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    Kang Ho Dong x Lee Su Geun, I finally met on YouTube 'Lee Su Geun Channel'!
    From 'chemistry' to 'game'!
    Pleasant billiard confrontation unfolds!
    Kang Ho Dong vs All-around Sportsman Lee Su Geun,
    Billions of entertainers in the entertainment industry plan to face each other

    Kang Ho Dong appears as a special guest on YouTube 'Lee Su Geun Channel'.

    Kang Ho Dong will appear as a guest on "Lee Su Geun Channel," one of the most notable channels on YouTube, reaching 100,000 subscribers in recent years, and will play a fierce billiards showdown with Lee Su Geun.

    With Kim Hee Chul, Kang Ho Dong, who had been cheering for the song "Lee Su Geun Channel" to encourage his subscribers and likes, once again appeared in direct broadcasts and once again showed his strong support.

    In particular, Kang Ho Dong, known as 'Billiard Mania' who is famous for his favorite billiards, has appeared in 'Lee Su Geun Channel', 'Our League - Billiards', and shows his ability to sharpen .

    Kang Ho Dong and Lee Su Geun, who are well known billiards of the entertainment industry, are not only attracted to the confrontation that they meet, but also the two people who are known as good friends meet on the online channel instead of TV broadcasting for a long time. It will also be a watching point if you will show.

    On the other hand, a trailer for YouTube 'Lee Su Geun', which appears as guest of Kang Ho Dong, will be released on the 24th.

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    The second highest ranking of K-pop boy group of the past!
    Billboard "proudly create their own city and world-wide fandom" Favorite!

    'K-POP Sensation' NCT 127 (SM) is the debut album of the United States and the Billboard 200 main album chart 'Billboard 200'.

    According to an article entitled 'NCT 127 Earn First Billboard 200 Entry With' Regular-Irregular 'Album, released on October 22 (local time), NCT 127's first full-length album' NCT #127 Regular-Irregular' first appeared in' Billboard 200 'with 86th place, which made NCT 127's hot global power felt.

    In addition, Billboard has confirmed that NCT 127 is the second in the history of the Billboard 200 in the history of the K-POP Boys. I added meaning as much as.

    In addition, they released their first album "Jimmy Kimmel Live", "Regular" on their debut, "UP NEXT" with K-POP singer for the first time and "AMA Red Carpet" "This Boy Group, based in Seoul, is proud to have successfully created its own city and world-wide fandom," said Lee. .

    NCT 127's regular album 'NCT #127 Regular-Irregular' contains 11 tracks including the title track 'Regular' of the addictive 'Latin Trap' genre. Comprehensive album chart No.1 in 22 regions of the world, China Xiami Music Korean music chart No.1 is getting good response.

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    Includes 5 regular songs 'Gravity' spoiler music! CHANYEOL song participation!

    EXO(SM) to Comeback with new song 'Tempo' released member D.O.'s teaser.

    23 October Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. 'Circuit #D.O.' public image through EXO account of the various SNS will meet spoiler source of compelling the appearance of the wild charms D.O. and regular home five songs 'Gravity' It is also raising expectations for the new album.

    Divine Comedy 'Gravity' has had matchwot retro sound and the song of the funky electronica pop genre, rhythm stands out, 'Monster', 'Lotto', again and breathing is a UK-produced team LDN Noise tasks such as 'Power' EXO , Member CHANYEOL participates in the lyrics, and the lyrics to gravitate to gravitate to gravitate to catch her.

    In addition EXO through the official website from 23 October 'DON’T MESS UP MY TEMPO' watch the progress teaser image Hit the numbers associated with the member quiz in this album 'CIRCUIT EXO' pages tailored to the concept Teaser Promo We are able to do, and it is doubling fun more.

    Meanwhile, EXO regular five home 'DON’T MESS UP MY TEMPO' are songs sound public through various music sites such as at 6:00 pm on November 2 Melon, Genie, iTunes, Sporty Pie, Apple Music, Xiami Music, Music degree It will be released on the same day.

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    Including four songs of your own All 10 songs recorded in various genres!
    Highlight Medley Video October 23rd at 12 o'clock! Amplify the expectation!

    'No.1 Musician' BoA (SM) entered the 9th Full Album 'WOMAN' comeback countdown.

    BoA's 9th Full Album 'WOMAN' will be released on October 24th at 6pm on various music sites such as Melon, Genie, iTunes, Sporty Pie, Apple Music and Xiami Music. It is expected that the music fans will be interested in the music.

    In particular, this title song 'Woman' is a pop dance song that perfectly harmonizes with vocals full of rhythmical and cheerful sound, and BoA expresses the lady who is in charge of lyric writing. It is enough to feel charisma.

