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    - Kim Dong Wook, revealing behind-the-wall stealing! More hot enthusiasm from behind the camera!
    - Kim Dong Wook, the secret of high acting skills? Anytime, anywhere, "Script study"

     'The guest' Kim Dong Wook's taking a passion for acting, Behind Steele was released.

    Kim Dong Wook is leading the play with the role of Yoon Hwa Pyung, who struggles to save them from the OCN drama 'the guest', considering the evil spirits as victims.

    Kim Dong Wook, in the public photos, does not leave the script in his hands regardless of time and place. Kim Dong Wook's enthusiasm, responsibility, and love for the work are felt in the scene where he breathed with other actors in a busy shooting scene or discussing with the staff in earnest.

    Kim Dong Wook's efforts to immerse the character are one of the factors that cause viewers' 'Hwa Pyung addiction' with various qualities such as' life character ',' believe actor ',' detail artisan '. This is also linked to the popularity of 'the guest'.

    'The guest' is well received as a charm of the fresh genre called 'Korean real exorcism' by Kim Dong Wook and actors of supporting actors including solid actors, In addition, every time before and after the start of the broadcast portal site real-time search terms, such as capturing the topic has been steadily being loved by viewers.

    In the last 9 episodes, Yoon Hwa Pyung came to realize that Park Hong Joo (Kim Hye Eun) was not a 'hands' Park Il Do with the help of Jung Seo Yoon (Heo Yul) So the viewers are in 'Park Il Do' searching for Yoon Hwa Pyung, who has been searching for Park Il Do.

    As such, Kim Dong Wook 's efforts to attract and exhilarate performances give a sense of reality to characters and dramas, leading to the immersion of viewers.

    Meanwhile, Yoon Hwa Pyung, Choi Yoon (Kim Jae Wook), and Kang Gil-young (Jung Eun Chae) gathered together to share the love of family lost by evil spirits. guest 'is broadcast 11 times 10 a night on the 11th.

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    KimSooRo "These days, multi-tainer is popular"
    All-around entertainer 'Mentor KimSooRo' is expected to perform

    KimSooRo turned into a delightful charismatic acting mentor.

    SBS plus 'SUEPR MODEL 2018 SURVIVAL', which was broadcasted on the last 10 days, has been shown to screen the successful candidates of the first round of contestants. After joining Jang Yoon Joo, Kim Won Joong and SUNNY, KimSooRo joined as a mentor .

    KimSooRo was mentioned as a similar mentor to Ha Jung Woo from the beginning, and added to his joy. He also said his first debut was his model debut, and it was a jeans model in '93.

    In addition, KimSooRo said, "It is not my place if I just pull out the model." I also expressed my determination to participate as a mentor because "I am very interested in multi-container nowadays.

    KimSooRo, an all-around entertainer who has acted as an individual actor and creative director regardless of genre, has been promoted as the acting mentor of 'SUEPR MODEL 2018 SURVIVAL'. KimSooRo's unique charisma mentoring will bring up the talents and abilities of applicants. Is expected to play an important role.

    Meanwhile, SBS plus 'SUEPR MODEL 2018 SURVIVAL' is broadcast every Wednesday at 8:00 pm.

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    - BUSAN starts on November 10th, and continues until 2019 with SEONGNAM, GIMHAE, INCHEON, SEOUL, DAEGU and ULSAN.
    - In August, the first prose book <계절은 너에게 배웠어> Published ... I do not want to tell the story from the concert
    - Ticket for SEOUL performance open at 8 pm on the 11th!

    Singer YoonJongShin will hold the 2018 national tour concert "계절은 너에게 배웠어".

    YoonJongShin started on BUSAN on November 10, SEONGNAM on November 24, GIMHAE on December 8, INCHEON on December 6, SEOUL on December 24, DAEGU on December 29, ULSAN on January 19, 2019, etc. We will tour the whole country.

    Singer songwriter YoonJongShin singing the sensibility of the season. I wrote down my unconscious minds and it became a story and I published the first prose book "계절은 너에게 배웠어" in August of this year. It will be a melody in the stories that are not heard, and it will be filled with the lull in the 2018 national tour concert.

