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    Red Velvet (SM) has released the members' IRENE and YERI teasers.

    Red Velvet, a comeback album for the regular 2nd album repackage album 'The Perfect Red Velvet', released the IRENE and YERI teasers, which show a mysterious atmosphere through the official homepage and Instagram on July 27, further boosting expectations for the new album.

    The Red Velvet 2nd Repackage album released on 6th of the afternoon at various music sites on the 29th is composed of 12 songs with nine new songs and three new songs added to the existing 2nd album and I was able to meet the rich music of Red Velvet .

    In particular, this title song 'Bad Boy' is addictive with a groovy synth melody and a heavy bass sound, and the lyrics contain the breathtaking feelings of a bad man and a woman who are attracted to each other. Is sufficient.

    On the other hand, Red Velvet's second studio album 'The Perfect Red Velvet' will be released on the 29th.

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    Action - Pleasure - Show multiple
    TVN drama stage 'Fighter Choi Gang Soon'
    27th (Sat) night at 12pm

    Actor Kangyewon is raising his expectation by announcing another transformation of acting through 'Fighter Ganggang Soon' of tvN 'Drama Stage'.

    'Fighter's Strongest', which will be broadcasted at 12 pm on Saturday, 27th, is an exciting punishment for women who fight against unrighteous injustice. Among the plays, Kangyewon will play the role of the main character 'Choi Gang Soon'.

    'Choi Gang Soon' is a person who has a sense of justice that can not be surpassed by injustice. However, Kangyewon presents the act of representing the emotion of our age by wisely handing over this crisis.

    Kangyewon is wearing a leather jacket and wearing sunglasses. Kangyewon is shrouded in a shrouded expression, but I'm wondering why she turned into a sister-in-law who would give her a sense of exhilaration.

    It is said that not only the costume but also the embarrassment in the actual shooting spot is even felt, adding to the curiosity. Kangyewon, who is not tired of taking action shooting all day long in a waste building, said that he surprised the crew by showing various action movements. Kangyewon's action scenes have gained a positive response from viewers in the recently released 'Fighter's Strongest' highlights video, which is expected to increase in the future.

    On the other hand, the one-act play 'The Fighter Choi Gang-soon' will be broadcasted on tvN at 12 pm on Saturday, 27th, which will provide a cool catharsis with a refreshing revenge.

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    HanSungMin, Davichi 'Time without you'

    HanSungMin, a member of ESteem Entertainment, has appeared on Davichi's music video.

    Davichi's third regular album '10', which was released on various music sites on the 25th, added a new melancholic mood to the sensation with the emergence of the new HanSungMin in the music video "Time You Are not There".

    The music video is a collection of stories by Kang DANIEL from the popular idol group Warner One.

    HanSungMin appeared as a separated lover of KANG DANIEL. Han Sung Min and Kang DANIEL are expressing the delicate sensibility of Davichi's sad sensibility vocals, which have been recognized as a masterpiece singing voice. In addition, HanSungMin transformed into a perfect figure in the form of a winter girl.

    The super hot rookie HanSungMin, which has recently emerged hot, attracts many people with its attractive appearance and mysterious atmosphere. Especially recently, the new music video of a new singer is showing a special atmosphere and chemi. With a professional appearance, it showed infinite potential and raised expectations for future moves.

    On the other hand, HanSungMin is going to spur activities as an entertainer.

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    Includes three new song titles including 'Bad Boy', a regular 2-pack repackaged album. Expectation UP!

    Red Velvet (SM), a non-substitute girl group, has unveiled the teasers of members WENDY and JOY who have turned into a different shape.

    Red Velvet is raising hopes for comeback on the official homepage and Instagram on the 26th by unveiling teaser images and images of WENDY and JOY that show the concept of mystery atmosphere.

    The Red Velvet 2-Pack Repackage Album 'The Perfect Red Velvet' consists of 12 songs, including nine new songs and three new songs, Bad Boy 'is a hip - hop - based R & B dance song, and the lyrics are fascinating to music fans, featuring the breathtaking feelings of bad men and women who are attracted to each other.

    In addition, with all the people around you, a discreet up-tempo pop dance song 'All Right' with a cheerful message to greet you tomorrow, a medium tempo R & B ballad song with impressive lyrics 'Time To Love' is also newly recorded, and it is expected to redraw the music system again with the rich music color of Red Velvet.

    On the other hand, Red Velvet's second studio album 'The Perfect Red Velvet' will be released on the 29th.

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    Music video produced by LA All locations simultaneously!

    Legend Girl Group Girls' Generation YURI (SM) and the new DJ 'Always Find You', a collaboration of notable DJ and producer Raiden, will be released.

