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    Red Velvet Alternative not attractive to the archipelago Holik!

    Red Velvet (SM) will decorate the finale of his first tour in Japan on June 8th in Yokohama.

    Red Velvet will hold the "Red Velvet Hall 2018 in JAPAN" Red Room "on eight occasions in six cities in Japan, including Nagoya, Hiroshima, Fukuoka, Osaka and Yokohama, starting from Sapporo on May 25, Addictive music, colorful performances, and a musical-like directing combined with a high-performance performance attracted the audience.

    In this concert, Red Velvet will be releasing new songs titled '#Cookie Jar' and '' Cause it's you '' in Japan's first mini album to be released on July 4, as well as hit songs 'Dumb Dumb', 'Russian Roulette' The Japanese version of 'Red Flavor' was introduced and the local fans got a lot of cheers.

    In addition, the company offers a total of 23 performances ranging from 'Happily Ever After', 'Talk To Me' and 'Little Little' to sophisticated and fascinating atmosphere including 'Automatic', 'Be Natural', 'Cool Hot Sweet Love' , Red Velvet and a colorful gift of a gift.

    On the other hand, Red Velvet will perform the final performance of "Red Velvet Hall 2018 in Japan" Red Room "at Pacifico Yokohama National University Hall today.

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    EXO (SM) 'Monster' music video hit YouTube Views 200 Million Views.

    EXO's' Monster 'music video hit 200 Million Views on June 8th, followed by 100 Million Views in February 2017, followed by over 200 Million Views, EXO' Overdose ',' Growl , 'CALL ME BABY', 'Wolf', 'Ko Ko Bop' and other 100 Million Views music videos.

    In particular, 'Monster' is the title song of EXO 3 'EX'ACT' which was released in June, 2016. It is the top song of Korean music, World Digital Songs chart, and the world's most watched K-pop music video in the US and around the world.

    On the other hand, EXO will hold the Encore concert 'EXO PLANET # 4 - The EℓyXiOn [dot] -' for three days from July 13 to 15 on July 13. Ticket booking will be on YES24 .

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    SHINee (SM), who came back to the 6th album regularly, came on the top of the album chart.

    SHINee's first album, 'The Story of Light' EP.1, released on May 28th, is ranked No. 1 on the album chart for the fourth week of May (from May 27 to June 2) I realized the high interest of Korean music fans.

    This album is made up of five songs that showcase the unique music color of SHINee. The album has gotten a hot response, including the first place in domestic music charts such as Shinnara Record, Hottax, Kyobo Book Store, I have proven the power of SHINee.

    In addition, SHINee started full-fledged activity as the first title song of the regular 6th album 'Good Evening', and focused on SHINee's cool and sophisticated music and artistic performances. On June 8, it appeared on KBS2TV 'Music Bank' It is expected to catch the attention once again with the stage.

    On the other hand, SHINee plans to release its second album, 'The Story of Light' EP.2, on 6th of June at various music sites on June 11th and continue the triple title relay activity with the new song 'I Want You' .

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    ONEW "It's a good song to shake off the heat with a light beat and a cool tone"
    June 11, 7 pm 't Live!' Worldwide live!

    The new song 'Drive' spoiler soundtrack from the second album 'The Story of Light' EP.2 of SHINee (SM) is released.

    On June 8, SHINee special homepage 'EP.2 SPOILER', 'Drive' which is pre-listened is acoustic-based dance pop song with wit guitar leaf which leads the song, This is the way to go to the end of the way, and ONEW said, "The lyrics to the fateful meeting are impressive, and the light beat of the members and the cool tone of the members seem to be a good match for the heat. "He adds.

    In addition, SHINee will release its second album, 'The Story of Light' EP.2, which includes 5 songs from various music sites on June 11 at 6 pm, and the SM real-time multi live broadcasting channel '7 pm! t Live 'in the' Music Gift Box ', which is a representative program of the new album, including the title song' I Want You ', introducing new songs, and working episodes.

    In addition, this broadcast is not only the SMTOWN Outer Wall Media, the largest ultra-high resolution display board installed outside the SMTOWN COEX Attium, but also the 't Live' official account of various SNS such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Naver V LIVE's SMTOWN channel will be broadcast live all over the world and the audience will be able to see the broadcasts directly in front of 'MCN STUDIO' through the lottery for visitors who use SMTOWN MUSEUM in the exhibition / entertainment experience space on that day. It is expected.