    In addition, 'Like it!' Is an R & B Future Bass dance song with impressive lyrics that are provocative and aggressive to opponents at first sight. 'Encounter' is a bright progressive house song, It draws attention by expressing sensibly the contents that jump into dangerous love that can not be predicted.

    In addition, 'Irreversible', which is a song that realizes the story of a lover who breaks away with emotions of the moment, 'Irreversible', a combination of piano and brass string sound with vocals and chorus, reminiscent of 'Jamming' Little More ', a song that honestly expresses the intention of understanding a lover's mistake, and' If ', a combination of the voices of the vocalist BoA, and the meaning of' Let's spend time for ourselves once in a lifetime ' And 'No Limit', which contains the message. It also confirms the aspect of 'Singer Song Lighter' once again.

    In addition to this, there is also a song called 'Good Love', which is composed of Shin 's pop' U & I 'featuring a light synth synthesizer sound, a funky drum, a soft piano and other interesting elements,' Good Love ' It is composed of 10 songs including R & B pop music 'I want you back' which adds to the sophistication, and you can enjoy the colorful music world of BoA.

    In addition, on October 23, at 12 o'clock, a highlights medley video will be released on the official homepage, YouTube, and Naver TV SMTOWN channel. to be.

    On the other hand, BoA will hold a showcase to commemorate the release of 9th Full Album at SMTOWN THEATER on October 24 at 8 pm and the scene will be broadcast live on the SMTOWN channel of Naver V LIVE.

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    My memory is back!
    The power of DOH KYUNG SOO to persuade viewers with only minute changes of facial expression

    DOH KYUNG SOO (EXO D.O., SM) caught the eye with dramatic and extreme acting.

    DOH KYUNG SOO is acting with the genealogy of the dramatic romantic comedy King, bringing the charm of reversal between "Won Deuk" who lost his memory in the TVN drama ‘백일의 낭군님’

    In the 13th episode, Lee Yul, who came back to the palace, was in a crisis but he was recognized as a prince and received advice.

    In addition, Lee Yul found memories of childhood in the end of the broadcast and the red lotus, and reunited with Hong Shim (Nam Ji Hyun).

    DOH KYUNG SOO expresses the tension of the drama by expressing calmness and charisma when it is time to show the Crown Prince who returned from this time again, but delicately draws sensibility which is shaken with warm eye as in front of Hong Shim It has been popularized by immersing viewers in dramas and dramas.

    On the other hand, DOH KYUNG SOO has been a hot favorite for the second consecutive week in TV drama performances. ‘백일의 낭군님’ also topped the list of top TV ratings in the drama category, 13 episodes broadcasted an average of 11.3%, up 14.4% (paid platform nationwide / Nielsen Korea provided) It is the first place in the same time zone, and it is consolidating the strongest place.

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    - Eddy Kim announces 'Miles Apart' mini-album on the 11th with his farewell theme
    - Eddy Kim "Songs that are not enough even if all 6 songs are titles"

    Singer-songwriter Eddy Kim released a pictorial interview with a more immersive sensibility.

    Eddy Kim told the story of his new album "Miles Apart," which was released in the November issue of fashion magazine <GRAZIA> on November 20, and his music.

    Eddy Kim, who released his new album in three years and nine months, expressed strong confidence that it was a more accomplished album than ever.

    "I think it's more important to keep tabs on the charts, but in the end, it's more important for people to share and like my story," he said. "In that sense, I thought it was a title song for 3 years and 9 months, so I collected the songs I wrote and the album quality was high. "

    "If Eddy Kim defines down-music as a word, it seems to be" a moment. "" How colorful and enormous is it when you take a moment in a person's life? I am expressing emotions of the moment so that my feelings are not one, and my songs seem to be completed in various genres. "

    It is soccer that makes Eddy Kim excited these days.

    "Nowadays me and Jeong Jun-young and Roy Kim are all crazy about soccer. "There is a group chat room, and new soccer information, where to go this week, and a notice to share each other's schedules," he said. "Soccer is the best fun I can change to anything these days."

    The story he wants to tell is healing.
    Eddy Kim said, "I always thought that I would always like to be regarded as a singer-songwriter, but nowadays I have a bigger idea that I want to give it." "Music that is comforting, I want to be a helper, so I am growing up. "

    On the other hand, Eddy Kim has released a new album, and the title song 'Trace'.

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    - In Gyo Jin, hot popular! Prove to be hot in 2018
    - In Gyo Jin, the drama 'At the moment' - Challenge the dramatic characters with 'Good Die'!

    In Gyo Jin has been active in various fields and has gained a hot love.