    'Always Find You', which will be released as the 42nd song of SM 'STATION' season 2, will be released on various music sites such as Melon, Genie, Naver Music and Apple Music at 6 pm on the 26th, and the SMTOWN channel of YouTube and the SMTOWN channel of Naver TV Music video will be available at the same time, so global music fans are expected to pay high attention.

    This music video was produced in LA in USA, and it seems that YURI and Raiden will appear together and catch a glimpse of the day of a woman dreaming of a small deviation in daily life with flashback technique.

    In addition, the new song 'Always Find You' is a song of futuristic genre that shows the harmonious combination of sweet guitar sound and electronic beat. It is a wonderful combination of Raiden's sensual music color and YURI's charming vocals. Expectations are being amplified.

    On the other hand, 'STATION' Season 2 is loved every week by introducing high quality music and contents that were born through collaboration with various artists, producers and composers every week.

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    "If the audience rating is over 5%, I will go to a dancer" SHINDONG commitment topic! 'SUPER TV' Expectations UP!

    SUPER JUNIOR 's sole entertainment' SUPER TV 'finally takes off the veil.

    SUPER TV, which is scheduled to be broadcasted on the 26th through the entertainment channel XtvN, newly launched at CJ E & M, is a new concept variety show reviving various entertainment formats into SUPER JUNIOR's entertainment formulas. More expectation is gathered.

    Above all, SUPER JUNIOR previews TVN 's 3 Meals a Day, Prison Play Book, and Hotbrain in a teaser video, which will open on 4th of June. I am curious about '1 episode.

    Especially, 'SUPER TV' production presentation, including "SHINDONG 's viewership promise that" when the audience rating exceeds 5%, we will enter the dancing hall "," Visit RyeoWook' s Army Corps "," Members' witty promises will be the topic, and the future 'SUPER TV' is also expected to receive a lot of love from viewers.

    On the other hand, 'SUPERTV', SUPER JUNIOR 's i - turn' SUPER JUNIOR ', that' there is no madman without a less mad person ', will be broadcasted at XtvN at 11 o'clock on the night of 26th.

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    - Guitarist & Singer Song Lighter ChoJungChi, released the 3rd album '3' in 5 years
    - 9 feelings of love through various emotions ... 9 female musicians to release the voice
    - ChoJungChi Acoustic-based Easy Listening Album with guitar and different vocal performances

    Guitarist and singer-songwriter ChoJungChi's regular 3rd album '3' will be released at 6 pm on the 26th.

    ChoJungChi's new full-length album has only been around for five years since the first album "Underage Love" in 2010, and the second album in 2013.

    In the meantime, ChoJungChi, who has been performing as a session guitarist and arranger of other musicians, showed the results of his work.

    If you have talked about the relatively heavy inner side of the 2nd album 'Yuka', you will feel various feelings through 'Love' from the feelings of the throbbing feeling at the start of love to the bitter heart Lightly.

    The album features double titles 'Feat. Fromm', 'Love Taste (Feat. Kinie.K)', 'Feat. JUNGIN', 'Feat. Echae Kang' Feat.LadyJane ',' Divorce (Feat.Sunwoojunga) ',' Love in my dreams (Feat. Kim Greem) ',' Please treat me (Feat.SAVINA & DRONES) Yeongene of Linus 'Blanket' and 9 songs, respectively.

    ChoJungChi contacted nine female musicians who wanted to work together someday and suggested a singing voice, and all nine people readily accepted it and completed a special line-up that could not be seen anywhere.

    ChoJungChi's guitar and nine different vocals are packed from track 1 to track 9, and this album is expected to receive a steady love of listeners with acoustic based easy listening music.

    The recordings were done in studio and home recording mode, except for the string and main vocals. Mixing is producer and composer POSTINO, and mastering has worked with engineer Stuart Hawkes of England Metropolis.

    ChoJungChi's new album '3' will be released at 6 pm on the 26th of each music source site, and the album can be purchased at each online music site.

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    - The album is bundled in one year ... Last year <Monthly YOONJONGSHIN> 13 songs + 12 concert live songs
    - <Monthly YOONJONGSHIN> Continues this year ... January 2018 'Slow Starter' is released on 29th!

    YOONJONGSHIN, the singer YOONJONGSHIN, will be released at noon on the 26th.

    YOONJONGSHIN, which announces its monthly music through <Monthly YOONJONGSHIN> from 2010, releases this album in the name of "Lanebo" in a yearly basis.

    'Walk 2017 YOONJONGSHIN' consists of two CDs. In one chapter, 13 songs were announced through <Monthly YOONJONGSHIN> in 2017, and in the other chapter, 12 live songs were presented through the 2017 national tour concert <YOONJONGSHIN Like it?>.

