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    Korean female solo artist fan meeting, Bangkok Thunder Dome sold out for the first time!
    YOONA is a hot fan of global fans for Asia tour!

    YOONA (SM) 's exclusive fan meeting in Thailand recorded all - out sales.

    YOONA is expected to have a special reaction with local fans by opening 'YOONA FANMEETING TOUR, So Wonderful Day # Story_1 in BANGKOK' at Bangkok Thunder Dome on July 7th at 7:00 pm (local time)

    In particular, this Bangkok fan meeting was sold out in all of the 3800 seats in the ticket reservation which was held on June 9th. This sold out case was the first time as a Korean female solo artist 'fan meeting' held in Thunder Dome, Of global popularity.

    YOONA has been loved by her voice and music sensibility as a solo song announced through SM 'STATION' as well as Girls' Generation activities. She is also an actress in numerous films and dramas, This Asian fan meeting is attracting much attention because it proves the downward limited aspect.

    YOONA announced the successful launch of the Asian Tour in May 2018 with a solo fan meeting in Seoul, and it will be a great opportunity to meet fans from various Asian cities such as Tokyo, Osaka and Hong Kong as well as Bangkok. Seems to be.

    On the other hand, YOONA is preparing to shoot a cast in the heroine role in the disaster action movie 'EXIT', which depicts an emergency situation in which you have to escape from the city, covered with poisonous gas.

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    "An artist who inspires fashion and cultural arts"
    L'Officiel Italia, a prominent magazine, will be released! Mysterious charm eye

    f (x) KRYSTAL (SM) is selected as 'Asian representative muse'
    'L'Officiel Italia', a global fashion magazine, has an excellent sensibility and talent in fashion and art as well as specialty, inspired by the fashion and cultural arts in the May issue of 'Muse Special' published at the end of May 2018 To introduce 'KRYSTAL' as 'Asian representative muse'.
    KRYSTAL was fully immersed in the shooting concept 'Irish Girl' and captured her mysterious and alluring figure in a harmonious blend of nature and scenery. In this interview, Through 8 years of debut, we are able to meet honest stories such as an artist's heart, an opinion about popularity of K-pop, and a thought about the future.
    L'Occitelli Italia is a magazine brand with a strong influence not limited to the region. It is one of the major phenomena of fashion and culture in the world. I'm dealing with a character.
    On the other hand, KRYSTAL, who is actively working as a singer and actress, will cast a cast as a best driver in OCN's new drama 'Player', where he tells the story of a player who is called as a top-of-the- to be.

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    U-Know, a mountain breeze soloist with a limited sense!
    MAX, 15 servings Staff Mission Ready to start!

    'TVXQ! S The 72-Hour', which includes TVXQ! (SM) 's unique work experience, is on its final three working days.

    U-Know, who was in the 19th public on June 11, has faced the biggest difficulty since becoming a kindergarten teacher due to the difficulty in dealing with back problems after he went to the restroom. However, he showed a sense of calmness, I finished the 2nd day job perfectly and made them smile.

    In the 20th broadcast on June 12, the story of the MAX who finishes the second day dinner time is done publicly by the chef of the youngest person, and the MAX which returns to the house after the mission to prepare the staff mill of 15 people opens the menu We decided on ribs and showed confidence in recipe easier than we thought, and we wondered whether we could do stepladmillion safely.

    In addition, on June 13, the 21st exhibition will show the U-Know, who is trying to make the last day happy with the children, and the relaxed appearance of MAX who finds out what to do in a friendly conversation with his fellow chefs. It is likely to catch the attention of viewers by meeting the two members of the audience.

    On the other hand, TVXQ! 'S first real variety TVXQ! S The 72-Hour will be available every Monday through Wednesday at 11 am VLIVE and Naver TV' TVXQ! S The 72-Hour - my SMTelevision ' Is also broadcast on XtvN every Monday at 8 pm.

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    Reaction! Mentions! Advice!
    Exhilarating performances of delightful entertainment!
    The ambience is also full of fighting UP!
    Main MC active!

    In MBC Sports Plus '7전 8큐 Season 2,' KimSooro caught the attention of viewers with a sense of progress that covers all performers.