    YoonJongShin's performances have been steadily loved, covering a variety of ages from teenagers to 70s.

    The reason why his performances are so loved is that he has the familiarity of long-time broadcasting activities but the diligence of YoonJongShin who is always trying to show a lot of famous songs that are based on various musical genres.

    In this performance, YoonJongShin will draw on the stage a frank talk about love and separation, sorrow and happiness, music and poetry, and life and creation.

    Following the opening of BUSAN tickets, the tickets will be available nationwide starting with SEOUL performance at 8 pm on November 11.

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    The world's top four fashion week ended on the last three days. ESteem models have attracted more attention this season, with their varied performances in models and global fashion influencers taking part in fashion shows.

    Jung Ho Yeon, who has already been acknowledged on the overseas stage, has won four major fashion week on 15 main show runways such as 'CHANEL', 'BURBERRY', 'Tory Burch' and 'Prabal Gurung' this season. There was no trademark red hair, but still charismatic enough to capture the attention of global fashion people.

    SooJoo has been on big brand runways such as 'ANNA SUI', 'Moschino' and 'Balmain' this season, following last season. In addition to 'CHANEL', 'Moschino', 'Valentino' and 'Longchamp' I invited them to the place. In particular, at PRADA's 'Linea Rossa' re-launch event, he led the scene by taking direct deejing and attended a charity party to support children with mental and physical disabilities during the collection period.

    Irene also appeared as an influenza on major fashion shows such as' YSL', 'CHANEL', 'Calvin Klein', 'Marc Jacobs',' Michael Kors' and 'Runway model' in 'Alessandra Rich' fashion show I caught sight.

    AhnAhReum, who recently showed her strength as a visual directing in fashion magazine <HYPEBAE>, showed a global influencer in Paris Fashion Week receiving famous brands such as LOUIS VUITTON, Vivienne Westwood and Maison Margiela. AhnAhReum, who participated in the fashion show as an influencer, received the attention of people with his unique aura and charisma.
    In addition, Kim Joo Hyun attended seven New York Fashion Week shows and received a beautiful silhouette as a spotlight. Kim Do Jin received a stunning walk and unrivaled charisma in 'LIBERTINE' and 'TOW'. Yeo In Hyuk, Kim Sang Woo, Chun Jin Ho and Tae Eun overwhelmed the audience with their unique personality and energetic energy in their own shows such as 'Tod's' and 'Ralph Lauren'. Kim Da Young and Cha Soo Min joined the PUSH BUTTON as the first Korean model to showcase their first collection show in London.

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    - 6 songs including 'Trace' title song, all lyrics / composition ...
    - Eddy Kim's deep and deep music that came with the cold wind blowing autumn ...
    - New album for 3 years and 9 months ... 11th music recital, Naver V live 'Loop Top Live'

    Singer songwriter Eddy Kim will release his new album 'Miles Apart' on November 11th.

    Eddy Kim, the master of the confessional song that has mainly made a dazzling sense of humor, is going to show more mature and ripe music in this album with the theme of the first farewell of his debut.

    # 3 years and 9 months new album ... best music densely packed

    'Miles Apart' is Eddy Kim's third mini album after 2014's 'The Manual' and 2015's 'Sing Sing Sing'.

    After the second album, I continuously released digital music sources such as 'Paldangdam', 'My Lips Like Warm Coffee', 'Heart pound', 'You are so beautiful' and 'While You Were Sleeping' It is only nine months a year.

    Eddy Kim has a musical desire to try out various genres freely in a single unit, while trying to bring out the best music in the album.

    All six songs on this Mini 3 album are planned to show the charm of a song worthy of a song with a variety of ambient songs that contain Eddy Kim's color.

    Eddy Kim's True Story

    His new album, "Miles Apart," contains a story about things that left the subject.

    Eddy Kim, who was 29 years old, had a lot of feelings through pain and longing after the end of love.

    In this album, he will try to bring out the sympathy of the public with authentic music rather than writing lyrics based on his own experiences.

    'Miles Apart' contains six songs including 'Last', '사랑 모양', '달라', '초능력' and 'Miles Apart' including the title track 'Trace'.

