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     Kang Ho-dong, Shin Dong-yeob, Lee Soo-geun, Kim Byung-man, etc.

    With systematic management support

    More active activity in the future


    The comedian Park Sung-kwang signed an exclusive contract with SM C & C.


    Park Sung-kwang made his debut as a comedian in KBS 22 in 2007 and made a buzzword through KBS <GAG CONCERT>, "Lord of Viewership," "Valerino," and "Brave Guys.


    Recently, Park Sung-kwang, who has widened his career as an entertainment program in comedy, has appeared as a fixed member in the JTBC entertainment program "Night Dokkaebi" and showcased his own gag style each week with the title of "Unofficial Main MC" Adding.


    Therefore, SM C & C will give generous support for more diverse activities through systematic and professional management. He will show his active activities and expect Park Sung-kwang to show his way forward.


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    - Produced by Yoonjongshin New Year's first work "Confident about Jangjane and Song"
    - Jangjane dyed with red, beauty right +
    - MYSTIC, Jangjane show the power of 'listening music'
    Singer Jangjane will be the first runner of MYSTICEntertainment in 2018.
    MYSTIC announced on the 8th that "Jangjane's new song will be released on the 15th".
    Jangjane, who has been steadily loved by his unique tone and sophisticated sensibility, is attracting the expectation of listeners as the main character who opens MYSTIC's New Year's Eve.
    Jangjane in the photo released on the day caught his attention with his alluring red styling. He stared at the camera with his beautiful beauty and added charm.
    Jangjane's new song was produced by Yoonjongshin, and Yoonjongshin produced the Jangjane album again in about two and a half years after the Jangjane mini album 'LIQUID' in 2015.
    MYSTIC said, "Yoonjongshin is Jangjane as the first runner of the new year because Jangjane shows the direction of MYSTIC who is always pursuing new music and music that is not influenced by the time." It is possible because of the conviction of Jangjane and song "Please look forward to the breath of Yoonjongshin and Jangjane, who are known to be special priests."
    Last year, MYSTIC launched the music platform LISTEN, which is aimed at Just Audio, and showed the power of listening to songs like 'Like it' and 'Yes.' MCSTIC will continue to show good music and musicians this year, starting with Jangjane to be.
    Meanwhile, Jangjane was loved last year by singing "CARMIN", "velvet", "monthly yoonjongshin" in September, "amateur", Giant Pink, PERC% NT and Red Velvet remake "Dumb Dumb" .
    Details about Jangjane's new song will be released sequentially through the official SNS of MYSTIC and Jangjane.

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  • 2018-01-07 Press Release

    EXO KAI, KBS1TV Sunday drama 'andante'

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    "I can look at the world with a pure heart through the glimpse character"

    EXO KAI (SM) announced the end of KBS1TV Sunday drama 'andante'.

    KAI, who played the role of 'Lee Si Kyung' in the drama 'andante', the last episode of the 7th day, said, "I am grateful to all those who have loved 'andante' during that time. I am honored to be able to play with the actors who cooperated together, and I sincerely thank all the staff members who suffered in the field including the bishop and the artist. "

    In addition, "I was happy to be able to look at the world with a pure heart while playing the character of the poetry, and I wished to have this feeling shared with everyone. I hope that the audience will enjoy a warmer winter due to 'andante'. "

    KAI will be a high school student 'Lee Si Kyung' who will experience various events after transferring from this drama to a high school in the country and will be able to realize the true meaning of life and love. Through various episodes related to hospice wards as well as first love romance, I got a good reaction by digesting the three-dimensional characters that change into a form that accepts death matured naturally.

    On the other hand, KAI plans to meet local viewers through the Japanese drama "봄이 왔다(春が来た)", which will be unveiled in Japan Satellite Channel WOWOW on the 13th.

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    - The intense energy of two people ... Eyes, facial expressions, performance perfect digestion
    - UhmJunghwa, 10th album favorable ... 'bestIdol', 'lifebar', etc.

    Singer Uhm Junghwa released a new song 'Ending Credit' choreography with Choreographer Lia Kim.

    UhmJunghwa MYSTIC Entertainment, which has produced the 10th album, released the collaboration videos of UhmJunghwa and Lia Kim on the official SNS channel.

    The performances shown by Diva UhmJunghwa and her choreographer, Lia Kim, showed off the intense energy and impressions throughout the show. The eyes, faces, and movements of the two people overwhelmed their gaze, adding a sense of immersion that could not be missed for a moment, and completed the duet choreography.

