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    “We will realize the next level of content through SMCU”
    “We will make Korea and Seoul a mecca of global culture”

    SM Entertainment (hereinafter referred to as SM) CEO Lee Sung-su attended the content startup conference '2021 STARTUP:CON' as a keynote speaker.

    CEO Lee Sung-su attended '2021 STARTUP:CON', which was broadcast online on the 7th, and gave a keynote speech on the topic of 'SM Content Roadmap - Future Content Era seen through SMCU'.

    On this day, CEO Lee Sung Su said, "SM's founder and executive producer Lee Soo Man, who is in charge of all production, foresaw the future world would become the world of robots and celebrities, and even the world of avatars. Aespa, a 'Metaverse girl group' with avatars, debuted last year, and starting with aespa's storytelling, SM's dream of a super-giant virtual world was presented to the world. That is the metaverse that SM sees, the culture universe of SM, that is, SMCU.”

    He continued, “SMCU is a future entertainment world where the world is connected with culture without boundaries between reality and virtual reality, and the future content for the metaverse that SM aims for.” “Producer Lee Soo Man and SM have accumulated many killer contents and IP The expansion of SMCU created a world that transcends virtual and reality, and furthermore, K-pop, which has become a genre of content beyond the genre of music, is being used as the most effective device to make it look K-pop. The grammar of K-pop can be seen as a new form of cultural IP that cannot be seen in existing music genres from the point of view of the post-corona era that will unfold in the near future and the global trend of metaverse. That is what SMCU looks like that we are making based on our worldview. In SMCU, we will achieve another world of content, the next level, by focusing on creating content IP for the metaverse that connects and expands various forms of independent IPs such as artists, music, music videos, and performances within SMCU.”

    In addition, as an example of IP expansion, “The ‘Re-mastering Project’ is a precious asset of SM and the history of K-pop, upscaling SM original music videos with clearer picture quality, and re-mastering the existing master sound source with the sound of 2021. It is a new presentation after work. Hundreds of re-mastering music videos, along with special original content based on them, will also be showcased. This re-mastering project of SM goes beyond the concept of simply upgrading the picture quality of the past video to present it as the current IP, and reinterpreting it as a 2021 version. I think it would be good if you understand it as a project that creates sympathy for all generations with content that makes it possible to truly expand IP. It is a label established with the goal of introducing and presenting expanded K-pop into a wider range of music genres. In the future, we plan to expand our repertoire by presenting K-POP’s Orchestra performances all over the world.”

    In addition, “The main keyword of SMCU, ‘KWANGYA’, has a symbolic meaning encompassing the real and virtual worlds. K-pop fans refer to the newly relocated SM headquarters and Seoul Forest as ‘KWANGYA’. 'KWANGYA', an infinite realm in the virtual world, has moved over to the concept of space and is referred to as a new building and becomes a landmark of SMCU. Our goal is to make it so,” he said, “SM expands the various forms of IP based on artists and music to the release of various contents through the trans media strategy within the huge worldview of SMCU, and in business terms, the OSMU strategy We aim to create added value by expanding into adjacent business areas through ” he said.

    He continued, “The role of the ‘channel’ as a communication channel with fans who enjoy and consume SM’s contents is also important. The 'channel' referred to here is not simply a concept of a channel through which content is delivered, but a more branded and expanded meaning. We will continue the 'Pink Blood Project' to support prosumers who enjoy SM's original content and reproduce it as creative content through these channels."

    Lastly, CEO Lee Sung Su said, “When I joined A&R in 2005, I had the experience of working simultaneously as a member of the R&D task force for the special project of producer Lee Soo Man, 'Music videos and contents using 3D images'. There is this. It was very advanced at the time, but in 2008, when the world went crazy for 3D content with the movie 'Avatar' by James Cameroon, SM had already finished R&D for this, so Samsung Electronics and director James Cameroon worked together. We formed a consortium and were able to show Girls' Generation's 3D music video. To prepare for the future one step ahead like this is the most important keyword for SM that executive producer Lee Soo Man emphasizes the most, namely, ‘The Future of Culture Technology’, and this is how SM prepares for the future. Although it has been a music-based cultural content company for over 20 years, it was most important to graft contemporary technologies such as IT and AI or technologies that were ahead of the times into our content, and continued these attempts for more than 20 years. It was SM that did it. At this point in time when things that transcend the boundaries of IT, AI, and content are happening in both companies and content, as a content company, I want to cooperate with startups based on various technologies and support them.” did.