    On the other hand, SHINee shows up on KBS2TV 'Music Bank' which is broadcasted today and presents the wonderful stage of 'Good Evening', the first title song of the regular 6th album.

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    - 'Do not die in dreams' ... preciousness when you are near Bad love 'Bad Dream'
    - YoonJongshin X ParcJaejung, who believes and listens to 'Ballard'
    - ParcJaejung, show the presence of emotional ballads with tone and emotion optimized for ballads

    The 26th song of the MYSTIC Entertainment music platform LISTEN is 'Bad Dream' of ParcJaejung.

    'Bad Dream' is a ballad with a promise that when a beloved person dreams of dying, he realizes the importance of the other person and that he should do better when he is by his side, written by YoonJongshin, YoonJongshin, and KangHwasung.

    ParcJaejung, who participated in the singing session, took advantage of the sentiments and agony of the song with a voice that felt even more subtle.

    YoonJongshin told ParcJaejung that "ParcJaejung is a young man with such a good heart that he is very sincere in putting the sincerity in the song, and he has such a voice." Rather than paying attention to technique or technique, imagine this situation and sing with your heart It seems like ParcJaejung called it well. "

    YoonJongshin and ParcJaejung, the illustrators of Ballard, showed synergy of YoonJongshin's lyrical lyrics and ParcJaejung's sweet voice through "Passport", "Focus", "The Villain"

    'Bad Dream' is a new custom ballad created by Yoon Jongshin who knows better than ParcJaejung's ballad sensitivity.

    MYSTIC has been releasing ballads since last year's 'Like it', which traced the flow of music to ballad last year. This year, YoonJongshin 'Goodbye Talk', Jungin 'Difference' and ParcJaejung 'Bad Dream' And to give listeners a feeling of comfort and tranquility.

    On the other hand, MISTTIC's LISTEN starts with the idea of ​​frequenting high-quality music with minimal marketing, and regularly shows good music of various musicians.

    LISTEN's 26th song ParcJaejung's 'Bad Dream' will be released at 6 pm on the 10th.

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    - I meet on the radio first! "Listen to your work"
    - YoonJongshin "I am tired from the morning commute ... to be a refreshing refresh"
    - YoonJongshin, the city pop genre steadily since last year 'refreshing'

    Singer Yoon Jongshin's monthly music project <Monthly YoonJongshin> June issue 'My Queen' will be released on the sound source site at noon on the 8th.
    'My Queen' is a light workout song for those who start the day with work. It is a City Pop genre composed by Yoon Jongshin, written by Yoon Jongshin and SongSungKyung.

    YoonJongshin's agency, MYSTIC Entertainment, said, "I hope many people who go to work or attend school will start the day with excitement."

    YoonJongshin thought that one day he would face the dark and tired people standing at the bus stop at work and want to make a song that could be a force for them.

    "I think that 'Refresh' is really important to live in nowadays, and we mostly live with worries and worries yesterday. I think it's easy to forget, but consciously 'Be as it is!' "It is also necessary to have an attitude of thinking in a big way."

    Yoon Jongshin tells me that this song is like a half-started song, and that many people would like to make the start of the day a little lighter, and become a refreshing 'refreshing' for a while.

    "This song is a song for everyone who comes to work early in the morning rather than just a woman, although the title and lyrics say" Queen, "but" It's a refreshing and refreshing feeling of 'queen' It seemed to work very well with the song, so I went out with the lyrics to "Queen."

    On the other hand, YoonJongshin is a sophisticated and cheerful city that will lead to 'Amateur' in September, 'Frame' in May, 'My Queen' in June, which will be released this year, starting with <Monthly YoonJongshin> July 'Welcome Summer' Pop songs are showing steadily.

    Yoon Jongshin said, "City Pop is a genre that was popular in Japan in the 780s, but it was the music that my friends who listened to during my school days wanted to listen to music. It seems like music that I have found a lot still remains in me. "

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    TAEMIN "Addictive melody and lyrics are unbelievable" Expectations are high!

    SHINee (SM) released their second album 'The Story of Light' (EP.2) 'Electric' spoiler.