    Lia Kim is a famous choreographer for artistic performances such as' Gashina 'and '24 hours' by SUNMI. UhmJunghwa collected another topic with the impressive choreography that made UHMJunghwa's "Ending Credit" He praised Kim as "the best choreographer who gave intensity and sparkle to this song."
    'Ending Credit' is a title song of UhmJunghwa 10th part 2 (second dream) released at the end of last year. It is a retro-synth pop genre composed by Primary, Suran and written by hangzoo and Primary.

    Meanwhile, UhmJunghwa started his 10th album with a total of 9 songs including "Part 2" (second dream) of December last year and ending "She" of ballad at the end of December, The Cloud Dream of the Nine.

    UhmJunghwa, who made her comeback as a singer in eight years, showed her charisma with her music and performances that she could digest and was well received by listeners and critics.

    He also appeared in various entertainment programs such as MBC every1 'bestIdol', JTBC '1rice', tvN 'lifebar'. Uhm Junghwa will appear on JTBC 'Know Your Brother' on the evening of the 6th.

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    Lee Soo-geun, Youngchul Kim, rapper microdot and breathing

    Actor YoonSohui challenges entertainment MC for the first time through tvN new entertainment program '친절한 기사단'.

    '친절한 기사단' is an empathic talk show where MCs come to people who need them, draw stories that make them day-to-day drivers, escort various guests' day and listen to special stories.

    YoonSohui will be performing with Hong Kong as an MC with comedian Lee Soo-geun, Youngchul Kim and rapper microdot.

    YoonSohui, who debuted as a TVN 'Let's Eat' and made a lot of filmmaking with a variety of works such as tvN '연애 말고 결혼', JTBC '사랑하는 은동아', MBC '군주 – 가면의 주인' I got a title called 'Smart Actress' through programs tvN 'hotbrain', SBS 'RunningMan' and 'masterkey'. YoonSohui is expecting a new look to show through tvN '친절한 기사단'.

    On the other hand, TVN new entertainment '친절한 기사단', starring YoonSohui, will be broadcasted at 8:10 pm on Wednesday, January 24th.

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    'The Swan Club' Park Ju Mi, a fatal mistake during a role-playing audition
    SonyeonJae of the world is also tense Audition is open to the public
    Members of The Swan Club, the judges
    Can the KBS 'The Swan Club' be recognized?

    The results of the audition reversal, which surpasses expectations, are announced.

    On the 5th KBS 'The Swan Club', the audition site will be released to win the role of each person in the 'The Nutcracker Sweet' ballet performance.

    There were also some tears that could not overcome the burden. CHENG XIAO poured out the audition because of the pressure and lack of the first order. As Sungeun Kim was getting more and more closer to his order, his tears were pouring out before the start because of the tension and worry, and the audition was interrupted for a while.

    The sharp and rigorous judging by the panel of judges also played a big part in raising the tension of the members. The chief of the professional ballet and the artistic director who appeared as a judging panel were seriously auditioned with responsibility for the performance. The members who watched the audition in the waiting room were somewhat shocked and speechless as they watched the delicate check of facial expression, beat sense, readiness and even hand control.

    Park Ju Mi, the elderly man who got the nickname of "enthusiasm" with his passion for passion, made a big mistake and bought his brother's worries. Park Ju Mi, a ballet bugger, was able to do his best to prepare for the audition despite the relatively short practice period due to his overseas schedule. Knowing such an effort, the members did not hesitate to cheer for good results, and Park Ju Mi also got the power and entered the audition area with confidence.

    But when auditioning began, I was nervous and made the mistake of missing the timing of the beginning of the action. The members watched were surprised at the mistake of the eldest son and could not help being sad.
    Indeed, Park Ju Mi is expected to pass audition and pass audition. CHENG XIAO and SonYeonJae, who has a lot of stage experience, made a nervous tear audition scene and the surprise reverse result that surprised everyone is revealed on the 5th broadcast.

    KBS entertainment program 'The Swan Club' is broadcast every Friday at 10 pm. 

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    AMBER, music video production and editing!

    The new song 'Lower' from f (x) AMBER and LUNA (SM) takes off the veil.

    SM 'STATION' Season 2's 39th and 2018's 'Lower' will be released through music sites such as Melon, Ginny and Naver Music at 6 pm on the 5th, music videos will be available on YouTube SMTOWN channel, Naver TV SMTOWN channels, etc., and it is expected that global music fans will be interested.