    In 2017, <Monthly YOONJONGSHIN> was faithful to the motto of "I want to do my best at the time."

    He has shown various genres such as ballads, hip-hop, crossover, and city pop, and has met with different artists such as ZICO, Forte di Quattro, ParcJaeJung, JangJane, LeeKyoHo, MINSEO and JUNGIN.

    YOONJONGSHIN is going on a national tour concert <YOONJONGSHIN Like it?> From the second half of 2017.

    If the <YOONJONGSHIN Concert> held in 2015 and 2016 was the stage where you can see the competence of YOONJONGSHIN, the 2017 national tour concert <YOONJONGSHIN Like it?> Will be able to enjoy the power of the singer YOONJONGSHIN .

    YOONJONGSHIN 's unique soft tones and solid singing powers such as' Like it', 'Uphill', 'Birdman', and 'Neighborhood'

    'Walk 2017 YOONJONGSHIN' will be released on the 26th at noon on each music source site, and the album can be purchased at the online music sales site.

    Meanwhile, <Monthly YOONJONGSHIN> will continue in 2018.

    The January Slow Starter, released on the 29th noon, featured the autobiographical story of YOONJONGSHIN, who thinks of himself as a 'Slow Starter' and praises his steady walking life a little late. YOONJONGSHIN, YOONJONGSHIN, and Lee Keun-ho composed together.

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    Lee Soo-geun's YoonSohui became 'Yoonphago'
    We are looking forward to a new combination, a future work!

    The new combination of Lee Soo-geun and YoonSohui from tvN 'Friendly Driver' has radiated a warm chemistry.

    Lee Soo-geun, Youngchul Kim, YoonSohui, and microdot turned into articles from the TVN entertainment program "Friendly Driver," which was first broadcast on the 24th. Lee Soo-geun-YoonSohui and Youngchul Kim-microdot, which are a program for foreigners visiting Korea to provide limousine service and listen to their stories, have been drawn up as a group of two, each for a foreign passenger search.

    First, Lee Soo-geun, who is the 'Head of the Friendly Driver', is not only a foreigner who can not speak for his or her own affinity, but also a foreigner who can speak Korean and Koreans can feel a little awkward and uncomfortable .

    Lee Soo-geun, however, was worried that he could not communicate freely in a foreign language. At this time, Lee Soo-geun's "YoonSohui" came up as a strong supporter of "Soo-geun." YoonSohui, who had an elite course from Kindergarten to KAIST, communicated with foreigners in fluent English. Yoonphago 'and called to continue to respect the appearance of their chemistry in the future was expected more.

    Lee Soo-geun and YoonSohui in this Friendly Driver drove a strange chemistry. Lee Soo-geun, in particular, took the initiative to encourage YoonSohui, who was the first to challenge the entertainment MC, to feel comfortable and YoonSohui was also doing his best to communicate well with Lee Soo-geun and foreign passengers .

    Lee Soo-geun will be calling Yoonphago a few times more and Lee Soo-geun-YoonSohui will be looking forward to seeing a new kind of warmth and pleasure.

    Meanwhile, tvN 'Friendly Driver' is broadcast every Wednesday at 8:10 pm.

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    BoA's sophisticated hip-hop swag stage debut! 'NEGA DOLA' Participate in BoA lyrics!

    Mnet 'M COUNTDOWN' will be the first stage of the new stage of Asian representative musician BoA (SM) which anticipated active activity in 2018.

    BoA will start on February 1st with Mnet 'M COUNTDOWN', KBS2TV 'Music Bank' on the 2nd, MBC 'show on the 3rd! NEGA DOLA "stage on the music program, including SBS 'Popular Songs' on April 4, and hopes to catch up with the hip-hop swag stage where new music and unparalleled performance of BoA can be met.

    'NEGA DOLA' is an Urban R & B hip-hop dance song with a lively and addictive melody added to the Latin guitar and synth sound. It is released through various music sites such as Melon, Genie, Naver Music, BoA, who is also recognized as a singer-songwriter, participates in lyric writing directly, and puts the story of a woman who is troubled by a man who is so obsessed in a direct, yet sensible way, in his lyrics, raising his expectation.

    In addition, the first reality 'Keyword#BoA' that includes the comeback story of BoA is being broadcasted every day from Monday to Friday at 11:00 am on V LIVE and Naver TV every week on the 22nd, In the seventh to tenth episodes, BoA and Shineiki will appear as observers of the show, as well as a true conversation, as well as the appearance of two people on a surprise journey.

    On the other hand, 'Keyword#BoA' which contains BoA's comeback story will be broadcasted first on XtvN at 11:00 pm on the 28th.

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