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    Trap, hip-hop, house, R & B limitless UP SUPER JUNIOR-D&E musical growth expectation UP!

    SUPER JUNIOR-D&E unveiled her second mini-album ‘’Bout You’ highlights medley.

    'SUPER JUNIOR-D & E' will release its new album ‘’Bout You’ highlights medley video through official website, official SNS, and YouTube SMTOWN channel on the 14th, 12th and 14th. The uploaded video will include traps, hip-hop, house, blues, R & B and other genres of SUPER JUNIOR-D&E's colorful music colors that contain more expectations for the comeback has further heightened.

    In particular, the flute sound signature adds a refreshing sensation to the title track ‘’Bout You’, as well as the blues emotional DONGHAE solo song 'Lost' with lyrical lyrics, and the 'Eunhyuk' solo song 'Illusion (Obsessed) 'Is a 180-degree contradictory music genre, attracting more attention by utilizing the charm of its members.

    In addition, this album includes RUM DEE DEE, Urban Pop, and I Love It, which featured a refreshing up-tempo Future House vibe, a chop vocal with a signature sound and a saxophone. Livin 'In', a house song of a dance hall genre that was born as a tropical sound, Pop R & B 'Evanesce II' with a small minor melody, and 'Victory (* Special Track)' with a confession and hope that you can win anything with you. A hot reaction is expected.

    Meanwhile, SUPER JUNIOR-D&E's 3-year, 5-month domestic album ‘’Bout You’ will be released on August 16th.

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    'Exceptional Responsibility + Exuberant Passion'
    Looking forward to KimSooRo's "Marine Police" challenge UP!
    'Sometimes sincere and sometimes pleasantly'
    Program filled as atmosphere maker role
    'KimSooRo'type entertainment company that conveys everything from passion to laughter

    KimSooRo has transformed into a passionate marine police officer at MBC every1 'Sea police'.

    In the first 'Sea police' broadcast on Monday, members of Cho Jae Yoon, Kwak Si Yang, Yura including KimSooRo were portrayed. At this time, KimSooRo not only showed an extraordinary sense of responsibility as his eldest brother, but also added vitality to the program with a pleasant appearance.

    KimSooRo, who received the uniform before the first commencement of work, said, "I will go" as soon as I receive it. I immediately clean up and arrange for it, and then "I will keep the sea well" and passionate and passionate before the marine police challenge in earnest. Dragged.

    Lee Myung Joon chief, "Do you know where the police box is most often?", Asked Kim SooRo, a new police officer representative, who is full of charisma by reading the Marine Police Charter without disturbing one's mind. I think it's the place to go, "he said with a witty smile.

    KimSooRo, who made his first commencement, showed his concentration while he explained the training and how to handle the situation in his work. When he performed the flyer distribution mission, he said, "I am going to find out that I wore a police suit" I also conveyed my mind. Also, at the time of the mock training, I was able to tell the tension of the field to the people who are seriously and seriously responsible for the actual situation.

    From this first broadcast, KimSooRo was able to take the role of the atmosphere maker by taking out the humorous figure at the time of the rest including the members,

    He showed his brilliant presence all over the place, conveying everything from passion to laughter. He showed what KimSooRo'type art is and he is expecting how he will carry out the marine police duties in the future.

    Meanwhile, MBC every1 'Sea police' is broadcast every Monday at 8:30 pm.

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    New song ‘‘Bout you’ The second teaser video release! Released on August 16 at 6 pm!

    SUPER JUNIOR-D&E released the second teaser video of their new mini-album title track ‘‘Bout you’.

    ‘‘Bout you’ teaser video, which was released through the official website and official SNS, on August 13th, at 12:00 pm, "My eyes are torn from my head to my toes," "You smile at me, look at me. Sun "and the lively performances of SUPER JUNIOR-D&E, which spread out in the streets, pubs and roof tops of New York City.

    In particular, the title song ‘‘Bout you’ is one of DongHae's own songs of the Trap and Hip-hop genres with flute sound signature added to the sensation of coolness. Member EunHyuk also participates in rapmaking.

    In addition, SUPER JUNIOR-D&E's second mini album ‘‘Bout you’ melts all the emotions that you want to tell you, my appearance with you, - It is enough to meet SUPER JUNIOR-D&E's unique music sensitivity.

    On the other hand, SUPER JUNIOR-D&E's new album ‘‘Bout you’ will be unveiled at 6 pm on August 16th.

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    Red Velvet (SM) has been ranked # 1 in 'Power Up'.

    The Red Velvet summer mini album titled 'Power Up' was the first weekly music chart week with Melon, Genie, Mnet Music, Bugs Music, olleh Music and soribada released on August 13, He also recorded the top spot on music charts such as Melon, Genie, Mnet Music, Bugs Music, and olleh Music.