    In MBC Sports Plus '7전 8큐 Season 2' broadcast yesterday (11th), KimSooro visited the billiards room and conducted a mid-level evaluation to check the practice amount of the first mission match, 'Four Wards'. At that time, KimSooro showed a smooth progress by adding appropriate reactions and comments to one performer and one performer.

    KimSooro also advised that scoring opportunities should be interrupted during the interim evaluation by sending cheer to Rachel, who helped him to score, and when Monika was in a difficult position, she was told to tap lightly . KimSooro, who did not hesitate to give such a meticulous advice, caught his attention as a MC as a whole when he failed in scoring.

    In addition to this, KimSooro filled up the program with a voice of fighting, and showed up before the evaluation. In particular, after showing two demonstrations in a row, he moved his ball to the barracks or, after failing, he led passionate cheers.

    As such, KimSooro is doing his main MC mission by leading the program from various performances to his own, and by adding his own sense of fun to his unique senses. I am looking forward to seeing what it will look like in the '7전 8큐 seasons 2'

    On the other hand, MBC Sports Plus '7전 8큐 seasons 2' is broadcast every Monday at 10 pm.

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    It makes programs rich with clean progress + context
    Not only delivering health information, but also attracting viewer sympathy!

    HanSukJoon is showing off his exciting activities as a delightful health guard at Channel A 'Doctor Ji.Ba.Go' and captivating viewers.

    In 'Doctor Ji.Ba.Go' which was broadcasted on the 11th (Mon) on the 11th, HanSukJoon showed a neat process of dealing with health information about hormones. In particular, he has performed his mission as MC, serving as a stepping stone to help experts express their taste and texture, and at the right time, to taste 'Wild Mango' to help control appetite.

    He also showed his ability to lead the flow of the program with the appropriate situation. When I watched the guest YangHyeSeung's daily videos and explained the details of the daily life videos, I watched the self-videos of the "Experiences Team" later, saying "I do not want to check my body fat".

    HanSukJoon is making the program more abundant by appropriately arranging the mood that matches the situation, along with the role of MC to deliver beneficial health information through 'Doctor Ji.Ba.Go'. In the future, I am looking forward to seeing how the program will be more pleasant.

    On the other hand, Channel A 'Doctor Ji.Ba.Go' is broadcast every Monday at 8:20 pm.

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    Tokyo Junichi Sports, "TVXQ! 1 million tour winners, 220,000 fly-walkers were drunk "
    Sports Nippon, "One Million and Best Memories, Overseas Artist's First Single Tour"
    Sankei Sports, "TVXQ! New legend live in the rain! NISSAN Surprise Solo "

    'Top Class' TVXQ! (SM) has been holding the 3rd NISSAN STADIUM concert for the first time in Japan and has achieved a new record, attracting the attention of Japanese media.

    TVXQ! Has successfully held '東方神起 LIVE TOUR ~Begin Again~ Special Edition in NISSAN STADIUM' at Yokohama NISSAN STADIUM in Japan from 8th ~ 10th June. The total number of audience of 1 million tourists As well as the local media have been prominent and proved once again the best group.

    Japan's leading sporting magazine, Tokyo Junichi Sports said, "TVXQ! Has mobilized around 220,000 people in the first three days of NISSAN STADIUM and achieved a mall tour of one million tourists from abroad," said the TVXQ! As well as being a premiere, Sports Nippon finished its first NISSAN STADIUM performance for three consecutive days under the title of "1 million people and top memories, exceeding 1 million by the first tour of overseas artists". He has mobilized about 220,000 people at the biggest theaters in Korea and recorded a total of 1 million people as an overseas artist for the first time, "he said, confirming the unique status of TVXQ!

    In addition, Sankei Sports' TVXQ! New legend live in the rain! NISSAN Surprise Solo, "which featured the TVXQ! Concert, which provided a perfect performance in the midst of heavy rains, and Nikkan Sports, Daily Sports, Sports Hochis, and other powerful sports sites also highlighted the TVXQ! I posted an article and caught my eye.

    In addition, Nippon TV Sukiri, ZIP, PON !, Fuji TV Mezamashi TV, TBS Hayadoki! Today's famous local morning broadcasting also introduces the performances of TVXQ! Today, including the colorful stages of the two members, using the largest flying equipment, which is 15m high and 130m travel distance, the members are flying over the audience, And a fountain show dancing to the fireworks and music, as well as the highlights of the show with fantastic performances, and the news of TVXQ!