    In Gyo Jin is a new starter who added vitality to the drama 'Ms.Perfect', 'Fight For My Way' and 'Jugglers' in 2017. Especially, it made a nasty character as a lovely villain with unique delightful charm and has been loved by viewers. He was a candidate to act as a supporting actor for the 2017 KBS drama, and was fiercely contested.

    And in 2018, In Gyo Jin joined the SBS entertainment program with his actress and wife, So E Hyun, as a new 'national love'. Through the reality entertainment program, In Gyo Jin's humanistic charm and romanticist for his wife, So E Hyun, are clearly revealed. In Gyo Jin-So E Hyun is popular with the Best Couple Award of the 2018 brand of the year.

    Thanks to such a high likelihood, In Gyo Jin recently said that the love of the advertising industry is increasing. In addition, In Gyo Jin is acted as a drama, and the attention of the public and the industry is getting more and more intense.

    First, In Gyo Jin meets viewers from KBS W drama 'At the moment' to 'Myung Woon'. It is a curiosity to show curiosity that it differs from the character which In Gyo Jin showed mainly in the still and the image which had been publicized through online online.

    He also appeared in KBS drama 'Good Die'. Kang In Han, the president of the company, will play the role of the successor and lead the fun of drama.

    In this way, In Gyo Jin is performing in various fields such as drama, entertainment, advertisement.

    On the other hand, KBS W drama 'At the moment' starring In Gyo Jin will be broadcasted at 11 pm on the 24th, and Kim Hyun-joong and Ahn Ji Hyun will appear.

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    NCT 127 (SM) is continuing to be No. 1 on its first full album.

    NCT 127 is the first full album released on October 12, 'NCT # 127 Regular-Irregular', released on October 22, Hanteo Chart, Synnara Record music charts for two consecutive weeks, did.

    This album has won the first place in the weekly charts of various record charts as well as the first place in the world total 22 charts of iTunes album charts, the first place in China music chart of Xiami Music, and the first place in SBS MTV 'THE SHOW' I have shown the high interest of music fans.

    NCT 127's regular album 'NCT # 127 Regular-Irregular' features 11 tracks of various charms including the title track 'Regular' of the addictive 'Latin Trap' genre. It communicates through 'dreams' 'Is one of the NCT's world view reflects the organic texture and rich storytelling has gained a good response.

    On the other hand, NCT 127 will be on stage at SBS MTV '2018 THE SHOW Peace Concert' on Oct. 23 and will present the new song "Regular".

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    EXO's fascinating warning, the title song 'Tempo'!
    The transformation of EXO is infinity! Expectation is rising vertically!

    'K-POP King' EXO (SM) will comeback with a new song 'Tempo'.

    EXO's 5th full album 'DON’T MESS UP MY TEMPO' will be released on November 2 at 6.00pm through various music sites such as Melon, Genie, iTunes, Sporty Pie, Apple Music and Xiami Music. Are expected to gain a high level of interest.

    This album contains the Korean and Chinese versions of the title song 'Tempo', including nine tracks of melodies, including fire, space movement, power, light, ice, wind, lightning, healing, The songs are recorded, enough to meet EXO's colorful music colors.

    In particular, the title song "Tempo" is a hip-hop dance genre with an energetic bass line and rhythmical drums, EXO's fresh a cappella composition, and likes her beloved "melody" The lyrics express the heart of the charm doubles.

    EXO also raises the expectation of comeback by showing 'Tempo Concept Short Film' and posters, which have a wild appeal through official website and Youtube, Naver TV SMTOWN channel and various SNS EXO accounts.

    On the other hand, EXO's 5th full album 'DON’T MESS UP MY TEMPO' will be released on November 2nd.

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    Title song 'Woman' MV Second teaser video Noon! Forget about topic!
    'Girl Crush' BoA (SM) gives a unique stage to feel the unique charisma.
    BoA will start on KBS2TV 'Music Bank' on Oct. 26 and will show MBC 'Show! Music Core', and SBS 'Inkigayo' on 28th, it is expected to catch the attention of BoA's charming vocals and brilliant performances by showing the stage of the 9th Full Album 'Woman'.

    In addition, on October 22 at 12:00 pm, the second teaser video of the title song 'Woman' music video was released through BoA's official website, YouTube, and Naver TV's SMTOWN channel. It was transformed into an intense yet fascinating concept, A part of 'Woman' sound source is also inserted, which seems to amplify the expectations for the new song.

    In addition, BoA has also written four songs, Irreversible, Little More, If and No Limit, as well as the title song "Woman" and the song "Encounter" It proved once again, and I can meet all 10 songs of various genres, and a hot reaction is expected.

    On the other hand, BoA's 9th Full Album 'WOMAN' will be released on Oct. 24 at 6.00pm through various music sites such as Melon, Genie, iTunes, Sporty Pie, Apple Music and Xiami Music. Is expected.

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