    In addition, this album ranked No. 1 on the weekly Synnara Record aggregation site, and both the sound recordings and the music have once again confirmed the power of the powerful Red Velvet.

    Also, Red Velvet is expected to continue its 'Power Up' popularity as it has attracted the attention of viewers with 'Power Up', which showed a comeback stage last week with various music programs.

    Meanwhile, Red Velvet will appear in the JTBC entertainment program "IDOL ROOM," which will be broadcast at 6:30 pm on August 14th.

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    NCT DREAM, NCT 127, NCT Chinese team announcement!

    Worldwide Group NCT (SM) will be hot in the second half of 2018.

    NCT is gathering hot topics on August 13th at 0:00 on twitter, facebook, Instagram, and Wei Bo and other SNS official accounts to reveal the moving images that predict activity in the second half of 2018.

    In particular, NCT will be hosting a huge project this year with NCT 2018, followed by NCT ​​DREAM, NCT 127 and NCT China (working title) in the second half of the year.

    NCT DREAM, NCT's 10th union team, opened its doors in the second half of the year. NCT 2018's 'GO' activities showcased mature transformations in a more liberal and flamboyant manner. It raises the expectation that we can meet.

    In addition, Seoul team NCT 127, which is based on Seoul, will be comebacked with a new album, and NCT China, which will be based on China, will also make its debut in the year.

    In the first half of this year, NCT will launch NCT U 'Baby Do not Stop', NCT DREAM 'GO', NCT 127 'TOUCH', NCT U 'YESTODAY', NCT 2018 from 'BOSS' , 'Black on Black' proved to be infinite charms, exceeding 300,000 records, iTunes' comprehensive album charts ranked 22nd in the world, China's Shamy Music's Korean Music Chart's No. 1, Apple Music Comprehensive Music Video Charts First, K-pop singer first in the US Billboard Emerging Artist Chart.

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  • 2018-08-13 Press Release

    'Level Up Project season 3'

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    Red Velvet, start a trip to Slovenia full of nerves!
    A surprise of the production crew secretly camera operation! What about the confused Red Velvet?

    Red Velvet (SM) 's upright reality' Level Up Project season 3 'was released for the first time on August 13.

    Level Up Project season 3, which includes Red Velvet's trip to Slovenia, will be available from 10pm every Monday through Friday starting August 13th through the premium video service oxusu and Thailand's mobile TV application TrueID. do.

    Particularly, in the first broadcast on this day, the production team who prepared the trip to Europe dreamed of Red Velvet knew that the travel site was pre-exposed and showed the members unfolding the camera on the Jeju Island, not Europe, spreading the camera with surprise, confusing Red Velvet And laughed.

    In addition, the members will prepare their own European travel items at the hostel before the start of the trip, as well as the first trip to Ljubljana to start their full-scale trip to Slovenia It is expected to catch attention with colorful charm.

    On the other hand, Red Velvet released its summer mini album "Summer Magic" on August 6, and it became popular with its title song "Power Up", recording the top of all music charts such as Melon, Genie, Mnet Music, Bugs Music and olleh Music.

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    Sensitive vocals delicately number digest! Musical debut successful!

    KANGTA (SM) made his musical debut successfully.
    On August 11th, KANGTA enthusiastically fired photographer Robert Kincade, the first performance of the musical "The Bridges Of Madison County", which contains Francesca and Robert's untold love story.
    Especially, KANGTA expressed the subtleties of the 'Bridges Of Madison County', which goes beyond pop and jazz, as his delicate emotional vocals, expressing his sad love for Francesca and complicated subtle emotions, .
    KANGTA has been active in various fields such as singer, radio DJ and MC as a legend Korean wave star. Since then, KANGTA has been attracting much attention for his musical debut since his debut. More.
    Meanwhile, the musical 'The Bridges Of Madison County' starring KANGTA is gathering hot topics based on a solid story based on the novel of the same name, sweet and lyrical music, emotional directing and beautiful stage aesthetics. Will be performed at Charlotte Theater.

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    - 11th fan meeting 'Christmas gift, second' ... 'August Christmas' healing ship
    - New song 'Words' Direct live piano ... I kept my promise with the fans!
    - Various cover songs, idol dance, etc.

    "It's all thanks to you guys that I can be a better person. I'll show you a good album of good music and good lyrics."

    Singer ParcJaejung told a fan at the end of the fan meeting that the word was concise but heavy. He expressed his deep gratitude to the fans for coming to the fan meeting and he firmly stated that he would do better in the future.