    In addition, Oricon also won the title of "TVXQ !, the first NISSAN STADIUM 3-day consecutive performance to mobilize 220,000 people." Only 8 months after the restart, "Begin Again" . The storm was approaching and accompanied by heavy rain, the stage was completed for three and a half hours, "he said.

    On the other hand, TVXQ! Will host the Arena & Dome tour, which will be able to breathe close to the fans from September 2018, in 32 locations in 12 regions of Japan, and will release the new single "Road" in Japan on July 25 to be.

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    The third dome tour attracted one million viewers! I wrote a new record again!
    NISSAN STADIUM The first day of the day performance, the 3rd day performance Great prosperity!
    Over the audience, I show the biggest flying equipment, flame and fountain show, super-scale stage, helicopter and more! # Performance quality # Scale # I've got a new record!

    'Top Class' TVXQ! (SM) broke a million tourists on a single tour and set up a new record for Japanese performances.

    TVXQ! Was the first Japanese singer to perform abroad in Sapporo Dome last November, and the fifth Japan Dome tour was held for the first time. The finale of this tour was decorated in NISSAN STADIUM. At the NISSAN STADIUM in Yokohama, Japan, the concert was completed with "Toumei Kinki LIVE TOUR ~ Begin Again ~ Special Edition in Nissan Stadium", and a total of 1 million people were mobilized to record the most spectators of overseas singers.

    In particular, NISSAN STADIUM has performed for three consecutive days. TVXQ! Is the first in Japan performance, and it has proved that the audience of the best group of 225,000 people (75,000 synopsis) Starting with the Sapporo Dome in March, we have mobilized a total of 1 million visitors from Tokyo Dome, Fukuoka Yaufu! Dome, Nagoya Dome, and Osaka Kyocera Dome to a total of about 780,000 people, Once again confirmed.

    On this day's show, TVXQ! Is called 'B.U.T (BE-AU-TY)', 'Somebody To Love', 'Why? And 'Time Your Love', 'Keep Your Head Down', 'Humanoids', 'One And Only One' and 'Rat Tat Tat' On July 25th, the stage for the new single title track 'Road', which will be released in Japan, was released for the first time and focused on local fans' attention.

    In addition, U-Know released the song 'DROP' released in September of 2017, and MAX released its solo show 'Forever Love', a hit song of Japanese famous group X Japan, 24 performances including excellent singing ability, intense performance, exclusive stage manners and fluent Japanese language talent in 3 hours and 30 minutes including a special medley stage from 'We Are!' To 'OCEAN', 'Sky', and 'Summer Dream' On the 10th of last week, we showed the stage which can enjoy the perfect breathing of two members even in the heavy rain,

    In addition, it uses the largest flying equipment, which is 15m in height and 130m in travel distance, to direct the members to fly over the audience. In addition to the large-scale venues such as the sliding deck and the propeller stage, The audience was overwhelmed by the stage device and fascinated local fans by using spectacular lighting, laser, fireworks, and fountain shows dancing to music.

    In addition, audiences will sing along while performing, singing along with a T-shaped red luminous rod and flag symbolizing TVXQ !, wing members' names written on their fans, In addition to filming using the helicopter as an extra large scale venue, WOWOW, Japan's largest satellite channel broadcaster, broadcast live concerts on the last 10 days, I realized the local interest in TVXQ!

    On the other hand, TVXQ!, Which is the biggest performance hall in Japan, has successfully completed the NISSAN STADIUM concert, and from September, it will hold the Arena & Dome Tour, which will be able to breathe close to its fans, The new single 'Road' will be released.

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    Title song 'I Want You' Stage, June 14 Mnet 'M COUNTDOWN' debut!

    SHINee (SM) 's second album,' The Story of Light 'EP.2, which will decorate the second of the triple title relay activity, will take off on June 11.

    6th at 6pm on June 11th The 2nd album of SHINee 6th album is released through various music sites such as Melon, Genie and Naver Music. It includes the title song 'I Want You', 'Chemistry', 'Electric', 'Drive' 'Who Waits For Love' and 5 new songs are recorded, and it is expected to attract more earnest music after the first album.

