Labels In Company

LIC, short for Labels In Company, represents the internal labels within SM Entertainment.

SM Classics

SM Classics is SM Entertainment’s classical music label that presents K-pop by rearranging K-pop songs into orchestral versions and various arrangements of classical music. It covers a whole wide range of genres related to classical music, including but not limited to jazz, original soundtrack, and film scores, and is expanding the horizon of music through various collaborations with artists.

ScreaM Records

ScreaM Records is a Dance Music label under SM Entertainment, launched in January 2016 to seek musical diversification and expand from ‘performance to watch and listen to’ to ‘performance to enjoy together.’ ScreaM Records engages in activities such as music production and distribution, the K-POP remix project ‘iScreaM,’ managing DJs/producers, planning and organizing offline events, and leading the fresh fusion of K-POP and Dance Music.


KRUCIALIZE is a music label under SM Entertainment where ARTISTS and KREW are empowered the autonomy to create a variety of content derived from music and beyond. We aim to breathe new life into the essence of K-pop by expanding its genre spectrum and seeking out unique, distinctive content. We eagerly await a more diverse range of listeners to become part of KRUCIALIZE’s KREW.