through the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

    'MY STAR GARDEN with SMTOWN' is a mobile game that collects the stars' characters and costumes by collaborating with SM's artists' IP and Mandrake Boys' system developed by OWLOGUE. , It seems to stimulate interest and collecting desires of game users.

    In particular, the simple operation is an attractive point, users can enjoy the concert with the collected star characters to get rewards such as images and illustrations, decorate the hotels of the stars using various interior items, It is expected that the fans will be able to enjoy a good response.

    In addition, new contents of various stars will be updated starting from contents of KANGTA, TVXQ !, EXO, NCT 127, and a lottery event to present Polaroid, to be.

    Meanwhile, 'MY STAR GARDEN with SMTOWN' can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play.

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  • 2018-04-11 Press Release

    EXO-CBX Global Power!

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    ITunes Comprehensive Album Chart # 1 in 35 locations worldwide!
    Xiami music charts and domestic music charts also ranked # 1!

    EXO-CBX's second mini-album 'Blooming Days' is receiving attention all over the world.

    EXO-CBX's second mini-album 'Blooming Days' was released on April 10th and is available on the iTunes Comprehensive Album Chart in Finland, Greece, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Poland, Portugal, Turkey, Russia, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Peru, 35 countries worldwide including Argentina, India, Indonesia, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Mexico, Guatemala, Chile, Colombia, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam, Macao, Thailand, Cambodia, Brunei, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Israel I came to the top of the region and realized EXO-CBX's powerful global power.

    The album also topped the charts in the domestic record charts such as Shinnara Records and Hottax, and the title song 'Blooming Day' proved once again the hottest popularity by rising to the top of China famous music site '

    The second mini-album 'Blooming Days' of EXO-CBX is composed of 7 songs of colorful genre expressing a week, including Blooming Day, which is a brilliantly transformed title song.

    On the other hand, EXO-CBX will appear on Mnet 'M Countdown' on April 12 and will continue its activities with the comeback stage of the title song 'Blooming Day'.

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    Kindergarten went U-Know + Chef became MAX! Unexpectedly,
    April 30, 11 AM NAVER through the first public!

    The 72 hours of 'TVXQ!', The first real variety of 'K-POP's' TVXQ! (SM), are finally unveiled.

    The 72 hours of TVXQ!, A real variety to meet the different challenges of TVXQ!, Will be available from 11 am on Mondays to Wednesdays starting on April 30 at 72 hours on my SMTelevision channel of V LIVE and NAVERTV TVXQ! TV will be broadcast on XtvN at 8 pm on every Monday starting from the first broadcast on May 7, so it is expected to be hot.

    'TVXQ! 72 hours' is not a TVXQ! Scene, but a program that shows 72 hours of U-Know and MAX, challenging their dream job in ordinary everyday life. It seems to be able to meet the diverse aspects of the two members adapting to their jobs, capturing their attention.

    Especially, U-Know, who usually likes children, transforms into a kindergarten teacher and shows various adaptations such as English, physical education, and music. MAX is known as a "sexy man who cooks well" It is enough to meet the different charm of TVXQ! As you experience the intense survival of the chefs in real kitchen from the cleaning of materials to serving.

    In addition, the 72 hours of 'TVXQ!' Teaser images will be released in sequence through V LIVE and NAVERTV 'TVXQ!' S 72 hours - my SMTelevision 'channel before the first broadcast.

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    'K-POP textbook' SUPER JUNIOR 's comeback is the topic of the previous class promotion.

    SUPER JUNIOR will be able to meet the regular 8th Repackage album title song 'Lo Siento' before and after popular programs such as 'MCOUNTDOWN', 'School Rapper 2', 'I Can See Your Voice 5' Teaser CF to reveal the expectations of the comeback is raising the hottest.

    In addition, SUPER JUNIOR operates a total of 7 publicity vehicles including teaser images of members 'Lo Siento' TV CF, which will change daily routes until April 15th, so that Bucheon, Sangam, Hapjeong, Itaewon, Gangnam It is expected to participate in some parts of Seoul city, and the '#SJREPLAYwrappingcar' SNS event, which captures the promotional vehicles that are running in the official SNS of SUPER JUNIOR, is also being performed.

    This title song 'Lo Siento' is a latin pop genre song that adds an addictive melody to the tropic rhythm. It is a combination of the lyrics and the provocative performance of the candid song, SUPER JUNIOR's year-to-date car charm will appeal to global music fans' eyes and ears.

    In particular, SUPER JUNIOR's new album 'REPLAY', which is scheduled to be released on April 12, features 14 songs including 'Lo Siento', 'Super Duper', 'Me & U', and 'Hug' A good response is expected.

    On the other hand, SUPER JUNIOR started on Mnet 'MCOUNTDOWN' on April 12 and 'Music Bank' on April 13 and MBC 'Show! Music Core 'on April 15, and' Inkigayo 'on SBS on April 15th.

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    SUJI 's frank feelings, tears of smile
    Concentrated attention on the relationship between three people!

    MUN KA-YOUNG is showing the love, friendship, and pain of 20-year-old youth through MBC drama 'Tempted'.

    In the 'Tempted' broadcast on the 19th and 20th, SUJI (MUN KA-YOUNG) looking at only Shi hyun (WooDoHwan) and SEJU (KimMinJae) .

    First, there was tension between SUJI and SEJU. SEJU gave SUJI a surprise kiss and embarrassed SUJI. However, SUJI was uncomfortable with SEJU, kissed her, visited SEJU without contact and said, "I can not love between us."