    ParcJaejung held a fan meeting 'Christmas present, second' at Shinsegae Mesa Hall on June 11th and spent a meaningful time with the fans.
    ParcJaejung, who had a fan meeting with a passport called 'Passport', prepared colorful cover songs for fans only, including 2AM 'This Song', HanYeSeul 'You're Different', Crush 'Sometimes' and Sung Si-kyung 'Winter Wonderland' .

    Particularly ParcJaejung brought his own piano song "Words" released earlier this month to the audience.

    ParcJaejung, who promised to play the piano by posting directly in the fan café, said, "I practiced so much as I showed it to my fans for the first time."

    ParcJaejung, singing and squeezing heart to heart, became a memorable gift to his fans.

    On this day, the fan meeting was held for over two hours without being bored with various events such as the live stage, parcJaejung's resume to learn about ParcJaejung, the corner with fans, and saying 'body.'

    ParcJaejung choreographed choreography such as EXO 'Growl', BLACKPINK 'DDU-DU DDU-DU', TWICE 'Dance The Night Away', BTS 'FIRE' and NCT 127 'Cherry Bomb' .

    ParcJaejung said, "If you think about why I work so hard and practice, I think that only fans can come up with it." "Thank you very much for being with me today, I will show you a good album, please do not give up.

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    Boyish style character perfect digestion
    In the twilight of college students
    The character is finished with chic addition smoke!

    Bae Da Bin showed a glamorous crush attraction through JTBC 'My ID Is Gangnam Beauty'.
    Bae Da Bin, who first appeared through 'My ID Is Gangnam Beauty', which was broadcast last week, captured the viewers' attention by fully digesting his role 'Kwon Yoon Byul'.
    On this day, when chemistry students were ready for the festival, Bae Da Bin, who appeared in a short hairstyle and a loose shirt, announced the birth of 'Tomboy' style character 'Kwon Yoon Byul'.

    Yoon Byul replied, "I do not like it" when I say that women should wear skirts at the festival, and when they talk about the appearance of the girls, they say, "If you keep saying it, you're done. And showed his presence.
    In addition, Yoon Byul did not hide the unpleasant expression when it came to the remark that a woman should do the service among the boys who run the festival bar. In particular, Yoon Byul, who had not complained about the male student's attitude, continued to evaluate the appearance of the girls. He asked where he was going and asked, "Why should I do this while listening to this sound? There is a limit to listening to stupid sounds. Do you think we can not do it? I felt like it would be the same human being, and the ugly ones are real. "
    As such, Bae Da Bin finished his character in the style of 'Kwon Yoon Byul' from visual to one tone low voice and cool ambassador processing, and showed his unique presence in many characters, and he took a picture of the snowboard in the house.
    In addition, Bae Da Bin 's acting, which adds natural chic to the freshness of the twenties' college students, is a more charming character. In the future, Bae Da Bin will be introducing 'My ID Is Gangnam Beauty'.
    On the other hand, JTBC 'My ID Is Gangnam Beauty' starring Bae Da Bin is broadcast every Saturday at 11:00 pm on Friday.

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    Hit Song Parade + Powerful Performance + Dynamic Energy, 'Performance King' proved!
    'K-POP King' EXO (SM) successfully completed the Macau performance.
    EXO PLANET # 4 - The EℓyXiOn [dot] - in MACAO, the fourth single EXO concert held at the Venetian Cotai Arena in Macau from August 10 to 11, has been held for about two years after the second solo concert in November 2015 EXO's unique concert was held in just a few months, and it was able to enjoy the colorful music, the ultra-high performance and the dynamic energy of the EXO, and the explosion response of approximately 20,000 audiences was gained.
    The concert will feature a variety of hits including 'Growl', 'CALL ME BABY', 'Ko Ko Bop' and 'Power' as well as intense performances such as 'The Eve', 'Forever', 'Touch It' The EDM section feels powerful energy such as 'Sweet Lies', 'Walk On Memories', 'Sing For You', 'Universe' and other sweet ballads, 'Coming Over', 'Run This' During the time, we had a total of 33 songs, and the audiences were enthusiastic with fantastic performances to meet EXO's spectacular epic poem.
    In addition, SEHUN 'JMT', KAI 'I See You', D.O. 'For Life', SUHO 'Playboy', BAEKHYUN 'PSYCHO', XIUMIN 'Beyond', CHEN 'Years', CHANYEOL X SEHUN 'We Young', CHEN X BAEKHYUN X D.O. X SUHO 'Moonlight', and a solo and unit stage with a variety of charms, attracted local fans' eyes and ears.
    On the other hand, EXO 's fourth concert tour' EXO PLANET # 4 - The EℓyXiOn - 'was held 25 times in 11 major cities around the world, attracting global fans.

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