    Especially, this album is composed of American production team MZMC, emerging artist Bazzi, talented singer songwriter Rice n 'Peas, SM representative producer YooYoungJin, famous composer and producer ShinHyuk, hit composer DEEZ, famous rapper Deepflow, The makers worked together, MINHO also participated in the rap making, and the unique music color of SHINee was completed, so we expect the good response of the global fans.

    In addition, SHINee will unveil its new song 'I Want You' on Mnet 'M COUNTDOWN on June 14, as well as KBS2TV' Music Bank 'on June 15 and MBC' Show! Music Core 'on June 17 and SBS' Inkigayo 'on June 17, and is planning to continue the second title of the 6th regular album. So, the first new title song' Good Evening '

    In addition, SHINee will be broadcast live on July 11th at 7pm from SM Entertainment account of '! T Live' SNS account and Naver V LIVE SMART account such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc! t Live 'in the' Music Gift Box ', the new program will tell a variety of stories about the album is likely to get a hot response.

    Meanwhile, SHINee's '! T Live' will be held at 'MCN STUDIO' in the exhibition / entertainment experience space 'SMTOWN MUSEUM' of SM and 'SMTOWN MUSEUM' will be held at 'SMTOWN LIVE' LIVE HISTORY ',' CONCERT STAGE 'where SM artists can experience the concert scene indirectly,' BACKSTAGE 'consisting of stage-behind footage and photographs,' DRESSING ROOM 'with artists' makeup tools and costumes It is attracting attention.

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  • 2018-06-11 Press Release

    Find the gold loss of EXO-CBX!

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    'Traveling around the world on a ladder' unpredictable 2 day trip start!
    CBX, immersed in sandy dune activities!

    EXO-CBX (SM) Unpredictable Ladder Real Variety 'EXO's Travel the World through a Ladder of Fortune - EXO-CBX in Japan' this week will showcase more dynamic second-day travelers.

    In the 16th broadcast on June 11th, the scene of the ladder game opened with a lunch menu was revealed, and the three members who were on the ladder carefully laughed, and BAEKHYUN who was the first prize of the first day on the first day was decided as the third place I wondered who was the lucky winner of the second solo exhibition of XIUMIN and CHEN.

    In addition, after lunch, we visit 'Tottori Sand Dune' in 17 ~ 20 times, which will be open on June 12 ~ 15 in June, and we are expecting to meet the energy-filled figure of three members enjoying various activities on the wide sand. EXO-CBX will be able to experience three kinds of snorkeling activities such as camel riding, hang gliding and sandboarding in the mysterious scenery where the desert and the sea face each other.

    Meanwhile, EXO-CBX's first real variety, "EXO's Travel the World through a Ladder of Fortune - EXO-CBX in Japan" will be released through the premium video service oxusu from 10 am every Monday to Friday.

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    The announcement of the return of 'music talent'
    Hidden Singer 5 's expectation as a progressive force + vivid scene review up!

    JTBC 'Hidden Singer 5' made a comeback for three years and focused on the audience's attention with MC JunHyunMoo '

    Hidden Singer 5 's comeback special was broadcasted on the last 10 days. Song Eun I, Kim Kyung Ho, GUMMY, Hwanhee, and Park Sung - kwang appeared, and the legend Top10, Hidden Singer Evaluation issues and helping singer peeking, etc.

    At this time, JunHyunMoo was tense with the proprietary patent progression he had shown in 'Hidden Singer' last season. In particular, he introduced 'Legend Top 10' which viewers want to see again, and he caught the eye by showing more enjoyment to the viewers with more progress and witty gesture than last season.

    In addition, JunHyunMoo, who showed the highlights of the original singer and guest who appeared during the show, showed off the longevity scene of MC who led the program for a long time. Especially JunHyunMoo, when JoSungMo side came out, "I was really going to go home," I recalled a big smile. After watching KimKwangSuk, I felt " I even said it.

    JunHyunMoo showcased its stable performance through the comeback special broadcasting, proving the power of the main MC which has been progressing from the 1st to the 4th in the season, as well as showing a high audience rating of 3.6% . JunHyunMoo is hoping to see viewers through 'Hidden Singer Season 5' in the future.

    Meanwhile, JTBC 'Hidden Singer 5' will be broadcasted at 10:30 pm on the 17th.

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