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    'Woman' + 'Irreversible' 2 stage premiers! Notice of eyeball robbing performance!

    'No.1 Musician' BoA (SM)'s The 9th Album 'WOMAN' comeback stage will be broadcasted first.

    BoA will showcase two music performances with the title song 'Woman' and 'Irreversible' on the back of the music program, starting with KBS2TV 'Music Bank', which will be broadcast on October 26th. It is forecast.

    In particular, the title song 'Woman' is a rhythmical pop dance song written by BoA. It can meet overwhelming performances ranging from a watery performance to a spectacular wave, and the choreography of famous choreographer Kyle Hanagami, This high-quality performance complements the eye.

    Irreversible is an original song by BoA, featuring lyrics by realistically solving the story of a lover who breaks apart with emotions of the moment. Keone Madrid and Lee Soo Bin choreographers from around the world participated in the performances to create an alluring atmosphere. The choreography of the choreography and the gentle motion of the arms, which flows like water, doubles the elegance and a hot reaction is expected.

    On the other hand, BoA will show MBC 'Show! Music Core' and SBS 'Inkigayo' on the 28th.

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    A charming black hole that can not help falling in!

    'K-POP King' EXO (SM) member XIUMIN's teaser is open to the public.

    EXO, a comeback with an intense dance song 'Tempo', has been receiving a spotlight every day since October 22, with its official homepage and various SNS official accounts to show teaser contents to meet the concept of the 5th Album in advance. Day, XIUMIN's teaser was introduced to further enhance the comeback fever.

    In particular, on Oct. 26, 'Circuit #XIUMIN', which was released through various SNS EXO accounts such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc., shows the stylish and wild appeal of XIUMIN and the new song '24/7' And it is getting hot response.

    The 5th Album '24/7' is a medium-tempo song with a sophisticated sound and a catchy refrain. It's a hit song by Kenzie, a hit maker. It gives a cold-hearted voice to a loved one. .

    In addition, EXO's 5th Album "DON’T MESS UP MY TEMPO" which is released through various music sites on November 2 is composed of 11 tracks of various genres. The title song 'Tempo' It is expected to get a good response from global music fans because she can enjoy EXO 's charming transformation expressing the man' s mind not to disturb the tempo with her.

    On the other hand, EXO's the 5th Album 'DON’T MESS UP MY TEMPO' will be released on November 2nd.

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    NEW A goddess who eats well, this time Milmyeon X A bowl of rice topped with pork Stimulation of salivary glands!
    The transformation of Kwon Yuri, which depicts the pity of a new employee!

    Kwon Yuri (Girls' Generation YURI, SM) storm tears caught my eye.

    Kwon Yuri took on the role of new salesman Bok Seung Ah at MBC drama '대장금이 보고 있다'.

    Bok Seung Ah, who had an awkward relationship with Han San Hae (Shin Dong Wook) and an unexpected kiss on the last episode broadcast on October 25, was the first to meet a customer with a serious problem in his test drive I was drawn to sadness.

    Especially, after finishing the day when I felt the difficulties of social life, I sat in front of the convenience store and talked with my mother. The scenery was filled with the tears of Kwon Yuri.

    In addition to the pork belly and chicken, this show also includes a Milmyeon and bowl of rice topped with pork. Late night, the salivary glands of viewers were once again stimulated. Kwon Yuri, who became the goddess of eating broadcasts, Dragged.

    On the other hand, "대장금이 보고 있다" is only eaten, and it is broadcasted every Thursday night at 11:10 in the drama which stimulates the romance of the triad and the salivary gland to eat.

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    Finishing trip to South France healing!

    The final episode of Girls' Generation-Oh!GG (SM) reality program 'Girl Forest' will be released on October 26th.

    'Girl Forest', which will be released on November 26 at 11:00 am on Naver TV, will catch the attention of viewers as Girls' Generation-Oh!GG is delightfully finishing the last day of their trip to South France.

    Day broadcasting in doubles the fun's members to each wearing a colorful dress picked as favorite garden to meet hwagiaeae one look and trainee days of the fact that such a storm chat site found a new over the first impression, the trip felt as a party enjoying the dinner.

