SM Entertainment is poised to become a global entertainment powerhouse, extending beyond Asia.

Established in 1995, SM Entertainment has been a trailblazer in the world of entertainment, reshaping the very essence of K-POP and revolutionizing the industry as a whole. We take immense pride in pioneering the comprehensive artist development system, covering casting, training, production, and management, setting the stage for what K-POP is today.

Our journey commenced with the ignition of the “Korean Wave”, propelling K-POP onto the global stage. With our unwavering commitment to excellence, we continue to set pivotal milestone in the entertainment realm, propelling ourselves beyond Asia to emerge as a top global entertainment company.

SM Entertainment is shaping the future of K-POP and K-Culture. 

At SM Entertainment, we don’t just embrace the future; we shape it. Our mission is to redefine K-POP and K-Culture, pushing boundaries, and setting new standards for entertainment. We create music that resonates with the future and inspires everyday life. Our timeless content uplifts anyone who encounters “Made by SM”, solidifying our legacy in the narrative of K-POP and K-Culture.

SM Entertainment aims to set a benchmark for responsible management.

We understand the importance of responsible management. As the “Pioneer of K-POP”, we will prioritize our fans, artists, shareholders, and employees, who have stood by us through challenges and growth. To foster a culture of mutual respect, we’ve launched “KWANGYA 119”, the industry’s first online reporting center to protect our artists and intellectual property (IP) rights. We are committed to enhancing shareholder value through fair governance while nurturing a supportive organizational culture that rewards the dedication of our employees, setting the gold standard for responsible management in the industry.