    'Trace' is an R & B song written by Eddy Kim in lyrics written by a man who is sick because of the traces of love left after the parting.

    A sophisticated melody based on pop sound, Eddy Kim's soft tone, and heartbreaking lyrics add to the sensation of autumn.

    # Produced by the overall album production

    As usual, Eddy Kim has composed all songs in this album as well. He has composed songs of Zion.T 'Yanghwa BRDG' Seo Won Jin, jazz musician Yoon Suk Chul, producer cloud, Kim Dong Ryul 'Reply' arranger Jung Soo Min Collaboration has improved perfection.

    Yoon Jong Shin and Jo Jung Chi in the 1st and 2nd houses have been helping producers of top musicians in the company. This time, not only the works but also the album jacket and visuals, I showed my competence.

    Eddy Kim will announce his new song through the release date of 11th music recital, Naver V live 'Loop Top Live' and will meet with fans through various music broadcasting activities.

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    Good Morning America, Access, Extra, Billboard, etc.

    NCT 127 (SM) has adorned the red carpet of the 2018 American Music Awards.

    NCT 127 was invited as an emerging K-POP star by the US major music awards ceremony '2018 American Music Awards' and received a red carpet event at the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, California, on October 9 at 3:00 pm I attended and gained the attention of music fans and local media around the world.

    The NCT 127 members have been red-carpeted on the red carpet and have been bombarded with countless camera flashes, started a red carpet interview with the host, Scott Evans, Laura Marano's introduction to the "international superstar", "American Music Awards It is a great honor to be here for the first time. I would like to thank the fans who watched and the American Music Awards that I invited. "In addition to the English testimonials," I am grateful to many fans in Korea, I got a lot of cheers from domestic and foreign fans.

    In particular, Scott Evans, who had a strong interest in NCT 127's hit song "Cherry Bomb" at the red carpet interview, suggested a dance match and a short concert performance on the spot, Point choreography of the choreographer, and together with the action, led to a friendly atmosphere.

    In addition, NCT 127 greets famous stars such as Tyra Banks, Ty Dolla Sign and pose together.

    In addition, NCT 127 has been featured on ABC 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!', Apple Music 'UP NEXT' as the first Asian singer, 'Mickey's 90th Spectacular' 'Good Morning America', 'Access',' Extra ',' E! News', 'ET', 'Billboard' and other media.

    On the other hand, NCT 127 will release its first regular album 'NCT 127 # Regular-Irregular' on various music sites on October 12, and will perform its first comeback stage in KBS2TV 'Music Bank'.

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    New song 'Regular' including hit song highlight performance prehistoric!
    ABC representative program 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' Followed by NBC, E! TV up and down the beauty TV!

    NCT 127 (SM) has appeared on various US TV channels.

    NCT 127 will be appearing live on Oct. 9 on the popular Morning Show 'Good Day LA' of famous broadcasting company FOX 11 on October 9, following the signboard program 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' Of American terrestrial TV ABC on October 8 (local time) I attracted local viewers by showing various charms.

    In 'Good Day LA', NCT 127 says, "You've been waiting a long time. Next is NCT 127, one of the hottest groups in South Korea. "An interview with Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Apple Music 'UP NEXT' and other interviews I asked the anchor to ask me to speak Korean, and I communicated with my friend, saying "Good Day LA" as a Korean "Good Day LA".

    In addition, members TAEYONG, MARK, JAEHYUN, JOHNNY and YUTA showed highlights such as 'Fire Truck', 'LIMITLESS', 'Cherry Bomb' and 'Regular', and they were impressed with the anchor's " Not only did he give in earnestly, but he also had time to let him know the point choreography.

    The anchor also said that NCT 127's first full-length album will be released on December 12, and after watching the music video "Regular", he said, "I fell in love."

    'Good Day LA' is the representative morning news and entertainment program of FOX 11, which is broadcast live every week from 7:00 AM to 10:00 AM (West US) every Monday to Friday. It was launched in 1993 and has been loved for 25 years. And news and performances covering various social issues, entertainments and sports news in the United States, and the 9th anniversary of NCT 127 was featured by famous stars such as Dean Cain and John Schneider. .