    In addition, 'Girl Forest' is a program that contains the healing Travels of Girls' Generation-Oh!GG gone to the South of France, Taeyeon ∙ Sunny ∙ Yuri ∙ Hyoyeon ∙ Yoona various episodes and with time to experience the day-to-day with handwritten wish list The members shared their memories with each other and showed colorful stories to discover new faces.

    Meanwhile, 'Girl Forest' last inning will be broadcast on JTBC2 at 11 pm on October 27th.

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    The only one talk show in the world that was unfolded at Key's azit! Received favorable end!
    'Key' continues to play!

    SHINee Key (SM)'s sole talk show '청담Key친' was concluded.

    In the last session of '청담Key친' broadcast on October 25, BoA and Park Sung Kwang appeared and BoA's honest music talk Of course, Park Sung Kwang's reversal of life to the life of the story was not available anywhere, I got a hot response to the charming stories.

    '청담Key친' was born with the idea of ​​'Key,' inviting guests from diverse fields such as idol, rapper, model, stylist, comedian, etc., I spent many hours of sympathy and healing and got many topics.

    In particular, Key has introduced new and colorful dishes such as pasta, steak, and tiramisu each time with pretty play, offering unique cooking skills, perfectly capturing the various tastes of the guests, and revealing the secrets of Key to make it easy for viewers to follow the cooking. .

    In addition, Key creates a friendly and relaxed atmosphere as a host. It shows the excellent performance of MC by making a talk show that shows the honest self-heartedness of the guest, and brings up the constant request of Season 2, I confirmed it.

    Key is always on the receipt that guest wrote, "Talk and cooking which I shared in '청담Key친'" and this atmosphere seems to be remembered and to be missed. Goodbye for a moment, "the end of the program, wrote a testimony to show affection for the program.

    On the other hand, Key is currently showing outstanding performances every week on the TVN entertainment program '놀라운 토요일'. He is about to release his first solo album in November, and will finish his filming as an actor. It is expected.

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    Park Sung Kwang's A to Z
    Park Sung Kwang "It may be a failure, but it is a fun time to experience various things"
    Unique Pleasantness & A funny picture

    Park Sung Kwang's pictorial with a hearty yet witty appearance was unveiled.

    Park Sung Kwang, who has been performing in a wide range of performances ranging from performing arts program to music program MC to radio guest, has been shooting fashion magazine 'GRAZIA' and taking pictures, showing a variety of charms ranging from unique joy to seriousness.

    Park Sung Kwang, a public photographer wearing a yellow check pattern pants and a red knit vest, shows a natural and fashionable face. He has a small face in his hand and makes a bitter look. .

    Through other photographs, I gaze seriously at the camera, laughingly humorously, and show a pose that is as professional as the professional model.

    In addition, after an interview, Park Sung Kwang said, "It's been a year since I challenged the arts, and everything is amazing." It may be a failure, but it is a fun time to experience it. The entertainment is not the right answer, but constantly changing, it is difficult but charming, "he said, revealing his genuine enthusiasm.

    Meanwhile, an interview with Park Sung Kwang's picture can be found in the fashion magazine 'GRAZIA' November issue.

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    - 'the guest' Kim Dong Wook, 'anger and hatred' Kim Dong Wook's true 'proof'
    - 'the guest' Kim Dong Wook, the crisis that makes you sweat your hands! 'Shock ending'

    'The guest' Kim Dong Wook has a strong attraction to his character.

    Kim Dong Wook is playing the role of Yoon Hwa Pyung in the OCN drama 'the guest' and is playing the role of chasing the evil Park Il Do, who risks himself and others. On the 25th, 'the guest', which was broadcast on the 25th, recorded an average rating of 3.4%, up 3.7%.

    Earlier, Yoon Hwa Pyung received an urgent call from Yookwang (Lee Won-jong) that Park Il Do was known. Yoon Hwa Pyung went to find Yookwang and found Yookwang standing on the road in a bloody appearance. But this was the soul of Yookwang. Yoo Hume Good efficacy Yoon Hwa Pyung came to see Yookwang's death process.