    So, SEJU said, "Would you like to sleep and forget it?" It was colder, and SUJI said, "I can not say anything between us. The strange tension between two people who only knew that they were friends increased the question of whether they could develop from friendship to love or lose friendship.

    In addition, SUJI's feelings, which were only resolute to SEJU, deepened for Shi hyun. SUJI, jealous between Shi Hyun and Tae Hee (Park Soo Yeong), interfered between them. Finally, Shi hyun, who separated from Tae Hee, took SUJI home and asked SUJI who asked, "Is I here?" Shi hyun said, "We were always with only three of us when we were in trouble. We were firmly convinced that no one could comfort us or hug us if we were not the three of us. "

    So SUJI replied, "So today I am by your side." Shi hyun revealed his enthusiasm for Tae Hee, "I thought so, but my mind is not like that anymore." In the end, SUJI, who discovered Shi hyun's sincerity, was saddened by the scene of stealing tears and running away.

    As such, MUN KA-YOUNG is immersed in the 20-year-old 'ChoiSuJi' station that is at the crossroads of love and friendship, enhancing the character's perfection with colorful emotions, and drawing emotions of her complex feelings. In the future, MUN KA-YOUNG is wondering about how to choose between WooDoHwan and KimMinJae.

    Meanwhile, MBC drama 'Tempted' is broadcast every Monday, Tuesday at 10 pm.

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    Gulf News, Dubai TV, Al Arabiya, The National and more!
    "SMTOWN LIVE Dubai concert is the place of music and culture festival"
    "K-pop concert does not follow SM ENTERTAINMENT"
    "The fame of UAE singing songs with Korean lyrics is awesome"

    SM ENTERTAINMENT's global performance brand' SMTOWN LIVE 'was flooded with local media at its first Dubai show.

    Gulf News, one of the UAE's most influential daily newspapers, posted an article on 'SMTOWN LIVE' Dubai performance on April 6th and 7th, April 9th, on April 9, from concert press conferences to local fans' responses and reviews SMTOWN's inaugural schedule of the first visit to Dubai, once again confirmed the global influence of top-ranking singers who represent K-Pop.

    Gulf News will post an article entitled "K-Pop to the UAE" on April 6, "SMTOWN artists are expected to return to the Arab region soon after another concert, "And detailed the interviews of the artists who attended the press conference, revealing the expectation for SMTOWN LIVE held in Dubai for the first time.

    The first K-Pop concert held at Dubai Othymnic Rocks Arena was a place for music and cultural festivals, "an article titled" K-Pop fans got more than what they paid for "on April 7 In addition to explaining in detail the live interviews and explosive responses of the local fans who flocked to watch K-pop singers, on April 9, they announced "K-Pop concert" with the title "SMTown Live World Tour in Dubai review" There is no SM ENTERTAINMENT. This performance, which was able to see fantastic stage effects, unique dances, spectacular costumes and line-ups, gave K-Pop fans an unforgettable night. "He introduced the concert, Reaffirmed brand power.

    Dubai TV The Insider, a popular program on Dubai's public broadcaster, and Al Arabiya, a news channel specializing in the United Arab Emirates, described the concert as "the biggest and trendiest K-pop festival held in the Middle East" I was impressed by the local interest.

    In addition, UAE's well-known daily newspaper The National also posted an article titled 'SMTOWN Live Dubai: 5 takeaways from my first K-pop concert' on April 7, 'The fame of UAE singing songs with Korean lyrics is awesome' "K-pop is a music of various genres", "dance stage is not for artists only", "K-Pop may save the world" and "musicians are attractive" This concert was deeply analyzed and attracted attention.

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    April 10 at 6 pm Sound source, movie,
    April 10, 8 pm Naver V comeback live broadcast on the title song 'Blooming Day' stage debut!

    The new album of EXO-CBX (SM) is finally unveiled.

    EXO-CBX will release its second mini-album 'Blooming Days' all songs through various music sites such as Melon, Genie and Naver Music at 6 pm on April 10, and the music video of the title song 'Blooming Day' And YouTube, and Naver TV SMTOWN channels, so global music fans are expected to react hotly.

    Especially, as the title song "Blooming Day" is a sophisticated dance pop song that conveys sweet confession, music video is enough to feel spring feeling because it is composed of scenes that show a bright pastel tone and a dreamy atmosphere.

    This album includes the title song 'Blooming Day', 'Soul R & B' s 'Monday Blues', a reggae bass that has met the fateful meeting of her tired Monday, The pop music "Sweet Dreams!", The R & B pop song 'Thursday', which resembles between men and women gradually getting thicker on a Thursday night, coming on weekdays to the weekend,

    The funky Urban R & B song 'Vroom Vroom' is a fun night out on a friday night, a car that rushes to a woman in the first glance, , The medium tempo R & B pop song 'Playdate', and the retro emotional Electro R & B song 'Lazy', which depicts a relaxed Sunday. It is forecast.

    In addition, the EXO-CBX will be performing live on its April 10 live show at Gwangjang-dong YES24 LiveHall, Seoul, on April 10, and will be releasing the debut stage of the title song 'Blooming Day' And this broadcast is broadcast live on the EXO channel of Naver V LIVE is expected explosive response.

    On the other hand, EXO-CBX's second mini-album 'Blooming Days' will be released on April 10th.

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