    In addition, NCT 127 will be available on NBC 'Access Hollywood', the largest entertainment channel E! News' as well as various entertainment programs and video tapes, and these performers will be able to meet through broadcasting later, and local interest is expected to be higher.

    On the other hand, NCT 127 will release its first regular album 'NCT # 127 Regular' consisting of 11 tracks including title song 'Regular' on various music sites such as Melon, Genie, iTunes, Sporty Pie, Apple Music, -Irregular 'of all songs.

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    # 'Something New' album # new song # brilliant performance stage notice!

    Girls' Generation TAEYEON (SM), a vocal queen who believes and listens, presents a variety of stages and charms through this solo concert.
    TAEYEON's third solo concert <'s ... TAEYEON CONCERT> will be held from 20th to 21st of October, and it will raise the expectation by meeting TAEYEON's fascinating vocal performances, live performances and brilliant performances.
    In particular, TAEYEON will be releasing the first full-length stage of the third mini-album "Something New", which will be released in June and well-received as a well-made album. It is expected to get.

    In addition, a new stage is prepared for this concert, and TAEYEON 's spectacular performance can be seen together with the stage.

    On the other hand, Girls' Generation-Oh! GG's healing trip reality 'Girl Forest' is broadcasted every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 11:00 am on Naver TV and on TV every Saturday night at 11:00 JTBC2 .
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    "Meetings of Korean and Mexican Legend Boy Band"

    US famous media billboard reported SUPER JUNIOR's new song 'One More Time (Otra Vez) (Feat. REIK)'.

    Billboard will announce the release of SUPER JUNIOR's special mini-album on October 9 (local time) on its official website, and the title track 'One More Time (Otra Vez) (Feat. REIK) Two boy bands collaborated over different cultures to create a dance song that sweetened Latin pop elements. "

    In addition, Billboard released the song "Lo Siento (Feat. Leslie Grace)", the title song of SUPER JUNIOR's regular 8th album released on April 12, with South American female soloist Leslie Grace, "This year's Latin music is focused on SUPER JUNIOR, which has swept the K-pop market in 2010 since Sorry, Sorry in 2009." did.

    In addition, the music video, "SUPER JUNIOR and REIK between the close bond, and SUPER JUNIOR's military sensibility and luxury emotions flow overflowing," he praised.

    SUPER JUNIOR's 'One More Time', which was released on October 8th and all tracks are made up of Latin pops, is available on iTunes's comprehensive album charts in Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Bolivia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Peru, Panama, El Salvador, Nicaragua, It ranks first in 27 regions worldwide, including Qatar, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Cyprus, Malta, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, Oman, Macao, Malaysia and Japan, .

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    "It was fun because it was fun because it was DOH KYUNG SOO! 'Deferred postponement'
     The audience rating exceeded 10%! "DOH KYUNG SOO in the country is in pain"

    The details of DOH KYUNG SOO (EXO D.O., SM) are attracting attention.

    DOH KYUNG SOO is playing the role of 'Lee Yul', the prince who lost his memory and lost to Won Deuk in the TVN drama ‘백일의 낭군님’.

    In the episode of October 10 broadcasted on October 9, Lee Yul who went to Hanyang to find his memory heard the story of Mu Yeon (Kim Jae Young) that "the moment you are revealed, a lot of people will die" Deuk is trying to become a figure drawn to the attention.

    Especially Hong Shim (Nam Ji Hyun)​, followed by a back hug, and "I miss you for three days," I confessed to the viewers, and at the end of the broadcast, "I do not want to find memories, "And gave a clear message to Hong Shim that he wanted to live as a real Won Deuk.

    DOH KYUNG SOO understands the subtle emotional changes that come from the process of finding such romance and memories, but it does not miss the dramatic laughing points of cute bluff and jealousy, The audience in the audience of the theater, "DOH KYUNG SOO sickness" is making.

    In particular, the ratings of 10 episodes were 10.3% on average and 11.4% on average (paid platform nationwide / provided by Nielsen Korea), topping its own highest audience rating and topping the list of terrestrial TVs with "DOH KYUNG SOO Power" I felt it.

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