    Kim Dong Wook delivered Yoon Hwa Pyung's bitter pangs with shaking eyes and confused look after discovering the death of Yookwang, who was the sole support for the tragedy of himself and his family. I also found out that Yookwang went to Sangyangjin because of Choi Yoon (Kim Jae Wook), and instantly showed Choi Yoon angered by him. Yoon Hwa Pyung, who is grabbing the strings of reason, is in a state of peril.

    In addition, Kim Dong Wook was able to confirm the true value of Yang Shin-bu (An Nae Sang) after he was convinced that Park Il Do was a fan of Yang Shin-bu. Park Il Do poured out sorrows and sorrows, irresistible anger and hatred to repel the lost loved ones.

    As such, Kim Dong Wook is convincing the audience with a strong emotional performance that makes Yoon Hwa Pyung feel confident and psychologically confronted. Kim Dong Wook is expected to play an active part in the tragedy because he is actively portraying extreme emotions in a tragedy and is receiving a favorable response from viewers.

    On the other hand, viewers were shocked again when Yoon Hwa Pyung faced a crisis when he was stabbed in the ending. The OCN drama 'the guest', which raises the question of how to untangle the knot, will remain only two times before finalization.

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    Meeting of  Kim Sung Ki - Shin Heung Jae and Lee Su Geun
    Billiards skills + fun and broadcasting to eat
    Netizen Expectation UP

    Lee Su Geun channel, which has been pushing up its subscriber base by surpassing 10 million users, is reported to have been confronted with 'First Media'.

    'First Media' is a popular YouTube channel that has attracted consensus and laughter from various situations and comic dialogues by Kim Sung Ki and Shin Heung Jae who are from UCC.

    Therefore, netizens' attention is focused on the news that the first media appeared on Lee Su Geun, and their curiosity about billiard skills is gathering.

    An official of the 'Lee Su Geun Channel', said, "Although the billiard skills are good, we are prepared to have fun in the field and to have a great game."

    On the other hand, the Lee Su Geun channel vs 1 media game will be released on YouTube 'Lee Su Geun Channel' on the 26th.

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    US Forbes "NCT 127, quickly positioned as the future representative of K-POP" Attention!

    NCT 127 (SM) is continuing to lead the way in the first regular album.

    NCT #127 Regular-Irregular, which was released on October 12th, is the first album for ‘NCT #127 Regular-Irregular’ for the second consecutive week on October 3rd (October 14th ~ 20th) I once again confirmed the powerful power of the NCT 127.

    In addition, NCT 127 was ranked 86th on the Billboard 200, the second largest album of the K-Pop Boys group, as well as the iTunes total album charts in the top 22 in the world and Xiami Music The Korean music chart ranks # 1, Hanteo Chart, Synnara Record # 2 on Korean music charts for 2 consecutive weeks, and music broadcasting # 2 for 1 consecutive week.

    In addition, the US economic magazine Forbes published an article titled 'NCT 127 Debuts On Billboard 200' with 'Regular-Irregular' As They Look Toward The World 'on October 23 (local time) It caught my eye.

    "NCT 127 is quickly becoming a global player in the future of K-POP," said Forbes. "They are very active in the Billboard 200, I was successful. "

    On the other hand, NCT 127 is actively performing as a new song 'Regular'.

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    Songs included 'With You' CHANYEOL lyrics, song participation! Sweet emotion notice!

    EXO (SM) who comeback with new song 'Tempo' catches the eye by revealing the teaser of member BAEKHYUN.

    On October 25, 'Circuit #BaekHyun', which was revealed through various SNS EXO official accounts including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc., shows BAEKHYUN, a sexy and dreamy atmosphere, and the spoiler of the regular 5th album 'With You' It is able to meet the sound source, and it is getting explosive reaction of global fans.

    The song 'With You', which is included in this video, is an R & B pop genre song with a sensual synthesizer and electrotrap element. The member CHANYEOL has been involved in writing and composing, becoming more and more like each other, The words that shine increase the sweet atmosphere of the song.

    In addition, you can meet BAEKHYUN's teaser image on EXO's official homepage. As the teaser for each member is released, the concept of digestive power and visuals like a unique concept attracts attention and boosts expectations for comeback.

    On the other hand, EXO's regular 5th album 'DON’T MESS UP MY TEMPO' will be released on November 2 at 6:00 pm on various music sites and will be released on the same day.

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