    Meanwhile, '2021 STARTUP:CON', hosted by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism and hosted by the Korea Creative Content Agency, is held annually since 2015 to provide big insights to the contents startup ecosystem and to promote investment and global exchanges and advances through networks. It is a startup conference in the content field. This year, Netflix founder Marc Randolph, Harvard Business School Professor Bharat N. Anand, and 500 Global President Christine Tsai will deliver keynote speeches.

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    Participation in "2020 KOREA·WORLD CHINESE ENTREPRENEURS BUSINESS WEEK" for overseas Chinese businessmen all over the world!
    SIWON makes a speech at "2020 KOREA·WORLD CHINESE ENTREPRENEURS BUSINESS WEEK" Leaders Forum! Announcing the arrival of global K-POP!

    Representative of SM Entertainment Lee Sung Su and SUPER JUNIOR SIWON participated in "2020 KOREA·WORLD CHINESE ENTREPRENEURS BUSINESS WEEK" for overseas Chinese businessmen all over the world on behalf of the Korean cultural industry. Here, "Chinese businessmen" is an abbreviation for Overseas Chinese Merchant, and this event was held simultaneously all over the world in a real-time online forum for COVID-19.

    Lee Sung Su and SUPER JUNIOR SIWON will attend the opening ceremony of "2020 KOREA·WORLD CHINESE ENTREPRENEURS BUSINESS WEEK" held on the 12th, so SIWON will broadcast live online via YouTube. The lecture, which included the value and vision of SM Entertainment, attracted the attention of the participants.

    On this day, SIWON said, "SUPER JUNIOR has released groups, units, and solo albums that have been softly exceeded by about 100 companies since their debut in 2005. At the time of their debut, the concept of" units "as well as large groups in Japan. Although it was a time when I was not used to it, SUPER JUNIOR has a synergistic effect that only a large group can have, such as personally playing an active part in smoke, musicals, broadcasting, and releasing a large number of albums as a unit or as a single unit. He showed me exactly. "Since recording a global hit with" Sorry, Sorry "in 2009, the Korean group's first solo concert in France, a special lecture at Oxford University in the UK, and the first building by a K-POP artist. He has set various first records such as entering the board Latin chart, "he introduced SUPER JUNIOR.

    In addition, he mentioned that SUPER JUNIOR was able to continue to take on new challenges until now, 16 years after its debut, thanks to the full support and support of SM Entertainment Lee Soo Man general producer. There was a word that Soo Man producers used to say to artists and staff for a long time. It was exactly the importance of "culture technology", "said Lee Soo Man producers for their own casting, training, producing and management. I explained the systematic system to reach.

    He realized the world's first online-only paid concert "Beyond LIVE" based on such "culture technology", "The new culture technology that SM Entertainment is aiming for in the field of concerts." Beyond LIVE " With the addition of superior technical capabilities that could not be experienced in offline performances such as AR, digital interaction, and artwork, which are cutting-edge augmented reality, the concert will be broadcast live in real time worldwide for a fee. Audiences can enjoy the performance at the same time without any spatial or physical restrictions. "

    In addition, SM Entertainment presents the core value of future entertainment, and regarding Vision SMCU (SM CULTURE UNIVERSE), "SMCU is not just a world view interpreted as a symbol or metaphor, but an attractive character and story. The storytelling content is a new vision and project for expressing artists and music. These SMCU projects soon started with the girl group aespa, including aespa in SMCU, EXO, Red Velvet, NCT, etc. I want to develop the world view and story of several groups independently, and sometimes connect them to expand a new story. "" SUPER JUNIOR also belongs to the huge culture universe called SMCU, so how will it be in the future? I would like you to watch over whether you will develop a strange story, "he said, amplifying his expectations.

    Finally, SIWON said, "SM Entertainment has presented a vision of the entertainment world of the future for the past 25 years. Informing the world of K-POP with differentiated" Made by SM "content and raising the phase of the Republic of Korea. I would like to ask SM Entertainment, SUPER JUNIOR, and myself, CHOI SIWON, for their continued interest and support. "

    On this day, SIWON shared the value and vision of SM Entertainment with the world's leading images and next-generation leaders, and made K-POP's influence widely known to the global market.

    Meanwhile, SIWON's speech at the "Korean and Chinese businessmen Leaders Forum" came from various regions, including Vice President Doosan Heavy Industries & Construction Park In Won, Chairman of Hong Kong Xin Hua Group , and Vice Chairman of China's giant e-commerce company Sunin Commerce. Global human resources participated and dealt with various issues such as global economy, culture, and society.

    - Google translation.