    SHINee will open 'EP.2 SPOILER', which will be able to listen to the second album of the 6th regular album, on June 5th from the special homepage. The third album 'Electric' will be released on June 7th Expectations for the new album have increased.

    The new song 'Electric' is a minimalistic futuristic bass pop with an impressive sense of synth sound. The unique lyrics that unravel the process of getting more and more distracted by the 'scientific method' add to the fun, and member TAEMIN is " , Addictive melody and lyrics are unbelievable. "

    In addition, SHINee's 6th album 'The Story of Light' EP.2, which is released on June 11 at 6 pm on various music sites, consists of 5 new songs including the title song 'I Want You' It is expected to receive a lot of music fans' love by continuing triple title relay activity with "I Want You" pop house which is based on Tropical House which is refreshing and still has a sense of sensitivity.

    On the other hand, SHINee will appear on Mnet 'M COUNTDOWN, which is broadcasted on June 7, and presents the stage for the first title song' Good Evening 'of the regular 6th album, showing the unique charm of SHINee with its original and artistic performance.

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    SUPER JUNIOR-D&E's charm is captured in colorful 'STYLE' music! 11 total songs recorded!
    SUPER JUNIOR-D&E will release its third regular album in Japan on August 8th.

    "SUPER JUNIOR-D&E", a Japanese regular album title released in about three years, is 'STYLE'. Member DongHae and EunHyuk will be presenting a digital single every month since last November, followed by 'Here We Are' You Can not Stay ',' Hot Babe ', and 4 new songs added to the song,' 11 Do not Go ',' IF YOU ',' Circus', 'LOSE IT' It features JUNIOR-D & E's charm in various styles of music.

    Previously, SUPER JUNIOR-D&E was released as Japan's debut single 'Oppa, Oppa' in April 2012 and became No. 2 on the Oricon Weekly single chart. In February 2014, Japan's first regular album 'RIDE ME' The album has been ranked # 1 on the charts and proved to be a hot favorite among music fans, raising expectations for new albums.

    In addition, after the release of the new album in Japan on August 8, from September to November, a total of 17 times Japan's national tour "SUPER JUNIOR-D&E JAPAN TOUR" in seven areas including Yokohama, Kobe, Tokyo, Nagoya, Hiroshima, Fukuoka, Sapporo 2018 ~ STYLE ~ ', and' Meet & Greet 'event where members can meet with the audience through the lottery.

    On the other hand, SUPER JUNIOR-D&E has been actively involved in various activities such as album activity and various entertainment programs.

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    KIM JUNMYEON, from buck to tears! Attention to the expression of colorful emotions!

    'Richman' KIM JUNMYEON (EXO SUHO, SM) 's tearful smoke caught the attention of viewers.

    KIM JUNMYEON is playing Lee Yoo Chan in the drama 'Richman'.

    In the 9th broadcast on June 6, Lee Yoo Chan heard the news that Kim Bun Hong (Kim Min Ji), who suddenly disappeared seven years ago, disappeared but died while suffering illness, It was drawn down and the mind was arranged.

    Kim BoRa (HaYeonSoo) and Lee Yoo Chan confessed that had always been unforgettable and revealed the sad story, The relationship between the two will be amplified in the future.

    In particular, KIM JUNMYEON, who plays Lee Yoo Chan in this process, captured viewers by expressing his deep emotions in accepting the farewell to his loved ones.

    On the other hand, the money-making drama 'Richman' draws attention with its unpredictable square relationship and tension-filled story, and is broadcast simultaneously on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 11 pm Dramax and MBN.

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    On June 3 (local time), ESteem models Kim Sunghee and Yeo Inhyuk appeared on the '2019 spring Alexander Wang' runway in New York.

    The Alexander Wang spring collection was released in real time around the world through official SNS. On this day, Kim Sunghee and Yeo Inhyuk showed a strong presence with a colorful mask and face painting and a charismatic walk.

    Kim Sunghee, who has appeared on the runway for a long time through this show, said, "I have walked a long time. I am so happy to be back on the runway. " Yeo Inhyuk also said, "I finished a great show. And I am honored to be a member of the king. "

    Meanwhile, Kim Sunghee has been working tirelessly through global campaigns and magazines as a global model. Recently, Giorgio Armani Beauty's first Korean model has been selected. Yeo Inhyuk is currently active in New York, and stands out as the global global model.

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