    The new song "Lower" is a progressive house genre song of a dreamy atmosphere with charming vocals of AMBER and LUNA combined with a catchy synth sound. The lyrics reveal the story of finding a space of freedom beyond the door.

    In particular, this music video will meet various performances and performances of AMBER and LUNA, and AMBER will perform direct editing as well as edit, hand-held shooting, fast scene transition, and will complete the sensual image, will catch the eye.

    In addition, AMBER and LUNA will broadcast 'AMBER X LUNA's SpoilLower ~ ♬' live on SMTOWN channel of Naver Star Live Application V at 5 pm today. I will communicate with my fans and expect a good response.

    On the other hand, 'STATION' Season 2 is loved every week by showing the complete sound recordings and contents of various artists, producers and composers.

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    SUPER JUNIOR 'SUPER TV', the first show on XtvN at 11pm on Friday, January 26th!

    'Genius of entertainment' SUPER JUNIOR released 'SUPER TV' teaser video.

    SUPER JUNIOR is getting a hot response by opening the first teaser video on 5th at 4 pm on 'SUPER TV' official Facebook and Naver TV channels.

    In the teaser video, SUPER JUNIOR is TVN Kim Suk Hyun, MBC '일밤 – 아빠! 어디가?' Na Young Suk PD, who directed TVN Kim Yoo-gon CP and TVN '신서유기', 'younskitchen', and '3bobfisherman', who planned and directed, Presented a new presentation for launching a new entertainment program 'SUPER TV' .

    Especially, SUPER JUNIOR is going to show '냉동세끼' instead of '3bobfisherman', 'One of them will go to jail and go to prison and' SUPER JUNIOR 's members were unhappy. Na Young Suk PD said, "I would like to try it once if it is this concept," and raised expectations for' SUPER TV '.

    On the other hand, 'SUPER TV', a new concept variety show that revives various entertainment formats into the formula of SUPER JUNIOR, is scheduled to be broadcasted at the XtvN entertainment channel, which is newly launched at CJ E & M at 11:00 pm on January 26th.

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  • 2018-01-04 Press Release

    Kimjinkyung, 'JUNGLE' joins Chile ...

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    Kimjinkyung joins the SBS entertainment program 'JUNGLE' Chile.

    On the 4th, esteem ENTERTAINMENT side of agency "Kimjinkyung joins 'JUNGLE' Chile and will go to jungle survival period together with patriarch Kim Byung-man. I would like you to give her a lot of attention and support for her new appearance. "

    Kimjinkyung recently showed KBS1 drama '' andante '' Kim Bom as the main character, but it was lively and cheerful as well. In particular, he struggled to conceal bogeys in the play, but eventually he was drawn to the world, exploding viewers' lacrimal glands.

    In addition, the show 'We Got Married' shows the essence of romance and a variety of attractive charm. The news of the SBS 'JUNGLE' joining is announced and what is going to be done is attracting attention.

    Especially, Kimjinkyung, who showed the usual activity, has raised expectations of many people who have shared SBS "JUNGLE" with a program that wants to appear through many interviews in the past.

    'JUNGLE', which challenges the survival of Chile in the 'end of the world' Chile at the southernmost end of the world, is also known as Kimjinkyung, KIM SUNG RYOUNG, Kim Seung Soo, JoJaeYun, Kim Jong Min, HongJinYoung, Cho yoon woo, Dong Jun Kim, MONSTA X MinHyuk, NU'EST JONGHYUN, SF9 RO WOON and DIA Jung Chae Yeon.

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    With honest but witty duties
    Add vitality of torque!

    Actor Song jae lim will appear in the SBS entertainment program '동상이몽 시즌2-너는 내 운명'.

    '동상이몽2' is a program to look at couples living in various fields from the standpoint of men and women and to see the half of fate and the value of living together. Recently, Choo Ja-hyun-Yu Xiao Guang couple, Jang Shin Young-kang Kyung-joon couple, Te Se Chong-Myung Seo hyeon

    In the meantime, Song jae lim, who has been attracted in various fields such as drama, film, and entertainment, will appear as a special guest and add vitality to the talk.

    In particular, Song jae lim expressed his admiration with Kim Gu Ra, who had a relationship with tvN 'zipbob' and recently appeared JTBC 'universal'. Thanks to his relaxed atmosphere and relaxed atmosphere, The back door that made the fun of double.

    On the other hand, Song Jae lim will be appearing as a guest on SBS '동상이몽 시즌2-너는 내 운명' will be broadcasted at 11:10 pm on the 8th.

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